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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Hatsukoi Limited 24

Hatsukoi Limited 24 -

+ posted by d4v1d_su as translation on Mar 26, 2008 09:57 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

-> RTS Page for Hatsukoi Limited 24

Sorry for the late TL
I just came from easter holiday.
To speed up the TL, I removed almost all SFX
I hope you enjoy

Page 01
The quarrel between those two comes on stage. With them, lurks a wandering shadow .......

Kusuda : You are so noisy, you know ! You always have complaints to everything I do !
Kei : Th ... that is because of your lack of common sense // Fix up your attitude and stop chasing girls. You kappa !!

Kusuda : There you go again, calling me Kappa !
Kei : There is nothing wrong with calling kappa to someone with kappa face. You kappa, kappa, KAPPA !!!

Page 02
??? : Kappa ... ?

Chapter 24 : Kappa Fight !!

They are being watched by a mysterious someone ....
What will happen to Enomoto & Kusuda

Page 03
Last Issue : Knowing the taste of tears, Chikura-san is becoming mature

Kei : Besides, kappa is an ero-creature, you know ? // Kappa is the suitable nickname for ero-Kusuda
Kusuda : Just call me kappa then ! // For that, I will keep walking on my ero-path

Kusuda : Ugh !?

Kei : What the .... ! Right after you proclaimed yourself as an ero
Kusuda : fluffy .. fu fu fu fu ....
Kei : Stop the daydreaming and apologize ! You kappaaa ---

Page 04
??? : Kappa, I got youuu !
Kei (upper left) : WHAAATTT !?
Kusuda : umpff

??? : I can't belive that I found a kappa in this 21st century // Huh? Where is the head plate? There is no head plate, is he premature ?
Kusuda : mmppphh uumpphh
Kei : Wa... wait, hold a second

Kei : Look at him closely, he is a human ! // Let go of him !!

Page 05
??? : !? He is indeed not green, but that doesn't really matter // I will take him to Theather Club with me
Kusuda : ahaha // ahaha

Kei : Theater Club !? // Why would Kusuda be needed in Theater Club ?
Kusuda : ackk

??? : Theater Club is scouting people for the casting // Except him, I can't think of anyone else for the role of kappa in the next play
Kei : Ka... kappa role !? What is that ? Who exactly are you ?
??? : Me ? I'm the Theater Club's President, Fudounomiya Sumire !

Page 06
Sumire : Hmmm that's right .... I'm in charge as the Club's President for the play in the next graduation party, this will be the first play I'll handle .... // That's why I want to make it a hit no matter what, obvious isn't it ?
Kusuda : Aaa---

Sumire : For that purpose, we need a kappa

Kusuda : I'm telling you, I didn't do anything this time
Kei : You are always fooling around, accusing you is only natural
Koyoi // Ayumi : <What on earth // is happening ? >

Enomoto Kei. Junior High School, 2nd year. A man is his face !!! That is what she always said. For some reasons, it appears that she get affected by kappa face Kusuda lately

Page 07
Kei : Are you actually willing to play in theater ?

Kusuda : Hmmm ......
Kei : I ... I absolutly won't do that // Being together with that girl in the same club, I'm sure there is nothing good will happen

Kei : Besides .......

Kei : I know you must be thinking about that girl's breast right now !!
Kusuda : I really can't forget it, it's so soft .....
Kei : Forget that big breasted girl !!
Sumire : That big breasted girl is right here .....

Page 08
Kei : Woaa ... she's here !!
Sumire : I will let you read the script first // Good boy good boy, did your head plate get dry ? tell me ?
Koyoi : <how nice>
Ayumi : <big breasted girl ....>

Kusuda : Soo... which one is it ?
5 minutes later

Kusuda : Uhmmm ..... I can't find my part
Sumire : What are you saying, it's there, right here !!

Text (left to right, top to bottom):
With 10000 Yen ........
The Princess looks downward.
Thinking about what has happened
She goes pass a kappa which is rubbing the plate on its head
[i have to give my answer until tomorrow ..........]
Until then, please hold it ........

Highlighted : Kappa

TN : The text on the script is incomplete, there can be a false translation

Kusuda : I ... I'm just an extra
Sumire : Do not underestimate an extra // There is a deep message wrapped in that paragraph that I want to tell the alumni, it's an important scene

Kusuda. Junior High School, 2nd year. His behaviour shows that he also have affection for Enomoto, his true feelings are still unknown.

Page 09

Kei : This is foolish, there is no need for that role
Sumire : As an amateur, you complain to much !! // What kind of relationship do you have with that kappa ?
Kei : Th .... that is, how should I say, it is .....

Kusuda : And you know ...., that Theater Club's President was so aggressive .... // But that extra role of kappa is really stupid, there is no way I will do that

The two who fell in tears. They were heavily wounded in their youth and are still not able to stand. It is most necessary for them to think of what to do next.

Page 10

Kusuda : Guys, I'm telling you, she thinks I'm a kappa ......

Kusuda : It is impossible to talk with them now

Kusuda : Huh ?

Kusuda : Why there are so many cucumber here ?

Kusuda : .....

Page 11
Kusuda : .....

Sumire : Damn he ran away !!

Kei : What an idiot, Kappa's favorite and what Kusuda likes are two different things

Kei : If you want to catch Kusuda, use this

Page 12
Kei : Put this thing here like thi.......

Kusuda : Ho hooo... look what we have here

Sumire : The kappa is mineee~~ !!

Kei : Noo ! Damn it !!

Page 13
Kei : I just wanted to show off that I know Kusuda better
Kusuda, Please

Sign : PE Storage Room
Don't fall to that girl's temptation

Kusuda : How should I put it ... // You should broaden your mind, don't get fixed only to me. You can still ask someone else to do the role.

Sumire : ------------ // I already knew a little bit how to shake your heart

Page 14

Sumire : Like this for example // Should I try this one .....

Sumire : How about this one ?

Sumire : Or like this ?

Sumire : Ooo do you want to snap it ?
Kusuda : a... awawawa.. wa. wa
Sumire : Or perhaps it's only because you like cucumber

Page 15

Sumire : What's wrong ? // You can eat it if you want to

Kusuda : A... no.... that is ....

Kusuda : This is too much ! Far too tempting !! <is she really serious>

Sumire : Say // Could you please listen to my request ?

Page 16
Sumire : I really want a perfect show // And you ....

Sumire : It's only you // I beg you Kusuda !! I will do anything you say

Page 17

Kusuda : ... You got me // I'm weak with that ! ... but I'm // I am ......

Kei : --------- // Kusuda ?

Page 18
Kusuda : What's with you ?

Kusuda : Are you also skipping the 5th period ?
Kei : It ... it's because the exams are already over. There is nothing more important in class

Kei : Moreover ..... // .........

Kei : I don't know what you have done there // I .. I also have some confidents in my breast !!

Page 19
Kei : That's why ... uhmmm .... you know // You .... how should I say it .... that .....
Kusuda : ...........

SFX : Haaaa----
Kei : Wha .... What's with that sighing !!

Kusuda (upper right and lower left) : It's all over now, you don't have to worry // That's why, don't be so noisy !!
Kei : Wha ... What you mean with "it's over" !?

Sumire : This script // It will be sealed until Kusuda has his interest in it
But president ....
??? : I will take the kappa role !!
??? : No, it will be me !!
<it will be me // it will be me>

The case is closed for now ?

Next :
A rival for iinchou !? (or class rep., whatever you like) What will happen to swimming club
[sparkling pool]

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#1. by LegACy ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2008
Finally, been waiting this for ages!

Gonna translate this to indonesian after reading the scanlation!
#2. by chair ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2008
#3. by Ging ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2008
#4. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2008
thanks david :)
#5. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2008

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