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Mahou Sensei Negima! 349

I Want to Protect Negi <3

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 9, 2012 23:07 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 349

Latin names of spells taken from

[inset]: If they kiss, the path will open, and they will be saved!!
Akira: Uh…

Akira: Waaaa! No, I just can’t! / I knew I couldn’t go through with this!

Chamo: Hey, hey, what’s wrong, baby?
Akira: How am I supposed to protect Negi’s innocence by kissing him? Doesn’t that completely miss the point?! / I couldn’t do this for the sake of the world, let alone over something like this!

Chamo: You might whine and pout, but the others are relyin’ on you to protect him. / Don’t you worry your little heart out. I guarantee the artifact you get from this will be just what you need to get us out of this pinch. / But if Aniki’s captured, they’re going to force him to reveal who he truly loves.

Chamo: You know that if that happens, there’s no going back, right? / So what’s more important: everyone’s happiness, or your own personal satisfaction?
Akira: Aau…

Akira: B-but even Negi would be upset with this, right? / I mean, I’m not…

Negi: N-no, that’s not it at all! / I’d be perfectly happy to do it with you…

Akira: Eh? / R-really?

[title]: Period 349: I Want to Protect Negi! <3

[inset bold]: Pactio!!
[inset lower-left]: To protect his innocence, she becomes one with Negi! <3

Akria: So this is my card…

Spybot: Chii
Chamo: Geh!
Akira: Eh?!
Negi: Ah!

Yuuna: Found ‘em!
Haruna: Over here!

Twins(?): There they are! / They’re cut off!

Akira: Wh-what do we do?
Chamo: Cry out “Adeat”!
Akira: A… Adeat!

Akira: This is…

Chamo: I betcha’ that’s an artifact that’ll let you jump from one point of water to another! / Let’s try diving into that puddle!

Akira: …… / OK!

Akira: Negi-kun!
Negi: Y-yes!

Girls: Ah?!

Girls: They disappeared! / What was that just now?

Akira: Puha!

Akira: Wow… we actually showed up in a different place!
Girls: H-huh? Is that you, Ookouchi-senpai? / The child teacher?!
Negi: Your ability’s amazing, Akira-san! / A perfect teleport, without having to spend any magical energy!

Yuuna: Was… Was that a flash step?! / <aside: That sort of thing can exist? >
Kaede: I can sense the two of them in the pool three hundred meters away!

Kaede: I’ll go see if they’re there!
(?): Huh?

(?): Ohh!

Kaede: Hoh.
Akira: Kya?

Akira: Negi-kun!
Negi: Y-yes!

Kaede: What the?!

Akira: Puha!
Negi: A river?

Akira/Negi: Puhaa / Is-is this someone’s bath?
Chamo: At any rate, this just might work! If we just keep jumping, they’ll never catch us!

Kaede: They’re repeatedly flash stepping. / <aside: It seems limited to a three hundred meter radius > / Capturing them will prove difficult.
Asakura(?): Not too shabby… Even compared to other magic, this is really impressive, huh!

Yuuna: Ghnn... At this rate, they’ll keep running away until time expires!
Twins: Eh? Did we lose? / And I really wanted to find out who Negi likes!
Haruna: We’re definitely in a spot of trouble here. / But if we work together, I’m certain we can pull something off!

Twins(?): Eeh? Really? How?
Haruna: Heh heh heh. Just leave it to me. First, we need to contact Chachamaru-san and Sakurako… / And then, if I can just get Eva-chan to join us…
middle bubble: Amazing!
bottom left: Nice, Paru!

Haruna(?): … So, can you do it?
Chachamaru: You want me to get you a list of all of the water surfaces within the Academy? I should be able to.
Haruna(?): Perfect! Send your results to Sakurako!

Haru(na?): Sakarko! We have a job for you, Sakurako, Goddess of Miracles!
Sakurako: OK!
Ayako(?): Hey, if this has something to do with finding out Negi’s true love, don’t do it.
Haruna(?): Well, about that…

Haruna(?): I have reason to believe that the hardships Yuuna and the rest faced during summer vacation was a result of your luck. / So, you are going to help me, right?
Sakurako: Yes, yessss!

Akira: It’s hot… Negi-kun, are you all right?
Negi: We should leave, now! / <aside: this is the girls’ bath! >

Akira: Auu!
Negi: Gh!

Negi: Ma… master, why…?

Eva: Well, that’s… Even I feel like helping out my classmates from time to time…. And moreover, I’ve heard that you…

Eva: have someone close to your heart.
Negi: Eh…

Negi: No, that’s… hfuh?!
Eva: Why’d you keep quiet about something that juicy, boy? / Hmmmm?

Negi: No; I’m sure this is all a big misunderstanding…
Eva: What are you saying? Isn’t this something to celebrate? / Come on, tell me! Consider it an order from your master!
Negi: Aaaau!
Akira: Wh-what’s going on? These two shouldn’t have this sort of relationship…

Akira [inset]: No! This isn’t the time to worry about that!
Akira (bubble): Fh!

Eva: Hm?

Akira: Gh-gh-gh

Eva: Oh, Ookouchi? / Is that your artifact?

Yue: We won’t let you lay another hand on Negi-sensei!!
Nodoka: If you want to know the truth in Negi’s heart, you’ll have to defeat us first!

Haruna: Alright! It’s just as Sakurako predicted! / You won’t get away now!
Yuuna(?): Prepare yourselves!

Eva: Kuku… Do you really intend to challenge me, / little girls?

Yuuna: Fiya!
Inset: Magical Sealing Bullets!!
Makie: Terya!

Yue: Foa Zo Cra Tika Socratia!

Spell: Limes Aerialis!! < Wind Boundary Field! >

Nodoka: From above, at 9 O’Clock! A… A shadow stitch!
Yue: Foa Zo Cra Tika

Kaede: Mm!

Flans Paries Aerialis!! < Sudden Snowstorm Wind Barrier >

Kaede: She’s good.
Eva: Hm…

Eva: Ayase Yue, Miyazaki Nodoka… Why are you acting so shamelessly?

Eva: Are you that afraid of learning who’s close to Negi’s heart?

Eva: Are you that afraid of putting an end to this uncertainty over whom the boy holds dear? No... You’d be fine, as long as you were both turned down. / But what if only one of you were rejected? You’re afraid that would mean the end of your friendship… right?

Yue: You’re…
Nodoka: You’re wron—

Haruna: She’s not wrong! / You two have to face this day eventually! / I won’t let you ignore the truth any longer!

Akira: You’re… / You’re wrong!

Akira: Makie! Ako! / Negi himself said he didn’t want to tell us, right?

Akira: I know Negi-kun’s really amazing in a lot of ways, but in times like this he’s still a young, weak boy! / Can’t you show him some pity?!

Eva: Don’t scream, little girl; it ends now! / Lic Lac La Lack Lilac!

Eva: Frozen breath, fire!! / Nivis Casus! [Ice Explosion]

Yue: Kh! / I’m not strong enough to hold out against her magic!

Eva: Zazie Rainyday

(?): Nn!

Eva: And…

Satsuki: Evangeline-san.

Eva: Yotsuba Satsuki as well?

Satsuki: I cannot believe you of all people / are so immature!

Eva: Ahh… But, really, I’ve been alive for a very long time. / Immaturity really isn’t that big of a deal, don’t you think? And I do know how to have a good time, when I feel like it.

Satsuki: Negi-kun’s only been alive for ten years.

Eva: Oh, c’mon. / Er… Why are you participating this time, anyways?

Satsuki: Negi-kun has already lost his freedom. / That he is acting to fulfill his own dream / makes it no less cruel.
Yue: She’s standing up to Evangeline-san…
Nodoka: Yotsuba-san, you’re amazing…

Satsuki: That is the only emotion a boy like him has left secreted away in his heart, faint though it may be. / What good are we, if we understand that yet fail to protect it?!

Eva: No… / I mean, that’s…

Zazie: Despite his age, the youth has given up everything for the sake of the world. / It truly is a gray ending. A ballad of the adventures of a young man which ends in failure. You already have the result you usually desire. / And yet, you are not satisfied, Dark Evangeline-dono.

Eva:! / Well, yes, but…

Satsuki: At any rate, Evangeline-san, / if you force him to tell us, / what’ll you do if the person he cares for is you?

Eva: Huh?

Eva: Pu… Kwa! Ahahahaha! No way, no way, no way, not going to happen! / Hahaha! That’s a laugh! / That boy, in love with me?! Kuhakuhahahahaha!
Yuuna: Eh?

Eva: “Eh”?
Yuuna: Wow…. You really thought that?
Haruna: And you’re actually surprised?
Yuuna’s aside: You thought you weren’t a possibility? (guessing on a blurred word here)

Eva: Eh… Well, it can’t be me, right?

Yuuna: Well, when you stop and consider Negi’s past reactions, ultimately…
Haruna: It seems like it they were a little too much, right?
Yuuna’s aside: Your odds seem pretty good.

Haruna: The! / Tsuaaaaaa! / Wrong! Wronnnnng! / That’s not it!

Haruna: You’ve got it all wrong, Satsuki-chan! / It doesn’t matter whether or not this is for Negi’s sake!!

Haruna: Negi is shaking off the feelings of the majority of the girls / and flying off to the distant lands of masculine romance!

Haruna: This is the final battle / between me and Negi-kun!

Haruna: Right?!
Yuuna: Re-really? That’s…

Makie: Y-yeah, well…
Ako: I understand what you’re saying, but…

Ako: I’m starting to get the feeling that maybe it’s not right to force Negi to reveal whom he truly loves.
Haruna: Why?! It’s fine! It’ll settle everything!
Yuuna: Won’t it clear things up?!

(?): Hey! / Wait, wait!

Girls: Gyaaa!

Girls: Asuna! / and Hakase?!

Hakase: I thought this would happen! / I’ve already prepared some decisive materials for exactly this scenario, where we can’t find out Negi’s heart’s desire.

Hakase: That’s right… This is Chao Linshen’s secret weapon: her family history!
Girls: Wasn’t it burned?
Hakase: What sort of idiot wouldn’t keep a backup copy?!

Hakase: That’s right! Written in here is the name of the girl Negi-kun will marry in the future! / If we look at this, there is no need to ask Negi-kun directly!

Hakase: So, let us gaze upon this book!
Yue: Wait…
Nodoka: Stop!

Giant text: Negi

Book: Negi

Yue: Huh?
Nodoka: It’s blank…?

Hakase: That’s right! / Thanks to the actions during summer break you and Negi-sensei performed, / the future has changed! / No one knows what will come to pass on this world’s timeline!

Asuna: The future is a blank slate. / In other words, everyone has a chance… right?

[inset]: Will the struggle for Negi never end?
*Next chapter on January 25th

(note: the speech bubble in the bottom left is basically stunned silence)

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