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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 907

The Empty Throne

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 15, 2018 22:34 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 907: The Empty Throne
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 37: Orlumbus Arc
"The Fleet Thief of 56 Ships Makes a Tearful Departure - Thank You For Everything!"

[Insert text: On the other side of the ocean...]
[Box: Wholecake Island]
People: .........
Kaidou: *zzzt*... / What kind of joke is this?! I refuse!!!
BigMam: It's not you I've got business with. // I'm saying if I don't take Straw Hat's head, I'll be a laughing stock!! / I have to take back what he took from me, too......!! // Now, you... / You owe me a big debt, don't you, Kaidou?
Kaidou: That was a long time ago!!
BigMam: No, it was the debt of a lifetime...
Kaidou: ...............!!

Kaidou: I'm the one who has a bone to pick with that brat!!! // If you come here, I'll kill you, Linlin!
BigMam: Try if you dare. I'm not asking you here, just letting you know. // Listen carefully. Straw Hat's head belongs to me...!! // Let's be friendly here, yeah? Like old times...!!!

[Box: Marine HQ]
People: Big Mam is on the move!! // !!! // It looks like she's making contact with Kaidou!! // The communication is completely unprotected... // Is she saying she doesn't care who's listening in?!! / That if we want to interfere, we're welcome to try?!
DenDenMushi: *zzzt* / Let's be...ndly here. / *zzt*
People: If there's a force capable of stopping them... It would have to be the Admirals or the Shichibukai...
Kizaru: You want me to go, Sakazuki?
[Text: Marine HQ Admiral / Kizaru]
Sakazuki: Hold it, Borsalino. // The Wano Country has a force that's an unknown quantity.
Kizaru: The "samurai"...

[Box: Red Port]
Momousagi: Honestly!! Garp-chan?! / You do realise it's Straw Hat Luffy they're after?! Your own grandson?!!
Garp: Pffffft~~~~~!! What a laugh!
Momousagi: This is no laughing matter!! / Do you think it's fine to just let two Yonkou come into contact?!
Garp: Do I think it's fine...?!! / We're in the middle of the Reverie! Anyone who'd be able to stop them is busy protecting the royals!!
SomeGuy: Hey, if I can interrupt! Lady, this is Big Mam we're talking about... / She's factored this situation in for sure! What did President Sakazuki say?
Momousagi: He just said "The Wano Country is a non-Governmental state and thus outside our jurisdiction"!!
Garp: Just like I thought!! / Bwahahah!! // Right now, it's best to stay out of this!
Hina: But, Garp-kun......!! If we're talking about Big Mam and Kaidou, doesn't that mean...

Hina: The reason you came to be called the "hero" of the Marines...
Garp: ...You mean, "Rocks"......?!! Hina, I'm surprised you know of them at your young age.
Hina: ..................
Garp: Before Roger came along, it was their era without a doubt!! // But that's forty whole years ago now. // The past is in the past!
Hina: Even without their Captain, they've grown in power. Hina is worried.
Garp: No use worrying about them!! If they come back, they'll be a threat for sure... / But any incident they cause will be far beyond anything we could predict!
Hina: Why are you grinning about that?!

[Box: The Holy Land of Mary Geoise - Pangea Castle]
BeardyGuy: King Sterry of the Goa Kingdom. / Please make your vow.
Sterry: Huh?
[Text: The Empty Throne]
Sterry: Can I sit on it?
BeardyGuy: Do not even joke about that!! // It is forbidden for anyone to sit on that throne.
Sterry: ?!
BeardyGuy: It is the Empty Throne!! // It serves to symbolise that all Kings gathered here are equal... / ...and have no ambitions of seizing absolute power.

BeardyGuy: The twenty weapons protecting the Throne... // ...symbolise the vow made at the beginning... / ...by the "Original Twenty" who created this world, eight hundred years ago. // That spot is the very centre of this world... / ...and its emptiness a sign of peace. // Just as the greatest powers in this world are the five who stand highest among the Tenryuubito... / ...namely the Gorousei... / This world is not to be ruled over by any singular King. // Now, make your vow. // King Sterry...!!
Sterry: (If I sit on there... / ...I'm King of the World......!!!)
BeardyGuy: King Sterry?!
Sterry: (I wanna sit on it so bad~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!)

[Box: Pangea Castle - Social Courtyard]
Shirahoshi: Aaaahhhhhhh!! // Please stop this, Saint Charlos!!!
Charlos: Oohohohohoooooooh~~~!♡ // That's right! Lock and chain her securely!!
Shirahoshi: What are you doing to me?!! / Please stop this!!!
Someone: Wait!! What are you planning to do, Princess of Alabasta?!!
Rebecca: Shirahoshi-chan!!
Sai: Stop, Rebecca!! That's a Tenryuubito!!

Rebecca: So what if he is?! Let me go!
Sai: Common sense doesn't apply with those people!! If you make him angry, he could crush all of Dresrosa!!
Rebecca: ?!!
Princes: SHIRAHOSHI!!!
People: (Nobody get involved!!)
Charlos: Oohohohohoh~!♡♡ // Lookie what I got~~~~~!! / I got me a big old mermaid~~~~~~~~~!!! // I'm gonna make her my pet~~~~!♡ Oohoh!♡
Shirahoshi: Waaaaaaaah~~!

Shirahoshi: Aaaahhhh~~~~!!
People: ...............!!
Charlos: Go! Slave Number Three!!
People: ...............!!
Leo: What are you all standing and watching for?!! How dare you do this to the Boss's friend!!!
Sai: Leo~~~~~!! // Damn it all!! Ah, to hell with this!! // I'm coming to save you, Mermaid Princess!!
Charlos: ..................
People: Stop, soldier of the Kano Country!! // Somebody stop him!!
Sai: Oughh!!
Leo: Aaghhh!!

People: ?!!
Sai: Who the hell are you people?!!!
Lucci: Should you not be thanking me first?
People: CP0!!!
[Text: Stussy // Cipher Pol "Aegis" Zero / Rob Lucci // Kaku]
Lucci: My stopping you just now saved the fates of numerous countries. / Do not defy the Tenryuubito. Even a child could tell you that. // The Tenryuubito are Gods. This world's creators. // Those gathered here are mere "kings of the mortal realm". / If a God desires something, it is only natural to provide it.
Charlos: That's right, idiots!!

People: Sai!! // Leo!!
Vivi: That's beyond reason!!
Lucci: A God has no need for reason.
Shirahoshi: Vivi-chan-sama...
Vivi: Give Shirahoshi back at once!! She's my friend!!
Lucci: ..................
Neptune: Wait!! Princess of Alabasta!!
Vivi: King Neptune!!
Neptune: You have my thanks......!! I will not forget your kindness. // Though it pains me greatly... It is time to give up!! // I will beat sense into these fools!! // And we will return to the ocean floor......!!! / If this how things are on the surface, I cannot bring my people here at any rate!!
Vivi: No!! This is not what the surface is like!! // King Neptune!! // This is not what humans are like!!

Neptune: I am sorry, Otohime......!!!
Flashback!Otohime: We are so close to the light of the Sun!
Charlos: You would defy me? Kill him, CP0!!!
Lucci: As you wish.
People: Stop this, Great Knight Neptune! / Don't do anything rash!!!
Flashback!Otohime: We should go up there and face them!! // If we do that, then the future that awaits the children of our land... // ...might change a little for the better!!!
Shirahoshi: Father... You must not! Hating people will only......!!!
Mjosgard: Hey!!
Charlos: Hmm?
Mjosgard: Stop this, Charlos!!!
Charlos: VUOGUAGHH!!!

People: ?!! // .........!! // Who was that?!! They just punched the Tenryuubito~~~~~~!!
Wapol: I...It had nothing to do with me!! I wasn't involved, you hippos!!!
Mjosgard: *pant*... *pant*... My apologies, everyone. As a fellow Tenryuubito... / ...I am most ashamed!! Forgive us, I beg you!!
Neptune: ......?
People: ?!! // A Tenryuubito?!!
Mjosgard: Unhand the Princess, you fool!!
Slave: !!
Shirahoshi: .........
Mjosgard: My friends, I am so sorry!! This fool brought terror into a place of community...
Lucci: (..................
Mjosgard: I am sure you have forgotten all about me, Neptune. / But I owe a great debt to the Ryuuguu Kingdom, and have long waited for this day. // The day when you all would arrive here.

Neptune: !! // Could it be that you are...
Shirahoshi: Ah...
Mjosgard: The foolish Tenryuubito who washed up... / ...in the Ryuuguu Kingdom... // ...ten years ago now, was I...
Flashback!Mjosgard: Save my life, do you hear me?!
Mjosgard: Through the words of the late Queen Otohime... // ...I was able to become human!!!
[Text: World Noble (Tenryuubito) / Saint Donquixote Mjosgard]
Mjosgard: I want to help you all in any way I can!!!
[Box: Inside Pangea Castle - Hall of Authority]
Gorousei: What brings you here? // You have come quite some way. // The Reverie is upon us. In your position... / ...You can hardly participate in politics. // We made time only because it is you.
Shanks: ...Yes. And I am grateful.
Gorousei: Let us hear it, then... Soldiers, begone!!
Soldiers: Yessir!!
Shanks: I must speak with you about a certain pirate...
[Insert text: Why is he here......?!!]

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