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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Soul Eater 58

Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 13)

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 11, 2009 20:07 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 58

Soul Eater
Chapter 58: Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 13)
[Insert text: My soul, and the place where I belong.]

[no text just mifune and blackstar]

Mifune: Magnificent...

Mifune: I'm sorry... Angela...

Mifune: Please... get me as close to that castle as you can...
Tsubaki: ...Of course.

[no text just...]


[no text just T_T]

Soul: Maka... // Is Arachne still alive...? // What about that body?

Maka: I can't say for sure whether this is magic or not... / But I feel Arachne from the insanity that is flowing through this room.
Medusa: A body is nothing more than a container... // Isn't that right, Nee-san...?
Maka: She's coming...!

[no text just ooh]

Maka: !!
Soul: That's her all right... // (This grotesque insanity that even I can sense...)

Medusa: Vector Storm!!

Medusa: ...And compress!!
Maka: Incredible! // Did you get her?!

Medusa: Not good enough...

Arachne: That won't work, Medusa... I have abandoned my body and become insanity itself... // I have travelled to a place you people cannot reach...
Maka: Become insanity...?! / What do you mean to achieve by that?
Medusa: ...... // You're after... // ...the Kishin.

Medusa: You mean to become insanity itself... / ...align yourself with the Kishin... / ...and draw him into yourself.
Arachne: Fear envelops the world... // ...whilst insanity consumes everything. // It is a place of rest, Medusa. // I shall become the mother of all.

Medusa: Hahaha... // A mother? You? Don't make me laugh. // "Mother of the Demon Weapons"... It's just absurd. // Everyone puts you on a pedestal, calling you the "mother of the Demon Weapons", but, Nee-san... // ...surely all you really did was read from the Book of Eibon?
Arachne: It matters not who originated it, nor who did the creating... what matters is what you achieve from it in the end. // And you... you can't even win yourself a man's heart. What good are you, really?

Arachne: Doctor Stein... was that his name? You had quite the little crush on him, as I recall.
Medusa: Well, naturally... // Unlike you, he actually has creativity. // You laughed at this body of mine before, now, didn't you? // But which of us is in the more ridiculous form right now, hm?

Arachne: Laughing at that which has no form... now that is what I would term ridiculous. // Medusa... you I shall not plunge into insanity...

Arachne: I shall devour your very mind.

[no text just bad Arachne! no devouring the evil loli's mind!]

Maka: Medusa?!
Medusa: ......!! // Ngh...... // (I was... annihilated in an instant...)
Soul: Is that a mental attack like the one she used on me before?
Arachne: Oh, I would not compare it to the likes of that...

Maka: Where is Chrona?!!
Arachne: Your eyes are strong... the Demonslayer Wavelength... So that is why Medusa brought this child with her.

Arachne: And such soul perception capacity... truly, this is a dangerous one... // I suppose I shall toy with her... terrify her... // ...and plunge her into insanity.
Maka: What have you done with Chrona?!

[no text just maka vs arachne]

Soul: What's going on...? I'm not feeling the slightest resistance...

Arachne: As you can see from my corpse over there... / I have abandoned physical form. // No attacks will affect me now. // I shall enjoy killing you, slowly but surely...
Soul: Maka...
Maka: Yeah...

Maka: The "Demon Hunter" that defeated the Clown... it just might work...

Sid: Kniges... / Tend to Black☆Star's wounds!

Kniges: Don't you go dying on us, Black☆Star!
Sid: Don't worry!
Someone: ?!
[TN: Who's that...? Is it Sid...?]
Sid: What the...?

Tsubaki: Nnhhh......
Sid: What's this?!

Kim: Aaahhhh...
Ox: Kim... Are you okay?
Harvar: ? / What's wrong with the both of you...?
Jackie: Can't you feel it, Harvar...?
Harvar: .........Insanity?
Kilik: Maybe you don't feel it, since you're always so dry to a fault, but...

Kilik: Ungh......... / In my head...

Kilik: There are spiders... / ...tearing at... / ...the inside of my head...
[Insert text: Next chapter will be tense, with colour page(s)...!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in the April issue (on sale Thursday 12th March)]

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#1. by wade69 ()
Posted on Feb 11, 2009
Big thanks for the awesome translation.
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
Thanks for the trans.
#3. by Josear XIII ()
Posted on Feb 12, 2009
damn one of my guys have died, T-T thanks for the translation Big C
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