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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 897

Pekoms' Cacao Island Escape Plan

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 16, 2018 20:57 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 897: Pekoms' Cacao Island Escape Plan
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 29: Hajrudin Arc
"Buggy Deliveries Escapee List: Stansen, Shipwright of the New Giant Warrior Pirates"

[Insert text: Not a moment to waste...!]
[Box: Time remaining until the Straw Hat Pirates' meetup time on Cacao Island... // 4 minutes]
People: That's the Straw Hats' ship!!!
People: Impressive that they managed to gather that many...!! // It looks like we've been spotted~~~~!!
Jinbei: It's a mighty fleet!!
Nami: Keep your distance from the island! We don't want to be caught in a pincer strike!!
Chopper: We're all gonna diiiiie~~! Hurry up, Luffy~~~!!
People: What should we do, Smoothie?!!
Smoothie: Keep up a solid guard to their rear!! They have nowhere left to run...
[Labels: Great Totland Fleet // Golden Sunny // Smoothie's Fleet // Cacao Island // Mirror Square / Oven's Army]
Smoothie: This is the end of the line...!! / We have them cornered like rats!!!
[Box: Wholecake Island]
Montd'Or: Keep the Den-Den Mushi line open!! We'll be listening in on the situation!
People: Understood, Master Mont-d'Or!!
[Box: Within Cacao Island...]
Sanji: (.................. // Come on, Luffy! You'd better hurry!)
Oven: That brat...
People: Come on out whenever you like, Straw Hat~~~~!!! // Yeaaahhhhh~~!

Luffy: "Sulong"...??
Pekoms: That's right, rrgh!! / I've never had the talent for it myself...... // I can do the transformation, but it turns me into a mindless rampaging monster! / *pant* // Nobody's voice can reach me in that form...with just one exception! / *pant* // And that's Big Bro Pedro!! ...Rrghh!!!
Flashback!Pedro: Stop, Pekoms~~~~!!
Pekoms: For some reason his voice alone... / ...was able to calm my subconscious awareness...!! / Urghh......!!
Luffy: Pedro......
Pekoms: In other words, there's nobody left in this world now who can stop my rampage! / Rrghh!!

Pekoms: Listen up, Straw Hat. Tonight's a full moon!! // When I start going berserk... / Take advantage of the chaos to escape Cacao Island!!
Luffy: !!
Brulee: You fool! It's useless, Pekoms, you damn traitor!! / A force big enough to wage an entire war is gathered on Cacao Island right now!! // Even if you become a Sulong, you'll be neutralised in no time!! / Wih-wih-wih!!
Pekoms: You shut up, Brulee......!! // Let's go, Straw Hat!! // Don't you dare... // ...let Pedro's sacrifice be in vain!! // Rrghh!!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*... // Got it......!! Thanks!!

[Box: Cacao Island]
Brulee: Aaaaahhhhhhhh~~~~!! // Help meeeee~~~~~~~~~!!
People: !! // A voice!! It's coming from inside the mirror!! // Isn't that Brulee-neesan's voice? // She's been captured by the enemy!! Presumably Straw Hat!! // Here they come...prepare to fire!!!
Oven: ?!
Sanji: Eh?

People: ?!! // Wha... // Pekoms!!
Pekoms: Huh?!!
People: Pekoms!! Why are YOU coming out of there?!!
Pekome: Ehhh?! // Eh...ah... Don't move an inch, Big Mam Pirates!!
People: Brulee!! / Brulee-nee!!
Pekoms: If... / If you make any funny moves, your precious family member... // ...Brulee will have to lose her head!! Rrrghhh!!
People: Aaahhh!! Don't do it, Pekoms!!
Brulee: Help me, you guys~~~~!!

Pekoms: (Once I transform, all was going to be revealed anyway...!! // It makes no difference!! // I will save Straw Hat's life!! / Save the man who Pedro bet his life on!!)
People: He's gonna turn into a Sulong!! // Stop, Pekoms!! / You know that makes you go berserk!! // Hold him down!!
Pekoms: It's too late for that... // Prepare yourselves!! Rrrghh!!
Oven: For heaven's sakes... What is this farce?! Karakuri didn't come out of the mirror... // ...and neither did Straw Hat... Instead YOU appear holding my sweet little sister... // ...and pointing a gun at her for some unholy reason?!!!

Pekoms: Hotttt!!!
Oven: Heat... // ...Denassi!!!
Pekoms: Buahh!!!
People: ?!! // That's Straw Hat Luffy!!
Sanji: Sanji here! // Luffy's appeared!!

Straw Hats: Yaaaaaay!!
People: He was just hiding!! He's here after all~~~!!
Luffy: *pant*... *pant*...
People: It's Straw Hat!! Shoot him down~~~~!!! // So he overcame Big Bro Katakuri to emerge here... // An impressive feat... // Yahoo~~~~~~~~~~!!! // He's on the roof!!
Raisin: Jumping is a bad move...
Luffy: !!
Raisin: You just make yourself a perfect target!

Luffy: *pant*......
Raisin: Now!! The time for battle is......
Luffy: Urgh...!!
Raisin: !!!
People: Raisin-niisan?!! // Who is that guy?!!!
Luffy: Sanji!!

Sanji: So, you won?!
Luffy: Yep!
Sanji: That's our Luffy!!
People: They're escaping through the air~~~~~~~~!!
Oven: I think not. / This is well within expectations......
Yuen: Geppou is hardly...
Sanji: !!
Yuen: ...a rare technique around here!!
People: Put his eyes out!! Make sure he can never see the full moon again!!
Pekoms: !! // Stop, please~~~~~~~~!! Rrrghh!!
People: Guaaahhhh~~~~~~~~!!! // !!! // Pekoms!!

Yuen: How foolish!!
Sanji: Huh - ?
Yuen: You would ignore me?!! // How very insulting~~~~~~~~!!!
People: Yahoo~~!! // Shoot 'em dead~~~~~!!

Sanji: Dammit... // I screwed up......!!
People: You're wildly outnumbered!! / Try as you might... // You can't handle these kind of numbers!!! Gyahahahah! // Hm? // !! // Whoahh!! // ?!! // Huh?!! // An explosion at the port!!!
Oven: What is it??! // ?!
People: Hey!! What just happened?!!
Nami: What's going on?! / The ships at the coast are burning!!
Jinbei: !!
People: It's the fleet, Master Snack!!
Snack: What fleet?!! Whose is it?!!

People: It's the Germa fleet!!!
Snack: ?!! // ?!! / ......?!! Why are they here?!! // Weren't they wiped out hours ago?!!!
Germa: Next!! Cannons at the ready!! // Yessir!!
Oven: Why, you......!!
Ichiji: You gave us quite the welcome at that tea party... / ...Big Mam Pirates......!!
People: Aaahhh~~!! // Aaaghhhh~~!!
Someone: Why, those.........!!
People: The Germa... // ...66!!!
Sanji: What are you guys doing......?!!
Ichiji: ...............!! // ...Fancy seeing you here...Sanji. // We have a bone to pick... // ...with this lot as well!!

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