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One Piece 919

Oden Castle Ruins

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 5, 2018 23:27 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 919: Oden Castle Ruins
Tales of the Unwanted Great Straw Hat Fleet Vol 46
Final Episode: "Remember Our Names (2/2)"
[Text: Tontatta Pirates / Leo // Ideo Pirates / Ideo // Great Yonta Maria Fleet / Orlumbus // New Giant Warrior Pirates / Hajrudin]

[Insert text: The power of kibi-dango!!]
Luffy: You better take good care of her, Horsey!!
Speed: I am Speed, a Headliner of the Hundred Beasts Pirates!! // I do not take orders from you!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Someone: (Why is Speed letting the kid boss her around...?)
Speed: It is any servant's duty to protect her liege!!
Otama: Aniki... I'll never forget the tase of this shiruko and apple! // Not as long as I live!! // I'm gonna give Master an apple, too!
Luffy: Give the old nose guy the best from me! / And I promise I'll return your dog! // I'll be borrowing this sword for a bit longer, too!! I wouldn't be a samurai without one!!
Zoro: You don't even use it... / Seriously, though, let me have a look at that thing...

Luffy: See you round!!! // Tama!!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff ruff!!
Luffy: Right, let's go! I guess you weren't just a dog she tamed with her dango, huh?!!
KomaChiyo: Ruff!!
People: Luffytarou-san!!
Luffy: !

People: Thank you so much for the treasure boat!!!
Luffy: !!
People: I've never seen a feast like this before!! // My grandpa's looking healthy again!! // A fine treat before I die! // Our little boy's looking better, too!! // Hngaooo!!
Law: Pirates doing good deeds... Makes me sick.
Luffy: Looks like I did a good thing!
Okiku: You did steal that treasure, though, didn't you?
Law: So... // Why the heck are you tagging along as well?
Okiku: ! // Oh, I'm so sorry... It's just, I've always wanted to see Oden Castle for myself...!! // (What could they possibly want in the ruins of Oden Castle...? There shouldn't be anybody there... // Luffytarou and his friends are good people, but...I can't let my guard down yet.) // I can head back by myself after we reach our destination, so I won't be any trouble...
Luffy: Kiku's a good person, and she's strong, so it's fine!
Zoro: No, she's hiding something.
Okiku: !!

[Box: Flower Capital]
Teacher: Now then, what is the definition... // ...of "isolationism"?!
Kids: I know, Sensei! / It's when you close the entrances to your country to protect the peace!!
Teacher: Indeed. / Then what is "opening the borders"?!
Kids: I know!! // I know!! // It is the terrible act of bringing people and their bad influences into the country! // People from foreign countries covet many things from Wano!!
Teacher: ...However, a long time ago... / There were some foolish people who tried to do just that.
Kids: Oden and the Nine Redsheaths!!!

Teacher: Excuse me? I don't think I asked you to name them.
Kids: Aaaghhh! There it is~~~~!!
Teacher: The sound of that name does not please me, after all. // However, that all ended twenty years ago... / When a hero defeated those naughty samurai!!
Kids: ! // The Shogun!! Kurozumi Orochi!!! // Orochi Twin-Edge Style~~~~!! // Hiyahhh~~~~~~!! // Owwwww~~~~!! / You got me~~~~!!
Teacher: That's right. Twenty years ago, all the bad people died... / ...and the Wano Country became the peaceful land we know today.

Kyoushirou: *hic* Eeeaahhh... / Orochi-sama's a coward, if you ask me!!
SomeGuy: !! // K...K-Kyoushirou-dono!! / You are speaking too loud!
Kyoushirou: Shaddup, ya duuuuummy!! // Why should I be scared to say it? Nobody can deny I'm telling the truth! / Twenty years ago...!! They say these were the last words Lady Oden said as she stood before the burning castle!
[Box: The House of Kurozumi's Favoured Money Exchanger / "Dozing" Kyoushirou]
Kyoushirou: "You are the moon that knows not the dawn." / "Would only that this wish..." // "...might cast nine shadows upon the moonlit night that weaves full twenty years..." / "That you may come to know a brilliant dawn."

Kyoushirou: Hahah!! This spell she spoke in her desperation... / ...was interpreted by Shogun Orochi thus!! // Zzzzz...
SomeGuy: How did the Shogun interpret it?!
Robin: .........
Kyoushirou: Ah...yes, that's right. He interpreted it thus. // "Twenty years from now, on a moonlit night, I shall be avenged..." / "Nine samurai will rise from the grave to take your life..." // "And the Wano Country's borders will be opened!" / And twenty years on...would be this very year!! // That's why Shogun Orochi is afraid!! / He fears that the spirits of the Kouzuki clan are coming to kill him!! / Hahahahah!! Now that's a foe I'd like to try facing!! // What can the dead hope to achieve?! / The samurai of the Kouzuki clan were all killed twenty years ago!! / Cornered in their own castle and burned alive!!! Hahahahah...

Law: This is the place.
[Box: Wano Country - Kuri / Oden Castle Ruins]
Luffy: There's no castle at all!!!
Law: I told you it was a ruin...
Okiku: .........!!!
Luffy: Huh...? Hey, Kiku!! // ? // What's up with her? // Zoro's wandered off somewhere too... // I don't know how he manages to get lost while riding on a dog...
Law: Come over here, Mister Straw Hat!!
Luffy: This place is kind of creepy, you know.
Law: Well, it has been abandoned for 20 years.
Luffy: ? // Graves? // ?! // Huh?! What's up with this?! // Raizou... / Momo... // Kin'emon......!! / Kanjuurou!! // What are their graves doing here?! Have they died?!! // Come to think of it, I couldn't get in touch with them, but...?!!

Luffy: Where's Kin'emon?! / I thought he was gonna be waiting here!!
Law: He's not here. / He hasn't been for quite a long time.
Luffy: Not here~~~~?!
Law: He might appear once night falls, though. // Just like yesterday... Night after night.
Luffy: ?! // You're talking almost like he's a ghost...!! // And why's he got a grave?! // Tell me what's going on here! Or is there something you don't want to say?!
Law: This isn't something for me to share.
Kin'emon: Dear me, dear me, this is quite the predicament... / I thought I wouldn't make it out of the lavatory until nightfall again...
Luffy: Are those guys really alive?!!
Kin'emon: ...Please calm down a... // ...Hmm?

Kin'emon: Ahhhh!! Luffy-dono!! So you did arrive safely!!
Luffy: !!
Kin'emon: I must apologise for failing to greet you upon your arrival...!! // I am afflicted by terrible diarrhoea, you see...
[Box: Retainer to the House of Kouzuki / "Foxfire" Kin'emon]
Luffy: Kin~~~~!!! // You're all right!! // What was all that about, Tra-dude?!! He's totally alive!!
Law: ...? When did I say he was dead? // I was just guessing he might come out of the toilet around nightfall.
Luffy: Don't say it in such a misleading way!!!
Kin'emon: !! // Who goes there?!

Okiku: Kin-sama~~~~~~~~~~~~~!♡♡
Kin'emon: Guehhhh~~~~~~~~~!!!
Okiku: I had no idea you had returned!♡ / I wanted to see you so terribly all this time!♡♡
Kin'emon: Kiku!! Why are you with these people?!
Okiku: Why am *I* here?! Why did YOU not say a word to me if you had returned?! / I was so worried about you! How cruel you are!! / Is Momonosuke-sama all right?!
Luffy: Huh, you two know each other??
Law: They're clearly more than just acquaintances...
Okiku: Huh?! Kin-sama!! / Then could it be these people are...!!
Kin'emon: Ahhh, I don't know what to explain first, or to whom... / But yes, Kiku!! These people are our powerful allies who have come to help!!!
Momonosuke: Hey~~~! Luffy!! You made it all right!!!

Momonosuke: Behold!! I was just practicing the art of the sword!!
Luffy: Momo!! Nice!! You guys are here too, huh? Does that mean the old dog guy's around?!
Okiku: Momonosuke-sama!! It is wonderful to see you safe!
Momonosuke: Ah yes, Kiku. It has been some time.
Kiku: Wait..."Momo"?!! Excuse me one moment, Luffytarou-san, that is quite lacking in respect!! Do you not realise this boy is...
Momonosuke: Oh, no need for all that, Kiku!!
Sanji: Heeeeeey~~~!! // If it isn't Luffy~~~~~~~~!!
Chopper: Luffy~~~~~~!!!
Brook: It is wonderful to see you safe~~~~~~!!
Kin'emon: Sanji-dono! So you have returned to the crew!!!
Luffy: Y...You guys~~~~~~!!!
Momonosuke: Onami~~~~~!♡

Luffy: You guys took your time!
Carrot: Luffy~~~~! Garchu~~~~!!
Sanji: We were searching for you, is what we were doing!!! All the way to the ocean floor!!!
Luffy: We found your Vivre Card... / ...so we knew you were alive, but...
Brook: Thankfully we were able to make contact with Kin'emon-san and reach this place! / Yohohoho!
Law: Hey, you guys...what happened to Bepo?
Guys: He won't come out from the undergrowth... Diarrhoea, apparently.
Law: Not him as well... // At any rate, let's talk inside. / I have safe food supplies, stolen from the farm.
Luffy: So YOU were the one stealing them!! // Ahahahah! What a dirty old room!!
Kin'emon: I must apologise for its state, but this castle ruin is to be our centre of operations...!! / I thank you all for coming!! // First of all...there is something I must share with you. Aside from the case of Momonosuke-sama's identity... / ...there is one more secret I have kept from you all!

Luffy: You guys sure have a bunch of secrets! // Hurry up and just spill all the beans, why don't you!!
Kin'emon: You are quite right, of course...and I apologise! / However, you must understand this is a difficult tale to believe...!!
Luffy: ?!
Kin'emon: Kanjuurou and Raizou, whom you have met, along with the three of us sitting here now... The five of us in total... // ...are actually from the past!!
Luffy: Huh??
Kin'emon: We actually travelled here across time... // ...from the Wano Country of twenty years ago!!!
Luffy: Whaaa??!!
[Insert text: A shocking confession!!!]

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