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One Piece 918

The Grateful Luffytarou

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 29, 2018 04:31 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 918: The Grateful Luffytarou
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 45: Final Episode
"Remember Our Names (1/2)"
[Text: Beautiful Pirates / Cavendish // Barto Club / Bartolomeo // Happou Armada / Don Sai]

[Insert text: A blow to the Headliner...!!]
People: Holdem-sama~~~~~~~~~!!!
Otama: ...............!! // Ahh!

Zoro: ......!! He went and did it...... // Don't stop!! Head for the town entrance!!
Okiku: Luffytarou-san!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff ruff!!
People: Holdem-samaaa~~~~~~!!
Speed: Can it be...? Defeated in a single blow?! Just who is that man?!
People: Heeeeey! Hold it~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Right, time to run!! // Hm?

Luffy: A horse!! Perfect!! / Giddy up!!!
Speed: Aaaahhh!!! Who's that?! What is this sudden embrace?! ♡
People: Speed-sama!!
Speed: ...Hang on, what do you think you're doing?!!!
Luffy: Ehh?! // A human?! // No...a horse?!
People: Drag him off her~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?! // Hey, Tama!! // Make one of your dango thingies!
Otama: Huh? // Ki~bi~dan~~~ // ...go!♪
Luffy: Great! Now control this horse!!
Otama: Huh?! That's impossible! My dango have never worked on humans...!!
Speed: ?! // Neighhh! That looks tasty!♪
Otama: Ahh...

Speed: Neeeeigh!! Where do you want to go, master?!♡
Otama: Ahhhh! It worked~~~!!
Luffy: Yeahhh~~~~!!
People: Speed-sama~~~~~?!
Otama: How come??
Luffy: Probably 'cause she's half horse? // All right, Horsey!! After that treasure boat!!
People: They're fast!!
Speed: I am not your servant.
Otama: Um...it'd be great if you could!!
Speed: Neeeeigh!♡ Yes, master!!
People: The Headliner Speed-sama is...!! // Are they blackmailing her or something?!
Otama: Aniki......!! // Aniki, just now...

Otama: You were just like Ace...
Luffy: Hmm?! What was that?!
Otama: ! // N-no! / It was nothing!
Luffy: ?
[Box: Bakura Town - Near the Entrance]
Law: I will take your life.
Hawkins: !! // Who are you?!!

Law: "Room"!!
Hawkins: ?!
Law: (Mister Roronoa is out there...he knows the plan...!! / He won't do anything rash like taking out Holdem. // If we make a move on that guy, it's all over.)
Hawkins: (...This ability......!! // That tattoo!!) // It is possible......!! Those men... / ...had formed an alliance...!!!
Law: (Begone, Hawkins!)

Law: "Shambles"! // ?!! // !!!
People: Aaaaghhh!! // !! / Hmm?! // Heeeeelp~~~~!! // Huh?! He's alive!! What's going on?!!

Hawkins: Remove your hat!! // It's no use hiding!!
Law: (Now let's see... What kind of ability was that?!)
Hawkins: Trafalgar Law!!
Law: !!!
Hawkins: ?!!

Hawkins: You catch on quickly...!!
Law: Just an empty threat, you understand. / I don't like to kill people. // I'm a doctor, after all.
Hawkins: Welcome to the Wano Country. / I believe we have not met since that fateful day on Shabondy. // You are not here as a tourist, I presume...!! // To think your little alliance is here together...
Law: Huh?!!
Hawkins: Surprised I am aware? I ran into Straw Hat not long ago.
Law: ...............!!
Hawkins: I'm sure you hoped to silence me before the truth got out, but...
DenDenMushi: *brrrrrring!!* // *ka-chunk!*
Hawkins: ..................
DenDenMushi: Holdem-sama has been defeated by the bandits... / ...and the enemy is currently on the run!! / We've reported the situation to Jack-sama!!
Law: ...............!! // (Those idiots... They've brought about the worst possible scenario!!!)

Zoro: Hey!! You lot down there!! // Get outta the way~~~~~~!!
Okiku: Sorry, we're coming through!! // We're in a hurry!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff ruff!!
Law: ?!
People: Aaaaghhhh~~~~~!!! // Guaaaahhhhhh~~! // !! // After them!! Stop the food thieves~~~~~~~~~!!
Law: Why, you...!!
Zoro: Oh, hey, Tra-dude.

Law: I thought you swore not to cause a scene?!! / Not only have you made yourself a wanted man... // ...but now you're calling down Jack on us all?!!
Zoro: .........
Law: Weren't you meant to be playing the part of a ronin in the Flower Capital, anyway?!! What are you doing in Kuri?!!!
Okiku: Huh? Who...?! Are you all right?! // Zorojuurou-san!! We're leaving the town!!
Zoro: All right. Scatter the goods... // ...all over Leftovers Town!!
People: It's food~~~~~~~!!! // The treasure boat~~~~~~?!! // But why?! // How come?! // Is this really OK?!!

People: Hold it! Hold it, you lot!!! // That food isn't leftovers yet!!! // Hey, listen to me!! // ............!! // Hmm?
Luffy: Here's water for ya~~~~~~!!! // No poison!!! / Free of charge! Take it all~~~~~~!!!
People: Guehhhh~~~~!!
Luffy: I'm Luffytarou!!! If anyone asks, tell them my name!!!
People: Fresh water~~~~~~?!! // Luffytarou-san!! Thank you~~~~~~~!! // How many years has it been since we saw this much drinking water...?!!!

Luffy: Hmm?! Tra-dude~~~~!! / It's been a while~~~~~~~!!
Law: ......... // Mister Straw Hat... This is... // This is outright rebellion against the Wano Country...
Otama: An apple!♪
Luffy: This is just my repayment to Tama... / ...for the food she gave me! // Well, the start of it, at least!! // Hey!! Gimme some of that meat too, you guys!!
Law: .........
People: The fire is spreading... // What happened to the firefighters~~~~~?!! // Holdem-sama, hang in there!! // Ahhhh!! He's out cold, but the lion's awake!!
Kamijirou: Grrrrrr!!
Hawkins: Yes, I admit this is a most embarrassing situation... / But with three troublemakers of this calibre... // Even I could not put a stop to... // ......

Luffy: Tama...!! Don't get too excited over a little thing like this.
Otama: !
Luffy: I'm gonna make this normal!!
Otama: Aniki......
Luffy: By the time we leave this country! // I'll make sure it's a place where you'll be able to eat your fill every single day!!!
Otama: !!
Flashback!Ace: When we return to this country... / I'll make it a place where you can eat your fill!!
Otama: ...............!!
Luffy: ......Huh? There a problem?
Otama: N...No!! Of course, I'm really happy!! I was just a bit...surprised, that's all...!

Zoro: Honestly, you've gone and done it now... / We're going to really have the devil on our tails now, so I hope you're ready for that.
Law: Like you're one to talk!! // ...At any rate, we need to move!! / We'll head for the Oden Castle Ruins - at the top of that mountain. // We need to pay a visit... // ...to the phantoms of the Wano Country.
Luffy: Phantoms?
Law: You'll be in for a surprise.
Zoro: Yeah... It threw me for a loop, too.
Luffy: ?!
Law: You're about to learn... // ...a most shocking truth.
[Graves: Retainer Raizou // Kouzuki Momonosuke // Kouzuki Oden // Retainer Kin'emon // Retainer Kanjuurou]
[Insert text: These inscribed names... What truth could be hidden here?!]

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