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Mahou Sensei Negima! 347

Period 347: The Love Won't Stop

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 12, 2011 04:24 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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*if you would like to use this, please ask permission / credit me
*NOT for use by Dream Scanlations

Negi: U-umm, Master Kuu? Please calm down, Kuu Fei-san!
[inset]: Master Kuu, knowing nothing of what happened, is attacking Negi!!!
Negi: Y-you see, right now my magic…

Kuu: Hmm… I know your magic and techniques are amazing, Negi-bouzu! / But I want you to understand: that isn’t why I fell for you. / It was how you worked so hard to improve yourself and your how well you can focus on a single thing… so…

Negi: This is bad! There’s no way I can explain what happened to Kuu Fei in time! / She doesn’t have any idea I can’t use magic! / Wh-wh-wh-what should I do?

Kuu: I know I only have a one-in-a-million chance of winning, that I’ll probably lose, / so if I win, will you agree to be my husband? It’s not a bad deal, is it?!
Negi: Whaa?!

Kuu: Can you stop the force of my love?!
Negi: Slow down!

Negi: This is bad! She might actually kill me! And if she hits me with her staff, I think I’ll be crushed and look like something out of a slasher movie! / I am in really deep trouble! / No, wait. I need to think.

Negi: Look close. / She doesn’t usually open with such a big swing!

Negi: Try to remember! / I know Master Eva was able to fight without magic…

Negi: I need to believe / in the days I spent training with Kuu Fei-san!

[title]: Period 347: The Love Won’t Stop!
[inset:] I’ll react to your emotions with all my strength!

Negi: Pwah?

Kuu: Owwww

Kuu: That, just now… / Negi-bouzu, you didn’t lose your magic, did you?

Negi: Yeah… I think Yuuna-san…

Kuu: Oh no oh no oh no! If I had hit you, I would have created a shockingly explosive scene which wouldn’t be showable at a fun sports festival!
<aside: It wouldn’t be very refined to explode a man right after confessing to him. >
Negi: Ha-ha-ha.

Kuu: Heh

Kuu: Ahahahaha! Looks like I did it this time! I lost completely, too! / And this time I can’t even make excuses about how your magic gave you an advantage.

Negi: What are you trying to say, Master Kuu? / I couldn’t match you in a purely physical contest in a hundred years.
Kuu: Hmm…

Kuu: You’re a mage, Negi-bouzu. / There’s no point beating you when you can’t use magic.

Kuu: I swear I’ll beat you when you’re at full strength someday, Negi-bouzu. / You better be ready for it!

Negi: OK. / Whenever you’re ready… I’ll always be waiting!

Kuu: Wahahahaha! Really? / That’s a pretty brazen thing to say, Negi-bouzu!

Kuu: So… well… umm…

Kuu: About what I was saying before…
Negi: Huh? / Ah, yes.

Kuu: Ju—Just forget it all!
Negi: What?
Kuu: To-to be honest, I don’t really have that much confidence in my feelings! / Though I have amazing amounts of praise and respect for you as a practitioner of the same martial arts style.

Kuu: But as a man? How do I put it… You’re not really my type. I prefer older, more rustic men, or more mature experts with tons of muscle. Ah, but lately I’ve started to think that slender, leaner bodies with taught muscle like yours aren’t bad, either…
Negi: U-umm, Master Kuu, you don’t need to expound on things quite so much…

Kuu: So… I’m not very confident, but… well, after seeing Yue and Honya be so courageous… / I just didn’t want to be the only tepid one.

Negi: I understand. / But / I do like you, Kuu Fei-san.

Kuu: You li—

Negi: N-no, umm, when I say “like”, I don’t mean that I like-like you! I mean, I like you, but…
Kuu: I understand; I understand! But it’s so easy to misconstrue things in a situation like this, so…

Negi: So / I’ll be off, then!
Kuu: OK!

Kuu: Eh… mmm… maybe my confession was too early after all? / How am I supposed to act the next time we train together?

Extra: Oh, it’s the child teacher! / Seems like this is tough on you. Good luck out there!
Negi: Yes; thanks. / But please, as non-event participants, please exit the event area. It could get kind of dangerous.

Negi: Oh?

Negi: Yes! My magic’s back… / Hm?

Negi: Huh?

Negi: Waaa!?

Negi: Th / That was…?!

Negi: Al Iskandariya?! / Is Chacharmaru-san attacking me now?!

Chisame: Are you an idiot? Why would she ever do something like this? / I simply hacked her orbital weapon!

Negi: Chi--/ Chisame-sa…

Chisame: That’s right!
[paper: Give Negi a good smack!]

Chisame: I’m here representing all the girls in our class! And for all of them, I’ve come here to hit you!

Negi: Wait—you hacked it?! / I can’t believe you were able to interfere with another card’s artifact! / Or, if used improperly, isn’t it a really dangerous technique?

Chisame: That’s / not
Mouse: Hau

Chisame: the point, moron!
Mouse: Why is Chiu-tama so cruel?
Negi: Ahh!

Chisame: So then, I’m going to hit you now, Sensei!
Negi: Huh? But… well, why?
Chisame: Because it’s part of the borrowed-items race, of course!
Negi: Yeah, but what sort of borrowed item is a “good smack”? And Kuu Fei-san’s “husband” was pretty mysterious, too…

Chisame: Since Kagurazaka’s already gone off to the other side / it looks like I’ll have to hit you in her place!

Negi: Huh? / What do you mean?
Chisame: Shut up already!

Chisame: Let’s go! / You better clench your teeth!
Negi: Y—Yes!

[Chachamaru’s paper:] Safety First

Chisame: Cha… Chachamaru?!

Chisame: Wh… What are you doing?
Chachamaru: I should be asking you that very same question, Chisame-san.

Chachamaru: Negi-sensei has done nothing to deserve being hit.
Chisame: Well… It’s not like my punch would hurt very much. <aside: Especially hitting him. >
Chacharmaru: That’s not what I meant.

Mice: Chiu-sama! The person in front of us is trying to reverse our hack! / We’re losing control of the system!
Chisame: Shi— / Chachamaru, you little…

Chachamaru: I will not allow you to meaninglessly punch Negi-sensei. If you insist on it, you must defeat me first.

Chachamaru: And besides, Chisame: weren’t you already satisfied after hearing Negi-sensei’s story?
Mice: We’re being pushed back! / Ahh! It’s already over!
Chisame: Mm… well, I was, but / the more I thought about it, the more I felt like I needed to hit Negi just one more time.
Negi: That’s—
Chachamaru: Why.

Chisame: It’s hard to put into words, but… / Fine. Listen up, Sensei.

Chisame: Remember back during summer vacation? / When Kaugrazaka and everyone else went along with your trip to the Magical World and helped you out? / That was all

Chisame: because they wanted to bring you back. / Back to your daily life at Mahora Academy

Chisame: Fooling around with friends, wondering who you like, / where deciding whether or not to confess to you is the most important thing in the world— / that careless daily life. / That is why they fought alongside you. You get it, don’t you?

Chisame: Nevertheless, you wound up becoming one of them, / and took Kagurazaka along with you.

Chisame: So then, since Kagurazaka can’t hit you any more, I’m going to in her place.

Chisame: I figure I have to pound into you / what your home is / and what it is you’re fighting to protect.

Chisame: Because if you ever forget it / you’ll be exactly the same as the rest of them, Sensei.

Negi: Chisame-san, I…

Chachamaru: …I understand.

Chachamaru: That’s very much like you, Chisame-san. / However…

Chachamaru: Do you really have the right to stand there and say such self-righteous things?
Chisame: Huh?

Chisame: You tryin’ to pick a fight?
Chachamaru: Now that Yue-san and Kuu Fei-san have confessed,

Chachamaru: Isn’t it your turn / to confess / once and for all?

Chisame: Conf… What are you talking about?!
Chachamaru: It is about time for you to make clear your own position! / Go! Confess to him! / If you like him, that is!

Chisame: You stu…

Chisame: Are you an idiot?! Why are we even talking about whether or not I like him?! / Because I don’t!
Chachamaru: … Really now?

Chachamaru: A thorough analysis of your recent actions would suggest otherwise. <aside: And your reaction just now seemed particularly decisive… >
Chisame: What sort of person keeps 24 hour surveillance of her friends?! <aside: It’s creepy! >

Chisame: At any rate, that doesn’t matter right now!

Chachamaru: Are you sure about that? / Would you really be that satisfied becoming “Negi-sensei’s advisor”, where you can dispense advice without ever being in danger of getting hurt? / When I compare that with the courage Yue-san and the others showed, I can’t help but think of you as a bit of a coward.

Chisame: Who the hell are you to talk, robot-girl?! / Becoming Sensei’s secretary while no one was looking!

Chachamaru: I simply wish to serve Sensei. / When one considers my ability as a robot to function continuously…

Chisame: Don’t play dumb, you robot! You’re the one most trying to find a safe position! / Like you’d be fine if one of the other girls passed you by and took Negi away!
Chachamaru: I wouldn’t care! I’d cheer them on! / And if that girl were you, Chisame-san, then as your best friend I would be especially glad!
Chisame: Whaa?! Shut up! And who the hell said we were best friends?! / And besides, first off, you should… / You should go friggin’ confess!
Chachamaru: I am a robot. I am more than satisfied with the current situation.
Chisame: Whaa?!

Chisame: Heh. Well, if you become his secretary, I guess there’ll be a ton more chances for him to wind you up, right? / I bet that’s really satisfying! / Man, and here I thought a robot couldn’t be such a dirty girl.

Chachamaru: Wha--/ Th—th-th-th-th

Chisame: Did that one strike a little too close to home?
Chachamaru: Of course n—
Negi: Ahhh! They’re really going at it! / I… I have to stop them, as a teacher…
Asuna: Come on. Let’s leave the idiots and get out of here.
Negi: Huh?

Chachamaru: Chi-Chi-Chi—Chisame-san, how can you so easily say things that make you sound like an old man?
Chisame: And why are do you have to keep sticking your nose into other people’s business and make a big deal out of it like some old lady?
Chachamaru: Old la…

Chisame: And why do you have to make such a big deal out of confessing?! / Even villains and cynics can sense the mood from time to time! / I hate it when things get that serious—

Chisame: Got it?!
Chachamaru: Ah…

Chachamaru: Umm… That’s one of the weapon’s triggers.
Chisame: Huh?

Chisame: Wha?!
Mouse: We barely managed to switch the satellite over to a stripping beam in time!
Chachamaru: Thank you very much.

Chisame: Hey! Where’d Sensei go?!
Chachamaru: It seems he has fled the scene.
Chisame: …Dammit. There’s more to this than just love. / There’s no need to tie it all together.
Chachamaru: So then, “love is love”, right?
Chisame: I’ll wind you up, you little…!

Negi: Asuna-san, wait up! / I’ve felt a little off ever since I got hit back there.

Asuna: Ah, sorry, my bad.

For goodness sake… Those two seem to have gotten really close, huh.
[Flashback!Chisame]: That is why they fought alongside you. / You get it, don’t you?

Asuna: But still, what is our class thinking, treating the academy-wide event as if it were all their own?! / Are they all idiots? *sigh* I can’t believe they managed to even get Class Rep to go along with it!

Asuna: Let’s get going, Negi! Come on; I’ll go with you!
Negi: Huh?
Asuna: You’re not OK with how they’re going about this, are you? We have to teach them that they can’t just do whatever they want!

[Flashback!Chisame]: …and took Kagurazaka along with you.

Negi: I’m sorry… / that I made you come with me…

Negi: I’m sorry…

Negi: Pu!

Asuna: What are you apologizing for all of a sudden?! / I don’t get you at all, stupid.

Asuna: Well then! This is our final sports festival as middle schoolers; let’s make it one to remember! / After all, no matter how you look at it, I’m your original partner, / Kagurazaka Asuna, right?

Makie(?): He-he’s with Asuna!

Makie: It seems like she’s become Negi’s bodyguard!
Yuuna: Really?
Haruna: Dammit… This is bad. Together, those two are just too strong! <aside: I feel like they’re just too fast and too strong! > [slightly guessing on blurred kanji here]

Makie: Hey… / the girl Negi likes is probably / Asuna… I think.
Haruna: Wha?

Haruna: W-well, that is the million dollar question, isn’t it? / Personally, I think he’s still a bit of a child, and doesn’t think about much else besides his father, but…
Asakura: Emergency transmission! Emergency transmission!
Yuuna: Asakura?

Asakura: You know about Kuu-chan’s confession, right?
Yuuna: Yeah. The news has already reached here. <aside: Uhihi… That was pretty nice, wasn’t it? >
Asakura: Also, the cheerleaders have dropped out!
Yuuna: Eh? Really?
Asakura: But I have some new information! It seems…

Asakura: that there is someone Negi truly loves!
Yuuna: Wha?
[inset]: A notice of Negi’s true intentions is being conveyed amongst the students!!

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