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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Mahou Sensei Negima! 235

Advent of the Chichigami

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 3, 2008 17:01 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 235

[Text: Ostia End-Of-War Anniversary Festival, Day 2: Early Morning]
[Insert text: Yes, we're worried about the captive Asuna... but right now, Negi and friends are enjoying a brief moment of relaxation!♡]
[Box: New Ostia is bursting with celebrations of peace. // Naturally, the biggest tourist feature is the ruins of Old Ostia... // ...but coming in at second is the onsen!♪ Everybody says you can't visit Ostia without trying out these springs at least once. // It's supposed to be lucky to take a morning bath, and so even in the earliest hours of the day, the public baths attached to the great arena are bustling with devout old ladies and young people who drank the previous night away. / - Magical World Journal / Asakura Kazumi]

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 235: Advent of the Chichigami
[Insert text: Negi and friends are having a few moments of relaxation, healing, and group nakedness~!♡]
Asakura: Ahhh, it's huge!
[Note: This week, we bring you a 100% in-the-nude chapter!♡]
Haruna: Yahohoo~~~!! / Onsen~~!
Chisame: No running in the bathhouse!
Aisha: I know it's because of the disguises, but I can't help but feel like I'm in charge of a primary-school trip...
Nodoka: Aisha-san, thank you very much for taking care of us all~!
Haruna: All right! I think we should be safe enough all the way in here!♪ // Ahh~~~ These things really are best enjoyed in your real body~!
[TN: That logic fails. Needs moar loli.]
Shiori!Asuna: It sure is nice~~~! // [aside]just what we need to recharge for the battles ahead![/aside]
Nodoka: Are you sure we'll be okay changing back to our original forms in here...?
Asakura: It'll be totally fine!♪ / Security's so lax in these places, they even have a saying in Ostia: "The bathhouse is asylum for one and all"!

Kotarou: Ahhh~~~ This is one nice bath...
Chamo: Out all night and then onsen in the morning... it's an interesting experience!
Kotarou: We've got Fate to worry about, of course, but we've also got a contest to win! // Let's give it our all!
Negi: Yes, of course!
Chamo: Heheheh, anyway, you two... / Since we're here in the onsen... how about it, hm?
Negi: Huh?
Chamo: The girls' baths, of course!♡ // [aside]nyeheheheh!♡[/aside] // Women in the nude!♪ Hell, it's practically rude for a man not to go take a look, am I right?
Kotarou: Huh~? Oh, come on... you really think this is the time to be doing a stupid thing like that?
Negi: That's right, Chamo-kun! You really shouldn't do perverted things like that.
Chamo: Wha - ?! // Ugh... It's no use... Kotaro's still just a little brat of a puppy... / ...and Aniki's just too much of an upstanding guy... / [aside]if only old Rakan were here, I'm sure he'd be up for it...[/aside] // Is there nobody who will share in this glorious male ambition with me...? // Ah well... I guess I'll just have to go alone...[/aside] / Agh! // Hm? // Whaaaa?!

Everyone: Ah...
Negi: You people...!! / [aside]those bounty-hunters...![/aside]
Zaytsev: Whoa, whoa, hold it there, kid.
Rizo: [aside]hey there, kid![/aside]
Morborgran: [aside]yo![/aside]
Zaytsev: We're not looking for a fight today. We're off-duty right now.
Negi: You mean that...? You're not plotting something or...
Zaytsev: Hey, we're professionals. We don't do a thing unless there's cash in it for us. / [aside]and you were kind enough to leave us alive and well, after all.[/aside]
Negi: But wait! Wasn't there one more of you before? Where is he, then?
Flashback!PaioII: [aside]mwahahah[/aside]
Negi: That weird guy who kept going on about "boobies"...
Chamo: Oh, yeah! I was thinking I'd like to have a drink with that guy sometime - isn't he around? // [aside]he seemed like a kindred spirit; I need to have someone to talk about dirty stuff with...[/aside]
Zaytsev: You mean Paio II? // She's a woman, you know?
Everyone: WHAAAAAA?!
--Mental Image--
Paio II (28, ♀)
Imaginary!PaioII :[aside]Boobi~~~es! // mwahahah♡[/aside]
Kotarou: [aside]?[/aside]
Chamo: [aside]seriously?[/aside]
Negi: [aside]no way...?![/aside]

Girls: Wo~~~w!♪ // This place is huge~! // That's one of the sights of Ostia for you!♪ / ...but still...
Natsumi: Don't you get the feeling, when you really get a chance to look at them like this, that the women of this world... / ...almost all seem to have huge breasts?
Makie: You too, Natsumi-chan? I've actually been thinking that for a while now... // It's a tough sort of world for girls like us, huh~?
Yuuna: Ahahah, what are you two going on about? You're just imagining things! // It just seems that way to you because you're too self-conscious about these things! This is just like back home!
Girls: Ohhhhh~? Must be nice for you, Yuuna, being so big... // Yeah, that's right, when did you manage to grow so much anyway~?! // Get her! Get her~~~! // Aaaahhh! Hey - wait a minute - !

Yuuna: H - Hey! Come on, Makie, quit it already... / Hey - you don't have to do it that hard - ! // S - Stop it! This isn't very funny any more -
Makie: I'm not doing anything...
Yuuna: Ah... / Wait - wha... // Huh?
PaioII: Mmmm... full-bodied, and yet with a distinct lack of stiffness... / The subtle complexion, reminiscent of sakura in early spring... the tenderness of the skin... the still-ripening springiness practically bursting from the surface... truly a fine article...!
Girls: Aaaahhh?! / A pervert~~~?! / [aside]who's there?![/aside]
Yuuna: Ah...
PaioII: Mm. // Nice breasts. I'd say... 80 points.
Yuuna: Ohhhhh, it's just some girl.
PaioII: Quite. No problem at all.
Yuuna: ...Stop doing that already! / [aside]...80 points...?[/aside]
PaioII: Mfff?!
Natsumi: A... And you would be...?
PaioII: Mwahaha... Say, you two fine young ladies...

PaioII: Would you happen to be worrying about the size of your chests?
Makie: H - How did you...?!
PaioII: Hahah... // Small indeed, small indeed... // Large breasts may be fabulous, but tiny breasts too are wonderful! // Yes... all boobies are beautiful! / Incidentally, did you know that mens' ideal breast size is on average three centimetres or more less than that of women?
Makie: Wha...?!
Natsumi: Who are you...?
PaioII: You may call me... the Chichigami.
[TN: "Breast Goddess" XD]
Natsumi/Makie: CHICHIGAMI?!
Yuuna: [aside]erm...[/aside]
PaioII: We are all brothers in boobies. // The path of the breasts is a long and a deep one... worry not over such small matters as this, young ones.
Makie/Natsumi: Chichigami-sama...
Yuuna: No... look...! Don't get taken in by her, you two! / [aside]snap out of it![/aside] / She's totally a pervert! / [aside]even if she is a girl...[/aside]

Akira: Is something wrong, Ako?
Ako: Mmm... // I was just thinking, I might be better off with a bigger chest, or longer hair... / My chest is pretty hopeless, you know...
Akira: Oh, don't be so silly, Ako!
Ako: Still, maybe I should grow my hair out, at least... // But I guess that would take quite a while...
PaioII: Oh, have I got the magic medicine for you!
Ako: Who are you?!
PaioII: I am the ally of girls the world over who worry over the size of their breasts! // Here - use this on your hair, and it will grow out before your very eyes!
Ako: Aaahhh~~~? // Wo~w! Magic really is incredible~!
Akira: You look great! That really does look great, Ako!
Ako/Akira: Mm...
Ako: [aside]aaaagh~~?![/aside]
Akira: Ako~~~~~~?!
PaioII: Ah, a good deed leaves the heart satisfied...

Someone: Ahhh... what lovely baths...
Beatrix: Still, you know... these are the baths of the Great Arena, you know... // It is entirely possible that Nagi himself uses them.
[Text: Ariadne Guard / Beatrix Monroe]
Collet: Yeah, you're right... just think, right now, just next door in the mens' baths... // ...Nagi-sama could be bathing right now...
[Text: Ariadne Guard / Collet Farandole]
Emily: Wh... What...?! // [aside]C... Come to think of it, you're right...![/aside]
[Text: Unit Captain / Emily Sevensheep]
vonKatz: Hey, Class Rep... why don't we go and check for sure?
[Text: Ariadne Guard / J. von Katz]
[Text: Ariadne Guard / S. du Chat]
duChat: We might be able to get into the mens' baths through these drains just here, you know?
Emily: Wha...?!
vonKatze/Collet: Katze and Collet hereby accept this scouting mission!
Beatrix: [aside]yes... // that would be possible...[/aside]
duChat: All right~~~! Go for it~~~!
Emily: B - but isn't that a little... illegal...? / And kind of backwards, as well?!
[Text: Ariadne Guard / Yue Farandole]
Yue: ...

Yue: (Negi Springfield... the name on my Pactio Card... // Not many people know it, but they say... // ...that the hero Nagi has a son in the old world... // That boy, back then... // Could he really be connected somehow... // ...with the name on the back of this card...? // Pactio Cards allow the holder to communicate telepathically with the Master... // If that Master is here in this city, then all I have to do is chant "Telepatia", and it should connect... // If... // ...it actually connects to that boy... // I...) // Telepa...
Collet: What're you doing, Yue~? Ah - that's the card from before, right~?♪
Yue: Ah - I - No - I wasn't - ah - ! / I wasn't doing anything at all, okay?!

KuFei: Do you mind if I ask something, Honya?
Nodoka: No, what?
KuFei: What exactly... does it feel like to be in love?
Nodoka: What?
Konoka: Ku Fei, are you in love?! // [aside]aaaah~!♡ // Ku-chan bringing up a subject like that~![/aside]
KuFei: What~? No - no, that's not it~aru! / I was just wondering, since I've never felt it myself - you know, like, for future reference...
Nodoka; Well, let's see... // [aside]I can only really speak for myself, but...[/aside] // Ahh... // Well, just thinking about that person makes your chest start thumping, and it kind of hurts a little...
Konoka: All right~! Ku Fei, why don't you try~~?!♪
KuFei: B - But I really don't have anybody in particular to think of~aru...
Konoka: Just think of the first guy who popped into your mind~!
KuFei: Mm... well, then... // ...Hmm? I think I do feel something in my chest...
Konoka: REALLY?! / [aside]aahh~!♡[/aside]
KuFei: More like a kind of... squishing...?
Nodoka: Quishing?!

KuFei: Huh?
PaioII: Mwahah... the contrast between the supply-toned chest muscles and the moderate layer of soft flesh raised upon it is exquisite... truly another fine article...!
KuFei: Who's there?!
PaioII: Mwahahah... for such a high bounty, this one certainly has sweet little developing breasts... let's see now...
Setsuna: Wha - ? // A - a girl? // Ah - wait - ! / H - Hey, stop tha -
Nodoka: Whaa?
Setsuna: Eh - ?
PaioII: Hohoh... once again... even better than I expected... // (Mwahahah... to think that I would run into that kid's friends in a place like this... / You were doomed the moment you fell into my sights! Truly this is a feast for the fingers!)
Konoka: Ahh!
Setsuna: O - Ojou-sama~~~~?!

KuFei: Stop playing with young maidens' breasts!
Setsuna: [aside]wow, she's brutal even with other girls...[/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: Setsuna-sa~~n! Ku Fei~~! It's terrible~!
Asakura: There's a pervert in the baths~! / Going around grabbing people's breasts~!
KuFei: Oh, yeah, we just caught her~aru.
Shiori!Asuna: But that's... a girl! // Why would she be...?
PaioII: (To think, the others too were so strong... / But I'll get out of this somehow...) // Th... The truth is, I was threatened by this scary man...
Girls: What...? / [aside]who...?[/aside]

Chamo: (To think, Master Paio was a woman all this time... / [aside]I suppose that would be Mistress Paio now...[aside])
[Label: <= Women's Baths]
Chamo: (Our genders may differ, but our hearts are as one...! If I can obtain the aid of a fellow spirit... // If we play our cards right... // Guahahahahah!) // Welcome... // ...to my Booby Paradise!!
[TN: Chamo... you officially fail at stealth. Epically. I'm talking worse than Black☆Star.]
PaioII: It was him!♪
Chamo: Wha?
Shiori!Asuna: Wha...
Chamo: H... Hey~~~~! I'm innocent! I'm innoceeeent!
Beatrix: [aside]this means the death penalty...[/aside]
Chamo: You've gotta believe me, Ane-san~~!
Konoka: [aside]Chamo-kun~~~ / farewell~~~[/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: Says the guy who was caught sneaking into the girls' baths!
PaioII: (Comrade... I will not let your death be in vain...)
[Label: Paio II diagram]
Diagram!PaioII: [aside]mwahahahah... // all systems go~!![/aside]
[Insert text: Be careful how you handle those boobies now!♡]
[Bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you again in Double Issue 4/5 (on sale 24th December)!]

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TN: That logic fails. Needs moar loli.
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