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Byousoku 5 centimeter 11

A Poem of the Sky and Sea

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Jul 31, 2011 06:48 | Go to Byousoku 5 centimeter

-> RTS Page for Byousoku 5 centimeter 11

Reserved for Manga:Code. Do not use without my permission.

Phew. That's the end of one series. Not gonna lie, it was no walk in the park. Enjoyable series though. The manga gives a more hopeful tone at the end than the anime did.

Page 1
Final Chapter: A Poem of the Sky and Sea

Page 2

Page 3
Guy: Kanae-chan,
You're not surfing today?
Kanae: I just came to watch.
Guy: Is that so?
Guy: Well, I guess the waves aren't good today.
Kanae: Yeah.
I thought, "Ryou-kun is pretty amazing to surf in that condition".
Ryou: And you say that now?

Page 4
Kanae: And also, I wanted you to give you photos from Taka-san's birthday party.
There are also some for the others.
Ryou: Thanks, I'll give those to them.
Ryou: Hey.
Ryou: I heard from Chika that you don't have a boyfriend?
Kanae: Yeah?
Ryou: If it's ok with you, will you go out with me?

Page 5
Kanae: Ah...
Kanae: Phone call.
Kanae: Sorry.
Ryou: It's fine, go ahead and answer it.
Kanae: Hello? Onee-chan, what do you want!?
Kanae: ...What!?

Page 6
Man: Ow...
Woman: This is so sad...
Kanae: I'm glad he didn't hit his head-
Man: Seriously- You'd think usually there wouldn't be a wet towel on the floor in a place that.
Woman: Sigh---
Kanae: Your operation is the day after tomorrow right?
It seems like you'll be giving birth while he's staying in the hospital.
Man: Ah- oh yeah. I wish they had an obstetrics department here...
Can't you be here for it? Can't you slip out halfway through?
Woman: You be quiet!
Woman: Sigh...
Woman: Oh yeah, Kanae, sorry to ask this but...

Page 7
Kanae: You stuff at your desk right? I heard about it.
I get tomorrow off, so I'll go get it.
Woman: Sorry for the trouble-
Kanae: It's fine, it's fine.
Woman: Look, it's daddy-
Kid: Daddy!
Man: Guooooh!!
Kanae: Excuse me, I'm a family member of Nakamura-sensei.
Woman: Aah- Yes, I was informed.
Is he alright?
Kanae: Yes, he broke his kneecap,
Kanae: But he's completely fine.

Page 8
Woman: His step-sister...which means you're Sumida-sensei's younger sister?
Kanae: Ah.
Yes. I'm Sumida Kanae.
Kanae: I was a student here...
Woman: Oh yes!
You didn't change at all.
Kanae: Ehehe.
Woman: Is it true that you're working at Nishinoomote?
Kanae: Yes, but only for one year.
I have been studying and I got into Kagoshima's nursing school.
Woman: wow-
Kanae: Now I'm in Minamitane Hospital.
Woman: Is that so- You sure have worked hard.
Kanae: Thank you very much.
Woman: Tell Nakamura-sensei that I said get well soon.
Kanae: I will.
Kanae: And um...can I take a look around this place?
Kanae: It feels so nostalgic.
Woman: That's fine.
Let me know when you leave.
Kanae: Ok!

Page 9

Page 10

Page 11
Kanae: Is the funeral over already?
Woman: It's fine, it's fine. Only the old men are left chatting.
Woman: It's been a while-

Page 12
Woman: I wouldn't even have the time to come back here if it wasn't for the funeral.
Woman: Ah- I have to go back to Kagoshima tonight as well.
Kanae: Weren't you going to stay over?
Woman: My husband texted me just now, and it seems like I can't.
Kanae: Isn't that a bit rushed? Are you going to be fine?
Woman: Ahaha, it's always like this.
Woman: You sure are fine with all this.
Kanae: I'm used to it because of my nephews.
Kanae: My sister's going to come back once she gives birth to the third one.
Woman: Now now, Akkun- Misa-chan, go get the bear.
Woman: Oh? He doesn't have the bear?
Woman: It seems like I left it in the car. I'm going to go get it-
Kanae: Alright-
Kanae: Misa-chan, draw a dog next.
Kanae: Geez.
Kanae: Sigh...

Page 13
Woman: It can't be helped, but...
Everyone brings back their kids whenever they come back.
Woman: And my relatives keep on asking me why I haven't married.
Woman: The countryside can be such...
Woman: I'm glad that you're still single as well, Kanae-
Kanae: Haha...
SFX: *Ring*
Kanae: So you don't have any plans for now, Saki-chan?
Saki: I don't need any because of my work, and I definitely don't need a boyfriend.
Saki: Ah, sorry, text.
Kanae: But the TV station seems like such a nice place.
Saki: Nah, a production company is really nothing special.
Saki: But I guess it's quite fun.
Saki: Besides, when people get married, all they talk about is their husbands and kids.
Saki: I don't want to be like that.

Page 14
Kanae: ...I kind of envy their happiness though.
Kanae: But I also think that independent people like you are pretty cool.
Kanae: I'm...still sitting on the fence.
Kanae: I'm not devoted to my job.
Kanae: But to get married...
Saki: Ah, you're one of those typical ones who get married late.
Saki: Oh well, that's so like you, Kanae. You've always been like this.
Kanae: Ouch...
Woman: Sorry, it was dropped under the seat, so I had to look for it-
Woman: He has to have the bear with him.
A while back, he was fighting for it with his cousin,
Woman: And he bit the kid's hand.

Page 15
Yukko: He has never done something like that before, so before his grandmother got angry-
Saki: Yukko.
Saki: I'm not that interested in hearing about your kids.
Yukko: Ahahahaha, Saki-chan, you're so scary-
Yukko: I see you still hate children-
Yukko: Look now, those sticky lips are going to kiss you-
Saki: Hey, stop it---
Kid: Ahaha!
Woman: Stop that-
Woman: Hey...
Woman: What did you do!?
Kanae: Still not coming out, huh-
Woman: Seriously.
It's dad's curse.
Kanae: How he said for you to wait until he gets out of the hospital?
Woman: Hey hey heey!!
Kid: Kyaah---
Woman: I already get dizzy from thinking about having yet another boy...

Page 16
Kanae: But thanks to that, mom doesn't bother me about getting married or having kids anymore.
Woman: Ahaha, she already has her hands full with the grandsons.
Woman: But you know,
Without that kind of pressure, it'll be hard to move forward.
Kanae: Ah.
Woman: Phone call?

Page 17
Ryou: Sorry for calling you out so late.
Kanae: It's fine.
Kanae: Sorry about before.
Ryou: It's fine, since it was an emergency.
Ryou: But we were interrupted.
Kanae: Yeah...
Ryou: The view is really nice here.
Did you know that?
Kanae: ...Yeah.
Ryou: Haha- well I guess you're from here.

Page 18
Kanae: ...Ryou-kun, how many years has it been since you moved here?
Ryou: Almost two years now.
Kanae: Are you glad that you came?
Ryou: Hm...yeah. I came here because I wanted to surf.
Ryou: It's true that there are many inconveniences, but I'm fine with it.
Kanae: I see...
Ryou: Kanae-chan, do you like it here as well?
Ryou: Isn't it rare for people to stay around here?
Kanae: ...I don't know.
Kanae: When I went to school in Kagoshima,
Kanae: I lived with my sister because she happened to have transferred as well.
But for some reason I couldn't get used to that place and I came back to work here.

Page 19
Ryou: It's because you love the waves, right-
Kanae: I wonder...
Kanae: I like surfing,
But it's not like I'm doing it professionally like you.
Kanae: The farthest I've ever gone...are Fukuoka and Okinawa.
And I had a fever during the school trip, so I couldn't go...
Ryou: Huh? Don't you ever go traveling?
Kanae: Well...I had no money.
Kanae: And I went to the ocean on holidays.
Kanae: But watching the stars like this...
Kanae: Just like how I went to my high school,
It makes me think of something.
Kanae: How it makes me wonder if I'll stay here my whole life.
Kanae: And maybe how there are no other possibilities for me.
Kanae: I also worried like this a lot in my teen years.
Kanae: But I came this far without facing anything.
Ryou: Didn't you say that becoming a nurse was a huge decision?
Ryou: And you studied really hard for it.
Kanae: Yeah...

Page 20
Kanae: There was someone I liked from middle to high school.
Kanae: Although it was a one-sided love.
Kanae: He moved here from Tokyo.
Kanae: Even though he would smile kindly beside me,
It felt as if his heart was always far away...
Kanae: Even when he was close by, he was like a star shining in the distance.
Kanae: Hehe, what a bad way of putting it...
Kanae: That's why, I knew deep down that it wouldn't reach him.
Kanae: But you know,
I think the words "I like you" were mixed with my yearning for a world unknown to me.
Kanae: Especially recently...
Kanae: I remember things about him.

Page 21
Kanae: When he left for Tokyo,
He told me the time of his flight.
Kanae: That's when I made my first confession.
Kanae: But that was because,
Kanae: I knew that I would never see again. That's how I was able to do it.
Kanae: After that, I was studying hard while working part-time...
Kanae: I think that time was when I truly pushed forward,
In order to broaden my horizons.
Kanae: In the end, the determination gradually weakened to what it is now...
Kanae: ...Sorry, for talking about
Such weird things.
Ryou: Do you still like him now?
Kanae: Huh?
Ryou: I was just wondering if that's where you going.
Kanae: No, no, it's already been 10 years since then...
Kanae: Hmm... But...
Kanae: I wonder.

Page 22
Kanae: I wanted to have normal relationships.
Kanae: But it didn't go well.
Kanae: Like back then...focusing all of my feelings toward someone,
With the feelings building up inside,
Kanae: I just can't seem to do it with anyone else.
Kanae: Maybe it's because I became an adult,
Kanae: But rather than trying to overcome slight difficulties, I give up right away...
Kanae: That hasn't happened recently, so maybe I just let time pass without doing anything.
Kanae: Even though my heart is at peace,
I always worry if it's really alright to be like this...
Ryou: So,
Ryou: You don't know what to do when someone like me, who doesn't know anything, suddenly confess to you.
Kanae: ...
Kanae: Well...

Page 23
Ryou: But it's not like I don't know what you're talking about.
Even some guys are like that.
Ryou: I think I just have less hurdles than you when it comes to liking someone. Or rather,
Ryou: I just go with my feelings without worrying too much.
Kanae: This is not a good way of asking, but...
Kanae: What's good about me?
Ryou: Your cuteness.
Ryou: I thought that even though you're cute, you're kind of indecisive and unclear about your feelings.
Ryou: But because the fact that you have that flaw, I started becoming interested in you.
After hearing what you said, I think so even more.
Ryou: Ah- but why do I have to talk about something so heavy?
I think you're cute because you're serious, clumsy, yet sincere.

Page 24
Ryou: This may sound superficial,
But I think that kind of nonchalance is necessary at times.
Ryou: If being here becomes too much, you can just leave.
If that guy really pulls you toward him, you don't have to forget about him.
Ryou: You're the one who's binding yourself.
Ryou: With that,
Let's just put all those thoughts aside and give it a try between us.
Ryou: And if things don't work out, just tell me.
Ryou: That's my conclusion.

Page 25
Kanae: ...Thank you.
Kanae: Can you give me a little bit...
Kanae: Of time?
Kanae: Just a little.
Kid: Kanae!
Kanae: See, I told you- Kabu is still really strong.

Page 26
Kid: I like smaller dogs.
Kid: I like Pii-chan from next door!
Text above dog: Pii-chan
Kanae: What are you saying!? Kabu is the best!
Kid: Butt-ugly Kanae!
Kid: So ugly!
Kanae: How did get the connection...?
Hey, wait, you!
Kanae: Watch out, people coming through!

Page 27
Kabu: *Whine*
Kanae: Kabu, do you want to drink some water?
Kanae: Kabu-
Kanae: Recently,
Kanae: I keep on thinking about back then.
Kid: Kanae-!

Page 28
Woman: She's become quite good.
Kid: Kanae's so cool-
Woman: Ah.
Kid: Kanae's so lame-!
Kid: Ugly Kanae-!

Page 29
Woman: Good work-
Woman: I brought lunch because those two wanted to come here to the ocean.
Kid: Let's eat.
Kanae: Onee-chan.
Kanae: I,
Kanae: Don't know what I should do.

Page 30
...That's a tough one.
How about you try going to Tokyo?
Go find Touno-kun and see him.
You have enough savings for that right?
To you, both Touno-kun and Tokyo are really far away from here.
They symbolize your wishes that can't be realized, right?

Page 31
Woman: Even when that's the case, if they get in the way of your happiness,
Isn't it best if you go see him?
Kanae: ...But I don't know where he is.
Kanae: Besides, his parents moved away many years ago...
Woman: They used to be teachers at my university, so you can ask about them there.
Woman: And his father is still teaching too.
Woman: You're older now, yet you still have much freedom.
Woman: You should go out there while you still can.
Woman: And you can get your answer through that.

Page 32
...It's been a while since I imagined his face.
And I've been avoiding muttering his name.

Page 33
They way Touno-kun's eyes always looked out into the distance,
Is not unlike
How I am now.
Staring without any purpose.
But I give up trying to reach out.
Back then, I tried really hard to grasp it.
In the end, it was no good,
But I tried to put an end to it.
I want the genuine strength from back then.
That's why I want to go and confirm something.
Will he turn around when I call out to him?
Will he stare blankly and ask who I am?
I may need that kind of hurt.
Because only Touno-kun's kindness remained.
I need to make my clock move forward again.

Page 34
At 1000 kilometers per hour,
Flying over skies and oceans that I've never been to.

Page 35
Kanae: ...High speed? Sobu-line?
Woman: *Cough*
Kanae: Ah.
Kanae(thought): ...Oh yeah.
Kanae(thought): I don't know where to go after Mitaka station.
Kanae(thought): I should contact them first.
Kanae(thought): Ok, I'll do that.
Kanae: Um, I would like to speak to M-Mobile Solution's Touno-san please.
Kanae: Yes!

Page 36
Kanae: He quit...
Man: Excuse meee.
Man: I'm looking for hairstyle models. Do you have some time-?
Kanae: N-
Kanae: No.

Page 37
RIght now--- I may be at where Touno-kun used to live.
Once, a guy headed toward Tokyo asked Touno-kun to show him a map of the place, and asked many questions.
It feels like I heard the name of this place being mentioned then.
No, I got here after loitering around.
Anyway, I'm walking around.
What should I do...
Yeah...just the fact that I came.
...Thanks, onee-san.

Page 38

Page 39
Kanae: Hello?
Phone: Kanae!
I found out the phone number!

Page 40
Woman: Although it's his parents'.
They are currently in Nagano.
Woman: Touno-kun never went to reunions, and no one could get in touch,
But someone looked into it.
Woman: Last year, they said that they would send the message to their son, so I'm sure you can get in touch.
Kanae: Ok.
Kanae: Ok.
Kanae: Thanks.
SFX: *Riiiiing*
SFX: *Riiing*

Page 41
Kanae: Hello.
Kanae: Ryou-kun?
Kanae: Yeah.
Kanae: I'm in Tokyo right now.
Kanae: Yeah.
I ended up coming here.
Kanae: No, I'm going back tonight.
Kanae: Although I probably will only get to Kagoshima.
Ryou: Is that so?
Ryou: Ah, that's a relief...I thought you moved or something.
Ryou: Well, your voice.
Ryou: You sounded so sure of yourself.
Ryou: So,
Did you see the guy?
Kanae: No.
Kanae: But it's alright.

Page 42
Kanae: From now on, if I really want to see him, I will be able to.
Kanae: So I'm fine now.
Ryou: Huh?
Ryou: So that means you gave up?
Kanae: Not really...given up.
Kanae: It's just that I've only been in Tokyo for a few hours,
Kanae: And I'm already overwhelmed.
Kanae: There are so many people and cars, all going so fast.
Kanae: Like a totally different dimension.
Kanae: It's not a place for me-

Page 43
Ryou: That's to be expected- But you'll get used to it in 3 days.
Kanae: ...Maybe.
Kanae: But,
Kanae: The air is different here.
Kanae: It's like the clouds are bad...
Kanae: I think I like the air in Tanegashima better after all.
Kanae: Even though it feels like time stops there, the clouds always float by really fast.

Page 44
Kanae: With such energy,
Kanae: And wildly,
Kanae: Occasionally there to see the rocket.
Kanae: When I go back,
I think I'll still brood over my situation sometimes,
Kanae: But since I know that we share the same sky,
Kanae: I think I will feel more at ease.

Page 45
And once I think that way, I can go anywhere.
No matter how far away I am, if I really wish for it, we will be connected.
That's why...
I'm alright now.

Page 46
Ryou: ...I see.
Ryou: ...So how about the reply that I'm waiting for?
Kanae: I'm sorry!
Ryou: Huh-!?
Ryou: You're not going along with your ok attitude?
Kanae: I'm...
Kanae: I'm sorry...
Kanae: I still don't have my feet on the ground...
Kanae: Or rather, I think I should go out with someone I really like.

Page 47
Ryou: ...So that means if you get to know me more, I'll have a chance?
Kanae: I don't know about that...
Ryou: Oh geez! Kanae-chan, just come back quickly!
Ryou: I'll force you to learn more about me!
Kanae: Ahaha, you're so scary...
Kanae: Ryou-kun.
Ryou: Hm?
Kanae: ...Thank you.

Page 48
Take care.
Hurry back here.

Page 49
Did you get to where you wanted to go?

Page 50

Page 51

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