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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 238

Proclamation of Utter Defeat?!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 14, 2009 21:39 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 238

[Insert text: It's finally time for the main tournament to begin!!]
Yue: There certainly are a lot of people here... What exactly is going on...?
Collet: What? / You mean you don't know, Yue? / [aside]this post has an awesome bonus factor![/aside] // They're about to announce the fixtures for the tournament Nagi's breezed his way into through the preliminaries already!
Yue: The fixtures...?
Collet: That's right! And did you know -
People: Aahhh!! // [aside]let's see![/aside] // And there it is!

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 238: Proclamation of Utter Defeat?!
[Insert text: The living legend? // Or the boy with the hero's blood?]

Shikao Parade / Humika Groove
Haine / Manager
[TN: That's "tenchou", meaning "shop manager"]
Lucy Cosmos / Jean J. Star
Nekomi / Nekoyuki
Nagi Springfield / Oogami Kojirou
Physalis / Gerbera
Zero / Kyomu
[TN: "Kyomu" means "nothingness"]
Alice Grow ?? / Gazel Rin????y
Jack Rakan / Kagetarou
Wolf Ouji / Mimi Dog
[TN: "Ouji" means "Prince", and that "Mimi" could also be pronounced "Uma"]
Diamond Bone / Angerine Rave
Marcus / Engelus
Talibun / Jazeera
Georgius B. / Richardus Ch.
Knight-2003 / Freedom-00
NY / Zhta
Collet: Look...! // Oh, they're totally going to be facing each other in the final!
Yue: Wh - Who are...?
Emily: Slow as ever, I see, Yue-san.

Collet: Class rep!
Emily: What we're looking at here... / ...is the legendary hero... / ...Rakan-sama, of Ala Rubra... // ...facing up against the reincarnation of Nagi-sama himself... // ...in a miraculous, fated battle to end all battles!!
Yue: [aside]wow, she's worked up.[/aside]
Collet: [aside]well, it's no surprise![/aside]
Yue: But then, this Rakan is actually...?!
Collet: Uh-huh! It all came out just two hours ago, the whole city's gone crazy!
Emily: [aside]ahhhh, I don't even know which to support! // I'm so taken aback with joy I can't think straight...! // should I support the best friend of the real Nagi...? / or the reincarnation of Nagi himself? // Rakan-sama?! // Or Nagi-sama?![/aside] // ...It just has to be Nagi-sama! / After all, Rakan-sama's all muscle anyway. / [aside]he's like a gorilla...[/aside]
[Label: big on looks]
Beatrix: (That's so cruel, Ojou-sama...)
[Label: Actually into muscly types, and a secret Rakan fan]
Collet: People are saying Rakan's come to test if this guy really is the reincarnation of his old friend... / ...or else that he's come to give a proper beating to a shameless fake... the theories are flying left and right!
Yue: I see...

People: Hahah, meeting in the final, huh?! // This should be good! // The betting's gonna be crazy on THiS one!
Yue: (Jack Rakan... // ...and Nagi Springfield...)
Chisame: Ngaaaaahhhhh......
Chamo: It's hopeless! Hopeless! / Hopeless! Hopeless! / Hopeless! Hopeless! // IT'S ALL HOPELESS!!
[Box: Ala Alba Emergency Executive Meeting]
Chamo: Aaaaaaghhhhhh, that idiot, Rakan, why did he have to pull a stunt like this?!!
Chisame: [aside]waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh[/aside] // Aaaaaghhh, what the HELL does he think he's playing at?! It's things like this that make men and idiots such...!
Chamo: If that idiot hadn't gone and entered himself, this whole thing would've been a breeze, right?!
Negi: Y - Yes, it would seem that way, but...

Chisame: As if we didn't already have MORE than enough to worry about, what with fighting FATE, and an EVIL ORGANISATION, he just has to go and ADD to our problems...!
Kotarou: Aahhhh, I guess we're never gonna save Natsumi-neechan now, huh...
Chamo: Don't give it all up just like that!! // But seriously, what is the old guy thinking?!
Chisame: Obviously, he wasn't thinking at all. / He is a complete moron. // Our whole plan has just been ruined completely...
Negi: I suppose it is impossible to get the winnings now...?
Chisame: Well, isn't that obvious?! // You've seen that idiot's abnormal, frankly ridiculous strength yourself, haven't you?! It shouldn't even be allowed! / How on Earth could you possibly defeat a monster like that?!
Chamo: I actually headed down to the Ostia Library right away and did a bit of research on Rakan myself. // Just to see if I could find some kind of weakpoint or way to capture him or something. / [aside]...I mean, he is a hero who saved the world; there's a fair amount of stuff on him.[/aside]
Chisame: Ohhh! And...?!
Chamo: Well... I wouldn't call this good news, so prepare yourselves...

Chamo: In the ordinary run of things over here, it's mages, not swordsmen, who tend to be the most use in battle when all's said and done... / [aside]mages really have all the firepower, after all...[/aside] // ...but it looks like common sense like that doesn't apply to our old man here. ...You ready for this? // All told, over the course of the war, the guy managed to take down ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-SEVEN SHIPS single-handed!!! // [aside]those kinda numbers'll push even the Empires front lines back.[/aside]
Chisame/Kotarou/Negi: Wha...?!
Chamo: That's more than even the Thousand Master himself in terms of sheer numbers... / [aside]I think it's safe to say he's taken down more ships with his bare hands than anyone else, ever.[/aside]
[aside]Rakan's♡[/aside] Number of Imperial Ships Wiped Out
Superdreadnought: 1
Airborne Motherships: 3
Cruisers: 13
Air Submarines:
Air Assault Ships:
Chamo: He also took on nine Divine Warriors at once, single-handed... // There are any number of stories about his exploits in the war. // Oh yeah - have you seen the Sacred Guardian Beast of the Empire, the Ancient Dragon Vrixas Nagasha?
Kotarou: Oh, yeah, I saw that thing back at the ceremony.
Chisame: [aside]it kind of felt like the ultimate fantasy moment.[/aside]
Kotarou: [aside]man, it was incredible...[/aside]
Negi: It certainly seemed like an incredibly intimidating beast.
Chamo: Yeah, well, Ancient Dragons are supposed to be up there with High Daylight Walkers as some of the most powerful beings in existence. / In other words, that monster's got power on a level with Evangeline herself... // ...but yeah, apparently Rakan fought it to a standstill. / [aside]I hear they've been on good terms since, or something...[/aside]
Chisame/Kotarou/Negi: WHAAAAAAT?!!

Kotarou: No WAY! I mean, that thing was at least a hundred metres long, you know?! / How the hell do you fight a thing like that to a standstill?!
Chamo: Don't ask me. I mean, these could just be rumours that have got blown out of proportion, but...
Chisame: ...No, it actually has a ring of truth to it.
Negi: Wha...?
Chisame: You remember what Chamo and Konoe told us, right? About the battle with Fate's minions. // The idiot had got himself stuck in a sealed-off dimension, theoretically impossible to escape, and he broke out of there through sheer force of willpower.
Chamo: [aside]uh-huh...[/aside]
Chisame: I think I can believe anything of him after that. / [aside]nothing he does will surprise me any more...[/aside]
Negi: I certainly do find that difficult to believe...
Chisame: [aside]hey, I don't want to believe it either. I'm the biggest sceptic here, remember?[/aside]
Chamo: But it's true! / [aside]I saw it with my own eyes![/aside]
Chisame: And one more thing... about that strength chart he drew... // Truth is, purely out of curiosity, I asked him afterwards where exactly on there he would place himself if he had to. // What do you think his level was?
Negi: H - How much...?

Chisame: Twelve thousand. [aside]apparently.[/aside]
[Labels: Magia Erebea Armationem Activated // TWICE THAT!! // Unsurpassable Wall // TA-DA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]
Chart!Rakan: Eheh!♡
Chamo/Kotarou/Negi: T... TWELVE... // TWELVE THOUSAND~~~?!!
Chisame: Well, this is out of the horse's mouth.
Chamo: Th - There's nothing for it! We'll have to appeal to his affection for his student... no... // We'll just have to bribe him!! Fix the game!! That's the only way!!
Chisame: [aside]and how exactly are we suppose to bribe someone to give away a million in prize money?[/aside]
Negi: ......

Negi: ...Would you all come with me for a moment? // There's something I'd like to show you.
Kotarou/Chamo/Chisame: Hm?
Kotarou: So what exactly are you showing us that need us to go all the way out to this reef in the middle of nowhere...?
Negi: Well, what I'm about to do is a little flashy... so I wanted to get away from the military swarming all around Ostia. // It's my new spell.
Kotarou: New spell? What, that thunder-spear thing?
Negi: No... // It's the single most powerful spell that I can cast right now.
Chisame: Owww!

Chamo: The most powerful...? You mean you've learned something even more powerful than that Tempestas thing, Aniki?
Negi: Well, it's not complete just yet. / I was meaning to complete it with Rakan-san. // ...Now, how big would you say that giant floating rock up there is exactly?
Kotarou: Well, it's a fair distance away, and I've got nothing to compare it with, so it's difficult to say, but... maybe around a hundred metres in length? It's pretty damn huge.
Negi: I'm going to try to destroy it.
Kotarou: You're kidding?!
Negi: Here goes! // Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister!! // To Sumbolaion Diakoneto Moi, Basilik Ouranionon. // Epigenetheto Aithaloeis Keraune hos Timeis Ptheirei. // Iactum Extendentem Circulum Praesentum! // Captem Objecta a Primum ad Decimum!

Negi: Area Constet! // Intus se Premant Spiritus ad Pressuram Criticalem! Tribus... Duobus... Modo! // Capturam Disjungens! Omnes Spiritus Fulguranoles Fortissime Emittam!! // Hekatontakis Kai Kiliakis... / Astrapsato!! // Kilipl... // ...Astrape!!!!
[TN: If anybody can find mistakes in my romanisation of this ridiculous incantation, then please tell me ~~ I'm pretty sure I've got it mostly on the mark, but there's almost certainly some mistakes in there. The translation of the incantation (based on the Japanese given, because I sure as hell can't be bothered to translate the Greek/Latin incantation itself) is "Submit to me through this contract, O King of the Mansion. I summon thee, Titan-slaying blazing thunder. Remote Assistance Magic Circle, expand! Supplementary targets one through ten! Fix area! Increase pressure within the area up to critical level! Three... two... critical pressure! Release restraints! All spiritual lightning, release at full power!! Combine in your hundreds and thousands and strike, O Lightning!! Thousand Bolts!!!!"]
Chisame: [aside]Aaahh![/aside]
Kotarou: [aside]Whoahhh![/aside]
Chamo: M... My ears...
Chisame: This magic is just insane...!
Kotarou: Whoa... so this is... the Thousand Bolts... / [aside]Seeing it in the movie was one thing, but in real life it's something else...[/aside]
Chisame: Hm...?

Chamo: Whoa!! / [aside]it's melted...![/aside]
Chisame: [aside]you know, I think this seriously qualifies you as a human weapon...[/aside]
Kotarou: Now that's some serious power... I guess you're really living up to the idea of a mage as a form of artillery...
Negi: As I said, it's still not complete; it takes too long to prepare, and its power really isn't sufficient just yet.
Chamo: Whaaat?!! You're telling me you're gonna make this thing STRONGER, Aniki?! // M... Maybe you really can do it!! Hell, if you hit him with that thing, even the invincible Rakan-sama would be sure to feel it...!!
Kotarou: That's all very well... but d'you think he'd really just stand there and take it? You heard that incantation. / And don't forget - in the movie, he took that very attack head-on, bearing it with sheer willpower! / [aside]just hitting him with it once ain't gonna take him out, that's for sure.[/aside]
Chamo: [aside]ah, shaddup.[/aside]
Kotarou: [aside]well, it's true.[/aside]
Chisame: Of course! You don't use that incantation as an attack... // ...you use your dark magic to...!
Negi: ...That's right! Magia Erebea: Armationem. // The Thousand Bolts was originally conceived as a wide-range, anti-regiment spell; it actually releases a full ten times the destructive power of Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens... / If I charge myself with that kind of power, or...

Chamo: O - Of course! That might actually work! If you're putting ten times the magical power into it, you should get at least five or six times the effects - you'll be a total fighting machine!
Chisame: Y... You think so?
Negi: Sounds right to me, Chamo-kun! / [aside]all right~![/aside]
Kotarou: Yeah, well, we are talking about the stuff that the guy himself came up with to help you go up against Fate, after all...!
Chisame: So? Seriously? Will it actually work?! I mean, I'm an amateur at all this battle stuff, so I wouldn't really know, but...
Eva: Not a chance.
Chamo: Hold it, hold it! Who's there?! What's all this?! You've got some guts to be saying stuff like that about Aniki's great new idea, you know, missy...!
Eva: Hahah... I can see it written all over your face. "I can't win with a thing like this." // You don't even have faith in this plan yourself, so you tell it to your friends and try to encourage yourself by getting their approval...
Negi: Y... / You're...!
Eva: Ooh, did I hit the mark? Boy. // Heheheheh... Don't you worry... I can't honestly say I dislike this kind of futile struggle.

Eva: It can't exactly be helped; you're up against Rakan, of all people. // That lunkhead has broken every rule in the book so often the book might as well not exist.
Negi: M... Master?!
Kotarou: Evangeline...san! What are you doing here?!
Eva: You'd have to be an idiot to even try fighting a guy like that. // Why don't you just cut your losses and give up on this one, hm? I couldn't fault you for it.
Negi: !

Negi: ......
Kotarou: ...Sorry to disappoint if you came all this way to tell us that, Evangeline-san...
Negi: ...That's right. // This fight... isn't one I can just run from.
Eva: Oh...?
Kotarou: Rakan-san told him "Let's do this." Face-to-face, no messing about, just a plain-out challenge. // What that means is that he's acknowledged Negi as a man in his own right. / [aside]no more treating him like a kid.[/aside]
Eva: Still, you don't have a ghost of a chance of winning. // It's not like that lunkhead actually thinks these things through. This is a meaningless contest.
Negi: I... I know... But still... // My father's best friend has finally acknowledged me as a fellow man...

Negi: Running away from something like that is not an option. // I will do it. This is a battle: man... against man.
Eva: ...Hah. // I see.
Kotarou: But forget that... what the hell are you even DOING here?! / [aside]and naked, too![/aside]
Eva: Hmm? / [aside]you are one bad-mannered dog. Looking to die?[/aside]
Negi: No, Kotarou-kun, this isn't the real Master, it's...
Theodora: I have come to provide you with a little aid in your training.
Kotarou: ?! // Who's there?!
Theodora: You must be Negi. / [aside]how cute.[/aside]
Konoka: [aside]it's Eva-chan![/aside]
Makie: [aside]Negi-kun!♡[/aside]
Yuuna: [aside]hey!♡[/aside]
[Insert text: The Third Imperial Princess, Theodora, transcends the bonds of time, lending her aid to both father and son!]

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#1. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
thnx for the trans, it's one great chaptet, isn't it ^__^
p18, Negi's first bubble: I will di it...
#2. by laclongquan ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
Anti-military? Shouldnt it be "Anti-regiment" or "Anti-Army"?

1. "Anti-military" is just strange... quite strange term, actually.
2. Chapter 218, there's the use of an anti-army magical landmine with hundred of bolts thrown down a small area. A hundred metres storm of of lightnings.
3. So we can understand army as a term of force, though that is too large a force for a spell like that to attack/contain. Regiment sounds about right.

That is my two cents.
#3. by byteeater ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
thanks :D
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
I don't see what's so terrible about "anti-military", but then, I know jack shit about this kind of thing, so if you say so =p

Mistakes fixed.
#5. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2009
thanks a million for the translation, MSN sure has a lot of text per chapter..
#6. by mangafool ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
Thanks alot your trans is the only place I can find the translated spell also have u any interest intransllating zettai karen children
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