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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bleach -104

Turn Back The Pendulum 5

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 25, 2008 04:49 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach -104

[Top text: Going all over the place! It's the Past Arc!!]
[side text: Howls beneath the moon... tearing through the night of Soul Society!]
[Text: One Hundred and One Years Ago]
[Text: Nine years after Urahara Kisuke's inauguration as Captain]

Voices: ...I see. // So an ordinary soul can't handle it properly... // How should we proceed? // Should we stop the experiments here? // No. // Let's continue this... // ...just a little longer.

Bleach -104
Turn Back The Pendulum 5
[side text: I am myself. Even if everything else in the world were to change.]

Shinji: Oh... // He~~y there. // G'mornin' to ya.

Urahara: Ah! // Good morning, Hirako-san.
Shinji: How many times do I gotta tell ya, call me Shinji! / Jeez, you're such a pain. // Mornin' to you, Mayuri.

Mayuri: I believe I have asked you to keep a little distance and call me Kurotsuchi. // Such a disagreeable man you are...!
Shinji: Yeah, you're a pain an' all... // Oh, yeah... / Have ya heard the news?
Urahara: News about what?
Shinji: Oww!! // Dammit, the hell was that for, Hiyori?!
Hiyori: What happened to a greetin' for me, huh?!!!

Shinji: And why the hell do I gotta give you a greetin'?!!
Hiyori: Ain't it just obvious that's what you're meanta do?! / Ya can't just go leavin' one person out -
Shinji: I don't hafta do anythin'! I'm a Captain, an' you're just a Lieutenant! So don't go around complainin' about how your superiors do stuff - / OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!
Aizen: So, Captain Urahara... / Has the news reached you yet?
Urahara: What news?
Aizen: About the mysterious deaths in Rukongai.
Shinji: Yeah, that's what I was tryin' to say! / Good catch, Sousuke!!
Urahara: Mysterious deaths?
Shinji: That's right. / There've been a series of vanishings in Rukongai over the last month or so. // Nobody knows why.

Urahara: Vanishings? // You mean they went off somewhere or something?
Shinji: You stupid? / If that's what I meant, I'd just say they "disappeared". // 'Sides, if they'd done that, why would I care about the reason? / That'd be their business. // I'm talkin'... / ...proper "vanished". // Gone without a trace, leavin' just their clothes behind. // If they'd just died, and turned to spirit particles, their clothes woulda vanished an' all. // So that ain't it. // They lost their "human form" while they were still alive, and then they were destroyed. // That's the only explanation.

Urahara: Lost their human form while still alive...?
Shinji: Yeah, sorry 'bout that. / I'm just repeatin' exactly what Captain Unahana told me back to you. // Don't ask me what it means. // At any rate... // We're tryin' to find out the cause right now... // The Ninth Division's on the case.

Mashiro: Whaddaya mean "unknown"~~~~~~~~? // Hey, Kensei~~~~~~~~~!
Kensei: Oh, shaddup! / Unknown means unknown! Stop flapping your damn mouth!
Mashiro: What's with that~?! Why does a Captain have to go out and investigate when we don't even know what the cause is~?!
Kensei: That's WHY I've gotta investigate, you idiot!!
Mashiro: But you already sent out the advance team, didn't you~?! Ten of them! // You could just wait for the news from them, you don't hafta go out there! // You show-off!
[box: Ninth Division Lieutenant / Kuna Mashiro]

Kensei: ...............
People: Captain!! // Calm down, please, Captain! // You know she's always like this!!
Kensei: Besides, when the hell did I ever say you had to tag along, huh?! // You don't have to follow me around everywhere, you know! / Just go home and sleep or something!
Mashiro: Ble~~~~~~h! // I'm your Lieutenant, so I've gotta stick by you all the time! / Honestly, you're such a dummy sometimes, Kensei! // Du~~~~~~~~~mmy!
Kensei: ............!!
People: Captain!!
Mashiro: I can't take this~! I'm hu~~ngry!! // I wanna eat ohagi~!! Ohagi with soy flour~!!
People: What do we do, Captain...?
Kensei: Just leave her!

People: Hollows...! // They're huge...!

Kensei: Let's go.
People: Yessir!

Hisagi: Ah - ! // Aaahhh!

Kensei: Blow him away... // Tachikaze!
[TN: "Tachikaze" would usually refer to "the wind from a sword stroke", but here the kanji would lead me to interpret it as "earth-slicing wind".]

[no text just easy kill]

Kensei: You all okay?!
People: Yes, sir!
Kensei: You there! / What're you crying about, kid?!
Hisagi: Ahhh... // Unnhhh...
Kensei: You're alive! You should be happy! // So smile!
People: You're really pushing it, Captain...
Kensei: I ain't "pushing it"! Come on, get up, kid!
Hisagi: Aahhh...
Kensei: What's your name? // Well?
Hisagi: Uhh...

Hisagi: H... // Hisagi... Shuuhei...
Kensei: Shuuhei, is it? / That's a damn fine name you've got there! // So don't cry!

Hisagi: *hic*... / unhhh... // Waahh...
Mashiro: Ke~~~~~nse~~~~i!
Kensei: Mashiro... where the hell did you run off to in the middle of -
Mashiro: Listen, over there in that thicket! I found these lying around! // Look! // Shinigami robes! // I found loads of them, all just lying around! // Ten whole outfits!
[side text: Ten...... that number... // ...could it be...?]
[TN: Looks like the advance team got pwnt. And turned into that Hollow, most likely.]

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Thx n_n.

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