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One Piece 914

Leftovers Town

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 24, 2018 19:16 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 914: Leftovers Town
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 42: Bonus Arc
"This is the Town of Dyes"

[Insert text: What has become of the sickly Otama...?]
[Box: The Wano Country - Kuri, Leftovers Town]
Otama: Mmmmmm~~~~~~~ // I'm all better!! / You've got my eternal gratitude!!
Zoro: That was some quick-acting treatment!!!
Okiku: Yes, Jagan-sou is a shockingly potent herbal remedy...
Otsuru: But that doesn't mean the poison is completely vanished from your body! // You must never drink from the streams again, Otama-chan.

Otama: Right!
Stomach: *grrrrrrrrr~~~*
Otama: !! // Aaaghhh! / A warrior's shame! A warrior's shame!! / I need water!! To the stream~~!!
Otsuru: Hold it right there, Otama-chan!!
Okiku: There...all done. // It is only a stopgap measure, but...
Zoro: That's fine. Thanks. ...You're seriously big, huh.
Luffy: Big Mam was way bigger, you know!
Okiku: I must thank you for interrupting the advances of that sumo wrestler...!! // My apologies - I should introduce myself. // I am known as Okiku.
People: You talk like a samurai?!
Otama: No, no, no, no, I can't do that!!
Luffy: ?

Otama: Please, put the soup away, mistress!! // I can't even pay for the herbs you gave me... / I can't possibly afford to buy this!!
Otsuru: We don't need any payment, dear. Just eat up!
Otama: I could not possibly!! I'm sure you and Okiku-san... / ...both need this food as much as I do!! // I already owe you a debt, I couldn't take this as well!! // Not in a hundred years!! / I swear I will repay you for the herbs somehow!!
Otsuru: Silence, whelp!! When a woman has gone to the trouble of preparing a meal... / ...do you think she can simply accept a response of "no, thank you"?! // If you're not going to eat this, I'll throw it out on the street!
Okiku: Otama-chan, just take it!! Otsuru-san can be more stubborn than you know!!

Otama: ..................
Zoro: How long are you gonna just sit there......?
Luffy: ? // You should count yourself lucky! / Isn't it your birthday today, anyway?!
Otsuru: Is that true?!
Luffy: It's what I heard!
Otama: .................. // ......... // So gooooood~~~~!!! // I never tasted anything so yummy~~~~~~~~!!!

Luffy: Have you never eaten this stuff before?
Otama: Nope!!
Flashback!Tenguyama: Day in, day out, she weaves hats for a living!! / Ordinarily, she can only afford an occasional meal of millet!
Otama: It's even got mochi in it!! / What a luxurious meal......!! // I can't thank you enough!! // This is the best birthday I'll ever have!! Though I feel bad for Master saying that...!! // Mochi~♪ Mochi~♪
Luffy: You can make that stuff from your cheeks, can't you?
Otama: It doesn't fill my stomach when I do that!
Otsuru: Ahh...
Okiku: Otsuru-san...
Otama: Today is... // ...the greatest day of my life!!

Otsuru: You'll find any number of children living like her... / Here in the Wano Country.
Luffy: .................. // A little kid like that, not even being able to eat her fill...?!! // I mean, sure, when you grow up you can eat poison and stuff, but...
Otsuru: N-no, you can't...?
Luffy: As long as there's sea and mountains and forests, people shouldn't have trouble finding food!!
Otsuru: Indeed... / As long as we humans ourselves don't taint those sources... // You seem like very kind people. ...Oh, might I ask your names?
Zoro: I'm Zorojuurou, a ronin!
Luffy: And I'm Monkey D -
Zoro: This guy's Luffytarou.
Luffy: Yeah! Luffytarou! / That's the one.

Otsuru: Ahaha... You come from abroad, do you not? // You speak so strangely......
Zoro: ..................
Otsuru: I'm surprised you were able to enter this land. / Don't worry, I will not tell anyone.
Luffy: How did she find us out...?!
Otsuru: I too am a newcomer in this town. / And Okiku-chan has only been working for me here for a month...
Zoro: You called this place "Leftovers Town"... What kind of a name is that?
Otsuru: Exactly what it sounds like... This settlement was formed by people gathering in the hopes... / ...of scavenging the leftovers from the officials' dwellings.
Luffy: Tama said there's food that isn't poisoned around here somewhere.
Otsuru: You see that mountain with no chimneys? // There used to be a great castle on its peak... / ...by the name of Oden Castle. // Though it hasn't been visible for more than 20 years now...

Zoro: Oden Castle...?!
Luffy: Oden... I've heard that somewhere... / What was it again...?
Otsuru: Up until a little over 20 years ago, a clan by the name of Kouzuki... / ...ruled over this country of Wano. // The great farm that sprawls across the foot of that mountain... / ...was founded by the late Oden-sama to provide delicious food for the people of Kuri. // That proud Tougen Farm was never intended to allow Orochi and his men... / ...to control this whole land's food supplies...
Luffy: So is that where the poison-free food is at?!
Otsuru: Indeed... Safe and delicious food... / Clean water and clothing... // And all of them the property of Shogun Orochi...

Otsuru: Through that Torii gate is the town where the government officials live. / We make our lives purchasing the things they no longer have any use for... // ...and their half-rotten leftover food.
Luffy: So that's why it's "Leftovers Town"...!!
Otsuru: It's enough for us to get by... // !! // ?!!

Luffy: Who's there?!
Batman: Kikikikih!! // I heard you just now, woman~~~~~!! // You spoke ill of the Shogun, didn't you?!
[Box: Gifters / Batman / A Bat Smile]
Batman: My hearing is six times as powerful as a human's!!!
People: It's the Gifters...!
Zoro: That's some impressive hearing... But is that any reason to take her life?! // If that arrow hit its mark, she'd be dead...!!!
Okiku: Otsuru-san!! Thank goodness you're safe!!
Batman: If the people behave, I'll usually let them be... / But there can be no forgiveness for those who speak ill of Orochi-sama!

Batman: Be careful with your words! We're on the hunt for a wretched thief!! // Someone's been stealing from the farm these past few weeks!! // It wouldn't happen to be you lot, now, would it?!! Ronin scum!! // ?! // Who the hell are you?! Blocking all of my arrows...! // Hold on... you, one-eyed ronin...!! // I've seen your likeness in the news tiles...
Otama: Aaaghhh!! Who the heck are you?!
People: ?!! // Huh?!!
Luffy: Tama?!!

Otama: Aaahhhh! Aniki, help~~~~~!!
Gazelleman: Hohohohoh!! I am a speed demon!! My legs reach 200 kilometres per hour!!!
Otama: I'm being kidnapped~~~~~!!
[Box: Gifters / Gazelleman / A Gazelle Smile]
KomaChiyo: Ruff!! Ruff!!
Okiku: Otama-chan!!! // How fast is this man?!! // Lend me your speed, Komainu!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!!

Zoro: That woman had a katana!!
Otsuru: She claims to have skill with a blade, though I have never seen it for myself!
Luffy: Dog~~~~~~~~~~~!! / Take me too~~!!
Zoro: Hang on! I'm going as well!!
Otsuru: His arm......!!!
Okiku: Luffytarou-san!! / Zorojuurou-san!!
Zoro: Why are they after the kid?!
Okiku: I do not know!! ......!! / But we must rescue her!!

Batman: Kikikikih!!
People: Ahhhhhh~~~~~!!
KomaChiyo: *whine*~~!!
Zoro: This looks like a planned-out kidnapping......!!
Okiku: They must be heading for the officials' district... / There are three Headliners in that town right now!! / Hawkins, Holdem and Speed. // What's more, there are around 30 warriors who have obtained abilities from the man-made mysterious fruit!
Luffy: Notes?! / Who the heck are you??
Okiku: I am... // ...a samurai!!

Gazelleman: Holdem-sama!! This is... / Gazelleman!!
Otama: Get off me already~~~~!!
Gazelleman: I have successfully captured... / ...the brat we received reports of, the one who tamed the Hihi!
Holdem: Well done. / We can make use of that one. // Bring the child to me.
Gazelleman: Yessir!
Otama: Luffy-aniki~~~~~~~~!!!
Okiku: We must mount an assault!! // Luffytarou-san, Zorojuurou-san!! // Beyond this gate is Bakura Town... // The town of officials and pirates!!

Zoro/Luffy: Then let's go!!
Okiku: Are you two smiling?!
Bepo: Captain! / Captain, awful news!! // Straw Hat and Roronoa... / ...are heading into Bakura Town!!
Law: ......?! Straw Hat, here in Wano?! // Hey, hold up!! // That's only going to cause a serious incident!!!
People: That's precisely the problem!!
Law: We'd better go and stop those idiots!!
People: Aye aye, Captain!!
[Insert text: The Alliance on the move!!]

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