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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 894

Five Past Midnight

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 17, 2018 00:56 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 894: Five Past Midnight
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 26: Leo Arc
"We Have Been Chosen as Guards for the Reverie!!"

[Insert text: Back during his training...]
Rayleigh: If you can't dodge 100 times, you get no dinner.
Luffy: I'm hungryyyy~~~~~~!! Rayleigh!!
Rayleigh: Then focus. // You think your enemies will stop attacking because you're hungry? // Every attack has a will behind it! / A presence you can sense!
Luffy: Something smells really tasty...!!
Rayleigh: That's my dinner. Pay it no mind.
Luffy: THERE YOU ARE~~~~~!!
Rayleigh: THAT'S what you're sensing?!!

Rayleigh: Don't go attacking whatever you please, Luffy!!
Luffy: Bueghhh~~~~~~!!! // Rayleigh!! That hurt!! / I can sense...! Some kind of anger!!
Rayleigh: That too is Haki. // Now try and dodge THIS!!
Luffy: I sense anger~~~~~!! // Owww~~~~!!
Tiger: Rrrgh...
Fox: Yip!
Luffy: ! // Get lost, you guys...!!
Animals: ?!
Luffy: I don't need your food... If Rayleigh says I get no dinner...
Fox: *whine*......
Luffy: ...I get no dinner!!

Rayleigh: There are many different types of Observation Haki. // It seems you have a particular knack for sensing the emotions of living being. / Though you do it without realising. // Still, if you have this ability... / ...you should certainly be able to detect an opponent's movements!!
Luffy: Right.
Rayleigh: Some truly strong folk are even able to see a little way into the future...!!
Luffy: The future~~~~~?!
Rayleigh: What will you do if you meet someone like that? With just two years of training... // I'm afraid you're unlikely to quite reach THAT level. A foe like that won't be easy!
Luffy: I guess it depends what kind of guy they are...
Rayleigh: ?! // The enemy's personality?! Is that what interests you? I had never considered that!
Luffy: Hm? Of course it does.
Rayleigh: Wahahahah! You're a strange one!
Luffy: There are some times you just can't run, right?!

Rayleigh: Hahahah... You're going to walk a difficult path, aren't you? // Come at me!! I'll beat every last drop of strength I have into you!!

Katakuri: !!
Luffy: Ungh!! // Gahh!! // Gghh!!

Katakuri: Yaki... // ...Mochi!!!
Luffy: ?! // Oughh!!! // !!!

Katakuri: !!!

[Box: 10:10 PM]
Bege: Heheh... We have the cake on our side. // They can't just go attacking us carelessly!! // We'll make it to Liqueur Island soon enough!! / Hahahah... It wasn't even a challenge!! // This is all thanks to us getting the paddle repaired in time. Good work, all of you!!
People: Yessir!! Thank you, sir!!
Bege: When he's blown up that big, Prometheus's movements are slowed.
Vito: So we throw the cake onto the island and then scarper fast as we can, la-lick?!
Bege: Yes, that seems wisest...!!

Chiffon: ......No, wait a moment.
Bege: ...What's wrong, Chiffon?
[Labels (right): Liqueur Island // Fluffy Island // Cacao Island]
[Label (left): Nuts Island]
Chiffon: Liqueur Island is too close......!! // We should lure them as far as Fluffy Island.
Bege: !! // Hey!! Have you lost your mind, Chiffon?!!
Chiffon: Even if Mama does eat the cake on Liqueur Island and regain her senses... // There'll still be enough time for her to catch up with Nami and the others' ship afterwards!!
Bege: What about it?! Forget about them! We have our own lives to worry about! // Look at her, for heavens sake!! She's even more starving than she was!!!
Chiffon: Let's head for Fluffy Island!!
Bege: Right... / Wait, were you even listening to me?! Chiffon!!!

[Box: 10:50 PM]
People: Here it comes again!! Dodge to the left, Jinbei!!! // Waahhh~~~~~!! // Whoahh!! // Aaaaahhh~~~~~!!!

People: Smoothie!! // If you grow any larger than this... // ...the ship is going to sink!!
Smoothie: ......He's so tough......!! // That damn Jinbei...!!
Jinbei: *pant* // *pant* / Don't relax for a moment! I'm trusting in your directions!!
Nami: Don't worry!! I swear I can handle this!!
Carrot: Ohh, has Luffy won yet...? / Has Sanji arrived yet...? I'm sorry, I was asleep!
Chopper: Do even Cat-Viper and Dogupine get like that, little sister?!
Brook: If there are any movements, Sanji-san should get in touch! // Is that woman a giant...?

[Box: 11:08 PM]
Sanji: Thank you, Purin-chan. You've been saving my ass this whole time...
Purin: Oh, shut up~~~~~~~~~!! // Shift along!! Further! Right up to the edge, Sanji!! / ......-san!♡ // People might mistake us for a married couple!! // *pant*... *pant*...♡
Sanji: Luffy's going to appear smack in the middle of a fleet and an army...!!
Nitro: Who's going to mistake you...?
Sanji: I'm going to get my Captain out of there, no matter what......!!!

[Box: 11:36 PM]
People: To think this many of the siblings would gather here on Cacao Island... // Just how worried are they about this Straw Hat Luffy?!
Oven: How are you lot doing for mirrors?
People: We threw them all away!!
People: Are you serious about this?! Oven-niichan! // It's like a festival!♡
[Box: House of Charlotte, 36th-40th Sons and 30th-34th Daughters / The Decuplets]
People: This seems fun! Ahahah!
Oven: Shaddup. Like you've got anything better to do. / We'll all be done here in an hour and a half.
[Box: 33rd Son of the House of Charlotte / Raisin]
Raisin: I never knew things would be so inconvenient without the telepathic Sea Slugs...
[Box: 35th Son of the House of Charlotte / Yuen // etc...]
[TN: Probably named for the word "yuuen" meaning "salted"]
Brownie: Wake me if something happens!!
[Box: 32nd Son of the House of Charlotte / Brownie]
Joconde: This brings shame... // ...to the name of Big Mam...
[Box: 27th Daughter of the House of Charlotte / Joconde]
Snack: .................. // The Terrible Generation, huh......
[Box: 25th Son of the House of Charlotte (Former Sweet Star) / Snack / Bounty: 600 Million Beli]

[Box: 00:05 AM (About 1 hour until the appointed meetup on Cacao Island)]
Katakuri: *pant*... / *pant*...
Luffy: *pant*... / *pant*...
Katakuri: What's wrong, Straw Hat?!!! / *pant* / *pant* // Are you...
Luffy: Yeah... you're right......
Katakuri: ...already finished?! // !! // ...............!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*...
Katakuri: Very well... I accept your challenge.
Luffy: Time to end this......!!!

Luffy: ...So now if you...
Katakuri: ...I've already answered that.
Luffy: This is it...... / *pant* // *pant*
Katakuri: *pant* // Yeah. // *pant*
[Insert text: What is this form?!

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