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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Hatsukoi Limited 31

Hatsukoi Limited Chapter 31

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 16, 2008 22:10 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

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Hatsukoi Limited
Chapter 31: Rainbow Drop
[insert text: Do you know... // ...this kind of "me"?]

[side text: Last issue: Things went well... and not so well... But the boys came out of it all with a smile.]
Yuuji: (The first girl in my entire life... // ...who ever told me she liked me. // She's beautiful and cool... // The kind of girl who makes every guy find himself staring. / But... // Always lurking behind her is the shadow of something deeply dangerous...)
[sFX: lean]
Yuuji: (Besides which, her personality is mysterious, complicated, illogical, impossible to analyse...)

Yuuji: (The girl I fear above all others.)
Yamamoto: Morning, Arihara.
[sFX: chatter]
Yuuji: (Yamamoto Misaki, 16...)
Yamamoto: You went and helped find Mamoru and the others... // Thank you.
Yuuji: Oh, no - it was just - my sister -
Yamamoto: Oh, of course, Ayumi-chan's so cute, isn't she! And you two get on so well! // I'd love to get to know Ayumi-chan better... // Hey, d'you think I could come round your place sometime?
Yamamoto: Or if not, you should come round mine instead, at least! / [aside]yeah?[/aside]

Yuuji: STOP QUESTIONING ME! STOP BEING INTERESTED IN ME!! STOP BOTHERING WITH ME!!! // There are guys right and left who would all love to go out with you, so just leave me alone and find someone else!
Yamamoto: But, y'know... / I can't exactly help it. You're the only one I've fallen for.
Yuuji: "...To be honest, I sometimes wonder why it's you I fell for too." / I mean, honestly! // What am I meant to do with a girl like that?! It's traumatic just being around her!! / I don't care if it was a mistake or whatever, she still tried to hand me a freaking bomb!! // As if I could forget that laugh......!! // Agh, I'm shaking just thinking about it!!
Yoshihiko: Yamamoto-san's a good person. You're just not letting yourself see it.

Yoshihiko: Why don't you... // ...just bite the bullet and drop round her place, tomorrow, or whenever... you'll see...
Yuuji: Dammit, this is why you're so damn unpopular!
[sFX: smack]
Yoshihiko: Oww! / [aside]whyy?![/aside] // ...Dammit, why did Yamamoto-san have to fall for a guy like you...?!
Yuuji: (Drop round... huh.)
Yuu: Morning~! / Misaki-cha~n, let me see your homework, ple~ase!
Yamamoto: Hu~~~h?
Yuu: Last night's Lion Dance Preservation Society meeting went on for a~ges, and I didn't get it done~!

[sFX: clatter]
[sFX: chatter]
Yuuji: Hey, Yamamoto.
[sFX: rumble~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
Yuuji: Hey, Yamamoto! / When's your birthday?! What's your blood type?! How's your eyesight?! // Where do you live?! Any brothers or sisters?! If so, how many?! / What're your hobbies?! You watch a lot of TV?! Any celebrities caught your interest right now?! // Favourite food? // Favourite movie? // Favourite manga? // Favourite sport?
People: Wow... he's got guts. That Yamamoto-san... // She's gonna snap... she's totally gonna snap!
Yuuji: What music do you listen to? // What did you have for breakfast?
Yamamoto: ......

[sFX: blu~~~~~sh]
Yamamoto: Wh - What's with you?! // Why are you suddenly asking me all these questions?!
[sFX: clatter]
Yuuji: Hey, I'm just bothering you like you always bother me -
[sFX: dash]
Yamamoto: Forget it, just leave me alone already~~!!
Yuuji: Yamamoto~~!!

Yuuji: Fine, run, but you're showing the world your panties in the process!!
Yamamoto: !!
[sFX: grab]
[sFX: glare]
Yuuji: (...whe~w...)

Yuuji: (So Yamamoto has a side like that to her, huh...?)
Yuu: Well, you got the reaction you wanted so much, but you still don't seem satisfied...
Yamamoto: Huh......?
Yuu: Well, I guess it's because you're all aloof and cool, so you've never really been picked on like that before, right? / Guys, especially, always tend to keep a good distance from you... // So when Arihara-san decided to finally rise to all your provocations, you couldn't handle it.
Yamamoto: What kind of relationship is that...? // But... / Is that really how it is...?
Someone: Member change!
Yuu: Go for it, Misaki-chan!!
Meguru: With Yamamoto-san out there, this'll be an easy win~!!

[sFX: focus]
OpposingTeam: Okay, guys, this is gonna be a tough one! // Everybody spread out and concentrate!
Yamamoto: (A - Arihara...?!)
[sFX: blu~~~~~sh]
[sFX: fling]
Yuu: M - Misaki-chan!!
Meguru: You know, Yamamoto, you really are a heavy eater... [aside]it's incredible![/aside]
[sFX: aaaahhh]
Yuu: [aside]no matter how many times I see it... / it's amazing~![/aside]
[sFX: wander~~~]
Yuuji: [aside]ah[/aside] / That bread looks tasty...
Yuu: [aside]aahh![/aside]
[sFX: sta~~~~re]
[bubbleSFX: thump / thump]
[bubbleSFX: fidget / fidget]
Teacher: ...san. / Yamamoto-san! // I've been calling you for about a minute now; why exactly are you spacing out?!!

Yuuji: (Yamamoto was always so cool, it was like she was made of steel... / It's so strange to see her all worked-up...)
Ayumi: .........
Yuuji: If you're not watching the TV, then turn it off.
[sFX: beep]
[sFX: ehhh]
Yuuji: What's up with you? Zaitsu-kun again? // Unrequited feelings can be tough, huh? / Well, good luck with that.
Ayumi: ?! / G - G - "Good luck"?!!

Ayumi: O - / Onii-chan!! What did you say just now?!!
Yuuji: Hm?
Ayumi: Onii-chan, is there a girl you like or something?! Or did you just hit your head on something...?!!
Yuuji: (Ah...) // Yamamoto! / So you live round here, do you? I'm just heading down to the bookshop, so we can walk together.
[sFX: dash]
Yamamoto: !
Yuuji: (Ahh... // This is kind of strained... // It's kind of difficult to believe, but... maybe this girl really does like me...)

Yuuji: It's nice down in the southern town, huh? The shops always have what you're looking for... / Oh, and I go to karaoke over there a lot...
Yamamoto: ...No.
Yuuji: Huh?
Yamamoto: Being around you, it just drives me crazy... // Hey... could you just leave a little distance between us for a while? // That way I'll be able to get back to normal...!
Yuuji: Hey - what's with that?!
[sFX: dash]
Yuuji: You're always like this... just spouting off weird things, dragging the people around you into God-knows-what.........
Yamamoto: But I'm telling you, this just isn't me...!
Yuuji: Yamamoto!! / [aside]Listen to me!![/aside]
[sFX: grab]

Yamamoto: L - Let go of me.
Yuuji: N - No.
Yamamoto: Just leave me alone...
Yuuji: [aside]I...[/aside] / I can't really... // I just... I think that this side of you isn't so bad either, and -
[sFX: shine]
[sFX: PO~~~UR]
[sFX: rumble~~~]
[sFX: pour~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
Yamamoto: Aaaaaahhhh!!

[sFX: po~~~~~~ur]
[sFX: shake, shake]
Yuuji: Ah, jeez... // Whaddaya think you're doing? You're gonna get soaked over there.........
Yamamoto: I'm fine right where I am, thanks!
Yuuji: Honestly, stop being so stubborn at a time like this...!
[sFX: splash]
[sFX: pull]
Yuuji: [aside]*pant*[/aside] // Honestly, are you an idiot? You'll catch your death of cold...
Yamamoto: [aside]*pant* *pant*[/aside]

Yuuji: [aside]ah...[/aside]
[sFX: jerk]
Yuuji: (Aaaghh!!) // H - Here, wear this......
[sFX: pass]
Yamamoto: ......... // I couldn't possibly... I mean, my shirt's soaked through...
Yuuji: It - It - It's better than practically wearing nothing at all!!
Yamamoto: ...Well, then... // You just stay right where you are, okay?
Yuuji: !

[sFX: pop // pull // slip]
Yuuji: .........
[sFX: po~~~~~~~ur]
Yuuji: You know, even soaked right through... // ...You're still cute, Yamamoto.

Yamamoto: Wha~?
Yuuji: Like I said... / Even when you're not acting all cool, not on your best form... you're all right, you know? // I mean, I know you're big on acting all aloof and all that... // (To me, Yamamoto Misaki...) // But I was just thinking... // Isn't love all about letting people see... your other sides, as well? // (...is beautiful, and cool, and impossible to analyse...)

Yamamoto: Huh?!
Yuuji: I don't really get why it is you feel that way about me... // (...but I think maybe it's because we don't understand each other...) // ...To be honest, I bet you just got caught up on something really pointless... // (...that we can fall in love.)
Yamamoto: ......... // Gotcha!
Yuuji: Ah - !
Yamamoto: Don't run away, now, Arihara!
Yuuji: Dumbass! At least warn me before you......!
[insert text: One step at a time, slowly but surely, we find ourselves falling in love...]
[bottom text: Ayumi finally gives Misao her answer?! Next issue, it's time for a lot of "thank you"s!!]
[TN: And for the record, I am not amused by the premature ending of Hatsukoi. Even if it is going to lighten my workload a little ~_~]

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#1. by nxlouco ()
Posted on May 16, 2008
Thanks!! Too bad no more Hatsukoi :'(
#2. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
Thx a lot

#3. by Ging ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
#4. by LegACy ()
Posted on May 17, 2008

(will the next chapter be a finale?)
#5. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on May 17, 2008
#6. by  ()
Posted on Jun 6, 2008
let me think, bro. lol.
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