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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Hunter x Hunter 271


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 29, 2008 22:01 | Go to Hunter x Hunter

-> RTS Page for Hunter x Hunter 271

Note: This is my FIVE-HUNDREDTH translated manga chapter! Thanks to everyone for their nice comments -- and here's to 500 more!


Green Text: The King before their eyes. The moment of confrontation.

271. Separation

K: Proceed.
K: I've more than realized the fact that you are trying to fulfill your goals while minimizing as many human sacrifices as possible.
K: And what you hoped to accomplish through taking advantage of the confusion was separating the Royal Guards from myself, correct?
K: It matters not.
K: Proceed.

Z: "Dragon Head."
N: What a frightening being...
B: "The technique that had been drawn out bore no malice toward the King." The two noticed the very moment when the King himself discerned this.
B: The reason Zeno had not even a slightly playful attitude about him as he activated his technique...
B: Could it have been out of respect for the King? Or possibly--

G: Killua.
G: Pitou's over there.
G: Let's go.

B: "Which one?" --Killua just barely managed to suppress the urge to ask such a question.
B: Killua felt something far greater than simply realizing now was not the time.
B: If he opened his mouth
B: there would no longer be any way to stop what was happening....!!
B: No way to turn back...!!
B: If he let it all come out, the result...
B: The path just a little ahead of the place people who gain experience end up.
B: Due to the fear that he might lose something important to him,
B: Killua could do nothing but draw closer to that path.

B: Roughly 10 seconds before the dragon flew down, (*T/L Note: This must be referring to the Dragon Head).
S: Guhh...
M: Nuui!

B: The reckless charge of Shoot, who was not even afraid of his own fatal wounds,
B: was, on the contrary, extending his own life.
S: "Hotel Rafflesia."
B: Just before the heavy wounds on his body should have led him to sudden death, Shoot stole a single thing:
B: One of the compound eyes from Yupi's shoulder.
B: The physical damage Yupi felt was equivalent to zero.
B: However--

B: Yupi was unable to go all-out.
B: The strange feeling that had something had been "stolen rather than destroyed"
B: had considerably influenced Yupi's mental state.
B: Having received another attack that he was completely unfamiliar with, Yupi took a step back.
M: I cannot let this guy get close to the King!
B: Yupi and Shoot's advantages and disadvantages were equal.
B: However,
B: As expected, this development

B: As he was drenched in his own blood, Shoot continued to take Yupi's violent attacks.
K: Bear it!!!
B: And at his side, doing nothing but watching,
B: Fighting on his own just to keep his breath in,
B: No matter how much he screamed to himself in his head,
K: Bear it!!!
K: Please, bear through it!!!
K: Do your best!!!
B: Knuckle
B: was unable to hold back his tears.

B: On the other hand, Knuckle was suffering greatly.
K: Bear it!!!
K: I...can't hit him yet!!!
K: If I attack right now,
K: it'd be like purposefully telling him "you have another enemy in your midst!"
B: While strengthening his surveillance of the surrounding area, Yupi's attacks continued to gradually shave Shoot's life away.

B: The two who appeared from the doors
B: were Zitow and Brouda.
B: The reason Werefin was secretly following Flutter
B: was because he had sniffed out an anomaly.

B: Anomaly.
W: It was too fast...!!!
W: The sound when the two guard ants spotted something, and the sound of their deaths immediately after...
W: The period of time from when the intruder finished killing the two and went back into the corridor to when Flutter appeared
W: is too short!!
W: Which means that without a doubt,
W: Flutter and the intruder must have passed by each other in the corridor!
W: So then why would he kill those two
W: but ignore Flutter...?
W: Flutter's on the intruder's side...in other words,
W: A traitor...!?

Z: Oh!? If it isn't Flutter!! What's all this ruckus about!?
W: Is he on his own!? Or could this be..

B: Pito-dono's "En" is still gone.
W: The work of Hagya!?
F: I just came back, so...
F: All I can surmise is that we're being attacked by the enemy...
B: Really!?
Z: Well, it'd be hard to come up with any other conclusion.
B: What happened to those wings of yours?
F(2b): Ah, right. They were destroyed in the assault back there.

Z: Going down?
F(2b): Uh...yeah...I've been given orders from Hagya-sama...
Z: What should we do?
B(2b): Hm? Well...no one told us we need to keep standing guard here or anything.
Z: ...but I'd reaaallly like to give it a try, you know.
Z: My new ability.
Z: Woahhh!
B: It's massive...

Z: This is gonna be fun!!
Z: See ya later!!!
B(2B): Take care! I'll check things out a bit more.
F: Well then, I'll be off now.
B: Bye.
B&W: Hagya-sama, huh...?

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#1. by noonethere ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
#2. by fxu ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
woooo finalllyyyyy~


Are you gonna translate the color page ?
#3. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
#4. by Charly10 ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
Thanks :)
#5. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
thx and wow 500, keep on for the next 500 :)

btw we have lots of Projects, maybe you are interested ;)
#6. by Esc. ()
Posted on Feb 29, 2008
Thanks a bunch Molo :amuse
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Posted on Mar 1, 2008

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Posted on Mar 1, 2008
thanks :D
#9. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Mar 1, 2008
OMG congrats man :ossu
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