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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hunter x Hunter 271

Hunter x Hunter Chapter 271

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 3, 2008 04:15 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 271

[TN: Pages 11 and 12 appear to be backwards in the RAW; as such, I've reversed them here. I'm pretty sure about this; page 10 in the RAW is clearly a right-hand page, yet the page following it also seems to be a right-hand page. Then there's the fact that the sentence started at the bottom of page 10 appears to finish at the top of page "12"... and finally, the continuity issue. Knuckle bursts into tears at the bottom of page "11", but he's perfectly dry-eyed at the top of page "12".]

Hunter x Hunter
#271: Clone
[insert text: The King right before their eyes. The moment has come.]
[Top-right text: Back once more!!!]
[Top-left text: The legend revived! Centre colour pages to mark the return to publication!!]
[Lower top-left text: To run for ten full weeks starting this issue!!]

King: Go ahead. // I understand that you wish to keep human casualties to a minimum whilst accomplishing your objective. // And you wished to take advantage of the chaos to separate me from my Guards, yes? // No matter. // Go ahead.

Zeno: Dragon Head.
Netero: A formidable being...
[Text: "There was no malice towards the King present in the technique Zeno unleashed" - the King understood that fact in an instant, and both of the others recognised this. // The reason why Zeno had released the technique in an utterly serious manner... // Was it an expression of his resolve, or else...?]

[no text]

Gon: Killua. // Pitou is in that tower. // Let's go.

[Text: "In which tower?" - Killua just managed to suppress his urge to inquire. // Certainly, he felt it was not the time, but more than that, he felt something else... // If I were to say that out loud... // ...that would be it......!! // There would be no turning back...!! // That which could be achieved by letting it all out... // The path ahead at which anybody with sufficient experience can arrive... // With the fear that comes from the possibility of losing that which is precious... // Killua could not even begin to approach that path.]

[Text: Approximately 10 seconds before the dragon's release]
Yupi: Ngh... // Nnnhh...

[Text: Fearing not even mortal wounds, Shoot made his reckless charge... // ...and that, oddly enough, was what allowed him to stay alive. // "Hotel Rafflesia". // What Shoot managed to steal in exchange for wounds that would soon have left him doomed to perish... // ...was but a single compound eye from Yupi's shoulder. // The physical damage inflicted was utterly negligible. // However...]

[Text: Yupi could not attack properly. // "It was not destroyed, but stolen" - this realisation... // ...had a profound mental effect upon Yupi. // Once more unable to determine the nature of the attack he had recieved, Yupi was forced a step back.]
Yupi: (I can't let him get anywhere near the King!!)
[Text: Yupi and Shoot were on equal footing at this point. // However... // This carefully planned flow of events...]

Knuckle: .........
[Text: ...was actually causing Knuckle incredible pain.]
Knuckle: (Hold on!!! // I can't shoot... not yet!!! // If I let off an attack right now... // It would be equivalent to outright telling the enemy "there's one more threat still hiding in the area"...!!)
[Text: Even as Yupi mounted his vigilance towards the surrounding area, his attacks were gradually whittling away at Shoot's life.]

[Text: Soaked in blood, Shoot continued to take Yupi's fierce attacks.]
Knuckle: (Hold on...!!!)
[Text: And by his side, able to do nothing but watch... // ...engaged in his own battle to simply hold in his breath... // ...no matter how much he silently repeated those words to himself...]
Knuckle: (Hold on!!! // You have to hold on!!! // Do your best!!!)
[Text: Knuckle... // ...was unable to hold back the flow of tears.]

[no text just nice picture :p]

[Text: Who should appear from those two doors... // ...but Djitu and Brovuda. // Welfin was carefully shadowing Fratta in secret... // ...because he had sniffed out something odd.]

[Text: Something odd...]
Welfin: (It's too fast......!!! // Those two soldier ants sounded the alert, and then were taken out immediately afterwards... // The time taken for the rebel who killed those two to retrace his steps, and Fratta's sudden appearance... // They're too close!! // If that's how it went, then surely Fratta... // ...would have crossed paths with the rebel in the corridor! // In which case, why were the other two killed... // ...but Fratta left alive......? // Fratta must be with the rebels...... in other words, // ...a traitor......?!

Djitu: Ohh? If it isn't Fratta!! What's going on, d'you know?
Brovuda: Pitou's En has disappeared again...
Welfin: (Is he alone?! Or else... // ...working for Hagya?!)
Ikarugo: Oh, I've only just got back here, too... // It seems like there's some kind of enemy attack...
Brovuda: Seriously?!
Djitu: Well, I figured it must be something like that...
Brovuda: What's up with the feathers?
Ikarugo: Ahh, well... / I got caught up in the attack back there...

Djitu: You going down?
Ikarugo: Y - / Yeah. / Orders from Hagya-sama...
Djitu: What should we do?
Brovuda: Hm? / Well... we haven't been ordered to guard this place...
Djitu: ......But there's something I'm itching to try out, y'know? // A new technique! // Whoa!
Brovuda: So huge...
Ikarugo: ......

Djitu: Sounds like fun~~~!! // I'm gonna check it out!!!
Brovuda: Watch yourself, okay? / I think I'll stay here for the moment...
Ikarugo: Well, then, I'll just be going...
Brovuda: Yeah...
Welfin/Brovuda: ...... // ("Hagya-sama", he says...?)
[insert text: Ikarugo in trouble!!]

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#1. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2008
thanks a lot!
#2. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 3, 2008
thank you!
#3. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Mar 4, 2008
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