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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 348

We'll Make You Spit It Out <3

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Dec 25, 2011 04:05 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 348

[title]: Period 348: We’ll Make You Spit It Out <3

[inset]: They won’t let Negi through until they tell him who he loves!

Asuna: You guys! Paru, and Yuuna! / You’re behind this, aren’t you? This has gone on long enough!

Yuuna: Heh-heh. We girls have made up our minds here! / You don’t expect us to back down that easily, do you?! / Or at least, that’s what I want to say, / but it seems like things have changed…

[paper]: Negi-kun’s True Love

Asuna: Huh?

Yuuna: Don’t play dumb! Asakura-san listened in on Negi’s conversation with the cheerleaders. / If we know Negi has someone he loves, that changes everything! / So, will you tell us / whom it is Negi likes?! / We’ll call it quits if you do!

Asuna: Why do you keep acting so selfishly?! / Wait? What?! But that means… / You know from his conversation with Kagizaki that there’s a girl Negi likes?! / And you’ll end this madness if Negi tells you who she is?

Asuna: Is there someone you like?
Negi: Asuna-san!

Negi: Th-that’s—umm—err… Kagizaki-san said all I had to do was share a little bit of my feelings, and things wouldn’t progress to this point…
Asuna: Really?! / R-r-really?
Yuuna: Huh? There’s no use complaining! / Asuna! Get out of our way!

Asuna: Humph! Not going to happen!

Negi: Asuna-san! Above you!

Negi: I was right! It is Natsumi-san and Kaede-san!

Negi: What an amazing technique! / Using Natsumi-san’s artifact, they prevent the target from sensing their presence even at point-blank range! / And attacking with the Kaguremino takes only an instant! / The attackers hide within the Kakuremino’s space-time, and the surface of the Kaguremino acts as magical camouflage! It’s nearly impossible to defend against it the first time you encounter it!
[inset: magical camouflage]

Kaede: I’m sorry, Asuna-dono.

Asuna: Shi… you little…

[inset] Magic Cancel Field / Full Release

Kaede: You can even nullify the special space-time?!

Haruna: Wow! Not too shabby, Asuna. / You even managed to break the combination of Natsumi-chan and Kaede!

Yuuna: Damn! Fire! Fire! / Honya-chan, I need a reading!

Nodoka: Y-yes!

Yuuna: Nya!! <aside: it’s not working! >

Haruna: Dah!
[inset: Inferno Dandy release!! <kanji: Old Man of the Flames> ]

Nodoka: It-it looks like the diary doesn’t work either.
Yuuna: Are you invincible? / What sort of a magical being are you?!

Haruna: Grr! I’m not surprised you made it this far, Asuna! / It looks like we’ll have to bust out our own demon girl and empress!
Makie: Empress?

Asuna: C’mon, Negi! You have to help fight them, too!
Negi: B-but for me to physically fight everyone from my own class at full strength would be…
(?): No, Sensei…

Zazie: It’s best if you give it your all. / My power rivals that of my sister Poyo, after all.

Negi: U-umm, Zazie-san, why are you dressed like that…
Zazie: Let’s fight!

Negi: Nahh!
Asuna: Negi?!

Zazie: I’m going all-out, Sensei. / Everyone’s lent a lot to these efforts.

Negi: Puha! / That was a little too much, Zazie-san! What is…

Zazie: What is this, you ask? / Well, from time to time I just feel like helping out my classmates.

Asuna: Negi!
Takahata: Asuna-kun.

Asuna: Ta-- / Ta-Ta-Takahata-sensei?!

Takahata: Is it really that bad, Asuna-kun? / Everyone’s trying so hard, and you’re just going to get in their way?

Asuna: Huh? No, but that’s…

Takahata: Ok, just give me your artifact.
Asuna: O-OK. / Huh?

Haruna: Fwahahaha! Everyone knows you have to attack physically powerful characters with mental attacks!

Asuna: It was a fake?!

Asuna: Hey, Paru! / That’s a cruel thing to do to a maiden’s heart!

Negi: Asuna-san!

Zazie: Now!

Ako: Eh!

Negi: She got…

Negi: Auu… What’s this?

Ako: I’m sorry, Negi-kun, but I’ve scrambled your sense of direction.

Haruna: We won! / I’ll leave the rest to you, Empress-san!
Chizuru: I guess I’ll help this time!

Natsumi: Chizu-nee?!

Chizuru: If I pierce you with my staff, any sickness or negative affects you’re suffering will be healed. / In exchange, you’ll have to do exactly what I say <3

Natsumi: A staff? Isn’t that a spring onion?!
Ako: When you say you’re going to pierce him…? <aside: where, exactly?>

Negi: Sh… I need to calm down. My sense of direction is off, so…

Chizuru: I’m afraid there’s no time for that!

Natsumi: She’s fast!
Ako: Hee!

Makie: Ne—

Makie: There’s a spring onion in Negi?!
Yuuna: Uwa~ That’s… worse than I expected.
Haruna: Do you really have to pierce him there?

Chizuru: Is this satisfactory?
(?): Well… for starters, could you at least put him down?

Haruna: At any rate, this will let us find out who Negi’s true love is!

Asuna: Negi…ku… / Kankahou…
Setsuna: Don’t do that.

Asuna: Setsuna-san?!
Setsuna: Sorry. / But I’m fighting with everyone else this time.

Chizuru: Than shall we ask him?
Yuuna: Yeah! Let’s do it!

Chizuru: You’re such a good boy, Negi-sensei. / I’m going to ask you a single question, so please answer me honestly! <3

Chizuru: Right now, who do you / like the most?

Yue: Wai….

Chizuru: Huh?

Chizuru: Well… what is this?

Poyo: Negi-sensei, with his high magical resistance and will, is managing to restrain himself. / It seems he is quite good at it. / But if we all ask him together, he won’t be able to hold out for long.

Chizuru: Well, this is Negi-sensei we’re talking about. If you’re right…
Asakura!Bot: Hold on! We’re nearly there!

Ayaka: Huh?

Kuu: Negi-bouzu’s true love?

Misa: You found out?
Chamo: Wait—those two managed to pull off those attacks? <aside: that’s really impressive! >

Chachamaru: It-it seems like they’re about to do a live broadcast. Wh-wh-what should we do?
Chisame: Hell if I know. It’s not like I care who he likes.

Chizuru: So let’s all ask again, Sensei. / Whom do you like?

Negi: Mmmmm… / Fmm….gu.

Twins: Ohh! It looks like he managed to hang on!
Kaede: What impressive strength of will!

Asuna: Wait up, everyone! Are you really OK with this? / Will you really be satisfied using magic to force him to talk?!

Asuna: Yue-chan! Honya-chan! / Are you really OK with this?!

Yuuna: Hey, shut up up there! You don’t have any right to talk this time!

Yue: Nodoka…

Poyo: Just one more voice. / No one could resist triple the pressure.

Chizuru: Very well.

Chizuru: Who is it?
Negi: Puha!

Negi: I… / The girl I like… is…

Negi: i… u…

Yuuna: Oh!!

[spell]: Scatter ・Alglateo Albikans <White Lightning>

Haruna/Yuuna: Pwa! What is this?! / An electric attack and a smokescreen?

Yue: Ne—Negi-sensei isn’t enjoying this at all! / I don’t believe excessive force will bring about a favorable conclusion!

Yuuna: That isn’t it at— / They’re getting away!

Yuuna: Th-they betrayed us!
(above): Yue-chan! Honya-chan!
Haruna: Get em’! Go! After them!

Nodoka: Fumi-chan and Fuu-chan are running parallel to us on the street to our right! / Kaede-san’s trying to cut us off! Turn left up ahead!
Yue: Understood!

Haruna: Dammit! It’s almost impossible to surround an enemy with that illustrated diary!
Yuuna: Can you help us out, Zazie-chi?
Zazie: If the opinion of all the girls has changed, then…

Akira: Over here!
Yue: Akira-san!

Yue: You’ve saved us!
Nodoka: Akira-san, weren’t you captured?
Akira: Kotarou-kun managed to break us out of there.

Akira: At any rate, we should hide here until it’s over.
Yue: No; it’s too dangerous. We’ll act as bait; you watch Negi-sensei.

Yue: But first, we have to get this out of him.
Akira: I-i-is this really… in his butt?
Yue: No; it’s probably a magical half-real object… I think.
Akira: So… who’s doing it?
Yue: I, uh… <aside: I’m sorry >
Nodoka: And I, err… <Aside: Sorry>
Akira: I’m doing it?!

Akira: Hau… uuu…he!

Afun / Hii!

Nodoka: Take care of Negi-sensei for us!
Akira: Y-yeah!

Negi: Uh…
Akira: Ah!

Negi: Huh… huh? Akira-san? What am I… <aside: And my butt kinda feels… >
Akira: No, you don’t have to remember. / So… Yue-chan and Honya-chan betrayed the other girls and are acting as bait.
Negi: Yue-san and Nodoka-san…

Negi: But wow. I never realized everyone in the class was so impressive. <aside: I was really surprised. >
Akira: Hahaha. Well, everyone did manage to survive that adventure, after all.

Akira: So-so anyways, if we hide here, we should be fine. So relax.

Negi: Well, if it weren’t for their questions, I’d want to meet them head-on without running away, but… / yeah…

Akira: Negi-kun… / There’s… someone you like, right?

Negi: That’s--/ That’s wrong!

Negi: Ah… no, it’s not wrong, but Kagizaki-san said that… / Aww, I’ve screwed up now. I really shouldn’t have said anything… / Really, with that sort of thing…

Negi: I’m not the kind of person who can respond to everyone’s honest feelings.
Akira: Huh? Yeah. / I think that’s fine. / Everyone’s like that at first.

Akira: Negi-kun, you’ve worked so hard for everyone else’s sakes / so I think everyone will be happy just knowing there’s someone you like. / I think that as long as you let those feelings grow into something precious, it’s fine.

Negi: Is… is that so?
Akira: Yeah, well, at any rate it’s certainly not right of them to try to force it out of you here and now.

Akira: It’s fine! I’ll take responsibility and protect you! <aside: I promised Honya-chan, after all! >
Chamo: But you’ve gotta be curious as to who he likes, right?
Akira: Well, that’s…

Akira: Wait—you’re Chamo-kun?!
Chamo: Bull’s-eye!
Akira: Th-that’s…

Chamo: Maybe you’re the one Aniki likes? <3
Akira: No way! There’s absolutely no way!

Chamo: Then why are you getting so flustered? And your face is turning red… / Afu!
Akira: It’s because you keep saying such weird things!

Akira: I’ll admit I’m interested in Negi-kun, but / not in the way you’re suggesting!

Chamo: Well, if you’re good with it, / why don’t you guys kiss!
Akira: Why does it come to that?!

Chamo: Hmm? / Weren't you right on the verge of doing it in the Magical World?
Akira: Th… That was…

Chamo: But yeah, this place is no good.
Akira: Huh?

Chamo: Even I was able to find it. / There’s no way the girls won’t be able to!
Akira: Uuh…

Chamo: So I’m counting on you, Akira-san! / So in order to protect Negi’s innocence / let’s form a Pactio!
[inset]: Everyone’s pitching in to save Negi <3 <3
[to be continued next issue]

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