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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bakuman 77

I love you and denial

+ posted by dosukoi7 as translation on Mar 12, 2010 03:25 | Go to Bakuman

-> RTS Page for Bakuman 77

Anyone can use this. If you do use it, please inform me. I haven't checked over it yet so I may have missed a frame or two, and I may have some spelling errors. the raws had a horrible watermark on them.

I want to quit Tanto!
!? // You want to quit…?
Saikou: Tanto is no good, it has no future!
Miho: Calm down Mashiro-kun…
Saikou: Ok…. // Sorry…
What do you mean it has no future? // Are you saying you want to stop for our promise’s sake?

Of course I want to marry you, Azuki-san // So I was aiming for an anime // The reason I want to quit is not that….
I want to do better! I want to compete with Niizuma Eiji! // I want to make Niizuma Eiji happy!
Miho: You want to make him happy...?
You’d rather make Niizuma Eiji happy than me?
Miho: I think that’s good.
Sai: Wha?

Sai: Tanto... it doesn’t fit Shuujin. Shuujin is better at writing serious and thought provoking stories.
Miho: I don’t know if it’s ok to say this, but Takagi-kun isn’t very good at writing gags.
Sai: Yeah. Shuujim and gag’s don’t mix, I’ve always thought that... // It’s not like we’re out of options... we could try changing Tanto into an interesting battle manga but... Shuujin’s not good at battle manga either.
Miho: So if it makes Niizuma-sensei happy, then it will also make lots of readers happy... // But there’s a lot of kids that enjoy reading it now right? I don’t think you can just end it like that. // If you want to stop, you the right think to do is wait until it’s lost popularity and is canceled right?
Azuki...san.. Did you just watch “Maybe it’s ok to laugh?”
Yes, why?
Sai: Niizuma Eiji came on Telephone Jogging and was saying that he was a fan of Ashirogi Muto, but I know he isn’t reading Tanto... // Niizuma Eiji...

Said that his rival is Ashirogi Muto!!!
I think you should stop too.
Didn’t you just say I’m supposed to wait til it’s not popular?
If you person that you consider your rival went that far for you, then I wouldn’t regret quitting.
I’m selfish too.... I would definitely not stray from wanting to quit, since I’m stubborn.
Miho: Did you talk to Takagi-kun?
Sai: I can’t tell him... That’s why I called you.

I can’t just say “Let’s stop publishing” now that he’s married and has a life.
I see...
Miho: Was Takagi-kun watching “Maybe It’s ok to laugh” too?
Sai: He’s the one that told me to turn on the television.
Miho: I don’t know how Takagi feels, but...
If you’re going to talk to him... I think you should wait til after the ceremony is over and he’s returned from his honeymoon. // Right now you should be giving him your blessing.
Sai: Yeah...
Besides that, there is a publication meeting coming up. Even if we don’t end it, it might get dangerous soon...
Miho: But even if they tell you it’s dangerous, you have to try your hardest. Even if you want to quit.
Sai: Yeah, I know...
If it was up to me, I would quit... // If you and I were married, and you said you wanted to quit, I would immediately say OK.

Thanks. // After Shuujin get’s back I’ll try consulting with him.
Miho: Yeah.
Miho: Thank you too, Mashiro-kun
Sai: Huh? Thanks...?
Miho:You made sure to ask me, and on the phone no less.
Sai: Oh.. yeah... I wanted to ask you no matter what..
We’ve both grown up. Up to now we’ve always stayed apart and only used e-mail. // Our love has grown.
Think carefully about what you want to say to Takagi-kun, and if you still want to talk to him wait til after he comes back.
Sai: Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.
All right then, I’ll see you at the wedding. Feel better and do you best Mashiro-kun. I love you. “blip”
Sai: Wha.... She said I love you... I feel really motivated...

June 4th. the Publication meeting
Kaya: It’s probably fine right?
Shuu: It’s fine, we were 13th this week. Even at our worst we’ve never been below 15. There’s still a long way to the bottom.
Sai: “The bottom” huh...
Shuujin doesn’t even care about winning against Eiji or Iwase anymore... He just wants to keep going... If that’s how he feels maybe I could just forget trying to talk to him...
Shuu: Oh, Saikou! We decided to stay 3 days and 2 nights at Kimugawa.
Sai: That’s so cheap!! And really nearby!
Kaya: At first we wanted to go overseas, but since we could only be gone for 3 days max, and you have to remember travel time, we decided on taking our time and relaxing somewhere close.
Shuu: I said if we are staying close we should could to Disney Land, but oh well
Kaya: Disney Land is totally the wrong mood for a honeymoon!
Shuu: That’s not true! The hotel there is really romantic!
Kaya: You child.
Kaya: It’s better to relax in a yukata at an onsen!
Shuu; You sound like an old lady
Kaya: You lost at rock paper scissors so don’t complain!
Oh, it’s the meetings results

Miu: It’s fine, they didn’t call you for cancelation.
Shuu: Excellent
Shuu: That’s great, if we were canceled right before the wedding I don’t know what I’d do...
Miu; Haha, I understand
Miu: It’s not all good news. They said you should really work harder at trying to get a little higher spot.
Shuu: A little higher... That’s right. We’ll be pulled down by the new publications. Ok, I’ll try to shift Tanto a little towards a battle manga for the next meeting.
Miu: No, if you do that and go under 15th there’s a chance Tanto won’t be able to recover. You should try to add more gags. That was the advice I got in the meeting.
Sfx: scratch, scratch
Shuu: He said put ore gags in.
Sai: ...Aren’t you at your limits for gags?
N... no, I’ll work harder. My livelihood depends on it.
Shuu: Right?
Kaya: Y,.. yeah...

Excuse me. // Heya.
Beep // beep
A name!
That’s too bad, if it was a little faster I could have finally submitted it for the meeting
No! not yet...// First is manners. If he can’t communicate with people it won’t do any good.
Why.. // you! // Ah.. // I lost
Alright, I’ll come by again later.

June 7th, 2 days before the wedding
Shuu: Dammit! I can’t think of any..
Kaya: All day today too... It’s two days before the wedding and he is still trying and not sleeping. Was he in this much pain when he did Trap? No.. he was more energetic.
Buzz buzz
Uh oh! My phone’s ringing..
Kaya: Miho
Miho: Sorry, were you awake?
Kaya: Yeah
Miho: I can’t believe it’s the day after tomorrow
Kaya: Are you getting all excited to se Mashiro?
Miho: No...
Miho: I wanted to talk to you one more time before the ceremony is over and you go on your honeymoon. // And tomorrow is no good.
Kaya: It’s just 3 days and 2 nights
Miho: Yeah but...
Miho: When were in grade school you hated boys and said you never wanted to get married.
Kaya: Really? Did I say that?
Yeah// Yeah

Thank you Matsuda-sama!
Actually I’m really jealous! Why didn’t Akina-san come!> // Shut up Hiramura-san!!
And now,
From Shuueisha Publishing Companies “Weekly Jump,” the first editor of the groom. Hattori Akira-sama, will say some words. // Hattori-sama, if you please.

Akito-kun, Kaya-san, congratulations on your wedding. // It’s already been 5 years. Remembering the time when Akito-kun came to me with his partner Mashiro Moritaka-kun is a really bright and nostalgic memory. // At that time // I knew that these two had such great talent, and would definitely become very popular manga-ka that support Jump.
Popular manga-ka that support Jump? // That’s not something to say to the authors of Tanto... no he’s saying it on purpose..
Akito-kun // and you Mashiro-kun. // +Natural, the manga that Niizuma-sensei sitting right over there is drawing, it isn’t just that the plot and art go well together. // It’s the result of a positive chemical reaction

The first story you brought me, “The two worlds”// And then “100,000,000” which aimed for the Tezuma award, // And then your debut work for Akamaru Jump, “This world is money and intelligence”// Those were the result of a chemical reaction. They aren’t the type of story that a 3rd year middle schooler or a 1st year high schooler would write.
Akito-kun is a very lucky man to be so young and have a wife like Kaya-san, and a partner like Mashiro-kun.
He didn’t praise Tanto...
First Niizuma on “Maybe it’s ok,” now Hattori-san, that can only mean we’re failing now.
I wish you unending happiness.
Next, we’ll hear from the groom’s current editor. From the same Shuueisha publishing company’s Weekly Jump, Miura Gorou-sama
Miu: Yes!
A chemical reaction of the story and art...

Akito-kun... Kaya-san... Thank.. thank you for having me to.. (ha ha ha ha)
Sai: Hattori-san
Hat: What is it?
Sai: Please tell me clearly.
Hat: Tell you what?
Sai: Tell me that you think that Tanto doesn’t fit us, and that we’d be better off if we quit.
Hat: What are you saying? It’s being published right? Why would you want to stop it?
If you say you want to quit, it will become a big problem.
Hat: Plus, if a newcomer’s manga was to fail in such a short time twice in a row, you know what that would mean, right?
Sai: I know that, but...

Thing with Miura won’t be able to get any better either.
Sai: He’s talking about what would happen if we were to quit...
And Takagi-kun doesn’t want to quit right? Your relationship would also suffer
It’s all the risks of what would happen if we quit...
Not only that, Ashirogi Muto has been called a troublemaker. If you do something selfish like that, then there is a chance they could cut your contract.
That’s enough!!
What happened!?

Sai: Please don’t beat around the bush anymore.
Hat: Mashiro-kun, this is a place of celebration. If you must do this let’s step outside.
Sai: yes, please.
Saikou and Hattori-san...
What’s going on? What’s with that stern attitude? That’s really different from normal
Kaya: I understand
Shuu: Under... what do you mean you understand?
Kaya: But for now you can't leave the bridegroom’s table.

Oh... ah.. aaaah...
I lost. // Oh well, I have to get going now.
Could you please look at my name?
yeah.. // show it to me.
Well said Shizukawa-kun.... // I will definitely... turn you into a popular author...

You’re not our editor so you can’t directly give us your opinion!? Are the rules of editorial department that strict!? // If you have something to say you should just say it straight!
Why won’t you say anything?
You can’t say it right? As an editor you can’t say that Tanto doesn’t fit us and that we should quit. // That’s why you’re staying silent right?
Don’t decide things on your own.
Hat: If I said that to you, is that what you would do? Do you need my opinion before you are able to do anything? Think about it yourself... with Takagi-kun. Go on the path that you believe in. Isn’t that what you’ve done up until now?
Sai: That’s how you’ve always opposed Tanto.. You can’t say your own opinion right? // Just give me some advice... tell me that it’s funny...

It’s not interesting!
It’s just my personal taste but it’s not interesting. // I told you before but what makes Natural interesting. It should be your model.
5 years ago when I saw your first manuscript for the first time, I have believed you have talent. That wasn’t a lie. // I think you can beat Niizuma Eiji
Hat: Let’s go back to the ceremony.
Sai: Thank you...

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#1. by alexlw92 ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
pg 15
Kaya: For now you can’t may not leave the bridegroom’s table.

double negative?
#2. by dosukoi7 ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2010
thanks alex, I'll fix that
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