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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 241

Negi Awakens?!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 11, 2009 17:16 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 241

[Insert text: To defeat Rakan, no matter what! A sudden trump card is activated~~~~!!]
Negi: Adeat!!!
Rakan: (An... Artifact?!)
Negi: Let's go!!
Kotarou: Damn straight!!
Announcer: Let the final match...

Announcer: BEGIN!!!
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Period 241: Negi Awakens?!!]
[Insert text: Challenging the legend / with all his strength!!!]

Negi: Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister! // To Sumbolaion Diakoneto Moi Basilik Ouranionon!!
Kagetarou: That's... the ultimate lightning incantation...
Rakan: Hah, so he actually mastered it... Kage-chan.
Kagetarou: At once. // You won't be finishing that incantation!
Rakan: (To think that the kid would actually get himself a Pactio... well, the thought had crossed my mind. But with who...? ...Gotta be her. Hmmm... depending on what type of Artifact it is, this could be tricky... // What's that form it's taken? A notebook? Since he's pulled back and started chanting an incantation, I'd guess it's not a direct attacking type...)

Kotarou: Heh. // Not a chance!
Rakan: (All right! It must be an auxiliary-type Artifact that powers up his own magic! // Let's see who's the stronger, then, kid!!!)
Kagetarou: Hm... Let's see you block this.

Kagetarou: What?! // With a single fist?!
Kotarou: Don't you go underestimating Nagi's vanguard, Kojirou! / [aside]In a partner battle, the guy in front's gotta be able to protect the guy in the rear![/aside] // (Wh... What is that crazy concentration of energy...? // Not good!)

Rakan: You said you're going all-out, right, kid? Sounds good to me. // Maybe I'll see about going all-out myself for once in a while~!♪
Kotarou: Not good! He really means it...!

[no text just boom]

[no text just BIG fucking boom]

People: Whaaaa?! // Aaahhh!! // Guaahhhh!
Knights: Whaaaa?! // Wh - Wh - Wh - What the...?! // A t - t - terrorist attack?!
People: We have word from the stadium! This was not a terrorist bombing! / It was merely a technique of contestant Jack Rakan! // What?! // What a guy... // Send word to the guards on duty! // Thanks to the emergency shield around the arena, there is no damage to the surrounding city. / Reporters circling the air above the stadium have been thrown into something of a state, but it doesn't look like there has been any serious harm done.
Theodora: Ughhh... that idiot...
Someone: Princess!
People: Thankfully, it looks like nobody was injured... The emergency shield did its job... // After piercing the ground of the arena, it appears Rakan's lance exploded in the air above the city, and the outer wall of the stadium has suffered considerable burns...
Theodora: Ugh!
Someone: Ah - Princess?

Theodora: JACK, YOU ABSOLUTE IDIOT, DO YOU NEVER THINK?! There are people in the audience, you know!
Rakan: P - Princess! // Ah, well... hahahah... you know how it is... when I find someone who's really got some fight in 'em, I like to show them my full strength, ya know? / This stadium's surprisingly flimsy, huh? / [aside]heheh...[/aside]
Theodora: YOU MORON~~! It's only thanks to the shield under the floor that the damage was contained to this level! If a single thing had gone wrong...!
Someone: Princess, watch your speech! / The whole country can hear!
People: No way... was that seriously just one guy's attack...? / So this is the power of a hero who's saved the world... // I've never seen anything like it... / Yeah... that's the best friend of Nagi of Ala Rubra, Rakan, for you... / [aside]I guess that means he's more powerful than a battleship's cannon...[/aside] // [aside]Ra~~~ka~~~n! Ra~~~ka~~~n![/aside]
Kagetarou: (That certainly was a terrifying technique... The Hypersonic Halberd and his condensed spirit combined to form a massive explosion... truly an overpowering technique...)
Rakan: [aside]hahahah, come now...[/aside] // (But wait... he didn't show the slightest sign of counterattacking or dodging... / [aside]so it wasn't a test of strengths he was after...?[/aside] // Whoa, whoa... that had better not have obliterated him, right...?) // Not... good...?
Announcer: T - Truly a splendid attack! An incredible assault to overturn the very foundations of the combat world! // And what of Nagi?! Could it be that this incredible attack has decided the match already?! // Wh... // What is that...?!

Rakan: (What?!!)
Kagetarou: They're unharmed?! Impossible...!
Rakan: (Whoa, whoa, whoa... they're not even scratched?! // Now, that really is a surprise...! How did you do it, kid?)
Konoka: Negi-kun!
Nodoka: Negi-sensei!
Shiori!Asuna: NEGI!!!
Rakan: (Hm...? // That's...)

Rakan: (The Hama no Tsurugi?! // [aside]is that how he blocked it?![/aside] // That's the kid's Artifact?! But surely it can only be used by that kid... what's going on here?!)
Kagetarou: Here they come...!
Rakan: Heh. // Adeat! / Ho Heros Meta Chilion Prosopon!

Rakan: Hmm?

Rakan: Hm? // Dear me! // Hahahah... cutting through my legendary Artifact like butter, eh? // I guess it is the real thing. What's the deal?
Negi: Abeat.

Negi: Adeat!! // Sica Shishikushiro!!

Rakan: Hm. // I see... an Artifact that allows you to make use of any of your attendants' Artifacts... // That's a super-rare type all right.
People: A - Ahhhh?! / What on Earth... // A sudden reversal!! / Team Nagi and Kojirou have the advantage?!
Rakan: On top of which, you're drawing magic from that tomboy Princess you made your Pactio with to give yourself a power-up as well. // Not bad... Not bad at all. / But I don't know... this is meant to be a battle between men, you know? You seem to be borrowing all your power from girlies!
Negi: Ahh... // Against a man of your calibre... / I'll need all the advantages I can get, thanks.

Nagi: At any rate, this is my trump card number one. // With this, all of your energy blasts... / ...and your "Hero of a Thousand Faces" Artifact are useless.
Rakan: Heh...
Nagi: This is a fight between men. // Shall we make it fist against fist?
Rakan: Hah!♡ // So that's what you're going for, huh? I like it! I mean, hell, are you sure? / I'm... // ...pretty damn hot at unarmed combat, you know?
[Insert text: Tossing aside his super-rare Artifact, Negi faces Rakan with his fists!! [aside]Can you win... ah, I mean...[/aside] Are you going to be all right, Negi?!!]

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#1. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2009
thanks for the translation :)
#2. by Starzen ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2009
Thanks and the last sentence should be : are going to be alright ; and not : are you doing to be alright, its just a minor typo. great work.
#3. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 11, 2009
Thanks for that heads-up ^^

Always nice to actually be able to fix mistakes in my translations before they get used in the scanlations ~~
#4. by rose ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
You missed on the first page where Negi says "Adeat".
#5. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
thanx a lot as always.
one question, isn't Rakan "the hero of thousand blades"
"hero of thousand faces" sounds more like a legendary theif than a merchanery swordman...

People: A - Ahhhh?! / What on Earth... // A sudden reversal!! / Team Nagi and Kojirou have the advantage?! // On top of which, you're drawing magic from that tomboy Princess you made your Pactio with to give yourself a power-up as well. // Not bad... Not bad at all. /
---> Half of this should be Rakan's, right?
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
Page 1 and page 17 fixed, thanks for that.

Rakan's nickname is the "Man of a Thousand Blades", but his Artifact's name is "Ho Heros Meta Chilion Prosopon", which translates as "The Hero with a Thousand Faces".
#7. by laclongquan ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
Thanks for the work, cnet.

still, one tiny problem:

Hama no Tsurugi: shouldnt it be translated as "Sword-Fan"? Because Hama is fan, right?
#8. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
I'm not aware of "Hama" meaning "fan"... It can mean "exorcism", which is presumably where it comes from, considering the Latin name of the artifact is "Ensis Exorcizans". Either way, the whole thing is in katakana; it's just the name of the sword.
#9. by laclongquan ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
Well, I am not aware of that either... just a murky recollect from the words gone by in some manga or other.

Still, Sword of Exorcism works, too.
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