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One Piece 915

Bakura Town

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 31, 2018 22:55 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 915

One Piece
Chapter 915: Bakura Town
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 43: Bonus Arc
"A Pirate No More - Dye Artisan Bellamy"

[Insert text: Festivities in the air...!]
[Box: Wano Country, Kuri - Bakura Town]
Urashima: Dammitall......!!
[Box: Great Sumo Event In Progress]
Urashima: I backed off because that weird ronin had a weird intensity about him... / But I still gotta make Okiku my wife, no matter what! // I can offer her status, honour, and untainted food! // There's no way I can be turned down!!
Mouseman: Don't worry yourself over such pointless things, you idiot.
Urashima: Huhhh?!
Mouseman: The girl's from Leftovers Town, right? Those lot are inferior humans who couldn't even find a place in Orochi-sama's new order. / Chu-chu-chu!! // You can steal her by force, or burn down the house where she lives...

Mouseman: You could even slaughter every last one of her relatives 'til she's got nowhere else to go! / Just do whatever it takes until you're the only option she has left!
[Box: Gifters / Mouseman / A Mouse Smile]
Mouseman: You're one of the nobility!! Here in the Wano Country... / ...those with status rule over those without! // What will people think if they see a star of the national sport like yourself fretting about the whims of a lowly commoner?!!!
Urashima: Heheheh... / You've got a point!♡ // Yeah... Okiku is mine... // ...to do with as I please!!
People: !! // Master Yokozuna!! Was the food not to your taste?!
Urashima: I see a tanuki over there......!!
People: Yes, Master Yokozuna, he has been our pet for many years......
Urashima: Cook him up for me......!!
People: Wha...?!
Urashima: I love the taste of tanuki.
People: !!!

[Box: A certain mansion in Bakura Town]
Holdem: Well, your speed doesn't disappoint...
Gazelleman: *pant*... *pant*...
Holdem: Gazelleman... Is this the girl...?
Gazelleman: *pant*...... *pant*...
Holdem: Poor little thing... Looks like she's about to burst into tears.
Gazelleman: *pant*... *pant*... // *pant*... *pant*...
Otama: ...I...I'm not gonna cry!!!
Gazelleman: *pant*...... *pant*... // *pant*...*pant*... *pant*... *pant*... // (My sides are killing me......!!) // *pant*...*pant*... *pant*... *pant*...
Holdem: That's enough, Gazelleman!! Begone!! / All your panting is getting on my nerves!!!
Gazelleman: *pant*... *pant*... *pant*...*pant*...*pant*...*pant*...
Holdem: Build a little stamina, why don't you, you idiot?!!!

Holdem: ?!
Lion: ..................
Holdem: I wasn't talking to YOU!!! // Quit looking up at my face all the time!!!
[Box: Hundred Beast Pirates - Headliner / Holdem / A Lion Smile]
Otama: Waaaaaahhh! Too scary~~~~!! // His tummy's a lion~~~~~!!

Lion: Rrrggghhh...
Holdem: And what's that insolent glare supposed to mean?!!! // !!! // Aaaaghhhhhhh~~~~!!!
People: !! // There it is!! The lion's family-jewels attack!!
Lion: Rrrrggghhhaaaaaaggghhhhh~~~!!!
People: But since the two of them share a body... / The balls it's attacking are its own balls too!! // Will that beast never learn......? // Master Holdem! What shall we do with the brat?
Otama: .........

Holdem: Answer me this, girl... / How did a worthless brat like you... / ...manage to tame the Hihi....?!
Otama: ..................
Holdem: My subordinates saw it all...!! / I can only assume it to be the work of a true Devil's Fruit!
Flashback!Tenguyama: Otama! Your ability is a most desirable one... / ...including to our enemies!! / You must not use it in front of others!!
Otama: ......... // A... // Animals just like me, I guess...
Holdem: !!! // ......My men tell me you tore off a piece of your own cheek...
Otama: ?!!
Holdem: Let's try that, shall we? / Men! Fetch me a pair of pliers!!
People: Yessir!
Otama: (Luffy-aniki...!!) // ?!! // (Aniki, help me!!!)

Okiku: Otama-chan...
[Box: Wano Country, Kuri - Bakura Town Main Entrance]
Luffy: TAMA~~~~~~~~~!!!
People: ?!
Luffy: I'M HERE TO SAVE~~ / Mmph!! // Mmmmmm-mmmph!
Okiku: You must not!! / Luffytarou-san!! // You cannot do that!!
People: Hey!! Who the hell are you people? // Halt!! // I don't see any records of you leaving the town.
Okiku: This town is filled with nothing but allies of the people... / ...who kidnapped Otama-chan!!
Luffy: .........

Okiku: ?! // Wha...?! // Did you just do something?!
Luffy: Haki.
Zoro: How should we look for her?
People: What a huge Komainu!! Who's it belong to?!
Luffy/Zoro: Guessing they're not likely to tell us if we just ask. // But some of them don't exactly look like fighters, do they?
Okiku: The citizens of the town are just that, ordinary citizens. // Up until twenty years ago, this was a lively castle town... / But one day, Orochi's men came and started stealing houses as they pleased...

Okiku: They left the merchants they deemed necessary for their life here... // ...and drove everyone else out of town. // That's how this Bakura Town came to be.
Luffy: Hmm?
Wrestler: Aaaaaghhhh!
Zoro: Looks like something's going on further into the town.
Luffy: Since a sumo wrestler came flying... // I guess they're doing sumo?
Zoro: You think this guy got shoved all this way in a sumo match?!

Announcer: Such overwhelming power~~~~~~!!!
People: He's so strong~~~~!!
Announcer: Is there really no way to defeat this man?! // Urashima, Yokozuna of the Flower Capital, stands undefeated!!!
People: Urashima~~~!♡ He's so huge~~!
[Box: Wano Country Great Sumo Yokozuna / Urashima]
Announcer: Remember, folks, we have a special prize running for today's event!! // Anyone who succeeds in defeating Urashima can claim an incredible 500 gold!!
People: Anyone out there with confidence in their skills?!! Roll up, roll up, anyone who wants to challenge the Yokozuna!! // He's so strong, there's no point betting on the matches!!
Announcer: As long as they'll fit in the ring, he's willing to face any number of challengers at once!! / So far he's taken down ten-and-nine unlucky souls!!
People: We've got a perfect strategy! That prize money is ours!!!

Announcer: And how many bones... / ...have been broken in those fruitless attempts?!!
OldMan: Ten arm bones, 15 leg bones, 52 ribs... / Four skulls and seven backbones!!
Announcer: That makes 88 bones in total! And four challengers have gone missing completely!! // Is this man's strength even human?!!
People: Take that Urashima down!! We're betting on you!!
Announcer: The undefeated monster!! Our Yokozuna, Urashima!!!
People: Urashima-sama~~~~~!♡
Urashima: Hmm?
People: Hakkeyo~i! / Nokotta, nokotta!
[TN: Traditional cries by a sumo referee to encourage the wrestlers to continue fighting]
Urashima: Oooohhhhhh~~~~~~~!♡♡

Urashima: Okiku~~~~~!♡♡
Okiku: !!
Urashima: So you really did come for me!! / You've finally made your mind up to be my bride, eh?!
People: What's this?! A bride for Urashima~~~?!
Announcer: What's this now?!! It seems there is a woman who is promised to Urashima in marriage!! / What an enviable position!! A woman who has caught the eye of the Yokozuna!!
People: This is the scandal of the year!!
Okiku: ! // Urgh......
Zoro: You're not going to manage to hide behind me.
Okiku: He just decided all this on his own...
Flashback!Urashima: Okiku!! I'm holding a match soon in Bakura Town! / I...I'll show you just how good I am, so you should come and watch!!
Flashback!Okiku: Otama-chan... / Hang in there!!

Urashima: Okiku has come to see me!! / You guys, bring her here!!
People: You got it!! // You're such a ladykiller, bro!! // You're our idol!! Of course all the ladies want you!!
Luffy: Hey, hold it, you lot!! We're looking for someone here!! / A little kid called Tama!! // Tell us where we can find the boss of this town!! / That's where she'll be!!!
People: That woman!! Ooh, I'm so jealous - marrying into the money!!
Luffy: .........
People: She's pretty big-bodied, but I suppose that's just right for Urashima!♡
Okiku: Aaaaahhh!!
Luffy: Hey, Zoro, what're you doing?! They're taking her away!!
Zoro: I'm not sure about slicing down naked men...

People: Hey!! That girl's from that teahouse outside, isn't she?! // She's not fit to even enter this town!! // Seriously?! Get that wench out of here! The filthy dog!!
Urashima: Silence, commoners!! To a noble such as myself... / ...you're all no less lowly plebeians than she is!! // Don't forget I hold the lives of every one of you... / ...in the palm of my hand!!! // C'mon, Okiku~~~~~~!♡ Come and be mine~~~~!♡
Okiku: ...... // I know of none... // ...deserving to be addressed as "lowly".
Urashima: !!!
Okiku: Surely you jest. // The true filth here lies in your heart.
People: !!!! // The Yokozuna's topknot~~~~~!!!
Luffy: So coooool~~~!!! / That Kiku's not half bad!!! // Now things are getting interesting~~~~~!!!
Zoro: That's certainly one way to get the boss's attention!!
[Insert text: A flawless strike!! Next issue, colour pages!!]

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