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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 528

Jimbei, Knight of the Sea

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jan 16, 2009 12:46 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 528: Jimbei, Knight of the Sea
[TN: "Kaikyou", Jimbei's title here, is an unusual compound, made up of an ordinary kanji meaning "the sea", and a very rare kanji meaning "chivalry".]
CP9's Independent Report, Final Chapter: "The Ship Sails Off Into The Distance"]

[Box: Impel Down, Level Two: Floor of the Beasts of Hell]
Buggy: ...............!!!
Luffy: ...............!!!

Buggy: Dammitall~~~!!! It's all over!!! We'll be eaten alive!!! I never meant... / ...to come down here to Level 2!! I was gonna leave you behind and make a run for it!!!
Luffy: Hmm?! Did you just say something?! What is that thing, Buggy?!!!
Buggy: That's a mutant... a beast among beasts!!! // A snake borne of a chicken!!! It's a Basilisk!!!
[Box: Gaoler // BASILISK]
Buggy: Level Two is the "Beast Hell"!!! The whole floor is infested... / ...with crazy monsters like this one!!!

Luffy: Can a chicken really have a kid like that?!
Buggy: Well, obviously they don't normally!!! That's why it's called a MONSTER!!! / They'd go around eating people if they were allowed to roam free up above, that's why they're kept trapped in here!!! // Guaaaahhhhhhhh!!
Luffy: *pant* // *pant* // All right... let's see what you've got!!!

[Box: Level Four / Chief Warden's Office]
Hancock: It truly is hot down here.........
Domino: Well, it is like an inferno just beyond these walls.
Momonga: So where's the Chief?
Hannyabal: Chief Magellan spends approximately ten hours each day relieving himself; it is his way to seclude himself in the restroom. / He also sleeps for approximately eight hours per day... // As such, discounting mealtimes and breaks, / he has approximately four hours per day to do his job.
Momonga: ...And he still manages to serve as Chief Warden of this place......?
Hannyabal: He is a reliable man when push comes to shove. / Apologies for the wait; he shall be with us presently!
Domino: Oh, and I should probably mention... / The Chief has the powers of the "Doku Doku no Mi"; he is a Poisonman. / As such, it is advisable to take care around him...
Momonga: ?!

Magellan: Ahhhhh...... // You must be the visitors... / I'm the Chief, Magellan!!
Guards: Good work in there, Chief!!
Magellan: As ever, today's was a vicious struggle...
[Box: Impel Down / Chief Warden / MAGELLAN / (Ate the Doku Doku no Mi; a Poisonman)]

Magellan: Aahhh, so bright...!! This room is so bright! / Would that I could be in a more closed-off space... / In truth, I would like to close off my heart as well...
Hannyabal: Enough of that nonsense, Chief... This is Vice-Admiral Momonga... / ...and Royal Shichibukai Boa Hancock-dono.
Momonga: We're in something of a hurry, Chief Magellan.
Magellan: I see; my apologies. I was just busy relieving myself. / It looks like the poison soup I had for breakfast really hit the spot......
Hannyabal: If I may; perhaps the issue lies in the poisoned nature of the food...?
Magellan: But as a Poisonman, I just love poison, you see... // You know what they say... "Poison should be fought with poison".
Hannyabal: Your diarrhoea would suggest that it is ineffective in that respect...
Magellan: Your tongue is poisonous as ever, I see, Hannyabal.
Hannyabal: Now, if you would hurry and slip from your seat as Chie - / Ah, I mean, hurry and allow our guests to meet with "Fire Fist Ace".
Magellan: That mistake was terrible, terrible I say! // Ah, such thoughtless subordinates I have been cursed with... *sigh*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[SFX: sigh~~~~~~~~]
Hannyabal: !! / Agh!! // Chief, would you watch that "sighing" of yours?!! Your breath is made of poison gas, you know!
Magellan: ...............!!
Hannyabal: What, may I ask, is so funny?!!!
Magellan: Let's see how my idiot subordinate likes that.
Hannyabal: Now he's talking poisonously to himself!!!
[TN: A silly pun. The Japanese for "soliloquy" is "dokuhaki", where "doku" means "alone"; here it's replaced with a different "doku", meaning "poison".]
Magellan: ........................!!
Hancock: And just what exactly is this foul substance that you would have me breathe?!! Such impudence!!
Magellan: Whoa!! Now this one's a real looker!!! I think I like her!
Domino: Vice-Chief, that seat belongs to the Chief.
Hannyabal: It will be mine one day......
Momonga: WE'RE IN A HURRY!

DenDenMushi: Bzzt!! Bzzt!! Bzzt!!
Hannyabal: Hello, this is the Chief's office.
Magellan: And why are YOU answering.........?!!
Hannyabal: I'm dying!! Aaaghhhhh......!! I'm dying!!! / Alas...!! / I never even... made it... to... Chief......!!
Magellan: What?! An intruder in my Impel Down?!
Domino: Impossible!! There are no records of a successful intrusion in all the history of this fine gaol!!
Magellan: I want visuals, now!!
Hannyabal: This is extremely serious!!! / Chief, the blame is all yours.
Hancock: (.........!! It couldn't be... // He's been spotted already...?!) // Mr. Chief...♡ I would appreciate it so much... // ...if you could take me to the prisoner quickly!♡
Magellan: Of course! Right away!♡
Hannyabal: Chief?! This is a major incident, you know...?!!

Guards: Something's wrong...!! / We seem to have lost contact with Chief Magellan!! // At any rate, we need to report this to the monitor rooms on all floors, and to Marine HQ, at once!!! // We may not know how this happened or what his objective may be... / But there can be no mistake that the man running around Level Two with Buggy the Clown... // ...is without a doubt... // ...the pirate, "Straw Hat Luffy"!!! // .........We can't seem to establish contact with the Level Two monitor room!!! // ?! // Level Two Monitor Room!! Please respond! // Has something happened down there?! Monitor Room!!

[Box: Level Two, Remains of the Monitor Room]
Buggy: ........................!!
Luffy: All right!!
Buggy: .........Your...... Your hand just turned massive...! / *pant*... *pant*... What the heck WAS that?! // And what's that form meant to be?!
Luffy: *pant* // It's called "Gear Third"!! *pant*... / Looks like I managed to beat it......!! / *pant* / Come on...!! Let's hurry down to Level Three!!

Prisoners: A God of salvation... has visited upon us in Hell...!
Luffy: I'm back!
Buggy: !
Prisoners: ...They actually defeated that monster... // ALL RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT~~~~~~~~~!!! // YOU TOOK OUT THE BASILISK~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?!
Prisoners: Awesome work!!! You guys are incredible~~~~~~!!! // And you even took out the monitor room at the same time... you guys are just unbelievable!! // I don't know who you are, but thanks so much!! // Could you get the keys for us?!! The keys for our cages and handcuffs!! // They're lying right down there!!

Mr3: (.................. // That's.........) // Straw Hat Luffy... / What is he doing here...?!!! // ......No, that's not important... if he's outside of the cages... // ...that means he must be in the middle of an escape operation! // (......If I play my cards right here...!!! // This could be the best chance I'm ever going to get to escape this place!!! Perhaps the gods haven't completely stopped smiling upon me after all!!!)
Prisoners: All right~~~~~~~~!! It's open~~~!!! // We're out of the cages~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Buggy: Gyahahahahahah!!! That's right, show your thanks, fools!!!

Buggy: Let's hear you say the name of the man who gave you freedom!!!
Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! We'll never forget this debt!!! // Captain Buggy is our saviour!!!
Buggy: Ngyahahahahah!! That's right!! You engrave that name into your hearts!!! / Let's get all these cells open!!! // (Okay, so I went and fell down here... but if I throw this floor into chaos... // ...I can take advantage of that chaos to make my escape!!!)
Luffy: What the heck do you think you're doing?! Hurry up and lead the way!! / Is there another hole leading down to the next floor or something?!
Buggy: Aaaghh! Get off me already! I don't know how to get down to Level Three!! / How the hell could I remember the whole damn layout of this place?!!! It's like a freaking labyrinth!!!
Beast: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Luffy: ?!! // What are you talking about?!! / You said you'd lead me down as far as Level Four, didn't you?!!!
Prisoners: !!! // Guaaaahhh!!!
Buggy: I was lying!! Lying, you get it?!! I wanted the treasure, so I told a freakin' lie!!! Gyahahah, I'll tell you what I"m gonna do - I'm gonna cause a huge prisoner riot on this floor, and............... Huh?

Buggy: Huh?? Oi!! What are you guys doing?!! This is your chance to escape, remember?!! // Where's the chaos...?!
Luffy: You lied to me...!!
Prisoners: Nah... look, we just got a bit carried away there!! This ain't no chance or nothin'!!! / The Boss of this floor... as long as he's around... // ...we're still better off right here inside our cages...!!!
Buggy: A... All right!! Straw Hat!! / I've decided I'll tell you the way down to Level Three!!
Luffy: I thought you just said you don't KNOW the way, Big-Nose!!!
Buggy: Who're you callin' Big-Nose, huh?!!!
Mr3: If you're having trouble getting around this floor, perhaps I could lend you a hand?
Luffy: Hmm?!
Buggy: What's with this guy?
Mr3: Fuhahaha... It's been a while, Straw Hat Luffy!! / Strange though it may be, it is thanks to you that I am now free...... and I am a man who likes to repay his debts!
Luffy: Who're you?
Mr3: .........
Luffy: Ahh!! A "3"!! ...Which means... // You're that guy from back on the Giants' island...!! / "San"!!!
Mr3: It's "Mister Three", all right?!!!

[Box: The floor where "Fire Fist Ace" is being kept...]
Jimbei: *pant*... *pant*.........!! // *pant*... // ......Ain't nobody...
Blugori: !
Jimbei: ...runnin' away, a'ight?!!!!

Jimbei: !!! // ...............!! // ...............!!! // ...!!! I can' even scratch where it itches...
Ace: .................. // You sure... got yourself... well and beat up again... // Oyabun...
[TN: "Oyabun" being a term for "Boss", with a gangster feel to it. We've seen it before in One Piece with Foxy, but... yeah ~~]

Jimbei: ......Hahhh!!! It ain' my body as hurts, Ace-san.........!!! // I'll tell ya... what's really hurtin'............!!!
[Box: Royal Shichibukai / Knight of the Sea, Jimbei / (Whale-Shark Fishman, former bounty 250000000 Beli)]
Jimbei: It's my heart... it's burstin' to deal out justice!!!
Ace: Jimbei.........!!
Jimbei: At this rate... even death won' be enough to take me.........!! / My Shichibukai title be damned... / I'd toss it out in an instant!!! / *pant* // I'd gladly give my own life... / ...if it meant puttin' an end to this fighting!!!
[Insert text: The final Shichibukai... a man of pride!!]

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#1. by Splat ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
Awesome trans cnet, can't wait to see it on a scan!!
#2. by Phat ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
thanks :D
#3. by NaruJunky ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
That was extremely quick! Thanks
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Posted on Jan 16, 2009
thanks so much for bringing this manga=)
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Posted on Jan 16, 2009
Thanks a lot!!!
#6. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
Come to think about it... if that's level 2, I don't wanna imagine how level 5 will be......
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Posted on Jan 16, 2009
thanks again.
#8. by MadDog ()
Posted on Jan 16, 2009
Thanks man.
#9. by zidane ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2009
thanks cnet, but say, havent you missed out 2 bubbles in page 14?
or is it just me...
#10. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jan 19, 2009
...dammit, you're right, I had missed out some text on page 14 >_<

Fixed now.
#11. by MasterDeva ()
Posted on Jan 24, 2009
Thanks mate! ;D
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