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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hatsukoi Limited 27

Hatsukoi Limited 27 -

+ posted by d4v1d_su as translation on Apr 12, 2008 12:40 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

-> RTS Page for Hatsukoi Limited 27

I see that cnet has already posted his TL.
I actually don't like to make a double TL, but I have done 2/3 of it already yesterday.
I think I just have to finish it.

Page 01
------ We will be born again.

Chapter 27
The Boys' Escape
Part 1
The departure of the sleepless dreamers

Page 02
It was in my 4th year in grade school. I could not swim for 25 m during the swimming class. Still wearing my swimming trunks, I ran away until I reached the neighbor town.
If I think about it, I always ran away everytime I was troubled. I think it's already became a habit of mine.

??? : Oi, Kusuda !

Page 03
Kusuda : What ?
??? : You often talk with Enomoto-san, right ?

??? : Here .... // Could you hand it to Enomoto-san ?

??? : It's so nice to be you // Being someone who Enomoto-san likes to meddle with
Letter : To Enomoto-san

From my point of view,
I don't understand why he can't hand this letter by himself. He is tall and his face is not bad at all.

Kusuda : .......
SFX : gloom
SFX : flutter

Kusuda : <Ah .....>
Trash bin : Throw your trash here

Last Issue : Watase Meguru, a lot of things has happened that made her unafraid anymore to wear a swimsuit

Page 04
SFX : swhoosh

Kusuda : I think this settled the matter <It's not what he meant, but whatever>
SFX : ha ha ha ha

Koyoi : There is no class shuffling for the 3rd year. I'm so glad that we can be together again
Nao : Me too
Ayumi : Kei-chan is in a good mood because she can be in the same class with Kusuda again
SFX : smiling

Page 05
Kei : ha... Haaaa!?
SFX : shocked

Ayumi : But you played around with him a lot .... you like him, right ?
Kei : What are you talking about !? // I was only get irritated by his attitude !

Kei : Do you think that I will fall in love with that ugly ? // It wont happen ! A man is his face !! The face is everything !
Ayumi : <okay okay>
Kusuda : ..........

SFX : peek

Ayumi : By the way, about tomorrow .......

Kusuda : ----------- // humph !

Kusuda ..... Even though he likes Enomoto-san, he is cold toward her and they are fighting all the time. Men are complicated.
Zaitsu Mamoru ..... For years, he has feeling for the Onee-san next door. In front of him, she said "I'm sorry" to his feeling. He is now in a deep depression.

Page 06
Kusuda : If you ask me // There is no way I want to fall in love with you, buuu~~ <stupid , idiot>

Sumire : Cucumbers, juicy cucumbers

Sogabe-kun ...... He thought that he can do everything as long as he tries. He lost his confident after he met the guy who can do everything.

Page 07
Sumire : Fat and very delicate cucumbers // It's still fresh, you can see it from the spines
Kusuda : ............

Kusuda : Do you still have something you want from me ?
Sumire : No, these are the cucumber from the other day that I used
Kusuda : Then, isn't it rotten already !?
SFX : pluck

Sumire : You look cloudy almost all the time, I just want to know what happened // Why don't you try to tell me this one time

Sumire : What ? you stayed too long on the top of the hill, and now you don't know which way leads to kappa kingdom, is that so ?
Kusuda : It's not that !!
SFX : I see, I see

Kusuda : ~~well, at least you are a girl // maybe I should try it

Page 08

Sumire : Ho hoo // Even though she hates that B-boy, she is always picking on him. About that A-girl feeling right .....

Sumire : I think she has feeling for you // That girl named Enomoto !
Kusuda : <Achhh> It's just an example ! A-girl and B-boy !! It's not me !

Sumire : Then, why are you so troubled over such story ?

Kusuda : Uhh.....
Sumire : It often happens that people act differently from what they feel, you know

Kusuda : But ...... see how I look .....
SFX : swift
Kei : You two !! // What are doing there !?
SFX : swoosh

Page 09
Sumire : Ooo here comes A-girl ....
Kei : A-girl ?
Kusuda : What ? are you going to scold me again !?

Kei : It...It's because you are a dirty guy !! // Though you have a kappa face, you still fooling around with girls !!

Do you think that I will fall in love with that ugly !?
Kusuda : ........... // What do you actually want ..... ?

Kusuda : Why are you always messing with me ?
Kei : Ee.......
Kusuda : It pisses me off !! If you want to make fun of someone, why it has to be me ? There are still the others, right !?

Page 10

Kusuda : I'm a weird guy. Deal with me, look me as I am .... // Someone like you is something I hate the most !!

Kusuda : <ha .....>

Kei : .....I ... // I'm sorry...

Page 11
Kusuda : <Gaaaa....>

Kei: Kusuda !?
SFX : dash

SFX : mumble mumble

Page 12
Mamoru : Ku... su....da....kun ?

Sogabe : ... Why are you copying us ?

Kusuda : Take me as your nakama .... // I'm just good for nothing ......

Mamoru : No Kusuda, you are not like that ..... // Compared with me, I can't recover again, no matter how long ... <haa....>

Sogabe : Look at me // Even though I already knew that I can't do anything, I still can't change myself....... <haa...>

Kusuda : I'm ...... worse ........ // ... a lot worse ......... // ...........

Page 13
Kusuda : How about .. // If we go somewhere far away ....? <haa...>

Kusuda : ..well <ha ha> // It's a bad idea after all

Sogabe : That's it !!
SFX : stand up
Kusuda : Hah ?

Sogabe : Let's make a journey, Kusuda ! // A journey that will make us be born as new again ..... isn't that great !?
Mamoru : huh? huh?
Kusuda : Ee... huh.... are.. are you serious? // Then, let's do it !! Let's go find our true self untill the end of the world !!!

Page 14
Kusuda : Let's do it now, right at this moment !!
Sogabe : Don't rush yourself !! There are plenty of preparations to do
Mamoru : Hmm.. hello ...
Sogabe : Let's leave tomorrow morning.... we'll leave before our parents wake up // We should now make a list of things we need to take with. Like food for example.....

Mamoru : Listen to me for a moment, does it mean that I'm also included !?
Kusuda / Sogabe : Of Course
Mamoru : But we still have school tomorrow and I also don't have enough money
Sogabe : Zaitsu ! If we don't make this journey, perhaps we won't be able to stand on our feet anymore for the rest of our live.

Mamoru : But, we will need money for the trains, hotel and such ....

Sogabe : Are you stupid or what !? We'll use bicycle !! <It's climate friendly>
Kusuda : And we'll camp at night <of course>
Mamoru : ~~~~ !!

Page 15
Mamoru : ..... We perhaps will need some dental equipments
Kusuda : Haa~ ?
Sogabe : Look, we can brush our teeth at park ... we can even wash our undewear there // Therefore, 2 pieces of underpants should be enough

Mamoru : .... baths, what about baths !? How are we going to take a bath !?
SFX : bamp
Kusuda : <hee> Do we need to take a bath ?

Koyoi : What are they discussing ?
Ayumi : dunno ....

Kei : ..........
Mamoru : <come on .... >

Kusuda : The gathering time is tomorrow morning at 5:30 ! We'll meet at the highway junction in 4 choume !
TN : "choume" is part of the japanese address, like a city block
Sogabe : You don't have to come if you don't want to, we will still be going ! We want to change !!

Page 16
Sogabe : If you decided to go, don't forget to leave a note to your family !
Kusuda : See you tomorrow, OK !!

I thought about it that night
Kusuda : That's why .... // don't look for me ....

What I need is self-confidence

Letter : To everyone

I'm always fooling around // I want to be someone who never give up

Page 17

With me .... there is a guy who wants to be born again

A guy who wants to stand on his feet again

This will be a fun journey, I'm sure of it ....

Sogabe : .... What time is it now, Kusuda !?
Kusuda : Let me see, it's 5:42
Sogabe : ... perhaps Zaitsu won't come after all

Kusuda : let's wait a little ......

Page 18
Mamoru : I'm sorry !! // I had trouble finding my house key

Mamoru : Don't tell me that you want to leave without me !?

Sogabe : ........
Kusuda : No no, no way !

ALL : Then, let's go !! // YEAHH !!

Sogabe : Say ..... where are we going to ?

Mamoru : Haven't you thought about it yet ? Sogabe-kun !!
Sogabe : It has not to be me who decides that, right ?

Page 19

Kusuda : Oi // We'll go that way

Mamoru : ....to the east ....
Sogabe : To where the day is born ... how nice !!

Sogabe / Kusuda : Let's race to the morning sun !! // Yoooo !
Mamoru : Guys, don't ride too fast, it's dangerous !

For the sake of being born again, off we go !!

Next : The girls and the intrusion of the high schoolers. Their journey is more and more filled with the power of youth !?
Part 2

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#1. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
#2. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
good job d4v1d_su :)
#3. by Enomoto ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2008
Thank you very much :)
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Posted on Apr 13, 2008
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Posted on Apr 14, 2008

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