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Baka to Boing 5

You're Not Dead Yet?

+ posted by Do Kesubei as translation on Jun 14, 2009 16:43 | Go to Baka to Boing

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Credit me if you use my translations!

TITLE: You're Not Dead Yet?

BOX1: This girl just suddenly emerged from inside of the wall...
BUBBLE1: ... Like you...?
BUBBLE2: ...

BUBBLE3: Taichi-san! Do you think she's...
BUBBLE4: I... guess?

BUBBLE5: Is she foreign?
BOX2: From the wall... she came from inside of the wall...

BUBBLE1: Isn't this girl the rumored ghost that haunts this store!?
BUBBLE2: No way!

BUBBLE3: Hmm...
BUBBLE4: Something's weird about you two.

BUBBLE5: It... It spoke...

BUBBLE1: D-D-Don't come any closer!

BUBBLE2: Hmm? You're not dead yet?
BUBBLE3: I can still smell the life in you...

BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san, be careful!
BUBBLE5: You shouldn't mess with spirits that haven't found peace! They're dangerous!

BUBBLE1: Huh...?
BUBBLE2: I thought something was off...

BUBBLE3: Why are you two... connected?

BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san, please listen! She's a vengeful ghost who has been cursed from ever achieving peace.
BUBBLE5: If you don't get away from her, she'll possess you!
BUBBLE6: Hold on, please...

BUBBLE7: Why...
BUBBLE8: Why can't you find peace...?

BOX1: Sheesh... Getting involved with a vengeful spirit like that means the end of us both...

BUBBLE1: We're still alive.
BUBBLE2: There's nothing we can do for spirits that are actually dead.

BUBBLE1: Think about it. A ghost that wanders the land instead of resting in peace can't possibly be good.
BUBBLE2: She could be a girl who was killed by bandits a long time ago, choosing to curse others after death.
BUBBLE3: I didn't sense anything bad about her. You're overreacting, Taichi-san.

BUBBLE4: You're too naive, Kokoro-san. You should start thinking more about our well-being.
BUBBLE5: Taichi-san...

BUBBLE6: Oh...

BUBBLE1: *peek* (nyu)
BUBBLE2: ...

BUBBLE3: Hmm... I thought so...

BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san?
BUBBLE5: Ye... yes!

BUBBLE6: Is something wrong?

BUBBLE1: Is she following us...?

BUBBLE2: Damn! I have a practice exam today!

BUBBLE4: Actually, I'm a Ronin right now...
BUBBLE5: And I haven't been to a proper seminar in quite a while...
[NOTE #1: A Ronin is a student who failed the entrance exams of the university of their choice, choosing to spend the next year (or more) to study for the next entrance exam.]
[NOTE #2: 'Seminars', in this context, are courses designed to aid those taking entrance exams for specific schools. For example, the 'Waseda Seminar' school is for those aiming to enter Waseda University.]

BUBBLE1: Well, if it isn't Taichi-kun.

BUBBLE2: Good morning, Takadera-san.
BUBBLE3: Morning... Don't miss too many seminars, all right?

BUBBLE4: Taichi-san, who is he?
BUBBLE6: This is the landlord, Takadera-san.

BUBBLE7: ...
BUBBLE8: Oops!
BUBBLE9: Who are you talking to?

BUBBLE10: Uhhhh... Lately, I've gotten into the habit of talking to myself, so...
BUBBLE11: I... see.

BUBBLE12: Ha ha ha...
BUBBLE13: Sorry.

BOX1: This is the seminar I keep cutting...
BOX2: I chose to take the test anyway, though.

BUBBLE1: Hah...
BUBBLE2: Math is three times more tiring than the other subjects...

BUBBLE3: Sheesh... it doesn't matter if a student is simply skipping the seminar, or was informed that he only has six months to live...
BUBBLE4: the curriculum won't stop for anyone or anything...
BUBBLE5: You look exhausted!

BUBBLE1: Taichi-san...
BUBBLE2: you did a good job today. ♡

BUBBLE3: Th... Thank you.

BUBBLE4: Don't you think that the value of a girl usually peaks around junior high?
BUBBLE5: High schools girls seem so old, man!

BUBBLE6: ...

BUBBLE1: Whoa, a school swimsuit! Apparently, she's a newbie. I wonder if she'll ever take it all off? ♡
BUBBLE2: I'm liking her innocent image.

BUBBLE3: ...
BUBBLE4: Taichi-san...

BUBBLE5: Even if one girl like me is gone...
BUBBLE6: the world will keep moving, right? Like nothing ever happened...

BUBBLE1: Kokoro-san...
BUBBLE2: Keep moving... Like nothing ever happened...

BUBBLE3: I suppose that's true...

BUBBLE4: *glance* (giro)

BUBBLE5: Oh, man... That's Akabane...
BUBBLE6: He's that second-year ronin with the burusera fetish. I heard his nickname is "Bomber Akabane"...
[NOTE #3: Burusera fetish refers to people who derive sexual stimulation from second-hand bloomers used in physical education, used school uniforms, or simply pictures of girls wearing those items.]

BUBBLE8: Y-Y-Yes!?

BUBBLE1: You've been looking at me for a while now.
BUBBLE2: You're the one who's been talking about me behind my back, right?
BUBBLE3: I know all about it. The other students have been laughing at me under their breath.

BUBBLE4; N-No, I wouldn't... I haven't done--

BUBBLE5: Is my interest in burusera a problem for you?

BUBBLE6: Huh!?

BUBBLE1: O-Oh no... I have to help Taichi-san...


BUBBLE4: Kokoro-san!?
BUBBLE5: !? That hurt...

BUBBLE7: Kokoro-san? What do you mean?
BUBBLE8: Uh oh... I lost my balance...

BUBBLE2: Stop leering at Kokoro-san, you pervert!!

BUBBLE3: Brggh!
BUBBLE4: What was that!?

BUBBLE5: Why do I rarely show up to my seminars?
BUBBLE6: This is why!

BUBBLE7: Stop it! Let go of Taichi-san!


BUBBLE3: Wha... It's that ghost!


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#1. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2009
Nice work. Good you translate again this series, we gonna start to pick up with the scanlation as well :)
#2. by M-Hario ()
Posted on Jun 14, 2009
Thanks for your hard work.

I really love this series ^^
#3. by Ichiki ()
Posted on Jun 15, 2009
Thanks a lot :)

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