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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hatsukoi Limited 32

Hatsukoi Limited Chapter 32

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 24, 2008 05:11 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

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Chapter 32: Hatsukoi Limited
[insert text: A thousand "thank you"s to you...]
Ayumi: ...Ahh... / Just sitting here thinking isn't getting me anywhere!!
[sFX: stand]

Kei: Talk? About what?
[sFX: stare]
Ayumi: Well... / You know I have a thing for Zaitsu-kun, right? // Well, of course, that hasn't changed... / But... // When I heard him back there at the ocean screaming out another girl's name... // I just kind of got this feeling that maybe it's useless, maybe my feelings are never going to come to anything. // And then I got to thinking about Zaitsu-kun's brother, who already told me that he likes me and everything...
Kei: Ayumi.

Kei: A guy is more than just his face.
[sFX: grab]
Rika: ...You really have changed, Enomoto. / [aside]never thought I'd hear you saying that...[/aside]
Kei: Yeah, sure, the elder Zaitsu looks pretty terrifying, like a real monster! // But it's people like that who can actually turn out to have a surprisingly pure heart!!
Ayumi: ...Are you talking about Kusuda-kun...?
Rika: And let's face it, just having a guy say he feels that way about you... // ...can be enough to make you feel thrilled, and nervous, and incredibly embarrassed... but also deeply happy...
Kei: I totally know what you mean! [aside]uh-huh! uh-huh![/aside]
[sFX: shake shake shake]
Rike: [aside]...[/aside]
Ayumi: Still, in the end, it does depend on the guy in question............
[sFX: hmmmmmmmm...[/aside]

Kei: ...Wait a minute... Have you still not even given Zaitsu an answer?! / I mean, it was months ago that he confessed... // That's just terrible! Honestly, you should be... Hey, where are you going?!!
Koyoi: [aside]Well...[/aside] I'd always go for the older brother!
Ayumi: ...Koyoi-chan, are you sure you're taking this seriously?! Heck, you're the one who's scared to death of him, remember?
Koyoi: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... // I know just the thing for times like this~!♪
[sFX: ta-daaa]
Ayumi: ...
Koyoi: [aside]big brother, little brother, big brother, little brother...[/aside] // I'll use this flower to decide which path you should choose, Ayumi!

Nao: Huh? / A guy who you love or a guy who loves you...?
Ayumi: Uh-huh! / Which one would you go for, Chikura-chan?
Nao: ...I'm not completely sure on this, but... // I feel like even if it's not reciprocated... // ...there's still a deep significance behind those kind of feelings.
Ayumi: Chikura-chan, has something happened...?
Nao: Wh - What?
Ayumi: I mean, you seemed awfully serious about that just then... Don't tell me there's someone that you've gone and fallen for?!
Nao: Oh - no -

Sogabe: ...You know... // ...this isn't the sort of thing you really go asking guys about...
Ayumi: But the two of you are such great friends with Zaitsu-kun! / And good going with the haircut, Sogabe-kun!
Sogabe: Hey, it was a difficult thing for me to go into that hairdressers! So it had better have turned out good! / It was embarrassing as all hell!!
Ayumi: So... / What do you think I should do now, Sogabe-kun...?
Sogabe: Nothing to "do", if you ask me... / You like who you like... don't you think that's enough? // Even an unrequited love can bear all sorts of fruit, you know.

Ayumi: Mmm... that's the same thing Chikura-chan said, huh......
Sogabe: [aside]ahh![/aside] // Chikura-san agrees with me?!! / ...I don't know how I should feel about that............ // [aside]I mean, she must've been thinking about him when she said it...
Ayumi: Hey, hey, Kusuda-kun, you finally managed to win Kei-chan's heart... what to you think about all this~?
Kusuda: ............ // [aside]I don't know about winning her heart or anything...[/aside] // Well, I mean, I kind of know Zaitsu's brother, myself, but... // I'd say it took a lot of courage for that guy to actually confess to you. / I mean, he's like me, a good-for-nothing, so I can kind of identify... // I bet... I bet he must've really put his all into doing that...

Sogabe: What're you trying to sound all knowledgeable for, huh?! You never even confessed properly to her face!
Kusuda: Hey, I put in a lot of effort in my own way!!
Sogabe: Ughhhh... It really pisses me off that you managed to get yourself a girlfriend!!!
Ayumi: (All this advice has just made me even more confused............
[sFX: creak~]
Ayumi: Ah...
Yamamoto: Ah...

Yamamoto: Hey... It's Arihara-kun's little sister! // She might be my little sister too, one day, you know!
[sFX: grab]
Meguru: Hahah... / [aside]is that right.[/aside]
Yuu: But wasn't she just looking awful serious about something?
Ayumi: Th - / That's right! There's something I'd like to ask you about, Yamamoto-san!! // It's about Zaitsu - I mean, Mamoru-kun...
Yamamoto: ...Well, personally, I've never seen Mamoru as anything but a kind of little brother. // But you're caught between Misao and Mamoru and don't know which to choose, huh...? That's tough...
Ayumi: N - No, I mean - I'm not really...............
Meguru: Zaitsu Misao... he's a bit, well, you know. Is his brother as "tough" as he is?
Yuu: Well, me, I've only seen him in a picture of my sister's, but he seemed kind of cute, to be honest...

Yamamoto: And who are you to talk about Misao like that? Look at the weirdo you're crazy about!
Ayumi: [aside]"weirdo"...[/aside]
Meguru: Don't talk about him like that!!
[sFX: Achoo!]
Meguru: Don't forget...
[sFX: hmmmph]
Meguru: I've admired the guy ever since I was back in primary school!
Ayumi: ...Have you had feelings for him all that time?
Meguru: Eheheh... / W - Well, I suppose maybe I should have actually done something about my feelings by now, huh...
Yamamoto: But Ayumi-chan, I suppose you just find Misao scary, do you?
Ayumi: Back when we went off chasing after Zaitsu-kun...
Flashback!Misao: Even if you know how it'll turn out... // ...It's gotta be better than just moving on without saying anything.........!
Ayumi: My heart kind of gave a thump when he said that...

Yamamoto: If your heart starts pounding, that means it's love, right?! // [aside]right?[/aside]
Ayumi: That's not it! It wasn't "pounding", it was just a "thump"!!
Yamamoto: Ahah... // But even so, don't you think that kind of thing's important? // If you ask me, I think you should follow... // ...your most pure and honest feelings...... right?
Ayumi: ......Okay!
[sFX: stand]

[sFX: dash]
Ayumi: I'm going to head over to Zaitsu-kun's place! / Thank you, Yamamoto-san!!
Meguru: Ah, youth...
Yuu: I'm kind of jealous... // I mean, I've not even had the chance to fall in love with anyone yet...
[TN: Do I sense a little resentment from the author at the untimely ending of the series? ^^; (yuu love~)]
Misao: Whaa?
Mamoru: Arihara-san... What's wrong? What are you doing here?

Ayumi: Zaitsu Misao-san!!
Misao: Eh...!
Ayumi: I'm afraid I just can't ignore the fact that I have feelings for Zaitsu Mamoru-kun!! // And I'm really sorry that I took so long to give you my answer...
Mamoru: Eh? / Eh?

Mamoru: Ah - Arihara-san - you -
Ayumi: I know the truth now... I know that you're not just a scary person, Misao-san. // I know that you're a kind person, who cares deeply for his brother... but... // I'm afraid I just can't bring myself to give up just yet... // ...on my precious... first love.

[sFX: thump...]
Misao: ...Yeah, all right. // You can't help it when you have feelings for someone, I know that... // Well, I'm not gonna give up yet, either. // I'm sure... you understand, right?
Ayumi: ......... // Let's both do our best...!

Mamoru: Aniki...
Misao: Hahahah! / I'm a "kind person" now... that's definitely a start!
[sFX: gla~~~re]
Maso: And it looks like we're rivals now, eh, Mamoru......!
[sFX: gulp]
[Text: Things don't always go as well as you might like... // There are times when things might not even work out at all...]

[Text: But the first time you feel those precious emotions...]
Kei: How many times do I have to tell you not to read those ridiculous porno books around me?!!
[Text: ...I'm sure that's something that you have to treasure... // ...and every single one of those feelings...]

[Text: ...leads us that bit further onward, towards the future.]
Koyoi: Ayumi-chan!
Kei: Ayumi?
Rika: You heading home too?
Nao: So... which Zaitsu-kun did you go for, in the end?
Ayumi: That's a secret!
Kei: I've told you once, but I'll say it again - it's all about what's on the inside!!
Rika: Oh, stop that, Enomoto. It sounds almost like some kind of bad joke coming from you.

[Text: Are you... in love right now?]
[insert text: Thank you, everybody, for enjoying this series!! Don't forget to look forward to Kawashita-sensei's next project!! And don't forget, Volume 3 comes out on July the 4th!!]
[TN: I'd translate the bottom text, but it's blurred and I can't read it properly ~_~ Something about Kawashita-sensei publishing a new one-shot in the August issue of Jump SQ, I think. Nothing to do with Hatsukoi, though.]

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#1. by LegACy ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
Thanks carlos net!
(Time for some typesetting!!)
[TN: I'd translate the bottom text, but it's blurred and I can't read it properly ~_~ Something about Kawashita-sensei publishing a new one-shot in the August issue of Jump SQ, I think. Nothing to do with Hatsukoi, though.]
Ah, too bad, I was kinda hoping...
#2. by kenji_37 ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
#3. by Phat ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
thanks :D
#4. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
thank you
#5. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on May 24, 2008
Arigato (with a tear in my eye)
#6. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on May 24, 2008
A thousand thanks to you too carlos
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