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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 905

Beautiful World

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 2, 2018 00:26 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 905: Beautiful World
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 35: Orlumbus Arc
"The Pirate Life - 6:00 AM: Neatly Fold Pyjamas"

[Insert text: "Justice" stands tall...!!]
[Box: In the "Ultimate War" between Marine HQ and the Whitebeard Pirates two years ago... // Though the Marines were victorious, the fort of Marineford which formed the stage for this battle... / ...was damaged beyond repair. // Though it had long formed the base of Justice, in preparation for the further intensifying Pirate Age... / ...the Marines built a still sturdier fortress. // A new stronghold of Justice, positioned at the entrance to the New World!! // This is the Marine HQ of the new Fleet Admiral Sakazuki: New Marineford!!!]
[Labels: Former Marineford (now G1 Station) // Holy Land of Mariejoa // Red Line // New Marineford]
[Box: Though its location may have changed, Marine HQ still serves as the entry guardpost... / ...to the Holy Land of Mariejoa where the Tenryuubito reside.]
Sakazuki: Fujitora has appeared in Mariejoa?!!

Sakazuki: I thought I made it clear that until he brings me the heads of Straw Hat and Law... / ...he would not be allowed to set foot through military doors again!!! // What gives that brat the nerve to return now?!!!
Marines: Y...Yes, sir, we are all most aware of that, but...!!
Sakazuki: Then why... / ...did you not turn him away?!!
Marines: Well, ah... He used an incomparable "logic weapon" against us... We weren't able to argue back...!!
Flashback!Fujitora: I don't see any... / ..."military doors" here, do you?
Sengoku: Hard work, isn't it? Being Fleet Admiral...
Marines: S...Sengoku-san!!
Sakazuki: You can shut your trap too, you half-retired old man!!! // Who is in Mariejoa right now?!
Marine: A...Admiral Ryokugyuu-san is......!!

[Box: This is the rear side of G1 Station in the Grand Line... // "Red Port". This gigantic harbour, along with its twin... // ...lie across the Red Line itself, forming the Government route to cross from one side to the other. // Here you can find the "Bondola" transportation system... / ...a set of bubble-powered lifts... // ...that travel directly to the Holy Land of Mariejoa.]
People: Look!! Ships just keep arriving, one after another!! // Open up a path!! The royalty are coming!!

People: Ahhh! It's the ruler of the Roshwan Kingdom... / Beer the Sixth!! // And the Matryo Princesses!! // So cute~~~~~!♡ // And from the Ballywood Kingdom... / It's King Ham Burger!! // Why does he walk so slowly?!
HamBurger: I walk slowly, but... // I NEVER WALK BACKWARD!!!
People: Aaaahhhh~~~!♡ // From the Tajine Kingdom... // Queen Mororon!! // So beautiful~~~~!♡
Mororon: Here's to the eyes of the world!♡
[TN: A play on "Here's to your eyes", the iconic Japanese translation of the famous Casablanca quote "Here's looking at you, kid"]
People: Aaaahhhhh~~~!♡ // From the Shishano Kingdom... / King Tacos!!
Tacos: I'd rather die standing than live on my knees!!
People: Ahhh!! That ship!! // They're finally here!!!

People: It's the Mermaid Princess~~~~~~!♡ // The Great Knight of the Sea, King Neptune~~~~~~~!!! // Prince Fukaboshi~~~~~!♡
[Box: Though 200 years have passed since the Ryuuguu Kingdom joined the World Government... // This is actually only the second time they have participated in a Reverie.]
Shirahoshi: So this is the surface......!!
People: Mermaid Princeeeeess~~~~~!! // She's so beautiful!♡♡ // Princess Shirahoshi~~~~~!♡ // Garp-sama~~~!♡
Garp: Wheww, I thought I was gonna die down there on the seabed. Bwahahah!
[Text: Marine HQ Vice-Admiral / Monkey D Garp / (Luffy's Grandfather)]
[Box: This is a momentous incident unto itself.]

People: Such beauty!♡ // This is beyond even the rumours...!! Shall we put together a special feature, Boss?!!
Morgans: ...............!!
People: Boss?! President Morgans?! It's no good...he's mesmerised!!
Neptune: Garp! Shirahoshi seems to be most popular!!
Garp: Well, there have been rumours flying around the surface world for a long time now... / ...that the Mermaid Princess of Merman Island has beauty to match that of the Pirate Empress Hancock! // And when you see her in person, she's got even those expectations beat!! // She's literally bigger than anyone imagined!! / Bwahahah!!
Shirahoshi: L...Luffy-sama's grandfather!! / Could that be what they call... // ...a "forest" in the surface world?!
Garp: That's just a tree.
Sterry: Hey!! Garp the Hero!!
Garp: !

Sterry: I hope you know... // ...exactly who I am?
Garp: Who are you, you snot-nosed brat? Outta my way!!
Sterry: Snot-nosed brat~~~~~~?! Did I mishear you?!
Woman: That's right, Sterry!! I'm sure that's not not the case!!
People: Such insolence!!
Sterry: I am Sterry, the King of your homeland, the Goa Kingdom!! / As such, as a citizen of that Kingdom... // You are essentially my subordinate! Remember it well!!
[Text: King of the Goa Kingdom in East Blue / Sterry / (Sabo's adoptive brother)]
[TN: imma pretend I didn't see that flag saying "Levely" in the background of this panel. "Reverie" sounds so much cooler...]
Morgans: The King of the Goa Kingdom, eh...?!! / For a remote, peaceful little country, it's certainly produced more than its share of infamous villains......!! // With Garp as an exception, there's Dragon, Sabo, Fire Fist and Straw Hat... Most interesting...

[Banner: King Sterry Trivia]
[Text: The Goa Kingdom is where Luffy, Ace and Sabo spend their childhoods. / Sterry was adopted into the family of the noble Sabo as his younger brother. / Seizing his opportunity to climb the ladder to royalty, he married Princess Nantocanette, and thanks to the suspicious deaths of the former King and Prince, took the throne a few months ago.]
Garp: Outta my way. / Your face is annoying.
Sterry: He's so insolent I have no words!!! // (Listen, Garp, I'll be straight with you!! / Give me all your noble connections!! I want to become a Tenryuubito someday!!)
Garp: ! // ...Why would you want to be trash like them?
Sterry: ?!!! / .................................!! // Eeeeeehhhhhhhh~~~~~~?!! // (You've got to be kidding me! Did nobody hear that?! That's treason! A capital offence!)
Garp: Oh yeah, we're not meant to say that. / Forget you heard it.
Sterry: !!! // (This guy's scary!!!)

Neptune: Are you all right, young one?
Sterry: ! // Huh......? // It moved?!! // I thought this was a building......!!! // Is he a Giand?! One of those barbarians said to eat people and melt rocks with their saliva?! // No, wait... // What are these people?! // Fangs?! // Scales?! // What's with the colour of theis skin?! Could they be...those half-fish "Fishmen"?! // Categorised as a type of fish...and said to carry rare and deadly diseases?!) // Aaaaaghhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! / Don't touch meeeee...
Announcement: The number 2 Bondola Flight is departing.
Garp: Well, see ya. Have a good time!
Shirahoshi: Thank you so much, Luffy-sama's grandfather! // It was wonderful having you along!

Shirahoshi: So high...... // Incredible......
Neptune: Hm? What's the matter, Shirahoshi?
Shirahoshi: ...............!! / Father...the sun...!! // Brother!! The sun is shining so brightly! / There is no end to the height of the sky......!! / And the sea is sparkling without end in the sun's light!!
Manboshi: Mmmmmm, it really is beautiful, mambo!!
Shirahoshi?: To think the surface was such a beautiful place! / The world is so beautiful...!!!
Neptune: ...Indeed. The light of the sun-trees that illuminate the seabed cannot compare.

Shirahoshi: Father... If it is possible...!! I would like to try living on the surface...!!! // I want to share this sunlit world with everyone in our kingdom!!
Neptune: I will do what I can. // That is the purpose of this Reverie!!
[Box: Holy Land of Mariejoa]
Ryokugyuu: I've got orders from Sakazuki-san... / ...to find you and chase you outta here...
Fujitora: ......You want to try me?
Ryokugyuu: Rahahahah! Gimme a break! / I don't want no fight like that! // It's not like you're tryin' to bust up this council, is it?

Fujitora: Hahah... Well, no... // What I want to destroy...is the system... // Whew, I'm stuffed... That was a fine meal!
Ryokugyuu: You've travelled a long way. How was old man Vegapunk?
Fujitora: Though he wouldn't let me take a peek... / Seems like he's built something mighty incredible.
Ryokugyuu: Oh... Which means?
Fujitora: There's no more need... // ...for the Royal Shichibukai.........!!!
Ryokugyuu: Rahahahah!! You're a crazy one, and no mistake!!
Fujitora: Heheh... Not that it matters, but the food here really is good. You should try some. // Or are you still...in the middle of your "fasting"?
Ryokugyuu: Rahahah!! If a pretty lady told me "say ahh"... / ...I might give it a try!!
[Box: Marine HQ Admiral / Ryokugyuu]
Ryokugyuu: But eating for myself is too much of a pain... / I haven't bothered eating for three years now!! Rahahah!!

[Box: The Kamabakka Kingdom]
Betty: Since you've been fighting the World Government... // ...for the sake of the fishmen... / ...is this a little awkward for you, Koala? // The Ryuuguu Kingdom taking part in the Reverie...
Koala: Not at all, Betty-san! / It's not the World Government that we really want to defeat, after all. // It's the Tenryuubito who control them!
[Box: The Red Line]
Sterry: Aaaaghhhhh~~~!! D...D...Did you see that?! Just now?!
People: He's awfully noisy, that King of Goa...
Sterry: So high! So scary! // So windy! It's shaking! // Just now...There was a g...g...giant peeking out of the wall! Holding a h-harpoon...
HamBurger: A ridiculous hallucination... Just how high up do you think we are?
Sterry: I really saw it!!

Sterry: Aaaghhhh! Look! Over there!! // Crows!! / If the crows poke this bubble, we'll all fall straight down!!
People: A rare sight indeed at this elevation...
Shirahoshi: Ahh! So these are those creatures I've head stories about... // "Birds"!! // They're flying in the air!!
Sterry: Hey, guards!! Ready your guns!! // Shoot them down!! They'll pop the bubble!!
Crows: Caww!! Caww!!
Sabo: It's quite all right! // None of out bubbles have ever been popped by a brow! // Please calm yourself. // King Sterry.
[Insert text: An infiltrator...!]

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