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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 900

Badend Musical

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 6, 2018 16:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece

Chapter 900: Badend Musical
[Insert text: The tasting begins!!]
[Box: Fluffy Island - Big Mam]
People: !!! // ...............!!

Flashback!Chiffon: That method will take a whole night, won't it?
Flashback!Sanji: It's essential that we do this part right. We'll get it done in two hours!!
Flashback!Purin: You've got to be kidding?!
Chiffon: Don't worry......!! // That man is a true chef!
Flashback!Chiffon: What are you grinning about?! / We need to take this seriously, Black Leg!!
Flashback!Sanji: !!
Flashback!Chiffon: You do realise the lives of your whole crew and everyone in this kingdom are riding on this?!
Flashback!Sanji: Ah...I'm sorry. I was just imagining... // ...the smile on Big Mam's face when she tastes how delicious this cake is...!
Flashback!Purin: How wonderful......!♡
Flashback!Chiffon: The smile on her face?! Are you mad...?! / That woman wants you dead, you know?!
Chiffon: ..................

People: ?!!
BigMam: Aaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Perospero: Mama?!! / Is it the poison?!!
BigMam: *pant*... // *pant*...... // It's so delicious... // ...I could die!♡ Such sweetness!♡
People: ?!!!

BigMam: This! This is it~~~~~~~~~~!!! // My wedding cake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Chiffon: We did it!! // Look, she's stopped!!
People: Look at that!! // Mama's returned to her senses......?!!
BigMam: Gobble!♡ // Snarf!♡
Bavarois: What of the poison......?!
Perospero: It can't possibly not be poisoned!! She must have been immune!! That's our Mama!!

BigMam: This sweetness is divine!♪ // I know it from somewhere!! What is this flavour?! // It's so goooood~~!♪
Perospero: Attention, all islands of Totland, la-lick!♪ // The damage will not extend any further!!
Montd'Or: All right~~~~!!
Perospero: Thanks to the efforts of Purin, 35th daughter of the House of Charlotte... / Mama's tantrum has subsided!!

People: I was so scared~~~~~~!! // We're going to be all right!! // Thank goodness!! This island is right next to Cacao Island... // I was sure we'd be next~~~~~~!!
[Box: Backstreets of Cacao Island]
People: Even making use of the traitor Mistress Chiffon......!! // Mistress Purin was able to save all of Totland... / ...with the power of her chocolate!! // That's incredible!! // Thank you so much~~~~!!
Purin: (.........)
People: That's our Mistress Purin for you!! // Thank you!! Oh, thank you, Mistress Purin!
Purin: (You're wrong...... // It wasn't me at all.........!!)
[Box: The waters near Cacao Island]

Daifuku: Hey! The ship's stopped in its tracks!!
People: There are fishmen in the water!! // It's the Sun Pirates!!
Fishmen: Hurry up and get outta here~~~~~!!
People: There's a hole in the bottom of the hull~~~!!
Fishmen: Cap'n Jinbei~~~~~~!!
Sanji: Look!! There's a path ahead!!
Jinbei: ......!! We'd better dash straight through!
Fishmen: Go for it, Jinbei!!
Jinbei: I am in your debt, my friends!!

Jinbei: They must have been the ones who prevented the enemy... / ...from locating us, as well!! Why did I not realise...?!!
Luffy: .........
Jinbei: They stood by me to the very last...!!
Luffy: That's a great crew you've got, huh, Jinbei?!!
People: Master Oven!! / Is everything all right on Cacao Island?!
Oven: Brulee just delivered us some bullets... / ...that will work on the Germa. It's a matter of time now. // More importantly, I can't let that boy who defeated Katakuri... // ...get away with what he's done......!!!
Luffy: Thanks, you guys~~~~~~!!
Aladine: Take good care of Jinbei, Straw Hat!!

Oven: Out of my way, fishmen!!! // Nekkai Jigoku!!!
[TN: "Boiling Ocean Hell"]
People: ?!! // Aaaaahhhhhhh!!
Jinbei: It's Oven...!! // This is not good!! The ocean itself is boiling!!!
Wadatsumi: Aaahhhhhh... // It's so hot, I can' get close...!!
DenDenMushi: Mont-d'Or!! // The Queen Mama Chanter will arrive any moment now!
Montd'Or: ! // All right!! We made it in time!!

BigMam: Mmmmm~~~!♪ // Mmmmmm~~~!♪ // What is it? // What is this?♪ // The taste of dreams?♪ // Even in my dreams, I've never tasted anything like it~!♪ // I can't find the words to describe it~!♪ // What is it? What is it? What is this taste?? // A taste that could make a rotting puppy burst into dance!♪

BigMam: A "pet cemetery"... // ...of flavour!♪ // So sweet!♪
Homies: So sweet!♪
BigMam: And milky!♪
Homies: And milky!♪
BigMam: So rich!♪
Homies: So rich!♪
BigMam: And "risky"!♪
Ship: Shiiiip~♪ / Shiiiip~♪
People: ?!!

BigMam: Yes!♪ This is it!♪ / This kind of kerfuffle!♡ // Like throwing a bomb~♪ / Into a theme park~♪ // A "big ceremony"~♪ // ...of the~♪ // stomach~!♪
People: !!!

BigMam: Tell me~♪ Mother~♪ // Can you feel it? // This overflowing~♪ // Happy sweetness~♪ // That's right!♪ // It's just like the taste~♪ // Of happiness that day!♪
Flashback!Kids: Happy birthday! // Linlin~~~~~!!!

BigMam: Someday I long~♪ / For us to feast together again~♪ // So sweet~♪
Homies: So sweet!♪
BigMam: And milky~♪
Homies: And milky!♪
BigMam: So rich~♪
Homies: So rich!♪
BigMam: And "risky"!♪
People: !!!
Homies: Ahahahahahah!!
BigMam: Tell me, Mother~♪ Tell me I... // ...can do it if I try!♪ // Happiness for everyone!♪
Homies: A world of peace!♪
BigMam: Where all the world's races...
People: !!
Homies: Are welcome to join!♪
BigMam: Though if you try to leave...
Homies: We'll slaughter you~!♪

BigMam: A deal with the devil!♪
Homies: A peaceful Totland!♪
BigMam: We're one big family!♪
Homies: Under our lovely Queen!♪ Mmmmmmm... // Big Mam!♪
People: !!!
BigMam: Ha~~~~~hahahah... // Mahmahmahmahmahmah... // Mmmmmmmmm... / That was delicious......!♡ // Thank you for the feast!♡
[Insert text: A true nightmare...]
[Bottom text: Next week, One Piece will be on a break. It will be back in Issue 20.]

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