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Sommelière 6

Wine Knowledge

+ posted by cookie_on_fire as translation on Mar 11, 2012 14:44 | Go to Sommelière

-> RTS Page for Sommelière 6

Reserved for Trinity BAKumA. Do not use without my permission.

Volume 2 Contents:
le vin #6: Wine Knowledge
le vin #7: Chatelaine
le vin #8: A Lie
le vin #9: Flowers
le vin #10: Wine that Opens
le vin #11: Gate to the Past
-End Column- Freedom of Wine, Araki Jo Select: Wine for Tonight

Page 1
le vin #6: Wine Knowledge

Page 2
Year 2002---
Paris, France
Bordeaux area---

Page 3
Neyrand Wine Shop

Page 4
Man: Um...
Kana: Oh, hi!
Kana: How may I help you?
Man: Do you work you?
Man: I see you a lot in the university library.
Kana: Yes, but what do you need...?
Are you looking for a particular wine?
Man: Huh?

Page 5
Man: Wine!?
Man: Oh yeah, I guess this is a wine shop...
Man: Um...
Man: I'm Jean.
Man: And you?
Kana: ...
Jean: Well, there are so many types of wine, I don't which are good.
Jean: And they must be expensive too.
Kana(thought): ...
Kana(thought): Then why did you come to a wine shop?

Page 6
Neyrand: What is it, young one!
Do you want to know about wine?
Kana: Mr. Neyrand!
Neyrand: Do you?
Jean: Huh...?
Uh, I guess.
Neyrand: Ok!
Neyrand: Choosing a good wine starts with choosing a good shop.
Neyrand: You can tell just by the appearance.

Page 7
Neyrand: First of all, the wine have to be stored properly.
The stores that allow direct sunlight to touch the wines are no~~~ good.
Neyrand: Look! My store cares more about the wine than the customers, so it's all dark. (side) The shades are perfect!
Neyrand: Inproperly stored wine becomes all~~~ spoiled!
Neyrand: Some may sell spoiled wine for cheaper, but I will never do that.
Jean: I...I see...
SFX: *Glance*
Neyrand: Don't look away!
Neyrand: Of course it's important to have a wide selection.
Neyrand: But more doesn't necessarily mean better.
No matter what, there are two key points.

Page 8
Neyrand: One, how many types of champagne there are,
How much they are,
And whether the prices are marked higher or lower than the manufactures' retail price.
Neyrand: You can tell by looking at the pricing in the stores*.
*In Japan, for example, checking to see how much a Dom Perignon retailed at 16,800 yen is sold for.
Jean: Well, I prefer wines that are a bit cheaper...
Neyrand: Yes, cheap wines are important too!
Neyrand: Two, how many types of Cabernet Sauvignon red wine below 14 euros (about 2000 yen) available is a key point at determining if a shop is geared toward the average consumer.
Neyrand: In addition, the cheaper the price range,
The more the store clerks' wine knowledge are being tested.
Jean: That's right!
Jean: The question lies in the clerks.
Jean: For example,
Jean: The name of the young woman over there.

Page 9
Jean: She looks Asian, but exactly where she came from.
Jean: And whether or not she has a boyfriend.
Neyrand: Fufufu...
Jean: Ah!
Neyrand: You like her, don't you?
Then you can get her with this question.
Jean: Oh!
Jean: Really?

Page 10
Jean: Uh, um...
Neyrand: First pick a suitable white wine, and ask "is it slightly sweet?"...
Neyrand: Listen, recent white wines use grapes after they become ripe.
Neyrand: Subtle differences in the amount of sweetness present within is unexpectly not well-known.
Neyrand: In other words...
Kana: You must know a lot about wine if you can ask a question like that!
Neyrand: It will be like that!
Jean: Alright!

Page 11
Jean: Is this,
Jean: Slightly sweet?
Kana: Huh?
Kana: That is Chateau d'Yquem,
Kana: The world's most famous sweet dessert wine...
Jean: Huh!?
Neyrand(thought): Of all things, he chose d'Yquem.
Neyrand(thought): What an unlucky fellow...

Page 12
Neyrand: Kana...
Neyrand: Aren't you being a bit too cold to the customer?
Kana: But he really doesn't seem to cares about wine at all.

Page 13
Neyrand: That's not true.
Neyrand: That guy over there,
He really wants to open up a bottle of wine with an important person.
Kana: What...
Kana: So that's why...

Page 14
Kana: Sir,
Kana: I believe rather than which, the most important thing,
Kana: About wine is how you enjoy it.
Jean: How I enjoy it?
Kana: Yes.
Jean: Well, having a meal at a fancy restaurant, and then taking a walk along the riverbank...
Jean: Taking about the future,
Jean: While gazing up at the night sky.
Man: Let's get married.
Woman: Yes.

Page 15
Kana: You really are a nice person.
Jean: Huh!?
Jean: R-really?
Neyrand: But aren't you still a student?
Neyrand: You probably have never ordered wine at a proper restaurant before.
Jean: No...
Neyrand: Let's see.
Neyrand: Do you want to go to a restaurant with her and practice?
Jean: Huh!?

Page 16
Jean: Um, there's no need to do something so,
Kana: I'll be happy to.
Jean: What!?
Kana: I'm Itsuki Kana.
Jean(thought): It's...
Jean(thought): It's a miracle!

Page 17
Neyrand: If that's decided, we need to talk about what to order.
Jean: Yes!
Neyrand: First, you need to be clear with the sommelier.
For example...
Jean: I see!

Page 18
A few days later---

Page 19
Jean: Ms. Kana,
Jean: I've been told the main points, so leave the rest to me.
Kana: Please try your best.
Jean(thought): The sommelier...
Jean(thought): Is here!
Jean(thought): Seems like,
Jean(thought): Sommeliers are pretty full of themselves...

Page 20
Man: Here are the menu and the wine list.
Jean(thought): Don't rush it,
Jean(thought): And make an impact...
Jean: You!
Jean: What brand of glass to you have?
Man: Brand of...
Man: Glass, sir?

Page 21
Kana: ...No, he probably meant a glass of champagne.
Kana: So brand of champagne.
Man: We have Veuve-Clicquot...
Jean: Then we'll have that.
Jean(thought): ...And that will give me more time,
Jean(thought): To check the wine list!
Jean(thought): Fufufu, I'll start with sparkling wine, and then white and red dessert wines.
Jean(thought): Wine I know of are expensive!
Jean(thought): Cheaper ones, I've never even heard of them.
Jean(thought): Hm~~~ and that's quite a dilemma!

Page 22
Jean(thought): But,
Jean(thought): I have just the thing to choose with!
Jean: Watch!
Text: Ruler
SFX: *Tap*
Jean: France's Bordeaux area and Medoc area are the longest.
Jean: I'm determining which countries, areas, and grape types information take up the most space in the wine list!

Page 23
Jean: And that marks this restaurant's best wine!
...Isn't that right, mister sommelier?
Man: Ah, that's true...
Man(thought): What's with this customer...
Jean: In addition, the cheapest wine from the longest descriptions is what the sommelier chose the most meticulously.
In other words...
Jean: When in doubt, go for this!
Man: ...Um.
Man: But what would you like for your meal?

Page 24
Jean(thought): Oh crap!
Restaurants are not only about the wine...
Kana: It's a good idea to think about more than just the wine.
The most simple is,
Kana: White wine goes with food that are white in color. Red wine goes with food that are red in color.
Kana: A light-flavored wine for a light meal, and a profound wine for a rich meal.
Kana: A simple wine for a simple meal, while a complex wine for a complex meal.
Jean: But I know about food even less than wine.
Kana: Then you can just ask the restaurant staff. They will tell you about the details.
Kana: Choosing the same type of wine used in the food, or wine from the same area is popular, isn't it?
Man: Yes.

Page 25
Jean: Hm~~ That may be a good way to order...
Jean: But in the end,
Jean: There is an ultimate wine order that I didn't want to make.
Both: Ultimate wine order?
Jean: Um, I wrote it down...
Jean: Anyone even without wine knowledge would look cool,
Is what the old man told me...
Kana: !
Kana: Um...if possible,

Page 26
Kana: We would like have a few types of wine by the glass.
Jean: Yeah...
Jean: That's it~~~!
Jean: Sigh...
Jean: I should have said by the glass from the very beginning if I knew it would turn out like this.
Kana: And I told you before, didn't I?
Kana: How you enjoy wine is more important than what you have.

Page 27
Jean: No...
Jean: What's even more important,
Jean: Is who you drink it with.
Kana: You're right.

Page 28
Kana: Your mother must be very fortunate to have a son like you.
Jean: Mother?
Kana: Your hospitalized mother is finally getting out, and you would like to celebrate with wine...
Text: This is a practice for that, isn't it?
Jean: Wait a second!
Jean: Who told you that nonsense...?

Page 29
Neyrand: Hello, sir~
Neyrand: How do you find the food and wine?
Kana: Mr. Neyrand!
Jean: Why are you here?
Neyrand: Well,
Neyrand: This is my restaurant <3

Page 30
Neyrand: And this is the bill for today.
Jean: Old man~~~!!
Neyrand: By the way, Kana.
Neyrand: I'm thinking of getting uniforms for my store.
Kana: Uniform?
Neyrand: I'm sure there will be more young people asking you about wine from now on.
Neyrand(thought): For instance, something like this.

Page 31
Kana: What wine would you like? Red? White?
Kana: Or instead, me?
Neyrand(thought): And the number of otakus in France has increased as well, so maybe something like this.
Kana: Welcome, master.
Neyrand: That way, both the wine shop and the restaurant would see more profit~~~
Jean: That's a good idea!
Jean: Ah.

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