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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 8

Kurogane Taishou

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Oct 29, 2011 15:33 | Go to Kurogane (Ikezawa)

-> RTS Page for Kurogane (Ikezawa) 8

Reserved for Lazy Ass Scans. Do not use without my permission.

Page 1
Chapter 8: Kurogane Taishou
Text: The only time he can rest is during class!?
Hiroto(thought): ...Ever since I started training every night in my dreams with Sayuri, I haven't been able to rest...
Hiroto(thought): But...I'm the only regular member who's a beginner,
So I have to try my very best...!!
Hiroto: ?
Good luck regular!
I will be making lunch for everyone tomorrow!!
Sayuri: Wake up!
Hiroto: ...!!

Page 2
Hiroto: Hey, Sayuri...I wonder if I gained a bit more muscles?
Sayuri: Hey now,
If you can gain more muscles in 3 days, then people like Shidou would be covered in muscles.
Sayuri: But well, for you to do jogging and running to and from school...
Sayuri: You must have worked hard.
Hiroto: Hello everyo---
Hiroto(thought): ...Huh?
Did something happen...?
Shidou: ...Kurogane.
Hiroto: Huh?

Page 3
The order: Kakei, Yuri, Kamiya, Sakurai, Kurogane
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto: Huh...!?
Kakurai: I'll say this again.
Kakurai: This is the order---
Used against Hakurei and Rakuyou tomorrow!!!
Kakei: ...!! Captain Kamiya...as Chuuken...!?
Kinoko: But, the more important thing---

Page 4
Kinoko: Taishou is...
Kinoko: Kurogane!!?
Kinoko: What does this mean!?
Kakei: The taishou...can't be anyone else besides Captain Kamiya...
Kakurai: Ah---don't misunderstand me.
Kakurai: I know more than anyone else how Kamiya is the strongest.
Kakurai: It's just...I know that,
The taishous for Hakurei and Rakuyou are strong as well.
Kakurai: Which is precisely why---making Kamiya avoid matches that are hard to win...
And instead, assure his victory as a Chuuken.
Kamiya: ...
Kakurai: And I shifted the experienced Hazakura to Fukushou for the same reason.

Page 5
Kakurai: By concentrating the powers in positions other than Taishou...
Kakurai: This is an effective strategy...than we can employ to have stronger people in those ranks.
Yuri: !?...Please wait!!
Yuri: But what about the other teams' ace!? The Taishou matches...
Kakurai: ...Are throw-aways.
Kakurai: We would already have 3 wins...
Even before the Taishou match.
Kakurai: That's why it's fine to have the weakest as the Taishou.
Kakurai: In which case,
...It's the "Throw-Away Taishou".

Page 6
Hiroto: ...! That means...I'm...
Kakei(thought): ...
Kakei(thought): So it's like a pitcher giving batters "intentional walks"...while being scorned by the audience and the opponents.
Kakei(thought): He'll just be creamed by the other teams' aces.
...What a cruel role to give to a beginner...
Kakurai: And in the first place, I have a bit of a problem with choosing Kurogane as a regular...
Kakurai: Konoko and Sarutobi, what do you two think?
Both: !!
Kinoko: Oh but, I have absolutely no talent---
Sarutobi: That's right!! He was chosen by Captain Kamiya, so...
Kakurai: So if you two...
Fought against Kurogane...you wouldn't be able to win?
Saurtobi: ...!
Kakurai: No need to hold back now.
Kinoko: ...!

Page 7
Kinoko: ...It's true that I...have no talent, but I have been practicing for years.
Sarutobi: Same here...
I wouldn't lose so easily either!!
Hiroto: ...!!
Kakurai: ...Is what they are saying.
Do you get it, Kurogane?
Kakurai: You are not yet acknowledged by the members of the club.
Kakurai: So you haven't become a regular member,
In its true sense.
Kakurai: There is the "Monster" Bakuu of Rakuyou, who is considered one of the top 5 kendoists in the country.
Kakurai: And the two-time champion of inter high individual matches, Japan's best captain, Hakurei's "Master Swordsman" Yodaka.
They are not your typical pushovers...that you can beat without breaking a sweat.

Page 8
Kakurai: If you got that, everyone is dismissed!
Kakurai: Go back to practice.
Tsubame: ...Kurogane-kun...
Hiroto: ...

Page 9
Hiroto(thought): Up to now---
Hiroto(thought): I have never looked at myself from others' point of view.
Hiroto(thought): Of course the captain and Shidou are not just regulars, they are my senpais.
Hiroto(thought): They are far better than I am...that I can't do anything about.
Hiroto(thought): I wonder if the practices with Sayuri are going to waste...Although I personally think...that I tried really hard.
Hiroto(thought): ...But it should be fine, if by me losing...the captain and Shidou could win---
Shidou: ...
Kakurai: Hey, Sayu.
Sayuri: Hm? I won't wait for you.
Kakurai: Don't you think anything of it...? How your beloved Hiroto nii-chan is used as a thrown-away.
Sayuri: Hm---?

Page 10
Sayuri: No, nothing at all.
Sayuri: Dojo masters are forbidden from showing partiality.
Kakurai: Hm...
Sayuri: ...Rather, I'm thankful.
Kakurai: ?
Sayuri: Since sooner or later...
Sayuri: Kurogane...
Sayuri: Will become a Taishou.
Kakurai: ...!!
Kakurai: ...Tch,
Checkmate huh.

Page 11
Someone: Stop your mokusou!! ...Face Shizen,
And bow!!!
TN: Those are the meditation and bowing before and after each kendo practice.
Someone: Dismissed!!!
Hiroto: Hah---
Kakurai: O--i!
Kakurai: ...Just Kurogane,
Kakurai: Will remain here.
Hiroto: ...!!! Yes...
Hiroto(thought): ...Is he angry? ...I couldn't focus at all during today's practice---
Shidou: ...
Shidou: Alright Kurogane,
I'll go on ahead.
Hiroto: Ah...alright.

Page 12
Shidou: I'll entrust,
Shidou: ...The task of Taishou to you.
Hiroto: ...!!
Hiroto: ...
Hiroto(thought): That's not right, Shidou.
Hiroto(thought): The strength you saw,
Hiroto(thought): Was actually Sayuri's.
Hiroto(thought): ...I---
Kakurai: Hey, Kurogane!!
Hiroto: Yes!!
Kakurai: We're going outside!!
Kakurai: Since smoking is not allowed inside the gym.
Hiroto: Ok...

Page 13
Hiroto: ...
Kakurai: ...Kurogane.
Kakurai: ...I,
Don't really believe in the thing called talent.
Hiroto: Huh?
Kakurai: First-rate kendoists like Kamiya and Hazakura are really sensitive to talents similar to their own.
Kakurai: I recognize the fact...that they appreciate your talents.
Kakurai: But I,
Have seen way too many kendoists.

Page 14
Kakurai: Many with talents were broken with excessive expectations and pressures.
Kakurai: With unrefined spirits, the instant their dreams that they believed in for a long time were realized---
Kakurai: ...The important thing is,
Whether or not your heart is catching up to how strong you want to be.
Hiroto: ...?
Kakurai: ...
Kakurai: You...
Kakurai: Aren't you tortured by it?
Hiroto: ...

Page 15
Hiroto: It's true that I'm the weakest...That can't be helped...or, rather,
Hiroto: I'm already used...to losing all the time...
So I guess you could say...that I'm suited for it...
Kakurai: Is that really the case?
Hiroto: !!
Kakurai: No man is ever suited for
Kakurai: Losing.
Hiroto: ...!
Hiroto: ...

Page 16
Want to win.

Page 17
Hiroto: It's really frustrating...!!!
Hiroto: Want to fight!!!
Kakurai: ...
Kakurai: That's good.
Kakurai: ...Try triumphing from the results.
Kakurai: This is a chance for doing that.
Kakurai: Try to become one.
Kakurai: A real regular member!!!

Page 18
Hiroto: Yes!!!
Kakurai: ...I pray that I'll get more than words from you.
Kakurai: If you have the necessary resolve...
Kakurai: Come with me for a bit.
Hiroto: !?
What do you mean...
Kakurai: Oi, if you're coming too, get in the car, Sayu!!
Hiroto: Where are we going at this time...
Kakurai: There's a place where people are still doing kendo at this hour.
Hiroto: !?

Page 19
Kakurai: ...We're going to go have a look.
kakurai: At Japan's best captain.
Sign: Hakurei High School
Text: The one waiting for them---is the one known as "Master Swordsman"!!

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