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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Sommelière 1


+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jun 18, 2010 03:59 | Go to Sommelière

-> RTS Page for Sommelière 1

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

This was very hard to translate. Good thing I know some French...

Volume 1 Contents:
le vin #1: Message
le vin #2: Fool's Wine
le vin #3: The Second Bottle
le vin #4: Sommelier Katase Jo
le vin #5: The Mystery of Wine
-End column- Freedom of Wine

Page 1
le vin #1: Message
Swiss Alps---

Page 2
le vin #1: Message
With the presence of wine, people have the potential to become kind, become strong---

Page 3
Old woman: Kana, don't tell me...
Kana: *SFX of inserting into mouth*

Page 4
Kana: The soil is finally ready now!
Old woman: Do they teach brewery in the university by making you taste the soil?
Kana: Wine depends grapes, which in turn depends on the soil, so I have to taste it.
Old woman: You are just like a mole.
Kid: It's so mean to call her a mole, principal.

Page 5
Old woman: All of you! You know you shouldn't imitate Kana!
Kana: I'm sorry for teaching them something weird...
Old woman: But,
Old woman: Since you came back to this country,
Old woman: All the wine from this village have become much better in quality.

Page 6
Kana: Rather than through my work,
Kana: Wine is made by the forces of nature.
Kana: What people can do is to not defy that power...
Boy: ...But they must still shed much sweat.
Boy: Ah~~ It's the phrase that Kana always uses.
Kana: Yes.
Kana: Wine is made that way.

Page 7
SFX: *Shake shake*
Man: Oi!
Is this path really ok?
Man: This place is in the middle of nowhere.

Page 8
So it's here...

Page 9
Man(thought): A...grape field.

Page 10
Man: What are you doing, you bumpkins!
Kids: Wah----!
Kana: I'm sorry.
Kana: Did the children do anything?
Man: ...
Man: Are you Itsuki Kana?
Kana: Yes.
Kana: You are?
Yusuke: I'm Katori Yusuke, an attorney. TN: The card is written with first name first.
Yusuke: You must know Mr. John Smith?

Page 11
Kana: An attorney...
Yusuke: Yes, of course.
Kana: I was able to sustain this grape farm from the help of Mr. Smith.
Yusuke: That is,
Yusuke: Up until today, I'd say.
Kana: Today?
Kana: What do you mean...
Don't tell me he's withdrawing his support!?
Yusuke: My client, John Smith, has this proposal for you.

Page 12
Yusuke: He wants you to work,
In a restaurant in Tokyo.
Kana: Tokyo?
Kana: Restaurant?
What do you mean?
Yusuke: If you accept, then he will continue to support this farm in the future.
Kana: And if I refuse?
Kana: What will happen to the farm, the 20 children, and the other teachers?

Page 13
Yusuke: The farm will be broken up,
And those children lacking in dicipline will either be returned to their original parents or sent to other facilities...
Kana: They have no parents!
Every single one of them lost their family to war or starvation!
Yusuke: ...All I can do is to deliver my client's message.
Kana: But,
Kana: Why does Mr. Smith want that so suddenly?
Yusuke: ...Kicking around poor people as he pleases.
Yusuke: That is the power of the rich.
Oh, how I envy him.
Kana: ...
Yusuke: However, before that...

Page 14
Yusuke: Another condition from my client is that you must do a blind tasting*. *Blind tasting is with the bottle is hidden, you must determine the brand of wine by taste alone.
Yusuke: If you are wrong, then he will withdraw his support regardless.
Kana: The wine,
Kana: Was chosen by Mr. John Smith, correct?
Yusuke: Yes.
Yusuke: You know of Hotel Vitznau by the lake I presume?
Yusuke: If you accept the conditions, then go to the restaurant tonight.

Page 15
Kana(thought): Why!?
Kana(thought): I lost both my parents in an accident,
Kana(thought): And then person who reached out to help was none other than Mr. John Smith.
Kana(thought): Although I have never met him, he assisted with my studies in university, and also supports the grape farm.
Kana(thought): ...Mr. Smith, did something happen to you?
Kana(thought): Why a request like that all of a sudden...
Old woman: Kana...
Kana: Sister...! TN: Sister is just her title. They are not related.
Kana: Did you hear everything!?
Sister: Kana,
Sister: Your dream was to return to this farm and make wine together with the children, was it not?

Page 16
Kana: Yes.
That's why I chose to study about wine in university.
Kana: If I can help out here, even if only a little bit...
Sister: You have two paths to choose from.
Sister: One is to reject Mr. Smith's request, and we'll try to manage somehow.
Kana(thought): I can't do that.
Kana(thought): We would need new casks and wine press, for one thing...
Sister: Kana,
Sister: I'm really happy that you came here to help.
Sister: As for the other path,
Perhaps it is fate that you should go out into a new world.

Page 17
Kana: A new world?
Sister, are you saying that I should go to Tokyo...
Sister: I do not know.
Sister: But, when you first came to this farm,
Sister: Do you remember the words I spoke?
Kana: ...
Sister: Humans cannot escape from fate.
Sister: However, they can fight against it.

Page 18
Sister: And perhaps you will meet Mr. John Smith in Tokyo.
Sister: What you want to do in life,
You must decide yourself.
Kana(thought): Tokyo...
Kana(thought): By myself...
Boy: Kana...are you going away somewhere?
Girl: Are you gonna be taken away by that bad guy?
Kana: That's not it.
Kana: I just want to go listen to the message of a person I've been wanting to meet all this time.
Kana(thought): Yes, from the you who is deeply involved with wine,
Kana(thought): I want to know your message---

Page 19
Hotel Vitznau---
Yusuke: I'm saying I need to talk with the sommelier!
Man: Y-yes! What is it!?
Yusuke: I need confirmation! The wine should have arrived a month ago.
Man: Th...that's right.

Page 20
Yusuke: I instructed you to keep it in the cellar, and have you done just that?
Man: ...Yes.
Yusuke: If you haven't, then I will sue you!
Man(thought): Sue me...!

Page 21
Yusuke(thought): Wine, huh...
Yusuke(thought): I wonder if it's not a very popular job.
Kana: Thank you...
For coming first.

Page 22
Yusuke: By you coming here,
Yusuke: I presume you consent to going to Tokyo?
Kana: I...don't know yet.
Kana: I just wanted to know what kind of wine Mr. Smith chose for me.
Yusuke: The correct answer to the blind tasting is inside.
Yusuke: I shall be the one to confirm it.

Page 23
Kana(thought): Mr. Smith...
Kana(thought): This is a message from you.
Kana(thought): What are you trying to tell me?
Kana: ...Mr. Katori, do you like wine?

Page 24
Yusuke: I buy wine for investments, but I hate drinking them.
I never liked the taste.
Yusuke: And also because when I visited the farm, I had mud thrown at my $3000 suit.
Kana: I'm sorry...about that.
Kana: But please understand.
Those children think that everyone in a suit is a bad person.
Yusuke: Bad person?
Kana: Like parole officers or welfare workers.
Kana: They think that when people wearing ties come, they would be taken away somewhere.

Page 25
Yusuke: ...
Kana: And no matter where they go, they will be seen as a hindrance...
Kana: That's what I believe.
Kana: They have no place in this world.
Kana: And they will be told that their lives are worthless.
Kana: I...
Kana: Also lost both of my parents when I was a child,
So I understand their feelings.
Yusuke(thought): So she was also an orphan huh...

Page 26
Yusuke: I'm...fine.
Yusuke: If you are looking for pity, then won't find any.
Yusuke: There are countless children with that fate in the world.
Kana: ...Yes.
That's why,
Kana: I will not give in to fate.

Page 27
SFX: Clap
Yusuke: Not giving in to fate.
Yusuke: What exceptional words.
Yusuke: It's because of those things you say that you get kicked around by those with money.
Kana: Have you met Mr. John Smith before?
Yusuke: No.
Yusuke: I just help him with taxes for that rubbish winery. I do know that he's quite rich.

Page 28
Kana: You...
Kana: Are the worst.
Yusuke: ...It's best that you remember this,
Naive girl from the countryside.
Yusuke: There are only two parts to this world.
Yusuke: It doesn't matter how much you try to fight against fate.
Yusuke: This is the rich side.
Yusuke: And the other is the poor side.

Page 29
Yusuke: For the rich side,
People simply have to move their fingers to get whatever they want.
Yusuke: However,
Yusuke: For the poor side,
People can't even move their fingers.
Kana: That's like saying there are only two types of wine in the world.
Kana: Famous or not famous.
Kana: Expensive or cheap.
Kana: Old or new.
Good-tasting or not good-tasting...

Page 30
Am I wrong?
Yusuke: Is that not the case?
Yusuke: Perhaps,
Yusuke: I'll talk about my past.
Yusuke: After I passed my bar exam, I held a party with my friend.
Yusuke: That time, for some reason, my old man came out from the countryside---
Dad: Yusuke!

Page 31
Dad: I thought that I should share this with everyone.
Dad: This was expensive, you know.
Yusuke: He is a government worker, but he was really honest.
Yusuke: You didn't have to bring something like this...
Friend: Woah~~~ Awesome, this is some vintage wine. Let's drink it!
Someone: Would you like a glass as well?
Dad: Well, I've never drank wine before.

Page 32
Yusuke: The wine from that time...
Yusuke: Smelled like rotten boiled eggs, and it tasted so bad that I couldn't drink it.
Yusuke: Even though father was so proud of it before, he was really embarrassed.
He was miserable.
Kana(thought): Rotten boiled eggs...

Page 33
Yusuke: Father...that's enough.
Dad: Yusuke,
Dad: Wine sure tastes wonderful.

Page 34
Yusuke: Ok, I got it!
Dad: Ah, but...
Yusuke: That's enough! Just go home!
Yusuke: I was embarrassed by his ignorance.
At how he thought such disgusting wine was good.

Page 35
Kana: Ignorance...?
Yusuke: It's not good to be on the poor side like my old man.
Kana: It's not that your father thought it tasted good because he didn't know about wine.
Kana: He actually did drink some delicious wine.
Kana: Mr. Katori, you said that it smelled like rotten eggs, didn't you?
Yusuke: ...Yeah.
Kana: That's probably-
Kana: From the smell of deoxidization* inside the bottle during the aging process. *It is one of the defects of wine, and the process can occur during brewing or aging, caused by hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan, etc.
It should taste good after decantation.
Yusuke: Taste good...
Kana: Only your father took his time with his glass, so the smell disappeared after a while.

Page 36
Kana: Taking time...
Kana: He was gazing back at your growth,
The whole time as he drank it...
Yusuke(thought): ...The ignorant one was me.
Kana: What a wonderful father.
Yusuke: ...
Kana: ...
Kana: This...
Kana: Would like to have a drink?
Kana: I was originally planning to give this to Mr. John Smith.
Yusuke: ?

Page 37
Kana: The best white wine in the world.
Yusuke: Wine you made with the children...I see.
Yusuke: Very thin, with no richness.
Yusuke: ...Not very good.
Kana: Yes, it still needs a lot of work.

Page 38
Yusuke: ...And that's still supposed to be the world's best white wine?
Kana: Yes.
Yusuke: It's been 10 years since I last had any wine tasting this bad.
Perhaps this is punishment for my disrespect.
Kana: With this bottle here, the children can
Show the world the value of their lives.
Kana: It cannot be replaced...
That's the kind of wine it is for me.

Page 39
Kana: Although like what you said about the rich side,
If you have money, then perhaps you can obtain every kind of wine.
Kana: Ones receiving much praise, famous ones, aged ones, and ones with high scores from critics.
Kana: ...But,
Kana: Without having the thoughts of people within the glass...
Kana: The grapes, and the earth that the grapes grew in...
If you can't imagine the sweat of the farmers tending the earth...
Kana: And also time...
Kana: As time flows, if you don't listen very carefully to the tiny whispers of the wine,
And talk softly and humbly with it,

Page 40
Kana: Then wine would be nothing more than fermented grape juice.
Yusuke(thought): ...People's...humble...thoughts...huh.
Yusuke(thought): I have never thought about wine that way before.
Yusuke: However,
Yusuke: The tasting is still not over.
Yusuke: If you are wrong, then those would be nothing more than empty words.

Page 41
Kana(thought): Although it has a dark hue, the color is vermilion...
Kana(thought): The nuance between red and purple is not distinguishable.
Kana(thought): The strongest fragrance is of cherry.
Kana(thought): Then also leaf mold and plum...
Yusuke(thought): Didn't you say you were fighting against your fate?
Yusuke(thought): Then prove it to me.
Kana(thought): The grape is of Pinot Noir...
Kana(thought): It probably came from the village of Gevrey-Chambertin.

Page 42
How magnificent...
In the flavor,
There is no taste of the cask it's been in, nor is there the smell of the stalk.
The earth...
That grew the grapes...
The taste of things grown in the earth without the use of fertilizers.
This is...

Page 43
Kana: Domaine des Chezeaux, Griotte-Chambertin.
Kana: ...1990 vintage.

Page 44
Yusuke: ...Fate,
Yusuke: Is twisted it seems.
Yusuke: You have Criotte-Chambertin and the vintage correct,
Yusuke: But not the maker.
Yusuke: This is Domaine Ponsot's Griotte-Chambertin, 1990.
Kana: !
Yusuke: Too bad, but it's...
Yusuke: Your loss.

Page 45
Kana: Metayage. TN: It's a system of land cultivation in France, where the proprietor of the land receives a portion of the produce.
Yusuke: Metayage?
Kana: It's my win.
Kana: Because the contents of Chezeaux and Ponsot's Griotte-Chambertin are fundamentally the same.
Yusuke: Wha...
Yusuke: D...don't be ridiculous.
Yusuke: Putting on different labels for the same content is fraudulent behavior.
Kana: No.

Page 46
Kana: Domaine des Chezeaux is the land proprietor,
And its highest quality farm is Chambertin. Since it own the area of Griotte-Chambertin Clos St. Denis.
Kana: It lets tenant farmers make wine on its land.
Kana: Then one-third of the finished product would get the Chezeaux label as part of the lease payment.
The remaining two-thirds are shipped out in their original labels, like the ones of Ponsot.
Kana: It's merely the same wine, with different labels.
Kana: This is the system of metayage...
Kana: Divided cultivation.
Man: I'm sorry!

Page 47
Man: Actually, the bottle of Ponsot we received was broken.
Man: We tried to look for another bottle, but we could only find Chezeaux's.
Yusuke: Wha...
Man: Gulp...
Yusuke: Then why...
Yusuke: Did you say that glass was of Chezeaux, and not Ponsot?
Kana: When compared with Ponsot's,
I felt that it lacked depth, just a tiny bit.
*Domaine Ponsot farms on about 0.89 hectares of Domaine Chezeaux's land, and brews on average of about 12 casks of wine a year. Although Ponsot has to give Chezeaux 1/3 of the finished product, it can choose which ones to give.

Page 48
Yusuke(thought): So she is affected very little by her fate...
Yusuke(thought): I'm amazed, bumpkin girl.
Yusuke: Why did
Mr. Smith choose that wine?
Kana: EVen without owning the land, if you put in all of your effort, you can make wonderful wine.

Page 49
Kana: Even if you are in an unfortunate situation, if you have passion, then the paths will open for you.
Kana: Is what he is trying to say, I believe.
Kana(thought): Isn't that right, Mr. Smith?
Yusuke: So...all wine include messages of some kind, huh.
Kana: I,
Kana: Will go to Tokyo.

Page 50
Kana: What's wrong?
Yusuke: No...it's nothing.
Yusuke(thought): Mr. Smith,
Yusuke(thought): To think that you had this much of a reason,
Yusuke(thought): It feels like I understand you now.
Text: Next day---
Yusuke: Old man...
Are you well?

Page 51
Yusuke: So you received the wine?
I thought that maybe we should drink it after I get back to Japan.
Yusuke: The taste? It's bad,
Yusuke: I wanted to drink it with you no matter what.

Page 52
Mr. John Smith,
You have taught me, when I was a child, to take notes for all the wine that I drink everyday.
That was the condition for my tuition, living expenses, and support for the local farm that I work in after graduation, wasn't it?
My benefactor...
Who are you?
I am on my way to meet you now.
A deep vermilion color, with a tinge of the color of bricks. High viscosity. Has the fragrance of cherries, plum, flowers, and soil.
Being medium-bodied, it has a rather high alcoholic content and is somewhat acidic.
It condenses, and the rich fruity flavor makes it very sensual. The tannin is not very strong. The taste remains in the mouth for a long time.

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