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Hatsukoi Limited Omake 4

Hatsukoi Limited Vol. 4 - Omake Part 2

+ posted by d4v1d_su as translation on Dec 26, 2008 23:59 | Go to Hatsukoi Limited

The second and last part of the omake
Special thanks to raph986 for providing me the RAW

I wish a merry christmas to everyone who celebrates (sorry, a little bit late)
and a happy new year to you all

(no text)

Girl : Andou-san~, what's wrong ? // Why did you lock the door, is everything okay !?
Soako : I .... I'm fine, don't worry .... // Just let me have some rest in this prep room until the club is over

[Soako] : My name is Andou Soako (14) // 2nd year middle school, clumsy girl, a member of art club and now I'm soaking wet ..... what should I do ?
Narrator : For details, please read Hatsukoi Limited Vol. 1 - 3
Last Chapter

Soako : ~~~hatshuu

Soako : Right now, I should hurry and dry my clothes ! // I can't show myself in front of everyone like this ....

Soako : Hmm .... seems that there is still some gas left // Lets turn this thing first on and hang my clothes near it ....

Soako : ..... But I don't wear anything underneath // Ah ..... // If I take my uniform off, I'll be completely naked ....

Soako : Being naked in school is really absurd ! It is absolutely abnormal !! // But .. but it will only take a while until my clothes are dry ! just a little while ....

Soako : There is nothing to worry about !! The glass on the door is covered with a poster ! // I have locked the door, now just close the curtain and I'll be fine ....

Girl1 : Soako-chan // Let us know if you need something okay
Girl2 : I'm sure she'll come out after her clothes are dry !

[Soako] : I'm doing this though everyone is still there beyond this wall // I ... I ....

[Soako] : I'm indeed abnormal ....

Soako : I .. I got to hurry // I need to dry my uniform quick ...

Soako : I can't stay calm, my heart keeps beating fast ... // After my clothes are dry, I'll go home immediately and take a rest ...

Soako : Lots of things happened today .... // I feel so tired ....

Mamoru : I told you already, I'll open the door alone later !!

Chikura : But she's been there for a long time already, maybe something is happening to her ....
Mamoru : Don't don't don't - don't worry !! I know how to perform first aid !!! // You can go home now !!

Girl : Chikura-chan, c'mon lets go, just leave everything to Zaitsu-kun
Chikura : ........

Chikura : ..... Zaitsu-kun, you are a gentleman, right !!? // <I put my trust on you !>
Girl : ?
Mamoru : Uh

Mamoru : That's right .... except me, maybe no one else know that Andou-san doesn't wear any bra .... // Uaa~ // And here I am, alone, volunteering myself in order to protect her shameful secret from the other members

Mamoru : But I am a gentleman !!

Mamoru : And that's why ... ! // A - Andou-san, I'm going to open the door ....

Soako : KYAAAAA !!!
Mamoru : Ah it's .. it's okay, it's okay !

Mamoru : Look, I can't see anything at this moment !

Mamoru : The other members have gone home already ... // Take your time to calm down and lets go home, Andou-san

Mamoru : I - I'll leave you a towel here ... // <Err~>
Soako : Ah uh okay .... // <Kyuu~>
[Soako] : At that time ....

[Soako] : I fell in love to someone for the first time
Soako : Does this mean that he is aware that I don't put any underwear on me ... !?

Ayumi : Hey, the story is already complicated enough
Koyoi : ha ha ha

Limited Girl (FIN)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading Hatsukoi Limited Vol. 4.
Since this is the last volume, I want to give you some afterwords.

The story
Talking about the story, most of the stories in this manga are about brothers and sisters. Well, maybe I was a little bit carried by my first plan of making a manga about siblings. That plan was sadly rejected. If I think over about it again, it was obvious that the plan got rejected.
So, my manager got somehow the idea of making this manga into a compilation of short stories. The fruit of the thought that we put together was Hatsukoi Limited. The serialization of this manga wasn't very long though. The following is some review about the characters.

Arihara Ayumi
She appeared in the first chapter already. Actually I wanted to make the story to be focused on her. And Yuuji, her brother, was planned to be the main character (Changing the story into girl's point of view was a suggestion from my manager).
Originally, I was thinking about a love-comedy story inside a family.

Name : Arihara Ayumi
Birthday : 3rd July
Blood type : O
Hobby : Thinking about her future together with Zaitsu-kun
Favorite food : Yakiniku

However it ended to become a school-life story. Though the manga has been altered into this (?), for me, the main characters are still Arihara siblings. I don't care what the others may say !. I love self centered girl, a girl who act first before she thinks, that's why drawing Ayumi was a great fun for me.

Bessho Koyoi
I have mentioned earlier that I wanted to write a manga about siblings. Koyoi is the second character who came to my mind and that's why her initial also begins with "B". By the way, during the announcement of the serialization of this manga, the character design of Koyoi and Chikura-chan hasn't had been completed yet. At first, I wanted to make her to have long hair and the tip of it is curly with a flat noodle - like shape (TN: Maybe like Hiro in Hidamari Sketch). Due to lack of popularity, my manager one sidedly changed the design and because of that I was once fell out of love with her (Oi !). As I continued to draw her, her stupidity came more and more on surface (In the new year - chapter in 2nd Volume, her stupidity came into perfection). After turning into her third character, she is the one I like the most within this manga.

Name : Bessho Koyoi
Birthday : 25th October
Blood Type : O
Specialty : Cooking
Favorite food : Dried horse mackerel

Chikura Nao
Chikura-chan, that's how I call her since the first time I begun to draw her. She is a quiet girl, diligent and also rather plain. That part of her seems to make her pretty popular. Will she always keep her feeling for her Renjou-sempai in her heart ? Or will she finally accept Sogabe-kun's feeling ? I'm afraid the answer will remain a mistery forever. Speaking of Chikura-chan, she also has a brother. Actually I already have finished the main plot regarding him. However, my current manager insisted "Chikura-chan must come from a normal family !" and therefore my plot of making them to have a rich family background was rejected. Well, that was just a stupid matter, so I think it was the right thing not to write a story about him, yup.

Dobashi Rika
Also her, I call her "Doba-chan" since the beginning. My plan at first was to make this girl a rough girl, a tomboy and has a lively atmosphere around her. And then I wanted to give the impression "This type of girl will unexpectedly make the fastest progress" and she ended up to have a boyfriend at the first shot. But even so, Doba and Terai are lacking of communication that often lead into a crisis between them.

Name : Chikura Nao
Birthday : 30th December
Blood Type : A
Hobbies : Reading, Painting
Favorite food : Ice Cream

Will this crisis get worse and become a disaster !? I was intending to write some episodes about that kind of critical situation ! seriously. Well, it's already over and I want now to hear what you all are thinking about their relationship. If possible, please make Terai become a stronger man ....

Enomoto Kei
Drawing her hair is so tiresome !! Why did I give her such a hairstyle !? But curly hair was popular, wasn't it !? (Year 2007). That is my impression about Enomoto-san.
"She is beautiful and she will fall in love with a boy who doesn't have any good looking side at all", from this basic idea, the girl was born. But still, at the time we reached the story about Kusuda in the second chapter, I didn't really feel like making Kusuda to be her love partner. I just got remembered about that time (Though I actually don't want to look back at my old manuscript). I'm now regretting that I drew him with such an ugly face. If I have the opportunity to draw his adult form, I swear that I will draw him as a tall young man with a long hair and he has the eyes that make him look like a bad person. Enomoto-san will then fall more and more in love with Kusuda. That kind of future is what I'm hoping from them.

Name : Dobashi Rika
Birthday : 7th June
Blood type : A
Speciality : Sport generally
Favorite food : Curry Rice

Enomoto Yuu
Next is the high schoolers to have their turn. She is Kei's older sister, Yuu. The girl was created to have a love affair with her teacher. However, it will be only her teacher who gets madly in love with her. This plan was also rejected and only her character remains. She appeared as a little devil who makes every type of men fall madly in love with her. Sadly, she didn't get any role anymore after the third chapter and became a side character only. She is the kind of girl whom I really like to draw a lot. If someday Yuu appears again with a different name in my other manga, please don't think "Ah ! She is just her copy !!". By the way, Enomoto sisters are a quarter englander, their grandmother come from England. Well, it's not really that important.

Watase Meguru
Among the 8 girls-main-characters, she is the last one I created. The person she loves looks her as his rival. Her situation is rather complex but all of the sudden she could come back to her old daily life, a life with her swimsuit on.

Name : Enomoto Kei
Birthday : 1st August
Blood type : A
Speciality : Handicrafts
Favorite food : Natto

I was thinking that maybe her story could become a separate serialization as a sports-love-comedy story ? Now that the manga turned out to be like this, in my heart I kinda feel like a waste that I have included her in the story. I made her become the class representator and also the manager of swimming club, but I didn't have the chance to draw her much (*sob* *sob*). At first, I was intending to draw her Takei-sempai like a normal sportsman, but my current manager said "He looks better as a hot blooded and heroic character !". That's the story behind his thick eyebrow and somehow he became a favorite between the girls-assistants at my work place.

Yamaoto Misaki
It would be the best if the opened page of her love story could be closed neatly at the end of this manga. Having her love story to have such a rush end made me feel really uneasy .... right Yamamoto-san !?. Within this book, I was given the chance to make some revisions to her story with Arihara Yuuji (TN: there are 8 extra pages for chapter 31, please read below). Yamamoto is really hard to draw .... in many aspects. Beside her, Sogabe-kun is also as hard to draw as her. Their personality, their hair, Yamamoto-san and Sogabe are in general very hard to draw ! (What's with all the complains !?). To be viewed as whole, I think Yamamoto-san is very popular.

Name : Enomoto Yuu
Birthday : 22nd February
Blood type : AB
Hobby : Observing people
Favorite food : Cheesecake

And about Sogabe .... I believe that his popularity was rising a little bit within the last chapters !!

Fudounomiya Sumire and Kyuuma Nanoka
Sumire was actually born when I was thinking about another story. At that time, I was holding the position vice-head in the manga club. My previous and current manager seemed to have some affection for her. We made a change of plan and put her as one of the characters in Hatsukoi Limited.
Q(Kyuu)-chan is taking the role as shorty girl. At first, she was planned to have long hair but that long hair looks pretty annoying when it comes to swimming. If I make her hair short, it will overlap Chikura-chan's hair and Meguru has also short hair, and so I came up with her present hair style. For the other characters who came afterwards, there is no other way but to dispose them. I myself think that the name Nanoka suits her well. I always have trouble when I have to give a character a name, but for this girl and Meguru, I came up pretty quick to their names.

Andou Soako
She is the "Limited Girl", the girl whom I thought out as a supplement for this comic.

Name : Watase Meguru
Birthday : 12th May
Blood type : O
Speciality : Swimming
Favorite food : Chocolate Parfait

How many percent of the readers who keep buying this comic because of her is a secret. Basically, I like to make this kind of idiotic story and therefore drawing her was so much fun. However, it will be soon out of the border if I continue making a story about her. To end her story only in 4 chapters is maybe the right thing to do .... ha ha ha

And lastly ....
There are some characters who didn't come into scene. They are all my precious and beloved sons and daughters. There are parts of this serialization that reflect some of my incapabilities, but if reading this manga can fill your heart with joy and make you cheerful even for a little bit, that will be the greatest pleasure for me as an author.

Until next time

2008.8 Kawashita Mizuki

Name : Yamamoto Misaki
Birthday : 28th May
Blood type : B
Hobby : Watching martial arts - show
Favorite food : Yakiniku

Chapter 31, extra pages (Replace page 11 and 12 with these 8 pages)
Yuuji : Yamamoto was always so cool, it was like she was made of steel ..... // It's so strange to see her all worked up ...

Yuuji : If you are not watching the TV, then turn it off
Ayumi : Just leave me alone, I'm thinking right now !!

Yuuji : You must be thinking about him, right !? About that Zaitsu !! // <That wobbly boy !>
Ayumi : Will you just be quiet ! You don't have any right to complaint !!

Ayumi : Onii-chan, I don't think that you will understand this // How the words and actions from someone you love could make your heart jumpy

Ayumi : There are also times where I don't want to think about him .... // But I still can't help but thinking about him ..... it's because I love him

Yuuji : I see // So that how it goes ....
Ayumi : Yup, so it is
[Yuuji] : Speaking of which

[Yuuji] : I'm always thinking about Yamamoto lately
Mother : Misaki .... ?

Mother : You see, mama has some works to do, so I will not come home again today // Papa is also still in his business trip, I'm sorry okay, you must feel lonely

Mother : But I know that you are a strong girl .....

Misaki : That's right, I have to be strong .... // Being like this is not like me at all ..... !

Misaki : ..... I already thought about it all night long

Misaki :And I made my decision // I will keep my distance from Arihara

Meguru : Eh~~ What are you talking about !?
Yuu : But you like him, why you have to do that ? // <This is just weird>
Misaki : I have already decided !

Yuuji : I already thought about it all night long // I'm going to seriously go for Yamamoto !
Yoshihiko : ...... There is no need for you to tell me this ....
Yuuji : But, you still like Yamamoto, am I right ?

Yuuji : I don't want to have a bad relationship with you just because of thing like this

Yuuji : That's why I want to clear it up properly with you first
Yoshihiko : ......

Yoshihiko : It's - it's ..... it's not that I'm going to be angry because of that
Yuuji : Why are you getting away from me while you are saying that ?

Yoshihiko : It's okay ! // I mean it, it's okay .... // But promise me that you will treat Yamamoto properly, okay !

Meguru : Ah Arihara-kun !

Meguru : Say, what did you do to Yamamoto !? // She suddenly said that she will keep her distance with you, what is happening ?
Yuuji : Haa~ ?

Yoshihiko : A - Arihara ....
Yuuji : W - wait ..... first, how about her ? where is she now !?
Meguru : Ee~ she went home already ....

Yoshihiko : Go for her, Arihara !! // I'm sure that Yamamoto-san has her own reason for this

Yuuji : Ah ... okay !

Meguru : ........
[SFX] : Stare
Yoshihiko : W - what ?
Meguru : Well ..... Bessho-kun, I always thought that you also like Yamamoto-san ....

Yoshihiko : ha ... ha ha ha .... // <How did you know ?> // He is my best friend, isn't it my job to support his love ?
Meguru : <Hee~ > // Is that really the truth ?

Yoshihiko : I'm telling you the truth

[SFX] : Stare
Yoshihiko : W- what now !?
Yuu : Bessho-kun, you are really a great man .....

Yoshihiko : No ... Well ....
Yuu : <You are awesome>
[SFX - Yuu] : Stare
Yoshihiko : Don't - don't stare at me like that ..... please ?
[SFX - Yoshihiko] : thump thump

Yuuji : Ah

Yuuji : Yamamoto ! // .... So this is your way home. I'm just heading down to the bookstrore, can we walk together 'till then ?
Misaki : !

Yuuji : Ugh
[Yuuji] : She is indeed in a bad mood .... // Is it really because something I've done ? Anyway, I need to find something to talk about ....

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#1. by kenji_37 ()
Posted on Dec 27, 2008
good job man.

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