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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 898

I'll Be Back

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 23, 2018 19:52 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 898: I'll Be Back
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 30: Hajrudin Arc
"Buggy Deliveries Escapee List: Lode, Navigator of the New Giant Warrior Pirates"

[Insert text: Fire as they may...]
People: It's not working!!! // What are these guys made of?!! // Keep shooting!!! Someone bring a bazooka~~~~~~~~!!!
Ichiji: ...Sanji. Take that wounded man and get off this island. You're only holding us back!!
Sanji: !
Niji: These bastards played us for fools.
Yonji: We won't forgive them for that!!!
Reiju: This island is the Germa 66's prey to hunt, Sanji!!
People: Is it really true that they're modified humans with iron skin...?!!
Oven: You slippery bastards! How did you survive?!!
Ichiji: !!
Oven: Nusstorte led an army of ten thousand soldiers to conquer your little kingdom!!!
Ichiji: Yeah, a bunch of insects did swarm over us. So we swatted them into the sea. / What use would our advanced technology be to a bunch of idiots who can't understand it?
Oven: !!!

Montd'Or: Big Bro Nusstorte!! Basskarte!! Dosmarche!! My brothers, please respond!!
Niwatori: It is as I feared! Ever since Pekoms' betrayal... // ...outrageous things keep happening one after another, vous plait!! // We already received word that the Germa had been taken care of... // So why has a Germa fleet... // ...appeared at Cacao Island, noire~~~~?!!
[Text: 12th Son of the House of Charlotte / Nusstorte]
People: FIRE~~~~~~!!

Smoothie: Don't get distracted by the Germa fleet!! Our target is the Straw Hat vessel alone!! / Tell the same to all vessels surrounding the island!!
People: Yessir!!
Daifuku: Those useless men of Mont-d'Or's!! They let the Germa pull one over on them!!
Smoothie: As did you...Daifuku-niisan.
Daifuku: That's why I worked my ass off to catch up!!
People: What do you think of this?! The Germa just appeared!! // Are they friend, or foe?!!
Jinbei: Would they really come to eliminate us rather than seize the opportunity to escape?!
Nami: But their truce with us was only temporary, right?! // We can hardly trust them, not after......!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrring!!* // *ka-chunk!*
Sanji: Jinbei, can you hear me?!
Jinbei: Sanji!! // .........
Sanji: Sail through the port, fast as you can! Manage that... // ...and I'll be back!!!
[TN: Sounds like he's deliberately echoing the "I'll be back" he used when he originally left in Chapter 813]

Nami: Let's go, Jinbei!! Hard a-starboard!!
Jinbei: Very well!
People: Don't let Black Leg get away!! // They've scattered in all directions!! // Crush the Germa~~~~~~~!! // Where are they ?! // Guaaahhhh!! // I can't see a thing through all the dust!!

Sanji: ...............!! // *pant* // *pant*
People: There he is!! // Don't let him get away~~~~~~~!!!
Brulee: .........That's right... You must not let him escape......!! // Straw Hat Luffy must not be forgiven......!!! // That boy didn't sneakily escape... / ...from under Katakuri-oniichan's nose, you know.........!! // Shall I tell you exactly what happened over in Mirroworld...?!
People: Big sis Brulee?!
Brulee: The perfect... The invincible... // The greatest brother in all the world, my Katakuri-oniichan...!!

People: ?!! // !! // !! // !!!
Oven: What......?!!
People: Huh?
Sanji: *pant* // *pant*

Oven: Katakuri... Your legendary undefeated record...... // ...was tarnished...by a brat like him...?!!
People: It cannot be~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // My brother would never lose!! // Nobody can defeat Master Katakuri!!!
Brulee: Uaaaaghhh~~~~~~~~!!!
People: He used some kind of underhanded trick, didn't he?!! // Unforgivable!!!
Sanji: !!
People: Shoot him down!!! // Slice him to pieces!!! // Don't leave a single bone of Straw Hat Luffy intact!!!
Sanji: Unghh...!!
People: Slaughter him, Big Brother Oven!!!
Ichiji: Sparking...
Oven: ?!!

Oven: Uaaaghhhhhh~~~!!!
Ichiji: ...VALKYRIE!!!
People: Master Oven~~~~~~~~~!!
Ichiji: Fly, Sanji!!
Sanji: !!
Oven: Urnghh!!
People: .........!!
Brulee: Oven-niichan!!
Sanji: *pant*... *pant*... Ichiji......!!
Yuen: Hand him over, Black Leg~~~~~!!! // I'll strike you down yet!!
Sanji: !! // ?!

Yuen: Unghh!! / Ueghh!
Yonji: Winch!! // DANTON!!!
People: Aaaagggghhhhhh~~~~~~~!!!
Yonji: Get outta here!!
Sanji: .........!!
People: Fire~~~~~~~~~~!!! He's up there on the roof!! // How dare you harm Master Katakuri~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // ?!!

Niji: At a speed like that, you'll wind up riddled with bullets!!
Sanji: Niji...
Niji: Lightspeed Blade... // HENRY BLAZER!!!
People: Aaaarghhhh~~~~~~~!! // Oh, no!! Master Oven!!! // Straw Hat's going go... // ...escape the city!!
Oven: ?!

Oven: Escape... // ...the city~~~~?!!
Niji: See ya later, dirty failure~~~~~~~~~!!!
Sanji: !! // Whoaaaahhhhh~~~~!!!
Oven: Snack!! Brownie!! Joconde!! // Shoot them down at the port!! They're headed your way!!
People: Hey, isn't that Den-Den Mushi ringing?!
Sanji: We can make it... At this rate...!
People: Ready the tear gas shells!! // All we need to do is steal his ability to fly, gyahahah!

People: On my mark!! 3...2... / !! // Aghhh... // Whaaaa~~~~~~~?! // What's wrong~~~~~~~?!!
Reiju: Anyone who tries to harm my little brother...... // ...will answer to me.
People: !!! // A Germa~~~~~!!!
Reiju: .........
Flashback!Reiju: Now listen, okay?! You mustn’t ever come back here!!! // Now run!!!
Reiju: Pink Hornet!!!
People: Aaaaarggghhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Reiju: Run and don’t look back!!!

People: Straw Hat has left the island!! // Fleet, please respond!!
StrawHats: Hurry up, Sanji!!
Carrot: Ahh!! // There they are!! Guys!! // Sanji's carrying Luffy!!
StrawHats: !! // All right~~~~~~!! They're back~~~~~~~!!! // Luffy~~~~!!! // Sanji~~~~~~!!!
Sanji: I see them, Luffy!! // It's the Sunny!!!
[Insert text: Back to their crew!!]

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