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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 906

The Holy Land of Mary Geoise

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 9, 2018 02:00 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 906: The Holy Land of Mary Geoise
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 36: Orlumbus Arc
"10:00 - Cleaning Check of the Ship. Orlumbus and Columbus are Clean Freaks!"

[Insert text: To the pinnacle of the world...]
[Box: Near the top of the Red Line...]
Announcement: Please watch your step.
[Box: ...the Bondola ends its journey.]
People: We have left the climate area for bubbles, so I would direct the merfolk among us... / ...to take these reinforced bubbles...
Shirahoshi: Ahh!
[Box: From there, the passengers must climb a long, grand staircase...]
Shirahoshi: It's so wide~~~~!
People: We hope you had a safe journey!
[Box: ...to reach the tallest and largest continent in all the world... // ...positioned in the very centre of the world's oceans. // This is the land where the descendants of the world's creators make their home...]
Shirahoshi: Ahhhh!
Sterry: Aghhh...
[Box: And the name of that magnificent land is...]

[Box: The Holy Land...]
[Text: Holy Land of Mary Geoise]
Shirahoshi: What a beautiful place!! / Are those green things "forests"?
People: Indeed - albeit artificial ones.
[Box: ...of Mary Geoise.]
People: Lady Shirahoshi, if you and your fellow merfolk could hold onto these connecting handles.
Shirahoshi: ......... // Oh! It started moving!!
Sterry: Whoaaahh!! Is this an earthquake?!! I'm gonna die! / Protect me~~~~~~!!
People: This is a travelator. The ground moves belowfoot.
Sterry: ...............!!

Fukaboshi: Father, would it not be better to take the ordinary paths? / Shirahoshi, you wanted to see the forests, did you not?
Neptune: Fukaboshi...
Fukaboshi: The view is so wonderful! We should take our time and enjoy it.
Shirahoshi: Ahh! I quite agree, Brother! Don't you, Father?
Neptune: By all means.
People: Then we will accompany you.
Sterry: Aha... You're afraid of the convenience of civilisation, aren't you?!! // (You common fish!) // We must implement this system in the Goa Kingdom also! / This "travluter" is most convenient!!
People: It is a "travelator".
Sterry: Yes, yes, that's another way of calling it!
Fukaboshi: (I sense something quite unpleasant here...)
[Box: Underground...]
Slavedriver: No slacking!!
Slaves: *pant* // *pant*
Slavedriver: Make sure to keep it moving... / ...at a smooth and comfortable rate!!
Slave: *pant*... *pant*... *pant*... // (Somebody help me... Or else... At least kill me...!)

[Box: A certain Tenryuubito mansion]
Chalros: .................. // F...... / Father dearest! Father dearest!!
Father: What is it now, Chalros?
Chalros: ...............!! // It is a mermaid! // And a gigantic one, at that......!
[Box: Mary Geoise - Pangea Castle]
People: Open the gates~~~~~!!!
[Box: Main Gate]

[Box: Inside the castle - Social Courtyard]
Ryuuboshi/Fukaboshi: .........
Princes: So these are all royals and their guards... / From all around the world!!
Someone: Samba!!
Manboshi: Mambo!!
Princes: Starting tomorrow... / For the seven days the council lasts, it looks like there won't be a dull moment even for us relatives. // The food and drink are extravagant... // And though all weapons are confiscated... // The guards all look like a force to be reckoned with......!! // Father seems to be fitting in well already... / That's a relief, at least.

People: Well, well, princess of the ocean floor!! / Your beauty is just as breathtaking as all the rumours say!♡ // How do you like the look of my son here? He's single, you know!! // Papan! She's not bad, this girl, not bad at all! // Hey, this isn't a race, you know. I have a single son myself... // P...Pappy!! I like this girl a lot!! // No!! Mermaid Princess, you should consider my son!! // Ohohoho! Our family has not one but three handsome princes!!
Shirahoshi: U...Um... // You're not my type!
People: ?!!
Princes: Shirahoshi~~~~~~~~~~~~~?!!!
Fukaboshi: Look, what my little sister said just now was a dialect expression... It means "I'm not yet married", and...
People: Why, you!! Make a fool out of me, will you?!!
Ryuuboshi: In situations like this, you have to be tactful! Say things like "That's so nice of you!" or "We should have dinner sometime!" even if you don't mean it!
Shirahoshi: Whaaaaa~~~?! But I couldn't possibly lie to...
Ryuuboshi: It's not lying, it's just being gentle!! // If you hurt their feelings too much, it could turn into an international incident-fa-mi-re-do!!♪ Come on, let's go over there for a moment...

Vivi: Ohh! // How adorable~~~~~!♡
Carue: Kwehhh~!
Leo: That is not a compliment for a warrior, you know!!
Vivi: Ah...
Rebecca: (......Are you all right, Leo?!)
[Text: Princess of the Alabasta Kingdom / Vivi (& Carue)]
[Text: Retainer from Dresrosa / Rebecca]
Vivi: Oh, I'm very sorry! I didn't mean anything bad by it.
Leo: Huh?!! // Then that's OK! // I only showed myself to you because you said you know Luffyland and his friends!
Vivi: (So cute...)
Leo: We are Luffyland's subordinates! We're pirates too, you know!

Rebecca: I didn't expect to find people to talk to Lucy about here at the Reverie! // But I suppose I should have known...they really are adventuring across the whole world!
Vivi: ...Indeed. Of course, they don't like to be called heroes... / ...so they seem to mostly be gathering infamy as their bounties go up and nasty rumours spread... // But I'm sure they haven't changed at all really!
[Box: Alabasta Kingdom Trivia]
[Text: Vivi, princess of a desert country in the Grand Line, is a friend of the Straw Hat crew who once accompanied them and voyaged aboard their ship. / The rebellion that arose in her homeland turned out to be a conspiracy led by former Shichibukai Crocodile, but thanks to Luffy and his crew, the crisis was averted and the country saved. / The government reported this resolution as the work of the Marines.]
Vivi: When I read the newspaper article about Dresrosa, I thought to myself... // Luffy and his friends... / ...must have found someone they wanted to help again...!
Shirahoshi?: !
Rebecca/Leo: ......!! // You're totally right~~~~~~~~~~!!

Shirahoshi: Excuse me...
Carue: Kweehh!!
Vivi: !
Leo: Ahhh~~~!!
Rebecca: Ah! The Mermaid Princess!♡
Shirahoshi: Were you just talking about Luffy-sama?
Ryuuboshi: !! Shirahoshiiiiii~~~~!!! // Even if they were, that doesn't mean they know him personally!! / Luffy-kun is a pirate!! You can't let people know he's your friend-la-ti-do!!♪
Shirahoshi: Awww...
Vivi: (They've made it to the New World now, so... I recall pirate ships have to take the route through Fishman Island...)
Revbecca: Hey, did you just say "Luffy-sama"?
Vivi: Wait, Rebecca! If you didn't hear correctly -
Shirahoshi: I certainly did!♡ Do you know him too?
Ryuuboshi: Stop! His name doesn't prove anything, everyone knows that!!
Shirahoshi: I actually owe Luffy-sama and his friends a great debt...
Rebecca/Vivi: Just like us!!

Igaram: Vivi-sama is making friends with the Mermaid Princess...
Viola: Rebecca looks like she's having so much fun!♡
Fukaboshi: My sister is not used to social events. I am most grateful.
Igaram?: Such a strange twist of fate.
Sai: Hmm?! // Hey! Could that be... / ...Rebecca from Dresrosa I spy over there?!!
[Text: Happou Armada / 13th Leader / Sai]
Rebecca: Ah! // That's...!
Sai: The name's Sai!!
Rebecca: Chinjao's grandson, right?!
Leo: Sai~~~~!!
Sai: Ohhh! My brother!! I didn't know you were here, Leo!!
Leo: I am a secret bodyguard! // Why are you here even though you're a pirate?!
Sai: Right back atcha!! // (I'm going to take this job as an opportunity to cut my ties with the country.)
Wapol: Maaaaaaahahahah!! Well, well, well!! If it isn't Princess Vivi!!!
Vivi: ?!

Vivi: Wapol?!! What are you doing here?!
Wapol: Maaaaahahahahahah!! You dumb hippo!!! // Wouldn't you like to know!
Kinderella: Koshi-koshi-koshi!♡
Wapol: That's right! I went flying through the air!! Straw Hat Luffy sent me flying far across the ocean!!!
Shirahoshi: Oh... Is that man another of Luffy-sama's friends...?
Vivi: No! He's an enemy, Shirahoshi.
[Box: Wapol Trivia]
[Text: As Kinf of the former Drum Kingdom, Wapol ruled tyrannically over his suffering subjects. / After a clash with the Straw Hats, he was sent flying off into the distance... / But he used his Baku Baku no Mi abilities to amass a fortune and build a new kingdom for himself, becoming a king once more.]

Wapol: How's that uptight loser King Cobra doing?
Vivi: .........
Wapol: Actually, I just saw him a minute ago looking anything but in good spirits... / ...so I was just asking out of spite!! Mahahahahah!
Kinderella: Ohhhh~!♡ Darling, you're the funniest guy in the universe!♡ Tama-no-koshi-koshi-koshi-koshi!♡ // Koshi-koshi-koshi!♡
[TN: "Tama-no-koshi" is an expression referring to marrying into money...and also seems to be her laugh??? >.>]
Dalton: Wapol!! / That's enough bothering the other guests!! // It looks like you've made yourself another miserable kingdom.
Wapol: ?!!
[Text: King of the Sakura Kingdom / Dalton]
Kureha: Hi~~~hihihih!! / How the World Government has fallen if it's letting this moron back into its ranks!!
[Text: Doctor of the Sakura Kingdom / Dr. Kureha]
Wapol: Dalton!! Old witch!! You two are still alive?!!
Kureha: What's that? The secret to my youth?
Wapol: Nobody asked about that!!!

Vivi: Dalton-san! Dr. Kureha-! / It's so good to see you again!!
Dalton: Well hello there, Vivi-chan. You look more elegant than ever.
Kureha: Hihihih! Ya feelin' happy? If I'd known you were a princess back then... / ...I'd've squeezed a lot more cash outta you!
Wapol: .................. // Hey, hey, hey, Dalton, you bastard!! / Where does a servant like you get off telling me what to do?!!
Dalton: I believe we are of equal status now!!!
Wapol: !!!
People: Dalton-san's really got the air of royalty nowadays! // Well, well...
Dalton: ......!!
Wapol: Listen up, Dalton!! You damn ally of justice!! / Nobody can run a country without getting their hands dirty!!! // The higher up you climb, the dirtier this world becomes!! I'll show you that!!! / I'll have my revenge yet, you wait and...
Dalton: Have you read the articles about Luffy-kun?
Vivi: Oh, yes. So many times!

[Box: Dalton Trivia]
[Text: Originally a servant of Wapol in the Drum Kingdom, he joined Luffy and his crew in deposing the former King and, on the strong recommendation of the country's citizens, became the new King of the renamed "Sakura Kingdom".]
[Box: Dr. Kureha Trivia]
[Text: A 141-year-old doctor from the Sakura Kingdom, commonly called a "witch". She saved Nami's live, and is one of the people who raised Chopper and his teacher in the arts of medicine.]
Rebecca: Hey, could it be, Dalton-san?
Dalton: !
Rebecca: You like Lucy?
Leo/Manshelly: You like Luffyland, don't you?!!
Dalton: !! // (.................. // Yes, I love the boy...)
Rebecca/Leo/Manshelly: Ahhhhhh~~~~~~!♡ // This is going to be so much fun!!
[Box: Undersea Gaol Impel Down]
Doflamingo: What's the deal with this solitary cell...?!! It's far too lonely...!!
[Box: Level Six]
Doflamingo: Don't tell me you're trying to protect me?! Magellan!! // Fuffuffuffuffu!! // Has an assassin come from "above", then?

Doflamingo: To make sure I don't let slip to anyone... / ...about the secret "treasure" of Mary Geoise?!! // Have they sent a killer to silence me, eh?! / Fuffuffuffu!! // What's the point in keeping it secret any longer...? Power moves quickly... // It'll rot away before you know it...!!!
[Box: Mary Geoise]
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffuffu!!
MysteryFigure: ..................
[Insert text: What is this doing in the Holy Land?!! A great mystery hidden away...!]

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