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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Mahou Sensei Negima! 343

An Eternal Farewell

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 10, 2011 17:42 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 343

(note: with spells: words in square brackets are literal translations; words in angle brackets are my best attempts to transliterate Latin/Greek from katakana that I couldn’t find a proper transliteration for, which is somewhat hard when I know neither language (>_>); and words outside of brackets are transliterations taken from

Evangeline: Very well, Kagurazaka Asuna. / I’ll take you on.
Evangeline: Consider it a gift

Asuna: Wa!
Negi: Uh
[ In their final practice, can Negi and Asuna defeat Evangeline while she’s at full strength? ]

Setsuna: The castle’s ramparts are covered in ice! / What sort of magic is this?

[Title]: Period 343: An Eternal Farewell

Negi: Be careful!
Asuna: When I said I thought we could do this… That might have just been my imagination getting the better of me, or something…

Evangeline: Fu… Everywhere the ice touches is my domain

Asuna: Wa-wa…

Gelidus Capulus [Eternal Ice Coffin!]

Evangeline: Heh… / What?!

Hama no Tsurugi!!

Iaculatio Grandinis!! [Hailstorm of Lances]

<Tomer Alkers Kai Analgiars!> [Infinitely-wide raking cut!]


Godel: Ho ho… She is… Quite the exorcist, isn’t she?

Rakan: With Eva’s Pro Armatione, as long as she’s within the frozen sphere she can cast the hell out of all but the highest level spells without incantation or limitation. A near-invincible, illegal technique. / It looked like Negi just cut through all that stuff, but Asuna’s sword makes it simply disappear.
Al: In the end, the two are just trying to throw themselves at her. It reveals a lot about how much experience Negi has with his Lightning Speed, doesn’t it?

Setsuna: ……

Setsuna: Umm, well…
Al: What?

Setsuna: If Negi’s price was to become a vampire… well… / What was Asuna’s?

Al: Even if I told you, nothing would come of it. / Why do you want to know, Sakurazaka Setsuna?

Setsuna: Well, that’s… / Asuna’s my friend… no.

Setsuna: Asuna san is my b… best friend! / No matter what it is, I want to know! Please, tell me!

Al: …Very well. / I’ll tell you, then.

Al: Though as her friend, this might be hard for you to accept. Are you ready?
Setsuna: Y… Yes.

Al: Come Spring all of you will graduate from middle school / and enter high school, right?

Setsuna: Y….yeah.

Al: It’s a shame, but… Kagurazaka Asuna will not be able to graduate alongside you. / That’s because… You already can no longer meet with “Kagurazaka Asuna” ever again.

Setsuna: Wh-

Eva: Eeigh! / I need to keep moving!

Eva: As long as I do, you won’t be able to nullify my attacks so easily!
Eva: Lick-lack-la-lac-lilac! / Τὸ συμβόλαιον διακονῆτω μοί, ἡ κρυστάλλινη βασίλεια! Epigenēthētō, [Come to me, Oh Queen of Ice, according to thy contract!]

Asuna: Hey! Wasn’t that the huge attack spell she used back in Kyoto?
Negima: I’ve got it covered!

Evangeline: ταἰώνιον ἔρεβος / αἱώνιε κρύσταλλε! [Perpetual darkness! / Eternal glacier!]

Spell: Negi-style Magia Erabia! Enemy Bullet Absorption Field!

Eva: What?

Negi: Stagnate!

Setsuna: Wh… What do you mean?

Al: Kagurazaka Asuna herself, The Imperial Princess of the Twilight, Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia, is the cornerstone of the plan to save the magical world… / And just as the word suggests, she must go to the Palace of the Gravekeepers and sleep for a hundred years.

Al: “Kagurazaka Asuna” is but Princess Asuna’s alternate personality.
Al: And that part of her… It cannot survive for a hundred years. / It will be worn away and vanish.

Negi: Complexio!

Eva: Taiindou?! [TN: lit. Lunar Path] <aside: When did you create the magic circle? >

Negi: Asuna-san!
Asuna: Heh?

Asuna: Hyaah!

Eva: Hmm!


Nivis Tempestas Obscurans [Darkness Blizzard] x 16!!!

Asuna: Haa/aa/aa/aa!

Eva: Hmm… Well done / But you can’t ever stop moving while fighting within the Queen of Ice, boy!

Spell: Dextra Emissa: Convergentia <Algrarlis> [Right arm release: 1001 Lightning Arrow Sagitta Magica!] / With World of Ice! / With Dextra Emissa: Τιτανοκτονον [Giant Killer]!!!

Eva: Hmm? / Come!!!
Asuna: Geh! <aside: Scary >

Negi: Aaah / aah…

<sfx> Choo!

p12: Ouch! / hmm?

Eva: Huh?
Asuna: ….!

Asuna: Why’d you have to go and sneeze, dammit?! / Negi: Well, ever since Master charged her spell, it’s been super cold, and…
<Eva’s aside: Awww… And you were doing so well >
Eva: Hmm?

Asuna: Eh?


Asuna: Eh?

Asuna: Ah?

Asuna: Se… / Setsuna-san?

Setsuna: Why? / Why? / Why didn’t you tell me?

Setsuna: Why’d you try to keep silent about it? / Aren’t we friends? / Why do you have to disappear? / It’s just too cruel!

Asuna: I’m sorry. / I’m sorry, Setsuna-san. / But it’s alright. / It’s alright, so…

Setsuna: Alright? / What part of this is alright?! / Even Colonel-san said there was nothing we could do!

Setsuna: Let’s… / Let’s run away!
Asuna: Huh?

Setsuna: Let’s run away!! / The two of us, and Negi and Ojou-sama! No one could stop us!
Setsuna: I’ll cut them down if they try! / I’ll protect you!!

Setsuna: So, Asuna-san…
Asuna: Setsuna-san,

Asuna: thanks, but… / I can’t.

Asuna: I remember everything now. / What Nagi-san… What so many people did for me.
Asuna: So I have to do this. For their sakes.

Setsuna: But Asuna-san, this has nothing to do with you! / So why do you have to be sacrificed?!
Setsuna: Didn’t Nagi-san wish for you to live a happy life?!
Asuna: Wait—hold up a second. Don’t get me wrong, Setsuna-san.

Setsuna: Eh?

Asuna: Don’t worry! / I don’t plan on disappearing!
Asuna: I swear I’ll see you again. / Trust me!

Setsuna: Huh? / But that’s…
Setsuna: How can you say something so…

Setsuna: I mean, do you even know how you’re going to make it out alive?! / Asuna: Well, I mean, that’s— / Setsuna: A hundred years?! / Even if you’re alive, Ojou-sama and I will be old hags by then!

Eva: Heh…

Eva: You could have just lived quietly at school, having a fun and happy life… / My goodness… What foolish girls you are.

[top: A true friend is more precious than life or time]
[bottom: Author is taking a break in order to do more research, so there will be no new chapter until Wed., November 16th.]

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