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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Mahou Sensei Negima! 344

Negi, Enemy of Women

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 17, 2011 02:33 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 344

Asuna: I’ve always known I was a bit of an idiot. / But you know,
[top: I don’t want to imagine a life where I can never see you again!! ]

Asuna: if I hadn’t gone there, / the entire world would have gone to hell.

Asuna: Heh-heh… So I don’t really regret any of this.
Asuna: Besides, once I wake up in a hundred years, / Negi and Eva-chan will be there, waiting for me.

Setusna: Asuna…san…

Eva: Hmmph… Don’t expect me to go meet you.

Setsuna: How… how can you just laugh it off like that? / You don’t make any sense, Asuna-san.
Asuna: Setsuna-san… It’s not like you to cry like this…

Asuna: But I’m kinda glad / that you can cry this much for my sake.

Godel: It looks like our princess has managed to find a really good friend.

Setsuna: I…

Setsuna: What do you expect from me? / What are you, an idiot?
<inset>: Why do I always get so worked up over little things?
Asuna(?): Heheh… Konoka’d be proud of you.
Setsuna(?): Stupid, / stupid, stupid
Asuna(?): Heh heh heh…

Asuna: Umm, err, Setsuna-san? / Do you mind if I put on some clothes?

Setsuna: Asuna-san… You’re amazing! / As her friend, I want to become someone with nothing to be ashamed of… / Asuna-san..!

[title] Period 344: Negi, the Enemy of Womenkind
[Billboard]: 2 days left until the sports festival!
Announcer: This is the Sports Festival Executive Director. There are only two days left until the sports festival! Remember to stay safe!
[inset]: Are we ready for the new carnival?
Announcer: Let’s try to stay accident-free as we prepare for the festival, and aim for zero casualties!

Kotarou: Whoa!

Kotarou: Ooh! Cool!
Kaede: An air race de gozaru, huh?

Kotarou: It kinda seems like all the preparations are more relaxed than they were during the school festival.
Kaede: Well, the main focus is on the games this time around de gozaru, right?

Kaede: Aren’t you going to participate in the martial arts tournament de gozaru? / Kotarou: Well, when you’re one of the strongest brawlers in the magical world…
Kotarou: It’d be kinda lame for a pro to show up to a fight between amateurs, ya know?

Kotarou: Hey, that’s… / Speak of the devil—there’s my partner!

Kotarou: Oi! Neg-umph!

Kotarou: What the hell?!
Nodoka: Shh!

Kotarou: Huh?

Kotarous: Is that… / Pipsqueak?

Yue: Um, well… / I-uh-er / um / n-no, / I-I…

Negi: Y-yes? / What is it?

Yue: I-l… / lo… / lov…

Yue: I love you, Negi-sensei!

Negi: Eh?
Everyone: She did it!
Kotarou: Wh / what? WHAT?!

Yue: Um… I know all my memories haven’t returned yet, / and that I don’t remember everything about how we met… / I said it! / I can’t go back now! / But when I was an apprentice knight in Ariadne / and when you brought me back safely, my feelings for you continued to grow…

Negi: Ummmm, well… th-this is all very sudden… umm…. / If I could just have some time to…

Yue: *gasp*

Yue: N-no, umm, please don’t let it bother you so much! / I just wanted to tell you how I felt! / I didn’t want to burden you, or anything! / Ahhh, I’m s-s-sorry! I know you’ve got so many things on your plate right now! I should’ve waited before asking you!

Yue: P-please just forget all of this! Well, I mean I guess that’s kind of shellfish too, but… / Well, th-th-that’s it! Please, just give me your reply after I graduate—even one word would be enough!
Negi: Huh?!

[Flashback: I think it would be OK if you didn’t respond to Nodoka until she graduates]

Kotarou: Huh, really? I never knew!

Yue: Ah…

Yue: I… I remember! I remember everything! / The days I spent at Mahora / That I couldn’t remember!

Nodoka: Yue…

Even though I was cheering on Nodoka as she pursued Negi, / I fell in love with Negi myself! / And because I felt so horrible about it, I couldn’t even confess my love… / But Nodoka, who wanted things to be even between us, helped me confess to him after I happened to suffer amnesia…

Yue: Happened to? / No, it wasn’t chance. Everything was far too convenient. / Could it be that I subconsciously desired to remain an amnesiac? / If so… I’m so… despicable.

Negi: Th-thank you. / I’m happy to hear that, Yue-san. / But… I…

[SFX: crying]

Negi: Wh-wh-wh-what happened, Yue-san?! / Wh-wh-wh-why are you crying?!

[offscreen]: Ahhhh!

Haruna: He made her cry! He made her cry!
Sakurako(?): Negi-kun…
Negi: Eh?!
Konoka: Negi-kun?!

[Crowd (Yuuna?)]: Hey, Negi—What are you doing, making a girl cry like that?!
<background>: The worst / He’s the worst / The worst, huh / Definitely the worst

Negi: Eh?!

Asakura: Hold up, you perverted man! Why’d you turn her down so cruely?! / <aside: Tell me, for future reference! > / Aww, Yue-chan, you poor thing!
Konoka: No! Bad Negi! Don’t make girls cry!
Yuuna: You’re the enemy of women, huh? / I would have expected an English gentlemen to turn someone down a lot more elegantly than that!

Yue: That’s not it… That’s not it at all…
Nanoka: Yue…

Yue: I’m sorry… Please, forgive me… / My memories returned… so… I’m fine…

Chizuru(?): Hmm? What was that?
Yuuna: Umm…

(?): Well, at any rate, this is clearly Negi’s fault!
Negi: What?! / Yes! Punishment game! / Punishment game! Punishment game!
Hold up a second!

Yue: Things got kind of loud out there…
Negi: Don’t worry about it.

Negi: So, umm…
Yue: Ah…
Yue: Ah, no, This is—that’s—it’s nothing! / Negi: Y-y-yes! Of course!
Yue: Please, don’t let it bother you! / I-I’ll just go back to the classroom now.
Negi: OK!

Yue: *sigh*

Yuuna: Oh!
Makie: Yue-chan…

Makie: Are you alright?
Yuuna: Did Negi say something mean to you?

Yue: Ah-no. / Negi did nothing wrong.

Yuuna: Really? Hmm, is that so…
Asakura: Well, it’s nothing to be so worried about, Ayase. Really, it isn’t.

Asakura: At any rate, if you can confess to that bag of bricks, you can handle anything, right?
Asakura: Right, Miyazaki? / Nanoka: Huh?
Asakura: So really, there’s nothing to worry about, OK? / Yue: Y-yeah.

Asakura: Though when you think about it, everything starts with a confession, doesn’t it?

Asakura: Right?

Kuu: Wh-wh-why are you looking at me-aru?! I have nothing to do with this-aru!!
Asakura: Huh, really? I just looked at the person who I thought would be involved next, is all. <aside: Call it a reporter’s instinct>

Yuuna: Wait, Asakura. When you say “a bag of bricks”, / are you talking about Negi? / What do you mean?

Yuuna: How exactly is he a bag of bricks?
Asakura: Well, you see…

Asakura: Negi’s gotten so many female students to develop feelings for him. / And furthermore, he’s managed to steal the young lips of so many maidens.
Asakura: And despite how many confessions he’s received, in the end / he’s still an introverted man with eyes only for his father. Isn’t that just inhumane?

Yuuna: That’s-- / That’s it!! <aside: You really nailed the source of all this sadness, didn’t you.>

Yuuna: Hmm… Well, when you think about it that way, Negi-kun’s kinda a jerk, isn’t he?
Natsumi: Eh?
Akira: No, that’s…
Yuuna: He’s a super playboy… to put it bluntly, the enemy of all women.
Misa: Wait! Hold it! Hold it!

Misa: I knew that Honya-chan kissed Negi, and that she confessed to him, and that Negi’s going to give her a reply after graduation, / But everything else is completely new!
Misa: What do you mean when you say that he’s stolen the lips of so many maidens?

Yuuna: Huh?

Yuuna: Err, Kakizaki, you don't know about pactio cards?
Misa: What are those?!
Yuuna: Well, you see, they’re a thing that appears if you kiss Negi-kun.
Misa: Kiss?! I’ve never heard anything about this!

Yuuna: Ah, I didn’t realize… So you don’t know anything… Yeah, that’s right, Kakizaki—you missed out on the adventure, didn’t you?
<inset: You, uh... you probably shouldn't have been listening to all this... >
Misa: Slow down a second.

Misa: How many people in this class possess one of those cards?

Misa: People with those Pack-cards, or whatever they’re called!
Misa: Raise your hands! <aside: And show me your cards!>
Everyone: Ehh?!

Misa: This problem could drive our class apart right before the sports festival!
Misa: Please, answer honestly!

p14: (all asides)

Kokona: Tee-hee <3

Setsuna: I—I have two…

Chisame: Stu—I said, stop it!

Makie: Yay! {1/8th note}

Misa(?): Eh…
Misa: One… two… / three, four…
Misa: 16?
Asakura: Well, Asuna and Class Rep have them too, so that’s two more there.

Misa: Ei… / Eighteen… <aside: that’s two thirds of our class! >

Mana: By the way, the three of us formed a contract with someone else, so / you don’t have to count us.
<Natsumi’s aside: Well, that’s…>

Inset: Huh? / What is this? / Did the rest of the class leave us behind?

Misa: Whoaaaa! Wait for us, Negi-kun! We’re going to steal you now, OK?
Asakura: Hey! Stop! Stop! <aside: You need more than just a kiss for a card to appear!

The twins: You’re mean, Kaede-nee! / Why didn’t you tell us? When did you do it?
Kaede: Hmm, well, it was a bit of an emergency de gozatta…

(?): Well, at any rate, Negi-kun is really cruel, isn’t he!
Twins(?): Yeah, he’s a real jerk
(below): I wonder… / Well, now that you say it…
Misa(?): He’s gotten involved with so many girls, but he ignores me entirely! / Well, that’s…
(below again): Mm-mm-mm
Yuuna(?): When you think about it, a teacher really shouldn’t be getting involved with his students.
(below x3): Hmm… really?
(back up top): And 18? Really? / This is the worst scandal in all of history!
(down once more): At any rate, we should probably hit him at least once…
Akira’s aside: Everyone’s blaming Negi-kun…

Crowd: “A professor has impure relations with over half of his class!” It’d make the national news!
/ Talk shows would have a field day with him!
[background: Qu-qu-quit it!]
Akira: Well, Negi-kun’s only 10… / When you think about it, we’re going to be made out to be the bad guys, not Negi.

Haruna: At any rate, the situation is really serious.

Haruna: In the end, isn’t Negi’s going to turn down all thirty one beautiful girls,
Haruna: and set off after his dreams, the world, his father, and all the objects of male romance? / If so, we will have failed as women!!
Nodoka: OK…
Yue: Would that be failure?

Nodoka: W-well, I guess girls just aren’t that high on his priorities list…
Yue: But to be honest, that’s one of the things I like about him…

Haruna: You’re too naïve! / Say things like that, and men’ll just take advantage of you! You need to be more selfish!
Misa: That’s right! With that kind of man, you have to attack him incessantly and make your own future!
Aside: If you want to be really daring, you should even try to have a b—
Nodoka: Ahh! I’m sorry!

At any rate, I think we’ve decided we need to teach Negi-kun a lesson.

Yeah! / Maybe we all just need to att… I mean, chastise him. / If we don’t set him right now, how many women will he make cry? / Yeah! We’re doing this for Negi’s sake! Everyone needs to participate!
Nodoka: OK…
Akira: Ahhh… <aside: They’ve already made up their minds… >
Asakura: Well… I suppose that at this rate, things’ll get bad for Negi himself, too. <aside: Though I imagine he’d be fine with it >

Asakura: So I guess I’ll help out, too. How about this? / According to the schedule, the event Class Rep’s family is sponsoring is being held on the last day, right?

Negi: Asuna-san!
Asuna: Negi!

Asuna: Thank goodness you’ll be able to attend the sports festival
[inset: Ah! It’s the child teacher! / It’s Negi-kun!]
Negi: Yes, well, it seems like the first phase is drawing to a close, so…

Asuna: Well at any rate you’re going to get busy again soon, so you better make as many memories as you can now!
Negi: Asuna-san, you say that, but the same is true for you, too / Ah.. Ah…

[sfx bubble thingy] CHOO!
Asuna: Uhya!

Asuna: Did you catch a cold or something? / Negi: No… hahaha. I’ve just been feeling a really strange coldness recently.

Asuna: You need to take care of yourself; you have a very important body, after all! / Although, if anyone else were with you, would she be naked right now? / Negi: Ahaha… Was that an instantaneous magic cancel? Very impressive. / Asuna: This isn’t something to laugh about! What’ll you do if you sneeze in front of a princess, or something?! <aside: It’d be a major diplomatic issue! > / Negi: Ahahaha…
[bottom: If these fun, lighthearted days could continue on forever…]

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Gracias por la traduccion.

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