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Translations: Gintama 694 by kewl0210 , One Piece 913 by cnet128

Bleach 3

Bleach c218 - Dark Side of Universe 3

+ posted by Djudge as translation on Mar 9, 2006 23:57 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 3

An LQ raw seems to be floating around Winny, but for some reason I can't connect to get it...

------------Page 01------------

Anti-Ichigo:「It's been a while」
Anti-Ichigo:「...your Highness.」

------------Page 02------------

Bleach c218 - Dark Side of Universe 3

------------Page 03------------

Hirako:「...Hatch (Hacchi).」

------------Page 04------------

Hirako:「Set up a barrier here.」
Hatch (Hacchi):「Eh~~~~~~~~~」
Hirako:「Cut that out! Old fogey's playing cute like that creep me out!」
Hirako:「Bind his limbs.」
Hirako:「All of them.」
Hatch (Hacchi):「As you wish.」

------------Page 05------------

Hatch (Hacchi): 「Walls of ferrous chain,」
Hatch (Hacchi): 「a pagoda of pious structure,」
Hatch (Hacchi): 「luminous fireflies of iron.」
Hatch (Hacchi):
Hatch (Hacchi): 「Bakudou #75: Gochuu Tekkan」

Translator's Note: The last verbal component for this Kidou is totally illegible no matter how much I struggle to clean it up. It say something about "filling" and I think, a "final sound."

Translator's Note: In keeping with Bleach translation tradition, the Kidou was simply romanized for this script. It literally means "Five Columns Iron Weight." Note that when I say weight, the kanji is "kan" or a unit of weight once used by the Japanese that was equivalent to just under 4 kilograms.

------------Page 06------------

Anti-Ichigo「What's up?」 

------------Page 07 ------------

Anti-Ichigo「Really, what's with that face man?」
Ichigo:「Old man Zangetsu...」
Ichigo:「...tell me」
Ichigo:「...just where is he!?」
Anti-Ichigo「The hell if I know. Besides, ain't that Zangetsu in your hand there? Or----」

------------Page 08------------

Anti-Ichigo「Do I have the real thing」
Anti-Ichigo「right over here?」
Ichigo:「(A white Zangetsu!)」
Anti-Ichigo:「Fill you in on where Zangetsu is?」
Anti-Ichigo:「...The old fart's right here.」

------------Page 09------------

Anti-Ichigo:「IS MINE!!」

------------Page 11------------

Little Girl Vizard:「Hey!」
Little Girl Vizard:「Shouldn't we take away the guy's Zanpakutou?」
Love (Ravu):「Naw.]
Love (Ravu):「There wouldn't be any sense doing that now.]

------------Page 13------------

Lisa (Risa):「Well, I guess that ruckus is my cue.」
Lisa (Risa):「Seeing how today's my turn, I'll quiet him down.」
Hatch (Hacchi): 「Very well.」
Hirako: 「Make sure you don't off him.」

------------Page 14------------

Lisa (Risa):「In case I fall here,」

------------Page 15------------

Lisa (Risa):「The name's Lisa Yadoumaru」
Lisa (Risa):「Nice to meet you」

------------Page 16------------

Ichigo:「Why don't you just fess up where Zangetsu is already!?」
Anti-Ichigo:「Aw, cram it. Don't make me say it again! The old man---」

------------Page 17------------

Anti-Ichigo:「IS NOW ALL MINE!!!」

------------Page 18------------

Anti-Ichigo:「You should know that frrom the very beginning,」
Anti-Ichigo:「the old man and I have been one and the same.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Together, both of us compose the seat of your spiritual power.」
Anti-Ichigo:「I've always been a part of him.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Should master and servant share one body and change places,」
Anti-Ichigo:「naturally, appearances change as well.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Just as our bodies are covered with meat in life,」
Anti-Ichigo:「so too are they reduced to bones in death.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Over time, my power grew and now I hold dominance.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Now, it's all but child's play to handle you like a puppet when you draw out your power.」

------------Page 19------------

Ichigo:「So technically, all I have to do is」
Ichigo:「beat the stuffing out of you so Zangetsu gets restored.」
Anti-Ichigo:「Isn't it obvious? Huh? That's」
Anti-Ichigo:「impossible now」
Anti-Ichigo:「get it?.」
Ichigo:「---Well, let's see about that」
Ichigo:「after you get a taste of this!」
Anti-Ichigo:「I told you」

------------Page 20------------

Anti-Ichigo:「you've got no chance.」
Anti-Ichigo:「cuz' I'm gutting you here.」

------------Page 21------------


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#1. by Miso ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks for the fast trans, Djude!

I am adding this to the 218 shorcut thread!
#2. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Whoo, give a shout when you update ( ie when another raw surfaces - so i can dutch it up ;) )
#3. by MadTact ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Kool, Finally. Hope we get the rest soon.
#4. by mercycubed ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
great work, thank you
#5. by Malthara ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Ya nicely done so far, i'll check back. I love reading the wierd little chants they come up with for kidou's I wonder who sits and thinks those things up and how would a shinigami make an attack if they had to put the words together with it.
#6. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Thanks, Djudge. Your posting these translations are very, very appreciated here, especially since Jisiani and Airy seems preoccupied these days.

Feel free to make an Ask Djudge thread sometimes in Translator Central's Meet the Translators if you like, Djudge - it would be cool to have you as a bigger part of the community.
#7. by antukecik ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Yeah... there are only your translation here right now..
so your translation are very appreciated hehe
anyway thanks..
#8. by moridin ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
awesome Djudge, nice to see you here :)

I've always enjoyed your translations
#9. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
the judge is in the house- great thanks D.
#10. by Djudge ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
Well, that's the best I can do without a proper raw.

Really, the only thing that's missing now is the ending to Hatch's (Hacchi's) Kidou.

Also, the camshots that I was using for this script are numbered incorrectly; I don't know if this holds true to others out there. Pages 19 and 20 were switched, the second-to-last page should have Anti-Ichigo holding his Zangetsu out right before the two yell out Bankai.
#11. by shako ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
Thx a lot.
#12. by Crello ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
You translators amaze me. Thanks a lot!
#13. by xallisto ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
An LQ raw seems to be floating around Winny, but for some reason I can't connect to get it...

Ive been connected for 3 days belive me theres not a bleach raw on there :(
#14. by antukecik ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
Ohh.. thanks the translation are finish..
#15. by Galth (Puella Magi)
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
Bleach 218 HQ raw has been released, you all know, is the trans complete now? if so, change the name of the thread? :D
#16. by vaizards ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
Yeah.. forget to say thanks to our translator..
Thank you..
#17. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2006
it looks like the trans is all but complete- thanks so much. now we know what hochigo was talking about at the end of the chapter.
Quote by Khaludh :

Bleach 218 HQ raw has been released, you all know, is the trans complete now? if so, change the name of the thread? :D
it looks like the trans is all but complete- thanks so much. now we know what hochigo was talking about at the end of the chapter.

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