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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 346

Period 346: Revealing Negi’s True Love

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Nov 30, 2011 22:45 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Negi: What—what is this?
[inset]: All of the powerful classmates are closing in on Negi!

Negi: I’ve temporarily lost my magic? / But even Tatsumiya-san shouldn’t have that kind of bullet…

Negi: Ah…

Track guys: Hey! I found him!
It’s the child teacher!
Oh? Let’s go! First come, first served!

Negi: I can’t let them catch me! I have to run!

Negi: Dammit… without my magical energy, I can’t even manage this little gap. / This is bad… I’ve gotten too used to using magic subconsciously. / I wonder if Master [Eva] ever had to go through something like this… <Aside: And her strength is the ??? (can’t make out the last word)>

Negi: Hah… / Hah… / Huh?

Helicopter: Wahahaha! It’s over, Child Teacher! / For the sake of our budget, prepare yourself!

Negi: Dammit! I can’t get away!

Helicopters: Waaaa! / Kyaaaaa!
Kotarou: Hey! / This looks fun! Mind if I join?
Negi: Kotarou-kun!

Track people: Wha?

Kotarou: How pathetic, getting your ass kicked by a bunch of normals.
Negi: No; this is…

Takamichi: That’s not fair… These “Teacher’s borrowed items” contests are really hard on us teachers, after all.

Takamichi: So I think we should team up, Negi-kun.
Negi: Takamichi! Professor Akashi! / You guys could hold off a hundred of them!

Negi: To… to be honest, I was sort of hit with a magic-sealing attack… / Akashi: Really? Did my Yuuna do that?
Akashi: I’m really impressed that she was able to hit you. / Kotarou: Well, don’t worry. Just leave this to us. After all, there’s no way a bunch of amateurs could stop us!

Kotarou: It’d be like taking candy from a…

Negi: Another disappearance?!

[title]: Period 346: Revealing Negi’s True Love
[inset]: Everyone’s lending Negi their power!

Negi: Th-that was…

Negi: What could capture people of Takamichi and Kotarou-kun’s level in an instant? / Wait, no. Natsumi-san and Kaede-san’s artifacts could each pull this off.

<aside: Get him!>
Negi: Sh-shoot!

Negi: If I can’t get away, my class’s score will suffer a huge penalty… / Ugh! How long can I avoid them without magic?

Negi: Owww… What is this?

Misa: Negi-kun!

Madoka: Hey! Guess it got kinda rough out there, huh? Well, just leave everything to us <3
Negi: U-umm, what are you… / Sakurako: Huh? What are we doing? But you already know, don’t you?

Misa: We’re doing…

Misa: This!
[Misa’s card]: Negi-kun’s lips <3
[Madoka’s card]: A Pactio with Negi-kun
Madoka: This <3.
Negi: Ehhhh?!

Negi: Hey, wait a second! Why would “pactio” be written on yours?! / And aren’t you writing yours right now?!
Sakurako’s aside: And “kiss <3”
Misa: Bwahahah… I’m sorry, but I’ve already managed to secretly secure approval! / All I had to do was tell Class Rep that this was for your sake, Negi-kun, and she instantly approved.

Negi: Wha… / <aside: So that means Class Rep… >
Misa: But more importantly, Negi-kun,

Misa: a little bird told me that, while ignoring me, Kakizaki Misa, 3-A’s officially recognized boss of all things erotic,/ you’ve stolen the lips of 18 of my classmates. Is that correct?
Negi: Waaaa!

Misa: I will not stand by and allow this inequality to linger! Therefore, I demand you form a Pactio with us as well! / Negi: You want what?!
Madoka/Sakurako: That’s it! A kiss! / A kiss! [TN: the kanji used for “kiss” here are the same as the ones used for Pactio]
Negi(?): Yeah, but, umm… Without Chamo-kun, it’d just be a normal kiss, not a Pactio.

Chamo: Hey! Did someone call?
Negi: No one called for you, Chamo-kun!

Chamo: Alright! / It doesn’t look like anyone’s coming, so let’s get started!

Negi: Ha-wawawa!
Sakurako: Don’t try to resist, Negi-kun!
Madoka: It’ll just make it hurt more!
Misa: Well, I’ll go first! Don’t worry—it’ll all be over soon enough.

Negi: Mmmm!
Misa: Hnnn~

Misa: ….Negi-kun… Who do you really like?
Chamo: Huh?

Negi: Huh?
Misa: I’m asking you, which girl’s your favorite?

Negi: Wh-whaaaaat? That’s…
Chamo: Hmm…
Misa: Well, I don’t know if that’s really a question I should be asking a 10-year-old, / but you’ve corrupted 18 girls with your evil ways. I won’t let you talk your way out of this!

Negi: Huh? / But—but that’s… well, I mean…
Misa: Of course I know you’re really busy with your work right now, Negi-kun. / I heard it was a really noble goal, like trying to save the world or something.


Misa: However.

Misa: Men who focus on a single task and pay only the slightest attention to girls’ feelings are the absolute worst. / I don’t want to entrust the world to someone like that! / Catch my drift, Negi-kun? / Negi: Y-yes.

Negi(?): So then?
Sakurako: Ehehehe… I really want to know~
Madoka: C’mon, say it!
Misa: Well? Who is it?
Negi: Auu
Chamo: Look’s like Aniki’s in a bit of a pickle… / <can’t make this out either>

Misa: OK, then: how about you just give me the name of one girl you like! / Tell me! It’s an order!

Negi: Well, ever since she spoke to me, I've been thinking things over. / But… well, I—for me to choose someone--/ I don’t feel like I really have the right to…

Sakurako: Nooooo!! Negi-kun, you can’t say that! That’s the absolute worst thing you can say!
Madoka: If you’re trying to be sincere, that is the absolute worst kind of thing you could have said!
Negi: Waa!

Misa: …It doesn’t have to be something huge. / If you’ve been thinking about everyone, then even a small feeling would mean a lot, right?

Negi: Something small…

Negi: Well… / In that case…

Negi: There is… / someone…

Girls: Huh… / Really?

Madoka(?): Wait, really?! Are you serious?! / Negi-kun? There’s someone you’re head-over-heals for?!
Negi: Hie! / Well, that’s…
Chamo: Ohh? / You serious, Aniki?
Negi: Well, I wouldn’t say “head-over-heals”…
Sakurako(?): Really? This is huge news! We have to go tell Asakura! / Who is it? Who is it? C’mon, tell me! I promise I won’t tell anyone!


Sakurako & Madoka: Ooh—Who could it be? It’s gotta be Asuna, right? / No, that’d be too boring! And besides, based on just now, I think it’s a little more complicated than that! *chuckle*/ It’s someone in our class, right? If not, you won’t be able to rest easily! / But what about Anya? / What do you want to do with her? Kiss her? Just be together with her?
Madoka & Sakurako: What about s… sex? / Don’t say “sex”!
Misa: Hold it! Hold it! Calm down, both of you! We shouldn’t be asking him that here!

Negi: B-but that was a little bit of how I feel!
Misa: I know, I know! That was more than enough! Good job saying it!
Negi’s aside: But that was only because you told me to!
Negi: P-P-Please don’t tell anyone! I never even wanted to tell you! <aside: I mean, I’ve got a lot going on right now, and…> / Misa: Are you sure about that? This was such a juicy story… Aww, fine, I won’t tell anyone. Relax, Negi-kun. / Hey!!?

Madoka: But wow. To think that Negi-kun has someone in his thoughts…
Misa: Ahh… I’m satisfied. / All of us are really satisfied.
Chamo: Yeah… I’m happy for ya', Aniki.
Negi: I think I might have said the wrong thing to the wrong people…

Misa: Well, at any rate…

Misa: That changes everything!
Chamo(?): Guess I better break out the confetti!
Cheerleaders: We, the Class 3-A Cheerleaders, / will support Negi-kun’s love with all of our might!

Sakurako: Good luck, Negi-kun!
Negi: So, you don’t want a Pactio anymore?
Misa(?): It’s fine, it’s fine, ahahaha! / We got a great story instead!

(?): Negi-kun!

Misa: I think a lot more girls who want to tell you something are about to show up! / So prepare yourself!
Negi: Really?!
Negi: So, you mean…
Misa: Yup, yup <3 It’s definitely going to be like that next time!

Misa: I think everyone’s going to be coming to you honestly, / so try to face them head-on, OK? / Consider it our request <3

Negi: O… OK!

Misa: Fufu…

Misa: I can’t believe it… So Negi does have someone he likes. Do you know who it is, Ermine-san?
Chamo: No… I wonder who it really is.
Sakurako: Ehehehe… Let’s bet on who it is! / (?): No, we can’t! Whoever you bet on will win! / Well, with how he is right now, I think any of the girls could still win him over. / Yeah, I think you’re right.
Chamo: But Aniki’s still only 10 years old…

Negi: But still… with only the strength of a 10-year-old, if anyone finds me, I’m doomed. / I’ll have to be really careful to make sure I don’t run into any of the martial artists…

Negi: *grunt*

Negi: Eh?
Kuu: Hmm?

Kuu: Whuuh? Nemi-moumu! I waf hookin foo you!
Negi: Master Kuu?!
Negi’s not-speech-bubble: I ran right into one!

Negi: But—but I’m sure Kuu Fei won’t…
Negi: U-umm, Master Kuu… What item are you supposed to get from me?

Kuu: Um/ umm…

Negi: What?

Kuu: That’s… well… I know I’m a bit of an idiot, and I’m not very good at this sort of thing, but… / I’ve really thought through things, and, well… / This is what came of it.

[paper]: Husband
Kuu: So—so, in other words… / I-I-I-I


Cheerleaders: Hmm?

Negi: Master… / Master Kuu?

Kuu: Well, I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I shouldn’t have said it straight-out like that? I’m not really confident with this… / But I guess I like strong people? / So, I guess there’s that? And I guess it was fun to train with you? / Well, maybe l-l-love was a little strong… but… well… umm… / after watching Yue confess, I felt that as a martial artist I couldn’t let things stay vague between us… / So I figured I’d just try saying it once…

Negi: Wh…wh-wh / wh-wh-wh-wh-wh

Kuu: Yup! / Looks like I managed to spit it out! / That was the right choice, wasn’t it?

Negi: But my head feels like it’s about to burst, Master!

Kuu: So then, Negi-bouzu! / In memory of my confession, / though I don’t know if I can hold my own against you,

Kuu: I want to pound into you / the full weight / of my emotions!
[inset: Is it time for Negi to prove his worth as a man?!]

Negi: Umm… Kakizaki-san? / If I try to face Master head-on while she’s going all-out / I think I might die.

[no new chapter until the 14th]

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