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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 234

Bleach c234 - Not Negotiation

+ posted by Djudge as translation on Jul 5, 2006 17:10 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 234

Script Notes: Aki here, done and done with this week's installment. Please look forward to next week's chapter! As always please link back to the post rather than crossing the whole text over to another site!

Anyone want some Suikoden III: Successor of Fate scripts? More details next week!

--------- Page 01 ---------
Fanning: The darkness does not rage. It does not pride itself. Darkness simply parts the light in twain.

Ulquiorra: ...There being only two escorts is certainly discouraging... in consolation, you've at least chosen to traverse along a troublesome path. It would suit me best if we pass on as much talk as possible and hurry along.

--------- Page 02 ---------
Fanning: Heralding our desires------ then dashing them away.

Bleach c234 - Not Negotiation

--------- Page 03 ---------
Inoue: You're from then------...!

Shinigami A: Wh..who are you, pissface! An Arrancar!?

(Ulquiorra readies his left hand.)

Inoue: Hold on! What's your story!?

(Ulquiorra proceeds to appear by Shinigami A's side and knocks him away.)

Inoue: !

--------- Page 04 ---------
Ulquiorra: ...Indeed woman, there is a story behind my appearance.

--------- Page 05 ---------
Inoue: Souten Kisshun!
Translation Notes: Remember them? The "Heavenly Pair Returning Shield" is part of Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka (Thanks, Raiyuu).
Shinigami B: Wh...whoa...

Inoue: Run! Get out of here, please!!

Shinigami B: B...but...

Inoue: You need to escape!! Do this for me!!

--------- Page 06 ---------
(However, Shinigami B is defeated even faster than his partner.)

Inoue: Ayame!!
Translation Notes: Ayame is one of the two Shun Shun Rikka fairies, along with Shunou, that composes Orihime's healing ability (the aforementioned Souten Kisshun).
Ulquiorra: Hmm,

--------- Page 07 ---------
Ulquiorra: the ability to provide restoration to damage. What a great skill indeed.

(Inoue glares at Ulquiorra.)

Ulquiorra: Follow me, woman.

Inoue: !? Wh...

Ulquiorra: Speak. The word is "yes." Uttering anything else will result in death.

Ulquiorra: Not your own,

--------- Page 08 ---------
Ulquiorra: but that of your companions.

Inoue: !!

Ulquiorra: Whatever you ask, whatever you verbalize, those and your priveleges are no longer your own. In your hand you alone hold the string holding up the guillotine over your friends' necks here. Understand this, there are no negotiations, woman.
Translation Notes: The chapter title tie-in is pretty dead obvious this week around if you haven't caught it just yet.
--------- Page 09 ---------
Ulquiorra: This is my decree. Aizen-sama longs for your talents and I have been tasked to bring you to him in perfect condition. I will say it once more:

--------- Page 10 ---------
ウルキオラ: 俺と来い、女。
Ulquiorra: come with me, woman.

(Panels switch to Urahara's perspective.)

Urahara: Fuu~~~...

Wanderweiss: Naaa...

--------- Page 11 ---------
Urahara: Iya, well well, what a surprise... What brought about that technique just now? Never saw this before------...!...Gah...

--------- Page 12 ---------
Urahara: ...Ga...gahh...

(Urahara receives a sudden blow to his back from Yamii.)

Yamii: Guhahahahahahahaha!!! How about that lesson in hard knocks! ? That Bala just now is what I'm talking about!
Translation Notes: "Bala" is written as "Emptiness/Hollow Bullet." Makes sense since the Spanish word bala means bullet, cannonball, or shot. Also, sorry for the pun in that second line of Yamii's... o__o
Yamii: It's done by condensing one's reiatsu and shooting it at an opponent!! It may lack a Cero's punch... but it's twenty times as fast!

--------- Page 13 ---------
(Yamii's Bala pummels into Urahara.)

Yamii: Guhahahahahahahahaha!!! How about it, can you dodge!? Try anyway!! Die! Die you sniveling rodent! Guhahahahaha!!

(Meanwhile, Wanderweiss decides to idle by the wayside.)

ルピ: ・・・やれやれ・・・
Luppi: ...Splendid...

--------- Page 14 ---------
Luppi: I wanted to kill him myself, but Yamii swooped in ahead. Yamii... really now, where's the class in that... meh, let bygones be bygones! Now where were we, ladies!?

Luppi: I see you've resorted to the silent treatment after Mr. Sandals over there got caught for his troubles. Boy, looks like there's no way around it, looks like it's going to be an 8-on-3 going into the finish.

--------- Page 15 ---------
Matsumoto: ...Well, we'd be at the finish if you weren't such a chatterbox.

Luppi: ------...What was that?

Matsumoto: I said I hate chatty guys. Talking about yourself all the time, it makes you look even more pathetic.

Luppi: ...Watch it, missie, remember who's got the control here? If you keep cracking wise at me... I'll crack my tendrils back------
Translation Notes: Literally, Luppi said he would run her through, but I changed it a bit here for some parallelism in the sentence structure.
(Luppi stops midsentence to find that his appendages have been frozen solid.)

--------- Page 16 ---------
Luppi: ------Wh...What the... hell...!?

?: ...I can tell you don't bother making sure that you've finished someone off properly. Doesn't "Zanshin" hold a meaning to you?
Translation Notes: Zanshin is a martial arts term which means "mind with no remainder." It's important when striking that you leave no doubts in your mind about the attack and to completely follow through with a blow.
--------- Page 17 ---------
(Hitsugaya appears.)

Luppi: You... you're still alive...

Hitsugaya: Hyourinmaru is the strongest of the ice and snow class, there's no end to its potency so long as there's a body of water nearby.

Luppi: Shit...!

Hitsugaya: Hold, your defeat is inevitable. You've already given me a mountain of time to beat that into you as well as to recuperate. You say that your 8 arms are your weapons, then in that case,

--------- Page 18 ---------
Hitsugaya: this whole atmosphere is mine to command.

(Countless pillars of ice freeze into place around Luppi.)

Luppi: ...Wh...

Hitsugaya: Sennen Hyourou.
Translation Notes: Hitsugaya's new move in Bankai, in addition to Ryuusenka (which defeated Shawlong), is written as "Thousand Year Ice Prison." Didn't have time to look at the raw, but Aki suggested that this be changed to "Hyou," so there it is.
--------- Page 19 ---------
(The pillars converge on and crush Luppi.)

Hitsugaya: ...Too bad, looks like 8 just weren't enough.

Fanning: The unbreakable frigid blades!


End of c234

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#1. by pocketmofo ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
I guess that means I have to retranslate this week's chapter of Bleach. That other script was pretty screwy anyway...
#2. by Djudge ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Yeah, it's a real bummer since I had it just about finished before I had to trash it. Guess that's what we get for jumping the gun with Kaien.
#3. by Raiyuu ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
This feels a bit like trying to correct sensei ... but 双天帰盾 is translated "Souten Kisshun", because Kubo Taito likes to voice his kanji weirdly.
#4. by Djudge ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Thanks for the heads-up, it's been a long time since I've seen the name for the attack as well and given how I don't have my tankoubon here with me at work... yeah.

If you guys spot anything else, by all means, chime in!
#5. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
喋るな=speak? doesnt verb + na mean to not to something? I can't read the kanji so i cant be sure.
#6. by Djudge ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006

"Chou" for "to talk." Probably used as "shaberu na."
#7. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Thanks so much for your translation =)
#8. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Quote by Djudge :


"Chou" for "to talk." Probably used as "shaberu na."

so shouldnt it be "dont speak. The word is...and so on" because it seems like he is trying to get her to shut up in order to straighten things out for her.
#9. by Djudge ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
It is, if your going for a totally literal translation. However, I just decided to assert Ulquiorra's dominance over Orihime in another way, telling her to speak the word "yes" instead of merely shutting up and being done with it.
#10. by Raiyuu ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Cheers much for the translation!
#11. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
translations galore this week- so i guess this is the right one. Thanks D
#12. by TheGreenFlash ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
Thanks now to wait for the raw :)
#13. by Djudge ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
And, I'm back for the moment to add some page numbers and minor tweaks to the script for this week. If you're wondering why there seems to be something missing from the raw, it's because there are some versions of it running around right now that miss Luppi's entire soliloquy.
#14. by habib7eleven ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
This time of the week is the only time I am truly happy, Bleach day
#15. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jul 8, 2006
Thanks once again, Djudge ^_^

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