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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! Omake -1

Period 0: It’s the movie adaption! Secret Material Dance de Emittum

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 6, 2011 05:34 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

(chapter number given as -1 because mangahelpers doesn't like chapters to be numbered 0)

Rakan: Welcome! I’m your host, Jack Rakan!
[inset]: Movie Adaptation Celebration Manga
Chamo: Chamo here!
Sayo: Dis is Sayo-chan!
Chisame: And I’m their assistant, Chiu-chi!

Chisame: Huh? <What the hell am I doing?>
<aside: And why us four? >

Rakan: This is one of those pamphlet books or bonus books or whatever they’re called!! / In this form, we have a powerful advantage!
Sayo: Huh? What’s that?
Chamo: You don’t mean…

Rakan: That’s right! This chapter isn’t in the main magazine! / We have long had to restrain our urge as healthy young men to portray The Forbidden Thing, but now we can unleash it!

Sayo: Wh-what’s The Forbidden Thing, Rakan-jan?
Chamo: O-oi, can we really do this, buddy?
Jack: So, without further ado, let’s bring it out!

Rakan: This is it!
Chamo: Hoooooo!
Chisame: But-- <Isn’t that a little too much?>

[Rakan’s pic]: He-heh <3
Chamo: Who’d want to see this?!
Sayo: Kya---<3
Chisame: I figured it’d be something like this / but going straight for a full frontal?

Chamo: No! stop! We need to give the customers who came all the way to the theater more fan service! / We need stuff that’s more appealing, more useful, more practical!
Rakan: Hmm… Maybe I took it a little too far…

Rakan: Sorry, Chiu-chi, but can I count on you?
Chamo: That’s ittttttt! / Chiu’s *beep*! Chiu’s *beep*!
Chisame: Don’t I get a say in this?!

Rakan: Well if you don’t want to, I’ll just take an old photo from my album!
Chisame: When did you get this shot, you criminal?!
Rakan: Oh come on; it’s just a snapshot from my disciple’s daily life!
Chisame: I’ll kill you!

Chamo: Why haven’t you show me that before?!
[inset:] Tears of Blood
Chisame: Shut up!

Title: Period 0: It’s the movie adaptation! Secret Material Dance de Emittum <3

Rakan: OK, let’s go to our first question!
Question: Q. When did Haruna-san get so much money that she was able to buy something like the Paru-sama-gou? Did she get involved in some illegal activities?
Chisame: Hmm? Ahh, so that’s what we’re doing today.

Haruna: Good question! Thanks for asking! / Let me tell you all about the adventures of the great Paru-sama!

Haruna: When everyone was thrown all over the magical world, / I too was sent far away, to a dangerous place: / the capital of the Helladin Empire, Hellas.
[next to the arrow]: Around here
Haruna: There, the demihumans had created a self-serving society designed to create a huge disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

Haruna: For a human with no money, it was a truly harsh city.
<aside: uhhh… so hungry…. >
Haruna: I really thought I was going to die for a while there.

Haruna: And then, one day…

Haruna: Gotta find work, gotta find work / something for humans, something for humans* / Ahhh… I could keep my spirits up if only I had a novel, or…
<*: TN note: guessing at half-blurred kanji a bit here>
Dolphin: Humans aren’t allowed to loiter here.

Haruna: Huh? / There aren’t any? / Still nothing… / Still nothing… / Hey, old man! / <aside: I couldn’t find any, but… >
Dolphin: We don’t employ humans.

Haruna: Can it be? Is there no / Boys Love market in this world? / But there isn’t a woman alive who doesn’t have a special spot in her heart for homoeroticism! There must be a latent demand; I’m sure of it!

Haruna: This / is a challenge!
[inset: Old Blue Mannnnnnn!]

In the end, it was a complete success. / In the next three months, the citizens of the capital purchased over three million copies, and I moved in to the top floor of the Capital Tower.
Chamo: Yahoo!
[inset: Along for the ride ->]
Haruna: I’m bathing in money!

Police: Saotome Haruna, this is the Capital Police! / You are under arrest under the Fictional Pretty Youths’ Protection Act.
Haruna: Dammit! It’s the governor’s dogs!

Police: She’s getting away!

Haruna: Hahaha! / I promise I’ll be back!

Haruna: Eh? Gyaaaa!

Chamo(?): We’re being chased by some huge thing!
Haruna: Faster! Faster! We just need to make it to the border!

Answer: A. She introduced Boys’ Love to the Magical World, and is now a wanted criminal.
Haruna: Only in the Imperial Capital! <*aside: Don’t jump straight to that conclusion! >

Question: Q. There are a lot of people in the magical world with special ears and tails. How do they react to being touched?
Yue: Eh?
*In Ariadne, right after the exam

Collette: Huh? / Eh?

Collette: Hia! / Ahh!

Answer: A. Touching the end produces the same reaction as touching a hand or a foot, but when grabbing the root a reaction strong enough to produce a shout was witnessed.
Collette: What are you doing all of a sudden, Yue?

Yue & Collette : Well, I had this feeling that a voice from the heavens was telling me to touch it, so… / What? Sounds scary. Is it something like radio waves? / No; it felt more like a higher being, like a reader or something. / And if you really wanted to touch one, there are certain customs and manners to be followed! / Eh? There—there are? / Of course there are! I’ll teach you how; just go sit down over there!

Emily: Hmm…? / Mnn
Emily: Ah.. / Haa
Emily: Haaaaa!? / Aaa <3

Emily: What in the world are you doing?!
Yue: Nothing; just practicing something I learned in training…
Emily: What sort of training was that?!
Yue: Training on the proper way to touch a tail…

Answer: A. They are particularly sensitive to being combed from below.
Emily: What are you revealing and whom are you revealing it to?!

Question: Q. I kind of want to know about what Murakami Natsumi-san saw in that Cosmo Whatchamacallit… / Ah, of course I don’t want to impede on her privacy, so only tell what you feel comfortable telling / (Mahora/Saotame Haruna)
Natsumi: Huh?

Poyo: Understood-poyo. I’ll show you-poyo.
Natusmi: Wait-- / Why are you even here?

Poyo: This is a metafictional space-time dedicated for bonus manga. Things here have no relation to the main story.
Natsumi: Eh? Meta…what?
Poyo: So let’s push play.
Nasumi: Stop!

Narrator: 10 months after the adventure during Summer break, / On the first day of Summer…
Natsumi: Hyaa! Now we’re all wet! <Why’d it have to start raining… >
Kotarou: Hahaha / Well, I could use a technique to dry us off in an instant, but I can’t just abuse my powers.
Natsumi: Hmm? Hey, Kota-kun!

Natsumi: You’re soaking the floor!
Kotarou: Hey! Stop treating me like a kid!
Kotarou: Mphh!
Natsumi: C’mon, I’m just going to wipe you down...

Kotarou: Ah / Eh?

Natsumi: Ah…

Natsumi: Wh-what are you looking at? Aren’t you a kid?!
Kotarou: I—I wasn’t looking at anything!

[upper right of Natsumi:] Ba-dump ba-dump

Kotarou: Umm… Natsumi-Nee-chan, / I’ve / been meaning to tell you / that I…

Natsumi: Wh… / What?
[lower left of Natsumi:] Ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump ba-dump

Kotarou: Natsumi-Nee-chan, / I… I, well, / I’ve always…

Kotarou: loved you! / Will you go out with me?!
Sayo: Kyaaa <3
Chamo: A rainy afternoon—how risqué!
Haruna: Uwa! What is this—this… creepy feeling.
[Haruna’s laugh: Ha ha!]
[Chamo’s laugh: Huh-ho-ho!]
Chisame: What a pervert. < Kota-kun did his best, though >
Asuna: Definitely a pervert.
Konoka: She’s a shota, isn’t she?
Natsumi: Wait a second! Why are so many people here watching?!
Poyo: Relax-poyo. It’s not like anyone will be able to remember these events from this viewing party back in the main plotline.
Natsumi: That’s not the point! Why’d this become a viewing party in the first place? Why am I being publicly eviscerated?
Poyo: There’s more-poyo

Natsumi: For goodness sakes, how can you joke around like that? You’re barely 11 years old!
Kotarou: Ow!

Kotarou: Yeah… Hahaha. / Yeah. That was a joke, just a joke. / Sorry it wasn’t very funny.

Natsumi: But, well… next time we’re on vacation / it might be nice… to go on a date, or something…

Natsumi: In exchange, until you get older / will you take this whenever you walk around with me?

Haruna: Well, what did you all think?
Chamo: Going to pretend he’s older than he is, huh? Heh… I can help you with that!
Yuuna: Getting hit by Natsumi must have hurt, huh.
Haruna: What I’m really interested in is if she’s in love with the child Kotarou or the teenage Kotarou.
Asuna: More importantly, what happened over the last ten months?
Konoka: I wonder if Kota-kun will confess like that in real life… / I hope he does…
Natsumi: Please stop! / Just forget about this!
[inset]: --Now Deliberating—
Kotarou: Hey, what are you all watchin’?
Negi: Whatever it is, it looks fun.

Answer: A. Well, it’s as you saw, but… Please just forget everything.

Question: Q. I was interested in what happened in Captain Tatsumiya’s Cosmo Entelekia. / And of course, there’s no need to worry about getting her permission! / (Mahora/Middle School Professor)

Kotarou: Why do you guys have to keep asking about girls’ pasts? It feels like we’re just watching one chick flick after another.
Negi: Y-yeah, but maybe they’re trying to figure out the secret behind Tatsumiya’s powers, or something…

Poyo: Very well! Then let me show you-po—

Kotarou: SNIPER! / <and from ~1200 meters away! > / She’s going to get you next!
Negi: Wha? / What?!
Chamo: Maybe we’ll learn the answer in a main chapter.

Question: Q. Which of these pictures portarys Sakurazaki Setsuna’s Cosmo Entelechia—A, or B? I’m really curious as to what the answer is, heh heh heh… / (Mahora/middle school 3rd year)
Setsuna: It / It was…

Setsuna: A, of cou..
Poyo: B-poyo.

Setsuna: I’m sorry!
Poyo: Hmm… You need to be honest with things like this. Otherwise, you’ll never get to see your Ojou-sama in nothing but an apron.
Setsuna: I’m truly sorry!

Question: Q. In period 300, Kokone-chan was given the caption of “Imperial Immigration Project Test Subject”, which made her sound really dangerous. What exactly did it mean?

Mei: I was really surprised to learn the secret behind the magical world, Onee-sama.
Takane: Yes. If this is true, it means that none of the people in the Magical World except for those from Megalosembria / can ever travel to the Old World.
Mei: Huh? But isn’t that weird? / I mean, Kokone-san is from the Hellian Imperium, right?

Mei: So how did she get to Mahora?

Kokone: Misora… I’ve never told you this, but / I have a secret purpose. / My body here in Mahora Academy is actually…

Misora: All I need to know / is that it’s for your hopes for the future.

Misora: Yup! Nothing else matters, right?
Answer: A. Apparently, it doesn’t matter.

Question: Q. Can you ever have Kaede-san wear this oufit? / (Kyoto/A Knight of Few Words)
<aside: A butler outfit, is it? >
Kaede: You mean, like this?
CV: Shiraishi Ryouko

Tsukuyomi: That looks amazing on you!
CV: Kugimiya Rie
Kaede: Tsukuyomi? / <aside: Why are you dressed like that? >

Misa(?): Huh? / What?
Tsukuyomi: Come on, come on, you too! / It’s just until we take a commemorative photo!
CV: Itou Shizuka

Misa: A commemorative photo? What are you doing? / And why am I being given this honor?

Mei(?)’s aside: Amen <3
CV: Horie Yui
Chamo: Yeah, this just doesn’t feel right. Tsukuyomi especially seems off.
Sayo: What exactly is this?
Chamo: Man, voice actors really are amazing, huh?
Sayo’s aside: Hmm?

Question: Q. I want to know how Fate’s female subordinates (Homura, Shirabe, Shiori, Koyomi, and Tamaki) usually live together…
Shiori: Huh? / Well then, let me show you a scene from my old diary…

Homura: Fate-sama’s still doesn’t seem like himself! / He’s been like this ever since he returned from Kyoto!
Shirabe: However, I do not believe the likes of any of us would have the power to touch his heart with words alone.
Koyomi(?): Really? Don’t you have any ideas?!

Tamaki: I think we might be lacking erotic elements.
Koyomi: What is she meowntioning now?!
Shirabe: Well, it’s certainly true that we may be somewhat lacking in those departments…
Homura: Erotic stuff, was it?! Sounds perfect!! We’ve gotta try whatever we can! / <Not that I really know what that means… >

(?): Fate-sama~!

Koyomi: We brought you some coffee!

Koyomi: W-well, / umm… wh….

Koyomi: Whoops!

Fate: Thanks.
Girls: He didn’t even look!

Homura: No, no no! That didn’t work at all! / How would something like that ever cheer Fate-same up?!
Kiyomi: Umm… but…
Homura: No excuses! We have to put be more aggressive in our attacks! Put some feeling into it!
(?): Whaa? Well, fine. Let’s go, Shirabe!

Homura: Fate-sama!

Homura: I’ve brought seconds!

Fate: … Homura-kun, what exactly are you wearing?
Homura: Sir! / I have been told that this is called a naked apron.
Fate: …Really.

Fate: Could you leave? I’m not very fond of that kind of thing. / It’s kind of annoying.

Fate: But, well…

Fate: I’m not really sure what you’re trying to accomplish, but I’m glad you’re thinking of me. / So thanks. / And the coffee is as good as ever. / It’s perfect.

Girls: Ah!
[inset:] Fate-sama…
Answer: It seems like every day is quite fun.

Question: Q. Well, ultimately, who does Negi-kun like the most right now? / (Mahora/Mysterious Nun)
Negi: Wha?

Haruna: All right, Negi-kun! It’s your lucky day, because this is meta space-time! / So tell us!
Konoka(?): Tell us !
Chamo: Aniki! Just give us one name!
Negi: Huh? Wait a—

Asuna: W-well, I’m fine not knowing.
Anya: I-i-i-i-it’s not like I care how Negi feels…
Nodoka: W-w-w-well, I-I-I mean, / even if we’re not going to remember this in the main story, I…
Haruna(?): Negi-kun, wait up! / Konoka(?): Tell us! Tell us!

Konoka: Set-chan, can you stop Negi for me?
Setsuna: Huh?
Konoka: I’ll reward you if you do!
Setsuna: You’ll—

Konoka: And if he gets away, I'll give you a spanking!
Setsuna: I’ve got you now!
Negi: Why are you--?!

Haruna: Dammit! You don’t go down easy, do you?!
Konoka: I wouldn’t want to fight Negi when he’s using that technique…
Chamo: Ooooohhhh! It looks like it’s time for me to bust out my super technique!
[upper-left]: Lightning Sword! / Kyaaaa!
Asuna: Huh?

Chamo: By applying my Ermine Fairy Thought Meter ability on a single individual, I can find out how much of his thoughts focus on a given person!
Asuna: But! / <That would be…>

[Negi’s brain: The entire left side is “father”, the upper right is “Rakan-san”, middle-right is “Fate”, bottom-right is “Kotarou-kun”.

Girls: Ah…

Asuna: How can you only have room in your head for men?!
Setsuna: Oh? / <aside: Nice one, Asuna-san! >
Negi: Gyaaaaa?!
Kuu Fei’s aside: Figures.
Chisame: Well, when you think about it, this is kind of expected...
Konoka: Looks like everyone’s unhappy with this, huh.
Haruna: This is a surprise.
Person-half-off-screen: Well…
Nodoka: Ha-wa-wa

[bottom]: The End <3

<Class Roster (pp.12-13)>
1. Aisaka Sayo
The Ghost of Ala Alba
A Simple Spirit

2. Akashi Yuuna
Energetic Waitress of the Oasis
Yuuna * Kid

3. Asakura Kazumi
Seeker of the Truth
Mahora’s Paparazzi

4. Ayase Yue
Warrior-maiden of Ariadne
Baka Black

5. Izumi Ako
Troubled Freed Slave
Member of Dekopin Rocket

6. Okochi Akira
Kind-hearted Freed Slave

7. Kakizaki Misa
Creator of the Reverse Hikari Genji Plan
Member of Dekopin Rocket

[words on Asuna’s wing: Club President]
8. Kagurazaka Asuna
Baka Red
Imperial Twilight Princess

9. Kasuga Misora
Mysterious Nun
Magical Student

10. Karakuri Chachamaru
An Invincible Fortress that Fell in Love
Eva’s Servant

11. Kugimiya Madoka
“Kugimii” , “Kugimin”
Member of Dekopin Rocket

12. Kuu Fei
Truth-seeking Bodyguard
Master Kuu
Baka Yellow

13. Konoe Konoka
Princess of Healing

14. Saotome Haruna
The Godly Fast Artist/Summoner

15. Sakurazaki Setsuna
Shinmeiryuu Swordswoman

16. Sasaki Makie
Idiotic Waitress of the Oasis
Baka Pink

17. Shiina Sakurako
The Miraculously Lucky Girl
Member of Dekopin Rocket

18. Tatsumiya Mana
Captain Tatsumiya
The Frugal Sniper

19. Chao Lingshen
Mahora’s Most Brilliant Student
A Martian from the Future
Negi’s Descendent?

20. Nagase Kaede
Koga Chuunin
Baka Blue

21. Naba Chizuru
Day-care Volunteer

22. Narutaki Fuuka
Koga Ninja Squad Older Sister
Can use Narutaki Ninpou (?)

23. Narutaki Fumika
Koga Ninja Squad Younger Sister
can use Narutaki Ninpou (?)

24. Hakase Satomi
Mad Scientist

25. Hasegawa Chisame
Negi-Sensei’s Advisor
The Net Idol “Chiu”

[on Eva’s badge: Honorary Consultant]
26. Evangeline A.K. McDowell
“Dark Evangel” “The Undead Sorceress”
“Puppet Master” “Harbinger of Evil”
“Disciple of Calamity”

27. Miyazaki Nodoka
Mind Reader
Treasure Hunter

28. Murakami Natsumi
The Ordinary Freed Slave

29. Yukihiro Ayaka
Class Rep
Member of Mahora Academy’s Special Event Executive Committee

30. Yotsuba Satsuki
Avatar of Bliss
Chao Bao Zi’s Head Chef

31. Zazie Rainyday

A special Summer Vacation edition!!
[there are 31 names above]
Headmaster of Mahora Academy
Konoe Konoemon
[Stamp: Mahora Academy]

<Inside cover stuff>

Naze Nani Negima!

Q. In chapter 310, Yuuna said there were “3 more” of Fate’s petrification bullets, but weren’t there only two?

A. (In the storyboards), Yuuna’s body was struck by the final bullet. However, in order to make things clearer, we decided to focus on the bullet that struck her hand.
(And thank goodness there were only two bullets)

Character Explanation
・Albert Chamomile (Chamo-kun)
An attendant of magical artifacts, Chamo is a small animal who always hangs out with the protagonist. (lol)
He is in fact no mundane ermine, but rather an ermine fairy. He is very intelligent.
Chamo also fills the role of the protagonist’s advisor and mentor.
In particular, when Negi’s in trouble Chamo is the ermine with the plan. This makes him very useful.
However, it sometimes seems like he’s just the author’s mouthpiece.

He was voiced in the anime by Yabe Masahi-san. During post-recording, he was surrounded by over thirty female voice actors, so he was all smiles… or so you would think. In reality, it really looked like he wanted to be anywhere else in the world. (lol)

In the drama, he was voiced by none other than Nozawa Masako-san.
Didn’t we CG ourselves clinging to the back of her suit?
As soon as I heard her voice, I felt like it was overwhelmingly stronger than Negi’s. (^^;)

Chamo: Heh heh heh… You shouldn’t fall in love, OK?

(Circle: Akamatsu)

Drawn by Akamatsu-Sensei / the first reveal <3 / of never before seen original / Pactio Cards!

In celebration of Negima making it to the big screen, we have from the hands of Akamatsu-sensei illustrations of original, never-before-seen pactio cards. We’re happy to introduce these extremely rare illustrations in Volume 0!
* In addition to those introduced here, the “Classmate Voice Series” CDs (from King Records) have additional special cards enclosed within the casing.

[Chao’s bubble:] Time-Manipulating Pocket Watch Cassiopeia
[Mana’ bubble:] Railgun

Chao Linshen
The laser weapons above her shoulders and the military-grade power armor were used by her during Mahorafest.
Tatsumiya Mana
The Sniper Tatsumiya is holding an enormous gun!!
Could this be the appearance of an weapon-type artifact even more powerful than Chachamaru’s?

Evangeline A.K. McDowell: That’s right, boy: a path Nagi couldn’t take; a path only you can. Take the grey path. [Vol. 34 Period 314]

[Bubble]: Cheerleading

Kugiymiya Madoka / Kakizaki Misa
These two cheerleaders are wearing costumes with the Mahora logo emblazoned on them. They appear to have the ability to work together with various individuals and raise their parameters. If Sakurako joins them and all three use that ability, they apparently serve as Negi’s strongest support members.

Akamatsu’s thoughts on Pactio Cards (1)
These 9 cards were drawn especially to celebrate the creation of the movie version, so their forms when they appear for real might be somewhat different. I’m also not ready to reveal details regarding the artifacts’ powers, so we’ve simply looked at the illustrations and seen what we came up with. When Sakurako joins up with the other two cheerleaders, their ability acts as a “cheer” and raises the target’s parameters. For instance, since Sakurako is particularly lucky, if she were to cheer Negi, his luck stat would rise.
[side: Shiina Sakurako]

Nodoka Miyazaki: I am the Treasure Hunter Miyazaki Nodoka of Ala Alba. My counterattack begins now! [Vol. 31 Period 280]

[Sayo’s bubble:] Poltergeist
[Akira’s bubble:] A powerful mermaid

Aisaka Sayo / Since she has a psychokinetic-like ability, she should be particularly strong in battle?!

Ookouchi Akira / I think this illustration really shows off Akira’s abilities as an aquatic creature. The gauntlet she’s wearing on her arm amplifies her power!!

Akamatsu Ken’s Pactio Card thoughts (2)
It seems like Akira is more powerful in the water than in anywhere else. I wanted to joke, and have Akira think “Ba-dump Ba-dump… I’m at my best in the water, so I’m sure my artifact will be really powerful in the water”! But then it will prove really powerful. “So how’d that Happen?” … That seems to be the way things go, isn’t it? (lol). Chizuru with her Onion Sword was the first thing that came to mind when I thought about her. As for how it works? I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

Natsumi Murakami: I said I’m fine; I’ll do it. It’s finally my turn to take the leading role. [Vol. 34 Period 309]

Zazie’s bubble: Devil Clown
Satsuki’s bubble: Magical Iron Pan
Chizuru’s bubble: The Onion Sword that Pierces the Anus

Zazie Rainyday
Is this the same card as her sister “Poyo”’s? It’s likely they both share the same artifact, the Magic Lantern Circus.

Yotsuba Satsuki
When you think of Satsuki, you think of food. Her delicious food restores her comrades’ physical strength… or so you’d think. In reality, her iron pan is a really scary weapon.

Naba Chizuru
Chizuru’s ultimate weapon, which even Kotarou fears (Onion/Negi)!!! If it pierces somone’s anus, that person’s status will miraculously recover….?!

[on the bottom left]: Might these cards never even appear in the story proper? Then these 9 illustrations are super valuable!

Ayaka Yukihiro: Think nothing of it! I, Ayaka Yukihiro, would go to the ends of the earth if you asked me to, Negi-sensei. [Vol. 17 Period 151.

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#1. by LoneWolfx03 ()
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Great! Thank yo very much! :)
And Woah! That was quick! That's the reason why I chose you.
We'll scan it as soon as we will have our spare time.
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thanks for the translation

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