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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 917

Treasure Boat of Food

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 21, 2018 21:07 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 917: Treasure Boat of Food
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 44: Bonus Arc
"In This City, There's A Fabric That Never Tears"

[Insert text: Outside the kerfuffle...]
[Box: Kuri - Leftovers Town]
People: There's an awful ruckus over in the city...
Kid: Wahhhhh...! Wahhhhhh...!! // I'm hungryyyyy~~~~!!
Mother: Stop that right now! You're embarrassing yourself!
Kid: I'm hungryyyyyyyy~~~~!
Mother: As a boy of the Wano Country... / ...you should know never to raise your voice in complaint!!
Kid: Waaaahhhhh~~~~!!
OldMan: .........
Dude: Otsuru-san!! / Do you have any Jagan-sou?! // Our kid couldn't bear the hunger, and drank the water from the stream......!!!
Kid: Waaaaahhhhhhh~~!

[Box: Deep in Bakura Town]
Overseer: It's gathering time!!
[Box: Tougen Farm]
Overseer: Load the prescribed amount onto the cart!! // If you're gone, see yourself out... / ...through the rear gate!! Back to Leftovers Town with you!!
Worker: F... Five silver pieces...!! // I beg of you... This isn't enough for my family to live on for a week...!! / We won't even be able to buy enough water!!
Overseer: Don't answer back!!

People: Open the gate~~~~~~~!!
Speed: Mmm, today's haul of food looks as tasty as ever!! Hihih!♡
People: Yes, Speed-sama, please look at it! The food is over here!!
Speed: I can see it perfectly well! // After all... / My field of vision... // ...is 350 degrees!!
People: Incredible! Just like a horse!!
[Box: Hundred Beast Pirates - Headliner / Speed / A Horse Smile]
Speed: You think so~~?♡
People: She smiles like a horse, too!!

Speed: The alarm bell?
People: Open up a path~~~~! / Outta the way, outta the way~~~!! // Fire! Fire in the streets~~~~!! / Outta the way, outta the way~~~! // This fire...belongs to us now!! The number-one I-Gumi!! // Hup! // Hah! // Fire! Fire~~~!!
Speed: Try putting the fire OUT!!! // This is...Holdem's mansion!! // ?! / What's all this destruction?!!
People: Over that way!! Speed-sama!!
Speed: I can see it just fine. / Today is supposed to be the sumo event, is it not...?!

Otama: Aniki~~~~!!!
Holdem: Gahahahahahahah!! // Save her?! / How d'you plan on doing that, eh?! // Show the slightest sign of resistance... / ...and this brat will be crushed between the teeth...
Luffy: ..................
Holden: ...of my belly, otherwise known as the lion Kamijirou!!
Kamijirou: Grrrrr...!!
Otama: Waahhhhh!
[Box: Holdem's Belly / Kamijirou]

Luffy: Let Tama go!! I'll knock your brains out!!!
Okiku: Otama-chan...
KomaChiyo: Ruff ruff!!
Zoro: .........
Otama: Aniki~~~~~~~~~~!! // Okiku-chan! Koma-Chiyo~~~!!
Holdem: Gahahahahah! Shout empty threats all your like, idiot!! // You lot know all about this brat's ability, don't you?! // I'll take you all hostage and capture Shutenmaru as well!
Luffy: Who's that?
Holdem: Don't play dumb! We're talking about the head of your band of thieves!!
Okiku: (Shutenmaru......!!)
Holdem: The thieving that's been going on in the farm lately... / That's the work of you Atamayama Thieves too, isn't it?!! // Even if you did get lucky, you had the strength to defeat Urashima... / ...so I'd say you're a high-ranking subordinate!!

Okiku: (Luffytarou-san... Please try to avoid making him angry.)
Luffytarou: Huh?! / He's already pretty angry right now!!
Okiku: That's why we mustn't let it escalate further......!! He has great strength himself, yes... // But the one everybody is really afraid of... / ...is the man supporting him!
Luffy: ?!
Okiku: From the Hundred Beast Pirates, the right-hand man of Kaidou himself... / Jack the Drought is the real boss of the Kuri region!!
Luffy: ?!
Zoro: Isn't that the guy who destroyed Zou?!
Luffy: Huh?! That guy?! // The guy who poisoned the dog and the cat... The elephant itself put paid to him in the end, didn't it?
Okiku: (Is he talking about animals...?)
Luffy: I thought his whole ship was sunk into the sea?!

Okiku: So you know about Jack's accident at sea? / If you believe him dead, I'm afraid you are quite mistaken... He appeared here just days ago!
Luffy: ?!! / Whaaaaaa~~~?!
Okiku: If you make Holdem angry now, and Jack comes for revenge... / He's known as a natural disaster for a reason. This town would be reduced to a wasteland.
Luffy: That's not fair at all! It's like the whole town is his hostage!!
Holdem: Hey, hey, what're you lot muttering about down there?!! // Hurry up and take this runt back, if you think you can......!! // Though the moment you move a muscle... // I'll have to do THIS!!
Kamijirou: Rrrgh!
People: !!!
Otama: Aaaaahhh! It huuuuurts~~~!!
Luffy: Stop that, you asshole!!!

Holdem: Gahahahah!! I always love that sound~~~~~!! / The plaintive cries of the common folk!!
Otama: Waaaaaahhhhh~~~~!
Holdem: I won't let you forget how you ruined my home!
Luffy: ...............!!
Speed: What's all the ruckus, Holdem?!!
People: Speed-sama~~~~~!♡

People: Wahey~~~~~!♡ It's Speed-sama's Treasure Boat of Food!!! Our feast for the day~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ...............?!
People: I'm so hungry~~~~~!!
Luffy: ......!! All that food......!!!
Okiku: That food is from Tougen Farm. // Untainted food supplies... / ...raised using clean water......!!
Luffy: ...............!! // ...And they're keeping it all to themselves?!! // Zoro!! You take them!! / I'll grab Tama!!
Zoro: Kiku! Sorry, but it looks like we're taking what we need and getting out of here.
Okiku: Huh? ......When did you decide...?
Zoro: I'm sure he'll be pretty furious... / But count yourself lucky we're not punching his face in.
Okiku: Huh?

[Box: Near Bakura Town Entrance]
People: Hawkins-san!!
Hawkins: Where is Holdem?!
People: In the ruckus in the District 4 plaza!!
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrring...*
Hawkins: He's not answering... Holdem... // ?! // Hmm?
Law: Hold it right there......!! Basil Hawkins!!
Hawkins: ......... // (Who is that......?! He's strong...)
Law: (Here in the isolated country of Wano, the people have no information on us... / But this man knows our faces! We should eliminate him!!)

Holdem: Now then, we don't need three whole hostages, do we?!!! // I'll execute one of you right here, right now!!
People: !!
Holdem: Woman!! You can be the sacrifice! Come forward!
Okiku: Aaahh!
People: Come with us!!
Zoro/Luffy: .........
Holdem: ?! // ?!!
Kamijirou: Gruehh...!!!
Holdem: Huh?? Where'd the runt go?!!

Luffy: We're getting out of here, Tama!! / Sorry I took so long!!
Otama: Huh??
Holdem: Whaaa?! When did you...?!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!! Ruff!!
Holdem: Kamijirou!! What the hell are you playing at?!! // Get the brat back~~~~~!!
Speed: Huh?!
People: Aaaghhh!! // Urgh!!!
Okiku: Ahh! // Aaahhh! Komainu-kun!!
Zoro: Dog!! This way!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!

Zoro: Keep going straight, out of the town!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!
Okiku: Zorojuurou-san!!
Luffy: Hm? / What happened to your cheeks?
Otama: ......!! I'm OK, really! / They just stretched my cheeks with pliers a bit... // They won't get any of my kibi-dango doing that...
Luffy: !! // Pliers......?!!
Otama: Aaaahhhh~~~~~~!!
Holdem: !! // Hmm~~~~~?! You coming for me?!! // Roar!! Lion Fire!!!
Kamijirou: Grrrrr...

Otama: Aniki!! I... / I'm OK, really!! You saved me already!!
Luffy: !!!
Holdem: Gahahahah~~~~~~!!
Otama: Aniki~~~~~!!
Holdem: How's that?! And to follow up... // Witness the might of my Mechanical Blade!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... // RED HAWK!!!!
Holdem: ?!!!
[Insert text: Luffy's anger unleashed...!!]

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