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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 903

The Fifth Emperor

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 4, 2018 23:45 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 903: The Fifth Emperor
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 33: Orlumbus Arc
The Great Yonta Maria Fleet Sets Sail

[Insert text: The Sunny, back to plain sailing?!]
Luffy: Don't throw it away~~~~~~!!! // Don't you dare throw it away~~~~~~!! // If you throw it away, I'll go to the bottom of the ocean to find it again!!
Sanji: ..................
Luffy: It was in my pocket, remember?! / If you don't want it, give it to me...!!
Sanji: This was Niji's doing! / He's the only one who had direct contact with us. / He's trying to screw with me!
Flashback!Niji: At a speed like that, you'll wind up riddled with bullets!!
Sanji: I don't want to use a piece of crap like this to become strong with the power of science!!
Luffy: Don't do anything reckless, Sanji!! // Science is a type of human strength too!!

Luffy: If you use that to transform into a Raid Suit...
Chopper/Luffy: You might be able to shoot BEAMS!!
Sanji: I think one Franky is enough for this crew...
Nami: What's all this? You making fun of science? // My Sorcery Clima Tact... / ...is a fusion of sky science and Usopp's technology! / Ta-da!
Zeus: Whewwww~! It's so comfy inside this rod!♡
Sanji: Zeus!! You seriously tagged along with us?!! / I can't believe you'd choose food over loyalty!! // If you're gonna be Nami's servant, you'd better remember - I was her servant first!!!
Zeus: Well, I live in the stick she carries against her skin everywhere she goes.
Sanji: What did you say?!!
Nami: I bagged myself a strong new servant!♡
Brook: Sanji-san, you're squabbling with a pile of steam...

Luffy/Chopper: Hey, Sanji! No matter what I do, I can't transform with this thing!! / I think it's gotta be you!! You're our only hope...!! // Do it for us, pleeeeease!!
Sanji: Shaddup!! I'm no Germa, all right?!! / Don't you ever mention the names Germa 66 or Vinsmoke in front of me again!!
Carrot: Hey, guys! The newspaper's here!! // Whoa!! A big close-up of Luffy!!
Luffy: What about Jinbei?! / Does it mention what happened to him?!
Carrot: Ummm... It lists Luffy and Sanji and Jinbei and Bege as the culprits of a "failed assassination on Big Mam". / Look! It says you're the ringleader, Luffy! // Ah! Wanted posters!
Sanji: Hmm? // Whoaaa!! My bounty... // 330 million Beli?!! No way!! // Hang on... How much was Marimo's bounty again?!

Brook: I believe it was...320 million Beli.
Sanji: YEEEEESSSSS~~~~!!! Take THAT, shitty Marimo~~~!!!
Nami: Don't get so worked up over a silly number......
Sanji: .........
Brook: Hmm? Is something the matter?
Sanji: My name......!!!
Brook: Ah... It's listed as "Vinsmoke Sanji"...!!! // Wheegh?!! I sense an even more forlorn aura coming from over there!! // Whatever is the matter, Luffy-san?!!
Sanji: ......It went up because of the Germa's reputation......!! .........!!
Luffy: My bounty's gone down...
People: ?!
Luffy: See... 150 million...
Brook: Why, you're right!! How positively peculiar~~~~! / Did you do something bad to deserve this~~~~~?!!
Someone: I think that would make it go up...
Someone: It was up to 500 million last time~~~!!
Nami: Oh, it's not so bad! A cheaper bounty means less people coming after you!♡
Sanji: Nami-san, Luffy's our Captain. This is a slight on our crew's prestige...
Luffy: Dammitall~~~~! Why did this happen~~~~?!!
[Box: Meanwhile...]

[Box: The world's eyes are on the Reverie. / Fishman Island - the Ryuuguu Kingdom]
Neptune: He went and did it!! // Jinbei finally joined Luffy-kun's crew!! // Dear me, it seems the two of them picked a fight with Big Mam together...
People: Do you think they've already escaped aboard the same ship? // They must have done. It says Big Mam is furious. // In that case, this country will need to seek protection from the Straw Hats now!!
Shirahoshi: Father!! Brother!! ......!! // I...I wish to go to the Reverie as well!! / If I cannot, I just know Luffy-sama will call me Cry-hoshi again...
Neptune: Hohohoh!! I was waiting for you to say that! // Very well, then let us be off!!

[Box: But more still than the council that is yet to begin... // The world is alive with news of the man who stood up to the Yonkou Big Mam, who had gone unchallenged for decades. / News of a young pirate by the name of Straw Hat Luffy. // The newspaper speaks of him thus... // According to sources familiar with the matter... / Straw Hat Luffy has already assembled secen powerful pirate crews under his banner... // ...and become a mighty Fleet Captain with more than 5000 subordinates. // Together with his surprise identity as the adoptive brother of not only Ace, but also Sabo, the Number 2 of the Revolutionary Army... // His remarkable charisma and leadership abilities, which united the infamous Germa 66, the Sun Pirates and the Firetank Pirates... // ...into an impromptu alliance against the Yonkou... // His intellect, which crafted the carefully-calculated plan that toppled the Queen's castle...]

[Box: And his strength, proven by defeating the Yonkou's officers who boasted 800 million and 1 billion Beli bounties... // It is no exaggeration to call this entire affair... // ...a victory for Straw Hat Luffy!! // A fifth Emperor of the Sea has emerged!!!]
Marines: Reporting in!! / Fleet Admiral Sakazuki!!
Sakazuki: .........
Marines: The royal vessel of the Lulutia Kingdom was attacked by pirates en route to the Reverie!!
Sakazuki: !
Marines: The King is safe, but Princess Komane has been kidnapped......!!
Sakazuki: What were the escort playing at?!!!
Rebecca: Grandfather!! / Did you see it?! The article about Lucy!!
Leo: Luffyland is quite amazing!! / That's our boss for you!! / It even mentioned us, you know! Eheheheh!♡
Riku: You lot had better not talk about them like that once we enter the Holy Land, all right?
Leo: Oh! Good point!! They're pirates!!

Pirates: Ohohohoh... // There's no doubt about it... // Those are the ships of Dresrosa and the Prodence Kingdom!! / And they don't even have a Marine escort!! // Th...There's Princess Viola!! / She's as beautiful as all the rumours say!♡ // How much ransom money will we get... / ...for kidnapping her, d'you reckon?! Heheheh!! // Whaddaya think, Princess Komane?!♡
Komane: Waaaahhh! Please just talk to my father! // He'll pay whatever price you demand!!
Pirates: Gyahahahah!! This is why I love royalty!! // But you hold on a little longer. We're a greedy bunch, y'see.

Pirate: Sink 'em!! // Roger!! // Unblockable torpedo attack~~~~~~!! // Hm?

Coby: (Hngghhhhhh!!)
People: ?!!
Elizabello: Are we under attack?!
Riku: Ready the cannons!!
People: Yessir!!
Coby: Don't worry!! It's all under control!!
Riku: Hm?!

Coby: *pant*... *pant*... / I'm glad I made it in time!! You're all safe now.
[Box: Marine HQ Captain / Coby]
Coby: Nobody's hurt, are they? / You must be the representatives from Dresrosa and Prodence.
Riku: A Marine, are you......? / What exactly just happened? Where did you come from?
Coby: From my ship, naturally. It's a ways off in the distance. / I hope you've had a safe journey so far!! // This ship was just targeted by a crew of pirates from beneath the water.
Riku: You mean torpedoes?! Thank goodness they missed...
Coby: Yes, quite!! / Helmeppo-san, how's everything looking on your end?

Helmeppo: I've captured the pirates!! / Princess Komane of Lulutia is safe, too!!
Riku: A submarine vessel... Pirates these days really are tricksy sorts... // That was a close call.
Helmeppo: Seriously though, what the hell's up with that Observation Haki of yours, Coby?!! / I didn't feel a thing!
[Box: Marine HQ Lieutenant Commander / Helmeppo]
Coby: Eheheh......!!
Komane: I'll have you skewered and roasted, you brutes!! / Unforgivable!!!
Marines: Don't worry, Your Highness, they will be harshly sentenced...!
Kyros: You there! Might you be the famous Captain Coby?! // The hero who protected the citizens during the Rocky Port incident!!

Coby: A...A hero?! Oh, don't flatter me like that, please!! // (Wow... This guy's strong...)
Kyros: I expected a grizzled warrior, but you're quite the handsome youth!! // (And he doesn't even expect thanks for stopping the torpedo, eh...?)
Coby: Ah!! Luffy-san!!
Rebecca: Huh?
Coby: Oh, I mean... Straw Hat Luffy!! On the front page!!
Rebecca: Would you like to read it, Coby-san?
Coby: Oh, no, I... Well... Ehm... // ...............!! // ...............!! / ...............!! // (You really are the coolest, Luffy-san...!! You just keep forging further ahead...!! // Every time you appear in the news...I remember that day...!!)
Marines: Hey, Captain Coby! What're you doing? Get yourself back here!!
Coby: !! / R-right!! Well then... We'll soon be arriving at New Marineford!! / Allow us to escort you there!!
Rebecca: You like Lucy, Coby-kun?
Leo: You like Luffyland, don't you?!!
Coby: !! // N-no!! He's...an enemy!
Rebecca: C'mon, let's share stories about him!♡ // I won't tell anyone!♡
Coby: ......!!

Kaidou: What was the brat who got in the way of my business... // ...doing in that old hag's territory.........?!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahahah...... / An "Emperor"......? / I don't think you're quite there yet, Straw Hat......!!
[Box: Wholecake Island]
BigMam: A "victory"~~~~?!! For him~~~~?!! / When did I ever lose~~~~~~~?!!
People: This article... It's him, Mama, I know it is!!
BigMam: You'll pay for this, Morgans......! No... / YOU'LL pay for this, Straw Hat~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Shanks: .........Maybe it won't be long till we meet...

Shanks: Luffy.
Brook: Hmm? ......Hold on a moment...!! / Luffy-san, I think...you counted these digits wrong!
Luffy: Hm?
Brook: Look - one hundred thousand, one million, ten million...............
Luffy: ..................
Brook: Your bounty value......!!! // It's one and a half BILLION Beli!!!!
StrawHats: WHAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~?!!!
[Insert text: The shock resounds across the ocean...!!]
[Box: As the Reverie approaches, the crew head for the Wano Country...]

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