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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Bleach 234

Bleach Ch. 234 - El Eyaculacion (??)

+ posted by pocketmofo as translation on Jul 5, 2006 16:09 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 234

Not quite sure if this is the real script for this week, but here is a translation of the script Derij posted on the Bleach forums:

*Close up of Ulquiorra’s mouth

Ulquiorra: You’re going to stop…

*Shot of Ulquiorra’s eyes looking down

Ulqiuorra: …struggling.

*Ulquiorra seems to be panting and sweating. At his feet there are six flies that have fallen.

*A little out of the way, the two escorts are out for the count (and quite bloody).

黒い蠅がブルブルしながらも立ち上がろうとするのを見て が大袈裟に驚く。
*Orihime is way too surprised as she sees the black flies try to wiggle and stand up.

Orihime: Tsubaki-kun….!

「畜生ッ唱えろ! 早く俺の力を解放する言の葉を紡ぎだせ!」
Tsubaki: Dammit, say the chant! Hurry up and spin the words that’ll release my power!

五匹の蠅もボロボロだけど立ち上がろうとする。頷く 。
*The five other flies are beat up but still try to stand. They nod in agreement.

Orihime: (I have….!)

*Ulquiorra stares menacingly.

Orihime: (…gotten stronger!!)

Orihime: I will rebuke/reject/deny (them/it/etc.)! (**this is the phrase she says when she uses her powers)

*The black flies begin to fly, but Ulqiuorra just looks on calmly.

Ulquiorra: It’s fine to reject, but if it’s just saying it then anyone can do that.

*Ulquiorra holds his hand in front of him.

Ulquiorra: I will reject any further attempts to struggle.

ドン! で画面が真っ白になる。 驚愕の表情。弾け飛ぶ蠅。
*Boom! The scene turns totally white. Orihime is shocked as the flies go flying back.

Orihime: (I…)

Orihime: !

目の前にウルキオラ。 の口が半開きになり、師匠の手書きだが何を書いてるのかよくわからないセリフあり。
*Ulquiorra is now right in front of her.

Orihime: (I can’t be…useful?)

 の髪がなびく。ここから小さなコマが続き、腕→足→喉→で横顔。気絶してるのかしらんがウルキオラに横抱 きにされている 。
*Her hair is waving (in the wind). These little panels continue showing arms – legs – and throat. Can’t tell if she’s passed out, but she is being carried under Ulquiorra’s arm. Ulquiorra then goes back to Hueco Mundo (with her under his arm).

表紙 浦原喜助 煽り「深淵に立つ者。その目に映るは闇の真実か、真実の闇か」
BLEACH234. La Eyaculacion.

*Cover is Urahara Kisuke
Sidetext: A man standing over the abyss. Is what is reflected in his eyes the truth of the darkness or true darkness itself?

Urahara: Oh look. My best clothes are no good now.

*Part of Urahara’s coat is torn off and Urahara lets out a sigh. A less than pleased Wanderweiss lets out a “maaaaaaa” sound.

*Yammy is looking happy now.

「新入りィィ! そいつは俺の獲物だ! 横取るんじゃねえ!」
Yammy: Hey new guy! That guy’s my prey! No trying to cut in and take him!

叫んで襲い掛かるが腕を伸ばした先で裏腹の姿が消える。「!」で背後を振り返ると浦原が後頭部を掻いている 。
*Yammy let’s out a scream and attacks Urahara, but Urahara disappears right as Yammy’s arm reaches him. Yammy is surprised and Urahara appears behind him and seems to cut his head.

Urahara: Wait a moment. I won’t run or try to hide.

*Yammy fixes his stance while Wanderweiss watches.

Urahara: Hollows who hurry too much meet their ends rather hurriedly. Let’s calm down and fight.

Yammy: You’ve got some nerve.

Wanderweiss: Aaaaa….Oooooooooh.

Luppi: Does that mean I can join in too?

三人が浦原を囲むようになる。死神達が刀を抜く。乱菊がちらりと一角に視線を送って下へ向かう 。
*The three arrancar surround Urahara. The other Shinigami then draw their swords and Matsumoto gives Ikkaku a look before flying down toward the ground.

「さっきのおチビちゃんの心配かなぁ? 手遅れなのにね」
Luppi: Is she worried about the little one from earlier? She’s too late.

*Luppi starts to laugh.

「おめーらも手遅れだろうが。さっきは油断したが死神に同じ技は二度と通じねえ。一対一の仕切りなおしと行 こうぜ」
Ikkaku: You’re the ones who’re too late. We were caught off guard before, but the same technique won’t work on us twice. Let’s try this again one-on-one!

「一角! 彼のお相手はだったら僕だよ!」
Yumichika: Ikkaku! He’s my opponent!

「ふぅん。じゃあそっちの帽子のお兄さんは二人に任せてもいいかな。借りはあるけど、この二人を殺したらそ の後でお相手願おうかな」
Luppi: Hmph. Well, I guess I can leave the guy with the hat to those two. I have to pay him back for what he did, but I guess I can do that after I kill these two.

*After seeing Yumichika and Ikkaku, Luppi tightens his lips.

「今度こそ君達のどうでもいい美学なんて置いて、二人まとめてかかってきてくれないかなぁ。めんどくさいん だよね」
Luppi: This time would you two at least drop the aesthetics and just both come at me at once. What a pain.

*Luppi’s vines grow again (presumably the one that was cut off).

「新入り、お前は黙って見てろ。さっき下に向かった巨乳死神でも追いかけてな。コイツは、俺が、殺す。離れ てねえとテメーも巻き添え食うぜ」
Yammy: Hey new guy, just shut up and watch. Go after that big-boobed Shinigami that was falling earlier or something. I’m gonna be the one to kill this guy. You’d better get far away from here or else you’ll get mixed up in this too.

*Yammy draws his sword. Urahara reacts with an “Ohh” and Wanderweiss reacts with a “Ooooooh.”

Yammy: Crush (them), Tessegriff (Cliff claws)

ヤミーの刀が三本爪みたいな形状になり背中にでかい壁みたいなのが出来上がる。そんで壁みたいなのがズアッ の音と共に拡がる。
*Yammy’s sword turns into something like three claws and a giant wall-like thing appears on his back. The wall thing then expands outward while making a “Zuwaaa” sound.

Urahara: Well well…

*The wall begins to surround Urahara from four sides. Urahara faces off against Yammy as wall closes in around them.

「崖爪の結界からはもう抜けられねえぜぇ! 加勢も望めねえテメーはこの中で何回俺の崖に叩きつけられる? 」
Yammy: You can’t break out of Tessegriff’s barrier now! How many times do you, with no chance of being rescued, think you can get slammed around these “cliffs (walls)” by me?

*Yammy is smiling while saying this.

*Urahara points his sword at Yammy.

I’m gonna have to say no to the getting slammed around on the walls thing. That would really hurt.

Yammy: I want to see you suffer (I want to see your suffering expression!)

*Yammy goes to attack with his claws. As Urahara sees this he begins to mutter something.

Shall we get a bit wild now, Benihime? It seems as though we can get as wild as we like in this barrier.

*His sword starts to shine.

Urahara: Scream/Cry out, Benihime.

Yammy: You think you can stop my claws with that sort of delicate sword!


*Switching to Matsumoto

Matsumoto: Captain…!

*A rapidly decending Matsumoto’s expression turns to shock and she stops suddenly.

*In front of her is Wanderweiss.

Wanderweiss: Oo—aaa--

*He seems a bit disappointed/unsatisfied as he looks at Matsumoto.

Matsumoto: (when did he get in front of me….!)

*Matsumoto draws her sword.

Matsumoto: I guess this means I have to cut you down if I want to get any further.

Wanderweiss: Oooooh---

(だったら斬るだけ! あたしはこんなところで立ち止まっていられないのよ!)
Matsumoto: (Then I just have to cut you down! I can’t be stopped here!)

「唸れ! 灰猫!」
Matsumoto: Howl! Haineko!

*Wanderweiss seems to laugh a bit.


煽り「乱戦必至! それぞれの刀がそれぞれの力を放つ!」
Sidetext: The violent battling collides! Each of their swords draws out each of their powers!

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Yeah we will see if this is really true...still thanks a lot for your effort in translating it =)
#2. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
I love this chapter T_________T
fight! fight! fight!

Thanks a lot, pocketmoddafokka! ;)
#3. by Miso ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
pocketmofo: thank you much for the translation!
#4. by vlado ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
The name seames to be a bit to much.
Spanish English
eyaculación ejaculation
#5. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Quote by Vlado :

The name seames to be a bit to much.
Spanish English
eyaculación ejaculation

ROFL, well yeah, it was a logical step after "the rapist" last week :lmao
#6. by NeoShweaty ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
since this is fake, ill look for the raw before i believe anything
#7. by rocker2 ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Thanks for the translation pocketmofo. Though if this is the chapter, then I would have to admit that this is the most inconsistent of the bleach chapters I've seen yet. I guess we'll have to see.
#8. by Ichise(Shinn) ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
fake..already said on bleachforums...i guess is too hard for some ppl watch a little longer that the traslation
#9. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
poor pocketmofo >.< well lets hope for a real translation soon.
#10. by vlado ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
yeah , thx anyway pocket :D
#11. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2006
Quote by des :

poor pocketmofo >.< well lets hope for a real translation soon.
he must feel really bad. at least we understand the effort.
#12. by destinator ()
Posted on Jul 7, 2006
Quote by joeboy26 :

well im surprised urahara let someone like yami sneak up on him and attack him. But maybe it's because wanderweiss is alot more powerful than he's being lead to believe.

If Hitusgaya can eliminate luppi than that's some hope, mainly because he's finally able to control and use his bankai to it's fullest potential. Last time he damn near lost to one of the gillians, #11 i believe and his bankai wasn't at full strength even after the time released factor was given to him. I can only imagine what the other captains will be able to do against the espadas in future chapters to come, not to mention the great war in the winter time.

Inoue is going to be captured by ulquiorra and taken to aizen, that's clear, but i think there's more to ulquiorra, i think he's a vastrode not an espada and the vastrodes are what aizen wants the hogyuko thingy to create for him to use to kill the spirit king. I hope more is explained about the spirit king, i think ichigo's dad, Isshin maybe one of the guardians to the spirit king and his whereabouts, which would explain why he's so damn powerful, plus why shinji couldn't recognize his powers when he showed up and killed the grand fisher.

Back to urahara, he's not beaten, but i think he's done playing games and is gonna take out yami with no problem, hell ichigo cut yami's arm off with no problem, so i think urahara is going to eliminate him. Wanderweiss however will force urahara to use his shikai or bankai on him, im sure of it, can't wait to see that one.

As far as grimmjoww and ichigo's battle, grimmjoww most likely will release his true form or whatever and try to kill ichigo, two things are gonna happen.

1. Shinji or someone else will save ichigo from being destroyed by grimmjoww.
2. Ichigo will get his vaizard powers back and finish grimmjoww off.

this is a fake chapter and I guess you wanted to post at the discussion thread? *wondering*

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