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Baka to Boing 4

Strong Desires

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jun 11, 2009 02:25 | Go to Baka to Boing

-> RTS Page for Baka to Boing 4

Special thanks to Gringe for help with the translation quality!

Credit me if you use my translations!

TITLE: Chapter 4: Strong Desires

BUBBLE1: Hey, did you see the news!?
BUBBLE2: Shiina Kokoro fell off of a building! It's crazy!
BUBBLE3: ...And?
BUBBLE4: "And...?"
BUBBLE5: You're a huge fan of hers, bro!

BUBBLE6: And... Well... Doesn't this mean she's DEAD?
BUBBLE7: What!?

BUBBLE8: Don't just kill her off like that!
BUBBLE9: Aww, so she's alive, huh?

BUBBLE10: Listen up, Chizuru. Kokoro-san

BUBBLE1: is alive and well!

BUBBLE2: And you know what else? She's going to be resurrected... like a phoenix! A Phoenix!!
BUBBLE3: Kyahahaha!
BUBBLE4: ...What a dork!

BUBBLE1: Did you call me just to say that, Chizuru?
BUBBLE2: Yah, I mean... I want to be an idol, too, y'know? I'm just interested.

BUBBLE3: There's no WAY you'll be an idol!

BUBBLE4: Oh yeah, do you still have all those posters up in your room at that boarding house?
BUBBLE5: She's not even listening...
BUBBLE6: That's sooo creepy! Totally creepy!

BUBBLE7-9: End!
BUBBLE10: Um... Who was that on the phone?
BUBBLE11: Just some nobody!

TEXT1: I don't have time to waste
TEXT2: on a STUPID and INSENSITIVE little sister.

BUBBLE1: Oh, a manga café? I've never been to one.
BUBBLE2: It doesn't seem like the type of place you'd go to. I just need to use the internet there.
BUBBLE3: I want to start researching what we can do about this.

SIGN: Manga café

BUBBLE4: ...
BUBBLE5: Is something wrong?

BUBBLE6: Well... I've been hearing rumors that there's a ghost in this café.
BUBBLE7: A ghost?

BUBBLE1: ...

BUBBLE2: I can't sense any, though...

BUBBLE3: !!!
BUBBLE4: Ko-Kokoro-san's let her guard down again!

BUBBLE6: do you mind if I explore the inside a bit?

BUBBLE7: I...already did...
BUBBLE8: S-Sure... go ahead.

BUBBLE1: Oh my. It's so quiet in here...

BUBBLE2: ...
BUBBLE3-4: Die!

BUBBLE5: ...I guess that's a game?

BUBBLE6: Zzz...

BUBBLE7: How odd... This is a manga café, but no one is reading any manga...

BUBBLE1: Ahhh! This man's watching pornography!

BUBBLE2: Hehehe...
BUBBLE3: No... You shouldn't be doing this...
BUBBLE4: You're supposed to be reading manga here.

BUBBLE5: Take this!

BUBBLE6: I think I went too far. Sorry...
TEXT1: Ah! Ah! Yeah!
BUBBLE7: Waah!

BUBBLE1: Wow...
BUBBLE2: They have quite the collection...

BUBBLE3: Hmm...! Right, I should be of some help to Taichi-san...

BUBBLE4: Oh, what's this!?

BUBBLE5: This was really popular when I was a kid...
BUBBLE6: I should've known a manga café would have this! ♡

BUBBLE1: Wha...? What the...!?

BUBBLE2: Those books are gathering on their own...
BUBBLE3: Is that... "Yuurei Shimbun"!?
[NOTE: Yuurei Shimbun - literally 'Ghost Newspaper'... I've decided to leave the title alone]

BUBBLE4: Where are they going...?

BUBBLE5: Ah...

BUBBLE6: Wow, free drinks!
BUBBLE7: You can really have any of these for free!?

BUBBLE1: ...
BUBBLE2: Now, about this situation with me and Kokoro-san...

TEXT1: Who in the world could I possibly consult about this...?

TEXT2: A shaman... or a monk? Maybe a spirit medium, or a spiritual counselor...?
TEXT3: It wouldn't feel right asking one of them, though.

TEXT4: I'd be better off consulting a real ghost, if I could...
TEXT5: If I can see Kokoro-san in her current state,

TEXT6: then I may be able to see other wandering spirits now.
TEXT7: I... hope that doesn't happen...

BUBBLE1: M-Maybe I should look for some help...
BUBBLE2: Heh heh heh... Er...

BUBBLE4: "Spiritual Inquiry?"

BUBBLE5: If the soul can be defined as what is left of the 'heart' after the body is gone,
BUBBLE6: then the 'desires' that the 'heart' never attained leaves a strong presence in this world and takes shape.

TEXT1: "Desires," huh...
TEXT2: Desire...

BUBBLE7: Hmm... I don't get it.

BUBBLE1: Dawaaaah!

BUBBLE2: I'm so sorry, I was panicking!

BUBBLE3: I think I was seen carrying books by some of the workers here.
BUBBLE4: What?

BUBBLE1: I just saw some manga and drinks eerily float by!
BUBBLE2: It's... it's a paranormal phenomena...
BUBBLE3: Yeah, me too! A few copies of "Yuurei Shimbun" were wandering around here in midair, drinking beverages!
BUBBLE4: I guess the dead get thirsty, too!

BUBBLE5: Let's get out of here!
BUBBLE6; I'm sorry...

BUBBLE7: Hey, wait! Did you see "Yuurei Shimbun?"
BUBBLE8: Huh? Did something happen?
BUBBLE9: The money's on the table, okay?

BUBBLE10: I'm in a hurry, so...


BUBBLE2: Taichi-san!

BUBBLE3: No way!!

BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san!!

BUBBLE5: Hey... Hey! Kokoro-san!
BUBBLE6: A-Are you all right?
BUBBLE7: Please get a hold of yourself!

BUBBLE1: Pfft!

BUBBLE2: I'm perfectly fine!
BUBBLE3: I don't have a body, remember?

BUBBLE4: ...
BUBBLE5: Anyway, Taichi-san, do you have any injuries?
BUBBLE6: Ah... My foot hurts,
BUBBLE7: but otherwise, I'm all right.

TEXT1: Kokoro-san is without a body.
BUBBLE1: Thank goodness...

TEXT2: There has to be something I can do...

BUBBLE2: What was that just now, anyway?
BUBBLE3: Ah...

BUBBLE2: Are you two like me?

BUBBLE3: Like you...?

BUBBLE4: This area is my territory,
BUBBLE5: so could you guys get out of here?


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#1. by gringe ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
I'm not approved on this site as a full-fledged translator yet, but I have some experience doing things on my own, so I'd like to help you with your problem areas anyway.


TEXT3: Just thinking about consulting them feels wrong, though.
>>I think the 違う気がする, rather than saying it feels "wrong" is more like saying they're "different". Specifically, they don't feel suited for the situation.

//: 何なら本物の幽霊ってのに相談してみた方がよかったりして。。。
TEXT4: If I had the option, I would consult a real ghost about this...
>>What you have doesn't seem too far off from what I'd put. When I read the line initially, the translation that came to mind was "It might be better just to talk to a ghost if I can..." This would affect your translation of some of the lines afterward, but I think in that part he's just explaining his reasoning for why he brought up talking to a ghost at all, rather than coming to a realization.

//: 『魂と呼ばれるものは肉体が滅した後の「心」だけが残った状態とするならば』
BUBBLE5: If the soul can be defined as what is left of the 'heart' after the body is gone,
>>This seems to be fine.

//: 『その「心」に遂げられなかった「想い」が強く残っているものが形をこの世に残す』
BUBBLE6: then the 'emotion' that the 'heart' never attained leaves a strong presence in this world and takes shape.
>>I would say "desires" or "wishes" or something rather than "emotion" for 想い, but other than that it looks fine.

I hope this is helpful. :) It looks good overall, but just remember that while doing a translation other lines around problem areas should be flexible and if you're unsure of something you shouldn't hesitate to try writing lines in new ways, or reexamining lines without necessarily keeping your translation in mind (this advice may be useless to you but it's been helpful to me recently).
#2. by Do Kesubei ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Gringe, thanks alot for the advice.

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