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Mahou Sensei Negima! 345

Negi-sensei's the target?!

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 23, 2011 00:11 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 345

Is this the climax of a track-and-field manga filled with beautiful girls? Who is the fastest in Mahora: Asuna or Misora!!?

Misora: What the hell, Asuna? I told you to let the track and field team win!
Asuna: Well, this is my final middle school sports festival, so I wanted to beat you just this once. / Misora: Dammit… I’ll race you again in high school! / Asuna: Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? We’re in the same class, so we get the points either way.

Asuna: But competing while so many people are watching is kind of embarrassing…
Misora: I don’t think anyone’s watching the middle school events, though.

[Title: Period 345: Negi-sensei’s the target?! ]
[inset: Mahora Academy sets off towards a new party at full speed! ]

Announcer: Last year, the most popular event was free-running on the rooftops in the School-wide Parkour Tournament.
Kotarou: You guys are all pretty good.
[Bottom: School-wide Parkour Tournament]
Announcer: Now in its second year, the event is expected to have over three hundred participants.

Extra #1: Hey, wait! What is that—a chopper?! How are we supposed to fight against that?!
Extra #2: Every year, they throw something like that at us…
Natsumi: Ahhh! Why’d you say you have to say you wanted to be in the survival game, Yuuna?!
[bottom: Realistic Survival Game Tournament ]

Announcer: And the Giant Ball Rollers are approaching the final corner…
[bottom: Giant Ball Rolling]

Announcer: Contestant Kuu Fei, in a dignified victory!
[bottom: Melee Tournament UltiMahora]
Kuu: Umm, I’m sorry I went all-out against you aru. / I guess I hurt you a lot, doing that. / Did I get too strong? Hmm…

Ayaka: Yes, this is she. / Really? / Well done, Kuu Fei-san.
Ayaka: Negi-sensei! / That was Kuu Fei-san. She said she won!
Negi: Oh! That’s Master Kuu for you!

Negi: It looks like our class has had a strong showing, even against the entire school. / Chamo: Ah, I get it—so everyone enters into their favorite events, and the points they earn are added to their class’s score.
Ayaka: Yes <3. This is our final middle school sports festival, after all. / Everyone wants to do really well.

Ayaka: Though that reminds me: it’s about time for the schoolwide event, isn’t it.
Negi: Huh? What was it you were doing this year?

Negi: Your family’s sponsoring it, right, Class Rep? Do you have any clue, or…

Negi: Umm, Class Rep?

Ayaka: I’m sorry! They said it was for your sake! / Huh? / NEGI-SENSEI!

Takane: Negi-sensei!
[paper: Future]
Negi: Huh? Takane-san?
Takane: Why? Why didn’t you participate in the fighting tournament? Thanks to you, I was embarrassed in the finals!
Takane: And I’ve been avidly awaiting our rematch ever since the Mahora Festival.

Negi: Yes, but I’ve been extremely busy, and I’ve received professional status in the Magical World, so…
Takane: Enough with your excuses!

Takane: Let’s fight!
Negi: Eeh?!

Takane: I’m a high school senior! If I don’t settle things with you, I’ll never be able to focus on the college entrance exams!! / And if I win, go out with me!
Negi: Wha—where did that come from?
Takane: Bring it on!

Chamo: You didn’t go easy on her, did you? / Negi: She was re… really strong, so…

Takane: Sh…
Negi: What?
Takane: Why… why won’t you strip me?!

Takane: You defeat me, but you don’t strip me!! Are you patronizing me?! / Or am I just not attractive enough for you?!
Negi: No, that’s not…

Takane: Strip me! Or date me as a precursor to marriage! / Please, pick one or the other! / Ayaka: What do you think you’re saying?!
Extra #3: Looks like the child teacher’s really popular with the ladies.
Bottom right person: Oh-ho-ho-ho. Looks like things are getting heated~.
Ayaka: wh-WHAT?! / What do you think you’re saying?! You wait right there!!

Ayaka: Haa… Haa… That really surprised me. What was Takane-san thinking?
[letter: Future]
Ayaka: My goodness! Who does that woman think she is?!
Chamo: Well, she’s such a serious girl; maybe she just overthought things a bit.

Negi: Ah!
Extra #4: Umm…

Extra #4: To be honest, I…

Extra #4: Read this…
Negi: Eh…
[Card: Love]
Negi/Extra#5(?): Th-That’s…

Extra #5: Read this!

Negi: Are… Are these love letters?! Why so many? Is this what Kakizaki warned me about, when she said I had become popular?!

Negi: Come to think of it, it’s almost as if I saved these girls while they were stranded on the side of the road…
Negi: But… / But…

Negi: I’m sorry!
Chamo: What a waste...
Negi: I’ve got work to do!!

Ayaka: You’ve gotten really popular, Negi-sensei… / Well, not that that’s surprising, all things considered…
Chamo: It’s been like this ever since the sports festival started. And he keeps turning them down and becoming depressed afterwards, just like this.
Chamo: Well, Aniki’s been famous ever since the school festival; maybe events like this are the only chance girls from other schools have to meet him.

Yuuna: He is definitely the enemy of women.
Haruna: And he instantly turned them down!
[?]: Hmm… Maybe the fact that he’s postponing his response to the girls in our class means he’s taking their advances more seriously…

Negi(?): Wh—

Akira: Negi-kun!

Negi: Akira-san?!
Akira: You’re…
Akira: You’re in trouble!

Akira: You need to r…

Negi: Eh…

Negi: She… She disappeared! / I’m… I’m certain that was Akira-san!
Ayaka: *gasp* Could someone be attacking us?
Fate: …Hm.

Fate: You’re an idiot, aren’t you. Of course someone is.
Negi: Fate!

Negi: You aren’t behind this, are you?
Fate: Are you an idiot, Negi?
Fate: Although, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I suppose that is my mistake as well. / But it seems like the girls have managed to avoid shaming themselves.

Fate: At any rate, I think I’m going to enjoy watching you panic.
Negi: Wh… / Huh?

Ayaka: My….
Negi: Huh… That’s…

What’s / going on here?

Military dude: Priority target Child-Teacher has been sighted!
Military dude: I repeat: the Child-Teacher has been sighted! All units, proceed with the plan to capture and detain him! / Remember, the Child-Teacher took second in the Mahora Festival Fighting Tournament! Take all necessary precautions!

Chamo: It looks like this year’s school-wide event has begun!
Ayaka: Ne-Ne-Negi-sensei’s carrying me in his arms! Ahhh, I have no regrets.
Negi: Huh—This is the campus-wide event?! Why is everyone chasing me…

Military dude: Can you hear me, Negi-sensei?

Military dude: We are the combined forces of the Campus-Wide Military and Survival Game clubs.

Military dude: You are completely surrounded.
Military dude: Please, surrender peacefully.

Military dude: Which is to say,

Military dude: All units, open fire!
Military extra: Understood
Military extra#2: Understood / Roger! / Negi: W-wait…

Negi: Wait!

Military dude: He’s… flying?!
Other Military Dude: That’s the legendary child teacher for you! Those are superhuman skills! / We’re not going to be able to pull this off with brute force…
Military dude: Af… After him!

Asakura: So, it looks like this year’s school-wide sports festival event is already well underway!!
Negi: Wha?!
Asakura: The “Attack the Professor * Super Borrowed Item Contest”!!

Negi: Asakura-san?!
Negi: Don’t tell me this is…

Asakura: That’s right—It’s everyone’s favorite event where you must demand more and more ridiculous things from your professor! And we’re here to announce the special bonus!!

Asakura: The bonus target is Mahora Academy class 3-A’s homeroom teacher, Negi-sensei!
Asakura: Teams which manage to secure one of the child teacher’s items will receive…

Asakura: My goodness! Their points will be multiplied by a hundred!
[background: 100*]
Negi: What the… Isn’t that the kind of thing you would expect at the end of a quiz show?!

Chamo: I’m not sure, but I think you were sold out, Aniki.
Ayaka: No, I…
Negi: Huh?

Ayaka: Well, to tell you the truth, they said that all of this was for your future, Negi-sensei…
Negi: What does that even mean?!

Asakura: Good luck!
Negi: Uwahh!
Asakura: Also: if your items are taken by anyone other than your own students, your class will face a steep penalty! And in Negi’s case, that penalty will be multiplied a hundredfold! So you better start running, k? {eighth note}

Extra #n: Child Teacher! Give me your necktie! / Extra #n+1: Your glasses!
[Paper: Your pants, Negi-Sensei]
Extra #n+2: Give me your shoes!
Extra #n+3: Please, I need your shirt!
Extra#n+4: Please, give me your underwear!
Negi: Why is everyone after me?!

Extra: Ah!
Negi: Haa… Mahora Academy’s students always work up such a fuss, don’t they?
Negi: But…
Negi: I’m glad I came here. / Every day here has been better than I deserved.

Extra x: He’s really flying! / That’s not CG, is it? / How is he doing that?! / Hey! Fire the capturing rounds! Fire!
Extra z: The copter’s coming around!

Negi: Maybe everyone set up this event as a surprise for me, since I haven’t been able to come to school lately.
Negi: Yeah, maybe that’s it. No, I’m sure it is. Ha-ha-ha, I think they went a bit overboard.

Negi: Thanks, everyone. / The memories I form today / will keep me going for the rest of my life.

Negi: Well then, if everyone’s gotten all fired up, then I’ll just have to do my duty as the targ…
Negi: Huh?

Negi: What?!
Negi: Wh—What is this?!


Negi: Wha-wha-wha

Negi: OK…
Negi: !? / Huh?

Negi: My… my magic’s flowing away?
Negi: What is this?

Yuuna: *Whoosh* {or whatever onomatopoeia you want to use for someone blowing the smoke off her gun}
Yuuna: That was a pair of bullets which seal your magic for three minutes each.

Yuuna: Heh-heh~! That’s plenty of time for us to kick your ass! It’s payback time, / Negi-kun!

Haruna: How dare you belittle a girl’s emotions! / Misa(?): You’re all strangely dependable, aren’t you?

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