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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 224

Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 224

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 29, 2008 20:35 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 224

Haruna: (Allow me to explain! Here in the Magic World, I have overcome unspeakable trials and hardships... // ...and my drawing speed has advanced to a near-holy level, to the point where I can now summon a mid-level golem... // ...in the space... // ...of a mere 2.7 seconds!!! // Imperium Graphices! New Inferno Aniki EX!!!
[insert text: An unstoppable first blow~~~!♡]
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Period 224: Incredible Strength! Fate's Beautiful Young Warriors!]

Haruna: (She stopped it! Well, no surprises there. // But that should be enough!)
Chisame: Miyazaki!
Nodoka: Right! // What is... // ...your name?!
Brigitte: ?!

Haruna: Okay! Time to make a run for it!!
Chisame: Right!
Haruna: Arise, Super-Flexible Armoured "Donzura-kun"!!!
People: [aside]aaaahh! // What's that, what's that? // Some kind of game?[/aside]
Haruna: What was that just now?! A soundwave attack?!
Chisame: Well, Miyazaki?!
Nodoka: I think it should have worked... / [aside]I mean, all I need to do is make sure the enemy is facing me, aware of my presence, and ask her name...![/aside]

Nodoka: I've got her name!
Chisame: All right!
Haruna: Now let's leave her behind and go help Negi-kun...
Brigitte: I'm afraid that will not be possible.
[TN: Just a note to typesetters, in case they didn't notice - Brigitte speaks in unusually small text. All the time. ~_~ Actually, to be fair, some of the time it's not much smaller than the other characters', but it's always obvious because she leaves a fair amount of whitespace around the text in her bubbles.]
Chisame: !!
Haruna: Whoa...!
Brigitte: My mission is to block your path. / If you simply stay put and behave yourselves... // ...then you may listen to a short recital.
Chisame: H - Hah! A recital, huh? Fine, then, let's hear it! // (Miyazaki...!)
Nodoka: (Right!)
Chisame: ...And stop talking so quietly, would ya?
Brigitte: ... // Very well...

Chisame/Haruna: WHAT, YOU SUCK ASS?!
Nodoka: H - H - H - Her attacks use special soundwaves to produce a powerful physical attack with enough power to reduce rock to dust - if a human body got hit by it...
Nodoka: And it looks like she definitely is a subordinate of that boy!
Chisame: Yeah, I figured!!!
Haruna: Nodoka! // You pilot this thing!
Nodoka: Whaat?! Me~?!
Haruna: You can read that girl's thoughts, right? // Just put your hand here and it'll go wherever you want!
Nodoka: Right!

Haruna: Yahooo~~~~! // ...She sure is causing a scene here in the middle of the town...
Chisame: Of course... she can cause as much commotion as she likes; we're the wanted ones, so if anyone gets captured, it'll be us... // (A subordinate of Fate Averruncus... we have no chance of defeating her in straight-out battle. // I'm worried about Negi-sensei and the others too, but right now we have to focus on shaking this girl off!)
Brigitte: Useless. // At your level, you cannot hope to escape from my recital.

Nodoka: ...Yes... got it, Haruna, Chisame-san...
Chisame: Good stuff, Miyazaki!
Haruna: You're amazing, Nodoka!
Brigitte: (...?! // Impossible... my attacks are being anticipated...? // Don't tell me that girl is... // ...the mind-reader that Fate-sama spoke of...!!)
Nodoka: She's figured me out!
Chisame: Already? / Ugh... impressive...
Nodoka: Haruna! / [aside]I need that![/aside]
Haruna: Gotcha! / [aside]all ready~![/aside]
[Label: Gigaphone-kun]
Nodoka: Brigitte-san! Who exactly are you?! // In detailed profile form, if you can manage that!!!
Brigitte: Wha...?!

Chisame: Good going, Miyazaki!!!
Haruna: We've gotta get this data to Negi-kun somehow!
Nodoka: Yeah!
Brigitte: (I never anticipated having my mind read...! I took you girls too lightly... // Damn you... // You won't get away.
Nodoka: This is bad, Haruna! She's attacking from all sides...!
Haruna: Wha...?! / [aside]all sides...?![/aside]
Nodoka: I can't get away - !
Haruna: Ugh...
[Label: Stock Page]
[Label: Shield Maidens x4]
Haruna: Arise! / "Shield Maidens"! // Universal Defense!!!

Brigitte: Cantus Eleimosynes.
[TN: The kanji read "Song of Saving Compassion". "Cantus" means song, and "Eleimosynes" comes from "eleemosyna", meaning "an act of mercy". Much thanks go to this blogger for finding that latter word out ~_~]
Brigitte: Impressive... // To think that one who was but a few months ago an ordinary student in Mundus Vetus could come this far...

SomeGuy: [aside]whoa![/aside]
Haruna: [aside]nn... / hhh...[/aside]
Chisame: [aside]Ngh...[/aside]
Brigitte: The mere fact of your surviving that impact is a praiseworthy feat. / Now, then... how to proceed? // It would be all well and good to allow you to simply be captured by the military... // ...but I think I should ensure that the mind-reader, at least, does not make it out of this in one piece.
Chisame: (Ugh... this is bad... // Miyazaki...!)

Kotarou: Who~a there.
Brigitte: ?!
Kotarou: Hold on there just a minute, horn lady. // Whaddaya think you're doing, messing with my pals, huh?
Chisame: Kota...! // About time!

Konoka: ?!!
[Text: Artifact: Encompandentia Infinita!!]
[TN: The kanji read "infinite embrace". I'm guessing the Latin is something along the lines of "Infinite Encompassing"...?]
Racan: This is...
Chamo: Wha...
Konoka: Wh - wh - wh - // What is this place...?! A mysterious dimension.........?!
Chamo: Wh - Whoa... what's with all this...?! There's no sign of any bridges... / And it looks like it goes on for tens of kilometres in all directions... // Shit! It's a trap!! This is a barrier dimension! / [aside]although I've never seen one quite this big...[/aside] // They're trying to keep us locked in here so we can't do a thing!!
Konoka: Whaaaaat?! That's terrible!
Koyomi: Heheheheheh... // Why, you seem to have got yourself well and truly caught, Racan-dono.

Koyomi: Our mission of keeping you occupied is a success. We win this round. // Heheh... the son of the Thousand Master should have been dealt with by now...
Konoka: Wha...?
Racan: Hmph.

Konoka: Aaaaahhh!
Chamo: Aahhhhh... // The guy doesn't even go easy on girls... / [aside]he's like a freaking human fortress...[/aside]
Konoka: Pra Cte Biginar / Tres Spiritus Lucis Coeuntes Sagittent Inimicum... // Sagitta Magica Series Lucis!!

Koyomi: Useless.
Konoka: !!
Chamo: An illusion...
Koyomi: Precisely. / Even an invincible, mighty warrior cannot hope to harm that which has no substance, now, don't you agree? // There is no way for you to escape from this place. // To be honest, it might not be such a bad idea to keep you in here for the rest of your lives...
Racan: Heh... // Y'know, you two aren't too bad. // I thought you were just a coupla brats... but you've changed my mind. // I guess you're not going pantyless for nothing, huh! / [aside]wahahahah![/aside]
Konoka: ...He's still not taking this seriously...
Chamo: ...And this is a pretty serious situation, too...

[Text: The Ariadne Magical Knights' Private Airship]
SomeoneOrOther: Apprentices! / Is Emily Sevensheep here?
Emily: Right here! // We're receiving reports of a commotion in the northern marketplace. / [aside]this is the seventeenth incident so far...[/aside] / All of these unauthorised contests are causing far too much excitement...
SomeoneOrOther: Take four or five girls with you and go sort it out.
Emily: Yessir!
SomeoneOrOther: And don't let these ruffians give you a hard time. We don't want your senpai having to supervise every little thing you do.
Emily: Understood! // Everyone - our first mission has arrived!
Catgirl: Hmm~?

Emily: Why the hell are you all sitting around eating sweets~?!
Collet: Well, it's just not right that we're not allowed to go out during breaks~~!
Yue: So we all came to the decision that we should get some sweets delivered and have a tasting session.
Catgirl: [aside]We've got tons of sweets from all around the world~![/aside]
Beatrix: This red cake is quite spendid, Ojou-sama. I think you would find it quite to your tastes.
Everyone: [aside]oka~~~y![/aside]
Emily: It looks like we're just dealing with a few ruffians, but don't let your guard down! // We're going to give it all we've got out there!!
Everyone: Right!
Yue: [aside](Our first mission...)[/aside]
[insert text: Negi's party are left helpless before Fate's schemes! ...So now it's time for the lovely warriors to lend a hand?! It looks like Negi and Yue's reunion is drawing near!!!]
[bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you in Issue 41 (On sale September 10th)!♡]

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#1. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#2. by Starzen ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thanks, now for the two week break.
#3. by Seraphis ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thanks a lot. No way in hell I could have read that with my mediocre Japaneese skills from the RAWs, I really appreciate it.

By the way, on page 15, wasn't ti always spelled "Practe Bigi Nar"? I don't know what would be "correct", however it was spelled that way up until know as far as I remember and re-checked ...
#4. by HikaruYami ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Shweet, thanks so much for MSN scan!

Also, Seraphis, that's how AQS always spelled it, and since they claimed to know Latin well enough, it's probably right (though they originally added a 'u' to spell Practe Bigi Naru, so they might not have been sure all along), but cnet can really spell it any way he interprets it from his view of the RAW~

BTW, I was fine with it for a while, but this author takes more breaks than I've ever seen ;P He might as well just make Negima! a bi-weekly release, mirite?
#5. by AstroNerdBoy ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thanks for the translation. Question though. On page one, it looks like Paru is saying "2.7" and not "27." ^_^;
#6. by Godaime_Raikage ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks cnet
#7. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Quote by AstroNerdBoy;1005783:
Thanks for the translation. Question though. On page one, it looks like Paru is saying "2.7" and not "27." ^_^;
...So she is. Wow. That is superhuman.

Quote by Seraphis;1005746:
By the way, on page 15, wasn't ti always spelled "Practe Bigi Nar"? I don't know what would be "correct", however it was spelled that way up until know as far as I remember and re-checked ...
I just wrote it as it appeared in the chapter. *shrug* The katakana are clearly divided into three words: "Pura Kute Biginaru". I don't really think there's any point arguing "correctness" here, though. It's a freaking invocation, like Negi's good old "Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister". They don't have to make any sense. ~_~ I have a sne~aking suspicion it's derived from the English words "Practice" and "Beginner" rather than from any actual Latin...
#8. by Seraphis ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Well I asked a Latin Professor I know and he couldn't think of any Latin phrase those might even remotely resemble (answer for Ancient greek still pending) so I'd say your guess is the best I heard about it. I never assumed there to be an absolute "correct" answer (which is why I marked it specifically). I'm sorry for having bothered you about it.
#9. by CupofDice ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Thanks Cnet.
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