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Mahou Sensei Negima! 228

Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 228

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 5, 2008 18:27 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 228: Negi's Party Assembled!
[insert text: Negi is in trouble, but then Nodoka and Kotarou appear!!]
Nodoka: What is... // ...your name?!
Fate: ...... // ...You're...
Kotarou: Heh, Fate... / You're a pretty big dumbass, huh? // Ya see!
Fate: !

Fate: Vestigem...
Kotarou: !
Negi: W - Wait! // Ngh...
Kotarou: You okay?
Nodoka: Uh-huh...

Kotarou: I shifted to seventeen separate places, so he shouldn't be able to come after us.
Nodoka: It looks like we did it... this is his real name...
Kotarou: All right!! Looks like it was worth going to the trouble of getting so close! // T... Terti...? The hell kinda name's this?
Nodoka: ......
Kotarou: Well, whatever. We got him good! / I'm gonna head back and give Negi some backup. / [aside]I'll leave this dog with you, so you should hide -[/aside]
Nodoka: Wait, Kotarou-kun! // I'm going back too. I'll stay a little way back and read his thoughts... // Adeat!
Kotarou: What?! No way! That's too dangerous! You've done enough already -
Fate: So it would appear you truly were a very dangerous person...

Fate: Kakon Omma Petroseos.
[TN: "Evil Eye of Petrification"; same spell he used back in Chapter 51]
Kotarou: MOVE! // Ngh...!
Nodoka: Kota - // Ahhh...!
Fate: Vi Sjutal / Li Sjutal Vangeit...
Nodoka: Tertium-san! // What is your aim -

Dear me // You are such a fool. Could you please call me Fate? I can't stand my real name.
30th September, Tertium
I don't really want to get people from the real world involved here. But your artifact is...
[TN: There are a couple of tiny, tiny fragments visible after that, but not enough for me to make much sense of.]
Fate: Aionion Petrosis.
[TN: "Eternal Petrification"]

Nodoka: Ahh!
Negi: Are you all right, Nodoka-san?

Negi: ...Will you be able to stand?
Nodoka: Ahh... // Yes - ! // Negi-sensei...!
Kotarou: Negi!
Fate: Impressive that you managed to follow us without transportation magic.
People: [aside]what the... are they having a match out here?[/aside]
Fate: Ah, but of course... you are a "genius". Particularly when it comes to fundamental magic.
People: [aside]Hey... get the guards over here![/aside]

Negi: That's beside the point, Fate. // I won't let you lay a finger on this girl!
Nodoka: ahh...
Fate: Well, then... shall we continue? // Negi Springfield...
Asuna: Negi!!!
Fate: Kagurazaka Asuna...
Negi: Asuna-san!

Asuna: Don't you worry, Negi... // The people in the town are safe! // I took care of all those stupid pillars~!♪// All of 'em!
Negi: O - Okay...
Rakan: Wa-he~~~y!

Rakan: Hey there. // Can I join in?
Asuna: Rakan-san! / Konoka!
Rakan: Well, don't just stand around, you guys... I've been lookin' for ya! // Now then... shall we get started? // Hm? // ...You're...
Fate: I see... the most powerful mercenary swordsman of the new world... / ...and the remarkably fast-developing son of the hero. // Not to mention the Princess of worlds both old and new... I see my position is unfavourable.

Setsuna: (To think Tsukuyomi... // ...was this powerful...!)
Tsukuyomi: That's my senpai... you had a good teacher~~! / Trained in the true path of the Shinmeiryuu, and your talents honed in battle! // There are very few people in this world who could defeat you, Senpai... Bu~t...!
[TN: The three individual symbols at the top, left and right of the charm are just weird summoning symbols ~~]
[CharmBottomRight: Master of Stripping]
[CharmCentre: Super Kapa-kun]
[TN: Yes, it does say "Kapa" with one "p", though he's obviously a kappa]
[CharmBottomLeft: Could even strip a Demon God![/aside]
Setsuna: (A charm?!)
[Label: Super Kapa-kun / Tsukuyomi's special S-rank spirit / Master of Stripping]
[TN: I can't read all the kanji on that second line with such small writing, so I'm kind of half-guessing ~~]
Setsuna: Wha - ?!
Tsukuyomi: You're wide open!

Tsukuyomi: Bu~t... even with all those skills, you're still human! // And as long as you're still human, you can't defeat me! // Ehehe... You would never have let a little thing like having your clothes torn off distract you in the old days, Senpai! // I suppose you're just at "that age"... how cute~~!
Setsuna: Ngh...
Tsukuyomi: Now, I would quite like... // have a little fun with you now, cute little Senpai~!
Setsuna: !
Tsukuyomi: Ehehe... What should I do next~?

Tsukuyomi: Ehehe... That's more like it. // It would be no fun if it was all over so soon~!
Setsuna: Ngh...
Fate: Tsukuyomi-san, we're retreating.
Tsukuyomi: Ohhh?
Setsuna: ?
Fate: I'm afraid playtime is over.
Tsukuyomi: Awwww... already~~? // Ah well, then. I suppose I've had enough fun for today~! / Just looking back on this 217th match will give me more than enough fuel for my fantasies for now~~
Setsuna: W - Wait!
Tsukuyomi: Ehehe, Senpai... // If you're still like this the next time that we meet...

Tsukuyomi: Then I'll be taking... // ...every last bit of you~!
Setsuna: ! // ...!
Fate: Well then, Negi-kun... Let us leave things here for today. // I look forward to the next time we meet.
Negi: Fate, wait -
Chamo: Ah - !
Rakan: Use your hands, not your mouth, kid...

Negi: ......
Rakan: Tch... He got away, huh...
Konoka: It - it's over? / I'm so glad everyone's okay...!
Kotarou: He~~~~y! I'm not exactly "okay" over here, Konoka-neechan...!
Konoka: Ye~~s, Kota-kun! I'll be right over to fix you up~~~!♡
Negi: Asuna-san, Rakan-san, thank you both very much.
Rakan: Sure thing. / [aside]I'll let you off the price...[/aside]
Asuna: Well, we made it through this one at least...
Negi: Nodoka-san...
Nodoka: Y - Yes?!
Negi: How could you do such a reckless thing?! That was -
Nodoka: I - I'm very sor - !

Negi: ...But I'm glad you're all right. I really am.
Nodoka: Eh - ?
Negi: If you hadn't shown up when you did, I could have been in real trouble... // I really ought to be thanking you.
Nodoka: Sensei...!
Kotarou: He~~~y, Negi~! // Good thing we made it in time, huh?! That's me, saving the day at the last moment! / But man, I'm glad you were okay!
Negi: [aside]Yeah...[/aside]
Kotarou: Hell, if I'd've let Nodoka-neesan get turned to stone, I'd have had to commit seppuku! I'm real grateful~! / [aside]seriously![/aside]
Asuna: [aside]Looks like Setsuna-san's okay too![/aside]
Konoka: [aside]Really? Thank goodness~!♡[/aside]
Kotarou: [aside]I'm real sorry, not being able to protect you properly...[/aside]
Nodoka: [aside]Oh, no, Kotarou-kun, that's...[/aside]
Rakan: ...
Negi: Is there something wrong, Rakan-san?
Rakan: That kid, Fate or whatever... I've met him before, a long time ago. / If my memory serves right, he could be even more dangerous than I thought.
Negi: Eh?
Nodoka: (My Artifact...) // ! // (It's turned to stone, but everything up until then is recorded fine...)

Rakan: If that kid gets serious then we may not have much time, but... // ...we'll be needing to complete that.
Negi: Rakan-san, would you be so kind as to tell me... // ...everything you know about Fate?
Rakan: For 50 million~!♡
Negi: I can't pay that...
Rakan: C'mon, let's not go on about the past... / [aside]it's a long story, with no chicks... // I prefer to let bygones be bygones![/aside]
Negi: Rakan-san...!
Rakan: Yeah, yeah, forget about that - let's get out of here!
Chamo: Yeah, well said, Aniki! If we don't make ourselves scarce soon, the guards'll come running!!
Kotarou: Oh, yeah, we're wanted men, aren't we...
People: [aside]aren't the guards here yet?! // Look, that guy's from this Wanted poster...! // You're right![/aside]
Kotarou: Ah - they're here already!!
Rakan: Okay, everyone split!! Everyone in different directions! Kid, you be the bait!
Negi: Eh? Ah - right!!

Yue: Collet, now we're getting reports of a ruckus over near the stadium!
Collet: Ahhh, why does the commotion keep jumping about like that~?!
Yue: Mm... // Something's coming this way! // Collet, barriers up!! // !!
Negi: ?! // (Y... // Yue-san...?!)
[insert text: Thanks to the party's power, a crisis was averted! And now, a fated glance passes between Negi and Yue! Has this triggered anything in her memories...?!!]
[bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you again in Issue 46, on sale 15th October~!♡]

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thanks for the trans!
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Thanks for the trans Cnet.
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thanks for the trans dude.
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