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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 242

Thunder God Negi!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 18, 2009 08:29 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 242

[Insert text: Rakan is unmatched with his fists... but Negi is ready to take them on!!]
Announcer: And what's Nagi doing now?! // He's actually looking to take on the legendary hero in close combat~!
Negi: So...? // Emittam Et Stagnet!!! // Chilipl Astrape!!!
[TN: ...I still don't have any idea what's with the ending of that "Chilipl", but it strikes me that it should at least start with a "Ch", rather than the "K" I used before for whatever reason. I mean, the Greek for a thousand is usually rendered "chilias", so...]
Negi: Nnnnnghhhhhh...! // Complexio!!!

Rakan: ...Ahh... This is...
Negi: Pro Armationem... // He Astrape Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamene!!!
[Insert text: One trump card after another! Defeating Rakan is a task for the fists!!]
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Period 242: Thunder God Negi!]

Announcer: And here is is again - Nagi's mystery transformation ability! // Apparently even specialists are unsure on the details of this particular technique... / ...but in terms of race, Nagi is human, so it clearly must be a technique of some sort... // Now, as Kojirou and Kagetarou exchange a furious combination of attacks and defense... // ...Nagi and Rakan are keeping a healthy distance, each staking out the other, in a cold, staring deadlock...

Announcer: Ah - !
Rakan: (Wha - )

Negi: !
Rakan: (What the hell was that sped?! // You're not half bad...!) // ?! // (What?! // Even faster - ?!)

Rakan: Ngahh - ! // Ghh... ahhh... // (No way... // He's moving at speeds that even I can't perceive?! // This isn't a simple Shundou he's using...!) // Ah - // Ughh! // Mnphh!
[TN: Shundou being the (non-magical) high-speed movement technique that Negi and others have used in the past]

Announcer: A - Ahh... / Aaahhhhhhhhh...?! // What exactly is going on here?! / Is this a dream? An illusion? The revival of an age-old bond of friendship?! // The blows just keep on coming... and coming!!! / The legendary mercenary swordsman is being pummelled from every side right in the centre of this arena!! // I can't say myself exactly what is happening, but... the speed! The brilliance! / Engulfed in this torrent of light, Rakan can do nothing but stand and take it!
Yuuna: Yeeeeahhhhhh!
Makie: Aaaahhhhhh!! Negi-ku~n!
Dolphin: What is your opinion on this, last year's runner-up, Zaytsev-san?
Zaytsev: I've been doing this for a long time myself, but I've never seen a technique like this... And the sheer speed... / A - Actually, I feel like I may have seen something similar just recently, but...
Rakan: Ngh... I see... // Transforming into lightning... you sure got me there! // This is the Thousand Bolts...
Negi: That's right. The "Raiten Taisou" Armationem.

Chisame: The caster himself turns into lightning? Is that even possible?
Chamo: Only for an instant, and it's not a complete transformation... this is a new ability Aniki developed with all his might purely for the sake of defeating Rakan. / Well, I don't know the details about the development of the enchantment and all that, but I do know there's more to it than just absorbing the Thousand Bolts. / At any rate, there are only two people who've even used Magia Erebea, Eva and Aniki, and of those, Aniki's the only one who's used it with the Thousand Bolts... // And it's all right saying he just "transformed into lightning", but the speed involved is seriously incredible. // After all, the initial velocity of a handgun bullet is about 400 metres per second... even a sniper rifle only goes up to a thousand metres per second... but lightning travels at 150 kilometres per second! It's on a completely different level! // Even our self-declared "invincible" old man down there probably can't deal with speeds like that. // He calls it... // "Raisoku Shundou"!!!
[TN: "Lightning-Speed Instantaneous Movement", or just "Lightning Shundou".]
Chamo: Negi's trump card No. 2!!
Rakan: (This is some serious speed... ugh...)

Rakan: Agh! // Nghhh!
Announcer: And he finishes up with a beautiful midair spike to the ground below! / Is it all over?!
Negi: (No... it isn't. // I hit him and then some, but it wasn't doing any real damage. // It was like punching pure steel...
Flashback!Eva: Go in there with the intent to kill, and you might just have a ghost of a chance of matching him. // Don't hold back.
Negi: Perfectus Plasmationis!!! // Per Emissionem!!!

Negi: Here I come! / This is it!!!
Rakan: Crap - ! // Willpower Defence!!
[TN: "Thousand Rock Shattering Thunder"]
Rakan: Guaaahhh!!
Announcer: Aaaahhhh!!

Kagetarou: Wh - What the - Rakan-dono?!
Kotarou: Come now, Kage-chan. / No getting distracted now! // Kuzoku Juuka!!
[TN: "Dog Tribe Beast Transformation"]
Rakan: ...Maaaaan, that hurt... / An ordinary high-level mage would've been blown to pieces... not pulling any punches, are you, kid...?
Negi: I'm not done yet. / Emittam!!
Rakan: (You're kidding?!)

Negi: Zero-Kyori Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!!!
[TN: "Point-Blank Jupiter Storm of Thunder". ...Poor Kotarou, always getting overshadowed by Negi =p]
People: Ahhh! // Whoaaa! // Again?! First that huge explosion, and now this...? Just what's going on in that tournament this year?! // I wasn't really interested in the tournament, but... maybe we should check this out~?!

Announcer: Ah - // Aaaaaahhhhhh?! // Th - Th - They're down! They're doooown!!! // Rakan's team, taken out in unison! Th - Th, this is just... // Could anybody have actually predicted this outcome?! / To think - someone other than the Thousand Master has left the Thousand Blades collapsed on the ground! Could this Nagi truly be that man's reincarnation? // They're not moving a muscle! I - If there are no objections, I'll begin the count!

Announcer: As - As I'm sure you all know, in this tournament, according to traditions passed down since the days of the ancient gladiators... / ...victory is decided when the opposing team is killed, rendered unable to fight, or surrenders! // If an opponent is rendered unconscious or disabled, they are judged unable to fight only on a count of twenty! / W... Well, then... // O... / One...!
Konoka: ...No way...
Nodoka: He...
Shiori!Asuna: He actualy won...?
Announcer: Two!
Ricardo: Ahhhhhhh~~~?! The kids actually went and did it...!! / That Rakan went and let his guard down!
Theodora: C... Could that meatball really have been taken out, just like that...?
Ricardo: I guess he figured he'd play the friendly teacher and let him get in a couple of hits to get things started! / And then his opponent was just so fast, faultless and unrelenting that he actually got defeated! // [aside]man, that technique's really something... Just incredible... I mean, wow. It's something else...[/aside]
Theodora: Well, I can't say it wouldn't be like him, but...
Yuuna: He won~~~~?!
Makie: Seriously~~~?! He actually did it?!

Konoka: You did it~~~~! Negi-kun~~~!!
Chisame: Well, whaddaya know... that old man wasn't so tough in the end after all! / [aside]he's all talk![/aside]
Natsumi: Kota-kun went all hairy...
Akira: Did... they do it? // (Ako...)
Ako: (Nagi-san...)
Announcer: Three!
[TN: It really is a bit early to be celebrating >_< Frankly, it would count as a plot twist at this point if Rakan didn't get up again.]

Ako: Nagi... no... // Negi-kun...!
[TN: *jawdrop*]
[Text: Two days earlier]
Flashback!Announcer: And Nagi and Kojirou's team take the victory!!
Flashback!Ako: Nagi-san! // Oh, no! You're really hurt!!
Flashback!Negi: Well, the opponent was pretty tough...
Flashback!Furry: Perfect timing. Ako, would you bandage him up for me?
Flashback!Ako: Wh - What?! M - Me...?
Flashback!Furry: Go on, just do it! / [aside]you are the pride of my shop, after all![/aside]
Flashback!Ako: R - Right!

Flashback!Negi: Nhhh...
Flashback!Ako: Ah - are you all right?
Flashback!Negi: Sure, this is nothing. // I should be the one worrying about you... I thought you didn't like the sight of blood?
Flashback!Ako: Ah - n - no - I'm fine!! // [aside]ahhh...[/aside]
[SFX: see~~p // shake shake]
Flashback!Ako: [aside]I'm fine![/aside]
[SFX: thump thump thump thump]
Flashback!Negi: [aside]right...[/aside] // (Ako-san...)
DoubleFlashback!Ako: You know... Negi-kun... // I really... like Nagi-san.
DoubleFlashback!Chisame: ...Oh, I see. So you found out about how Ako feels... // She couldn't tell "Nagi", but she went and told "Negi"...

Flashback!Ako: Aaahhh... / [aside]blood...[/aside]
Flashback!Negi: Ahh!
Flashback!Ako: Ahhh - I - I - I'm sorry!
Flashback!Negi: N - No - are you all right, Ako-san? // !
Flashback!Ako: Ahh...
Flashback!Negi: Ako-sa...
[TN: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That's almost enough for me to stop supporting NegixNodoka. Only, not.]
[Insert text: Ako has realised Nagi's true identity... / Does the reason behind this revelation involve... forbidden relations......?!!]
[Bottom text: Next week, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you again in Shonen Magazine Issue 14 (on sale 4th March)!♡]

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#1. by DrunkDragon ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
Thanks for the trans :D Too bad there's no chapter next week T_T
#2. by Tsuchikage ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
ROFL, awesome job dealing with the greek, hahaha
#3. by chihoho ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
men another break ????
#4. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
thanks for an awesome translation as always ^_^-b
kilometers in italic was nice.. I might have missed it otherwise :D
#5. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
Thanks thanks thanks for the trans ^__^
unlike TRC where fighting chaps are speechless, Negima's fighting chaps are filled with Latin and Greek, too bad (' - `*)
TN: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That's almost enough for me to stop supporting NegixNodoka. Only, not
I have been rooting for Ako since her date from vol 14 ^__^, but maybe, it'll just be another broken heart for her ^__^
and what's with the forbidden relations XD
#6. by aretobe ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2009
nooooooooooo another break
#7. by WarriorKK ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2009
Page 14, there are four bubbles in first panel, but your translation just has three.
#8. by byteeater ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2009
T_T cant wait for the next chapter...
#9. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Feb 20, 2009
Thanks for that, WarriorKK. Don't know how I managed to forget to translate that one.
#10. by proscientia ()
Posted on Feb 21, 2009
I like comparing the translation in store-bought manga with scanlations online. I look forward to rereading this along side the paper volume about a year and a half from now (when I expect it to arrive in bookstores).
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