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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 899

Final Stronghold

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 29, 2018 20:39 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 899: Final Stronghold
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 31: Hajrudin Arc
"Buggy Deliveries Escapee List: Goldberg, Cook of the New Giant Warrior Pirates"

[Insert text: Totland in trouble!!]
Montd'Or: Peros-nii~~~~~!!! // Please respond!!! What has become of Mama?!! What of Bege?! The cake?!! // The situation may even be more serious than Cacao Island!! / Peros-nii...!!
[Insert text: Open waters - Big Mam's group]
Perospero: Oh, I know... / *pant*... *pant* We haven't lost sight of 'em!!
Bavarois: Mont-d'Or-niichan! Bavarois here. // Thanks to leaving his wounds unattended for so long... / ...Peros-nii is seriously weakened right now!!
Montd'Or: ?!!
Perospero: This is no time to be worrying about that, la-lick!♪ / Give that here. // ......*pant*... We're currently in the waters near Fluffy Island! It's chaos here too right now!! // Chiffon and Bege have finally relinquished the cake!!

Perospero: The cake is on Fluffy Island right now, la-lick!!♪ // In a scarce few minutes, this will all be over!! // Even if that cake is filled with a deadly poison... // We have no way of stopping it now!! // Send word throughout the whole of Totland, la-lick!♪ // There are three possible outcomes that could occur any moment!! / Number 1!! Mama dies of poison!! That spells the end of the Big Mam Pirates!!! // Number 2!! The poison doesn't work, but the cake tastes bad! Mama's tantrum won't stop, and she'll carry on destroying our whole land!! // Number 3!! The poison doesn't work, AND the cake is delicious!!! / This miracle outcome is our only chance of survival!!

Perospero: So prepare yourselves!! // Our fate is riding on the taste of this cake!!!
Montd'Or: .........!! // I've relayed the message throughout the land.
People: What's gonna happen to Totland...? // Mama can't tell friend from foe any more...... // I hear Nuts Island was already annihilated......!! // Wha......
Montd'Or: Hm? / Hey!! Where did Morgans and Stussy run off to?!
People: They left the island a short while back.
Montd'Or: Whaaaaat?!!

Montd'Or: Find them and restrain them!! We don't want word of this leaking outside this nation!!
People: Ah!! Right!!
Montd'Or: ESPECIALLY that damned newspaper mogul!!
[Box: Nuts Island - Peanut Town]
People: ...............!! // Waaaaaaahhhhhh~~~!! // It seems her tantrum still has not stopped... // After we gave up part of our very lifespans to live in the safety of a Yonkou's territory...
Amande: ............
People: That territory's own Queen is tearing it all apart...?!! // It's no use... The great Master Streusen himself... / ...spent days and days perfecting that wedding cake...
[Box: Tidbit Island - Beanbean Town]
People: Even if it's Mistress Purin herself...!! Nobody stands a chance of recreating it in just a few hours...!!
[Box: Cutlery Island - Table Town]
People: A cake to make Mama smack her lips in joy...!!

People: It's impossible...!! // Make preparations to escape!!
[Box: Icecream Island - Sherbet Town]
People: Mama is on Fluffy Island right now... // The island governed by Chiffon, the Minister of Fluffiness......!!
[Box: Fluffy Island - Wispy Town]
People: !!! // Mistress Chiffon~~~~~~~~~!! // Why did you bring the cake to this city?!! // This island is done for now!! Run for it!! / It's going to be destroyed by Mama, just like Nuts Island~~~!! // Mistress Chiffon has been tainted by the traitor Bege!!
Chiffon: *pant*... *pant*... I came here because I trust...in the power of that cake!! // I don't know what kind of person taught him... / But the cooking skills of that Black Leg...surpass even those of the Head Chef!

Bege: Chiffon, we need to get outta here!! It's not our business if this country lives or dies!! // We've fulfilled our obligation to them!! / The Nostra Castello is lost to us already!! // That damn Straw Hat and his crew......!! // If they go and die after all this, I won't forgive them!!
BigMam: Haaaahahahahah...... Mahmahmahmah... // Weeeeeeddiiiiiing... // ...CAAAAAAAKE!!!
[Box: Cacao Island Coast]
People: Straw Hat and Black Leg... / ...have escaped to sea~~~~~~~~!! // .........!!

StrawHats: Luffy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! // I'm so glad you're OK~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ! // Hnguah!! // ......Y... / Yeughh... // You guys... I waited for ages, y'know......!!
StrawHats: Don't you give us that~~~~~~!!
Sanji: ............
Jinbei: His wounds are still fresh...
Brook: Chopper-san, you must tend to him at once!! He has lost far too much blood!!
Chopper: Right!! // Sanji, you too! You've been shot!!
Sanji: Hm? Oh, yeah......

StrawHats: Ahhh!!
Smoothie: Keep it up. They'll hit home sooner or later.
Brook: They've closed in on us all of a sudden!!
StrawHats: We haven't got away from them yet!! We'll have to treat them while fleeing!!
Judge: FIRE!!!
People: Guahhhh~~~~!! // ?!
Sanji: Wha...?
Smoothie: ?! Curse you, Judge...

People: The Germa are backing them up!! / Shall we return fire?! // !!
Daifuku: No, pay them no mind!! The Germa are engaged with the fleet at the port!!
Sanji: ............
Judge: .................. // What is so special about him?!!! / Straw Hat Luffy!!
People: !
Judge: This is the territory of the Yonkou Big Mam... / A land that once entered, can never be escaped!!!
Luffy: .........
Judge: Did you place your own life in peril to recover a single man?!

Judge: Sanji is the failure of the Germa!!! / His skin has no shieldlike hardness... // He slaves away as a kitchenservant, with none of the pride befitting royalty!! // He is swayed by petty emotion and endangers his own life for the sake of the weak! / His soul is far too fragile to be a true soldier!! // The man is an incomplete, failed experiment!!!
People: ............
Sanji: .........
Luffy: See ya!! Thanks for the backup!!
Judge: !! // Have you no answer for me?!!! // Straw Hat!!!

Luffy: Man, that was a surprise. / Why'd he suddenly start shouting about all your good points?
Chopper: Right?!!
Sanji: That's obviously not what he meant by it at all!!
Jinbei: Wahahahahah!! You folk really are the best!
Carrot: Ahh!! // Nami!! Up ahead!! Look ahead!!
Nami: Huh...? // Aaaghhhh!! This is bad!! // Jinbei, there's a fleet right in front of us!!!
Jinbei: Hmm?!
People: Aaahhhhh~~~!! / When did they get there~~~~~~?!!

Smoothie: So you finally noticed......!!
Sanji: There's so many of them......!!
Nami: What do we do?! They've pincered us again!! / An unoccupied fleet was sneaking round in front of us!! // We'll be surrounded!!
Smoothie: Fire!!!
Nami: Aaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~~!! // We're already in their firing range!!!
People: How come?!
Genie: That's right... From both in front and behind!! Little rabbit!!!
Carror: !!
Sanji: Carrot-chan!!

Genie: A fleet to the front and a genie behind!!!
People: !!! // Aaaaahhhh~~~~~!!!
Chopper: Whoaahhh!! That thing is huge!!!
Brook: Aaaaghhh~~~!!
Genie: Wahahahahah!!
Sanji: Ngh...!!
Daifuku: Finally, you enter the range of my ability!!
Smoothie: Frankly, this is starting to feel like bullying.

Nami: How did they get so close so quickly?!
People: Look at the ships in front!! // They're all paddleships!!!
Nami: ...!! No way......!!
People: How are we meant to outrun those?!!!
Jinbei: A truly hopeless situation...!! After we came so far... // ...to survive up to this point......!!!
People: !! // Hmm?! // What's this?! The sea surface is rising up...
Wadatsumi: Anyone who messes wid my boss...

Wadatsumi: MAKES ME REALLY MAD~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: !!! // Aaaghhhhh~~~~~!!
Nami/Chopper/Brook: Eeeehhhhh~~~~?!!
Nami: But he's...from Hody's gang, back on Fishman Island...!! // It's Wadatsumi!!!
Jinbei: Can it be......?!!
Nami: Jinbei?!
Jinbei: You guys...!!
People: WE CAME TO SEE YOU OFF~~~~~!!! CAPTAIN JINBEI~~~~~~~!!! // Ah! I mean former!! Former captain! // Gyahahahahah!!
Aladine: We can still be your crew until you get out of this territory, right?!
[Insert text: Powerful allies arise from the sea!! Next issue, colour pages for Chapter 900!!]

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