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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 904

Introducing The Commanders of the Revolutionary Army

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 18, 2018 20:49 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 904: Introducing The Commanders of the Revolutionary Army
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 34: Orlumbus Arc
"The Standing Kingdom: An Explorer Retires"

[Insert text: A very "unique" place...]
[Box: Momoiro Island - The Kamabakka Kingdom // Having lost their long-time base of Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army... / ...has moved the location of their planned Officers' Meeting and their Main HQ... // ...to this remote land.]
Ivankov: As I vould expect from one bearing your blood!! That Strawhat-boy is quite the man!! // And to think Sanji-boy vas a prince of the Germa 66!! / He spoke nothing of it to me, the cheeky rascal!!
Dragon: Thanks to this incident, the Germa have been removed from the World Government.
Koala: I wonder what's taking all the officers so long...? // They should already be in the vicinity...
Ivankov: Sabo! Vhat have you been doing over there this whole time?!
Sabo: ............
Koala: He's been grinning to himself so much since reading the newspaper about Luffy-kun... // ...that his face has cramped up. Isn't that right, Chief?
Ivankov: Is the boy an idiot?!!

DenDenMushi: *brrrrringgg*
Sabo: !
DenDenMushi: Lindbergh here!
Sabo: What's up? Everyone's waiting for you!
DenDenMushi: Sabo! There's a bit of trouble going on nearby! // I might wind up arriving a bit late, is that OK?
Sabo: Understood. Just as long as you're all right.
Okama: Ahhhh, how exciting! All the top officers of the Revolutionary Army... / ...gathered here on this island!♡ // I'll be able to meet Morley-sama!♡ // I'm more into Betty-sama!!!
Dragon: ...Sabo. I'd like to get our strategy straight in advance... // At this Reverie, it's finally time...
Sabo: For us to declare war, right? // On the Tenryuubito...!!!

[Box: The Grand Line - a port town of the Lulucia Kingdom]
People: Heeelp! Somebody, help~~~~~!! // Aaaahhh!
Pinkbeard: Steal everything valuable!!!
People: Where are the Marines?!
[Box: Pinkbeard Pirates / Captain Pinkbeard / Bounty: 52 Million Beli]
Pinkbeard: Momohahahah! What use are a bunch of filler Marines?!!! // The King and all his best soldiers away at the Reverie... // I am the man granted the name of Pinkbeard, a member of the Yonkou Blackbeard's fleet!!! // Remember my name!! And fear the name of Blackbeard!!!

People: Stop this, please! We are a poor town...!!!
Pinkbeard: Kill anyone who resists!!!
People: Uaaaghhhh~~!!
Girl: Please spare us, I beg you!! The only wealth in this town... / ...is the tributes we must offer to the King and the Tenryuubito...!! // None of us have a penny to spare... / But if we cannot pay the tribute, we will be killed...!!!
Pinkbeard: Oh, my!! What an awful King!!! // So...you do have this tribute money, yes? // Search for it!!!
Girl: Aaaahhh!! // Wha...?
Someone: Go, Morley!!

People: Hm?! // ?! // Is there something under the ground?!! // ?!! // Aaaghhhh~~~!!! // What the?! ......!! // A gigantic harpoon?!!
Morley: Heave-ho...!! // Heave-ho...!! // Heave-ho...!!! Fuhahahahahahahah!!!
People: !!!
Morley: Ooh, you naughty boys! Where do you think you're looking?!
People: A giant appeared from under the ground~~~~~?!! / And what the heck is he wearing~~~?!!!
Morley: It's not nice to stare, you know~~~! // Are you just that smitten with me?!
Pinkbeard: Sudden baseless accusations?!! // What's this nutter saying in his gruff, manly voice?!! / Open fire!! Shoot him down~~~~!!!
People: Whoahh!!

Morley: Oh, do behave, boys~~~~~~~~!!
People: Waaaghhhh~~~!!! // D...Do giants live below-ground?! I've never seen one before... // Who the heck is that......? A Marine?! // What the heck's going on?! The ground is like putty!!
Pinkbeard: Don't let him get to you!! He has some kind of power!!
Betty: So............ What exactly do you want to do? // You submissive pieces of trash.
People: Huh? / Trash......?! // What do you mean, what do we want to...? // Who are you?! Who are all you people...?!
Betty: We are...

People: Cap'n, there's another two of 'em up there!!
Pinkbeard: !!
Karasu: ..................
Crows: Cawww!! // Cawww!!
Lindbergh: Come now, come now, restrain yourself, Morley!! // I've got brand new inventions I want to try out here!! // But you just go and beat 'em up before I get the chance~~~~!!!
People: Cap'n Pinkbeard, these guys...
Pinkbeard: ?!
People: These four!!! // They're meant to be scattered all across the world......!!

People: It's the commanders...
Morley: Ooh, you're still staring~!
[Text: Commander of the Western Force of the Revolutionary Army / Morley]
Betty: Quiet down, scum!!
[Text: Commander of the Eastern Force of the Revolutionary Army / Belo Betty]
People: ...of the Revolutionary Army!!!!
Lindbergh: Let me try out my latest weapon~~~!!
[Text: Commander of the Southern Force of the Revolutionary Army / Lindbergh]
Karasu: .................. / *mutter*
[Text: Commander of the Northern Force of the Revolutionary Army / Karasu]
People: Th...the Revolutionary Army......?! // What are four top officers from the Revolutionary Army doing together in this town?!!
Morley: Ooh, you boys are such brutes!!
Betty: That's 'cause they love you, you giant potato.
Morley: Ew, no way, that's gross.
Lindberch: Hey, can I get 'em, Betty?!!
Karasu: *mutter* / ...............!! / *mutter*
Pinkbeard: Nobody's answering the question!! / And what's that guy muttering about?!
Karasu: ...............!! // *snap!!*
People: Ehhhhh~~~~~?! // For some reason he got mad~~~!!!

Betty: Now, what'll it be, you pieces of worthless scrap?!! Will you die, or will you fight?!! // Choose your fate!!! // Is being a hero for other people?!! // Or could it be you?!!!
Pinkbeard: The townsfolk are picking up sticks!! // Oh, please, don't make me laugh! Are you planning on fighting us?!!
Betty: Lind! Karasu! Back me up!
Lindbergh: On it!!

People: What's going on...? These rallying cries are filling me with energy!! // Let's chase those pirates outta here!!
Morley: That's right!! That's the power of Betty's Kobu Kobu no Mi!! / With a single wave of her flag...!! // She can awaken the inner strength hidden within anyone!! Betty is... // ...a flagbearer of freedom!!!
People: Looks like they've forgotten... / ...how much getting shot hurts!!
Lindbergh: Take this!! Cool Shooter~~~~~!!!
People: ?! // So cold~~!!! // My gun...!! It's frozen over!!! // Damn you~~~~~~!! Get outta here, pirate!!! // Aaaghhhh~~~~~!! // Owww~~~~~!!!

Karasu: ..................
Crows: Cawww!! // Cawww!!
People: ?!! // Ahhhh~~~~~~~~!! Give those back!! // The crows are flying off with our swords!!
Betty: Pinkbeard...... / A 50 million bounty, eh...?
Pinkbeard: ......!! Master Blackbeard...won't stand for this...
Betty: I'm afraid that man doesn't care about his fleet.

Betty: Hey, listen up!! You cowardly bunch of... // ...puny plebs!!! // The 50 million Beli bounty is yours.
People: Huh?
Betty: Here's the contact details for the Revolutionary Army. // You did good out there......!! // Call us any time! As long as the weak are ready to rise up...we will never abandon them!
People: B...Belo Betty-samaaaaa~~~~!!!
Morley: ...Hey, why are we all meeting up this time anyway?
Betty: We're going to pick a fight with the Tenryuubito.
Lindbergh: Ooh, that sounds awesome! I can hardly wait!♡ / And turn on your voice amplifier, would you, Karasu?!
Karasu: ! // I forgot...
[Box: Two days remain until the Reverie... // Setting all kinds of plans in motion around the world......!!]
[Insert text: A very "unique" collection of individuals......!!]

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