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Mahou Sensei Negima! 350

Towards an Endless Journey

+ posted by Dowolf as translation on Jan 22, 2012 22:59 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

-> RTS Page for Mahou Sensei Negima! 350

Kaede: My apologies, Paru-dono. I’m sorry to have betrayed you.
Haruna: What—
Twins: Ahh! Kaede-nee, you meanie! / We wanna betray her, too!

Makie: If… If everyone still has a chance, then…
Ako: If we force him to tell us whom he likes now, I feel like it might have the opposite effect.
Yuuna: Wh—

Haruna: Ahh! / What are you guys doing?!

[inset]: Everyone’s on Negi’s side after all <3
Makie: Sorry Paru, Yuuna.
Ako: I guess we’re with Negi on this one!

Girls: So then, time for a counter attack!
Yuuna/Haruna: Gyahh! / Why did it come to this?! / I will never accept a harem ending!

Asuna(?): Those girls…
Konoka: Hmm… But Negi-kun / really, who do ya’ like?

Asuna: Konoka!! Did you just ignore everything we just said?
Konoka: Is it really that bad? Why can’t I just check whom he likes as a third-party observer…
Asuna: Because you can’t!
Konoka’s aside: I promise I won’t tell anyone! / Nahaha

Yue: I’m very sorry. / By joining with everyone, I made things even worse for you, and…
Negi: No, it’s fine…

Negi: I mean, I… / I wound up belittling everyone else’s feelings, / so…

Yue: Negi-sensei, / do you really intend to go on a 100-year journey to save the world / without telling anyone whom you like, / not even that person herself?

[title]: Period 350: Towards an Endless Journey
[inset]: The Negi everyone loves will soon set off on his journey.
[right below inset]: Ahahaha / * crowd noise* (I can’t think of a good English word sorry >_>)

Yue: So then, / you…

Yue: …..!

Negi: No, I…

Yue: I’ll… I’ll study really, really hard from now on… / so that I can join you on your project! / So that someday… Someday I’ll be able to help you, Sensei… / Someday… I swear it!

Yue: So…!
Negi: Yue-san, I…
(?): Yue-swannnnnnn!!

Ayaka: Are you trying to steal a march on me?!

Ayaka: You want to participate in my project?! / Those are big words for a Baka Ranger!!

Yue: These are the finals I took in the Magical World. / And my grades here are on the rise! Once I graduate, I am even planning to study abroad in the other world.

Kuu: Ehehe, Negi-kun <3
Ayaka: Heh heh… Is that all? A space elevator is the type of plan requiring the cooperation of the international community! / And the terraforming will be an intersteller cooperative developmental plan! / The best people in the world will gather to work on it, and you intend to be one of them?!
Yue (next to Ayaka’s lines): That is my objective exactly!
Ayaka (below Yue): Don’t expect Negi or me to give you a leg up!
Yue (left of Ayaka): I don’t need it; I will earn my spot!

Negi: Everyone…

Makie: I… I won’t give up either. / Even if I’m not the one you like.

Kuu: Yeah!

Ayaka: H-hey! Don’t just ignore me!

Yue(?): Eh?

Nodoka: I… won’t give up either, / Yue.

Yue: Nodoka…

Ayaka: I understand… This means that / from now on, we’re

Ayaka: “rivals”, are we not?

Yue: Class Rep…
Nodoka: …Yes!

Ako: Yep!
Kuu: That’s right!

Ayaka: Let’s make this a fair match.
Ako: Y-yeah.
Kuu: No hard feelings!
(?): OK!

Makie: …Which / means

Makie: Negi-kun, prepare yourself <3
Negi: Eh?!

Makie: I’ll definitely make you fall in love with me!
Kuu: This is a match, Negi-bouzu!
Ayaka: Negi-sensei! Please accept my love!
Negi: E-Everyone, slow down! Isn’t this a little sudden?!
(?): Uwahhh!
(?): So why are you running away?! <guessing at blurred kanji here>
Tatsumiya: Heh heh… / Life is tough for saviors of the world, too… However, doesn’t this mean

Tatsumiya: he’s going to be pursued by people other than the one he loves?
Hakase: Well, this is just a fake…
(?): Considering how strong-willed that girl was, it does seem more likely his wife will be similar…

Eva: Hmm…

Misora: Are you really fine with not going along with them, Chisame-chan?
Chisame: I told you, I don’t like him like that!

Asuna: I wonder if this is all right…
Konoka: Isn’t it?
Setsuna: Uwah…

Asuna: … However,

Asuna: this might really be for the best.
Yue: I’m losing to the more assertive people.

Asuna: I think he’ll be fine, now. / Even without me.

Chisame: Eh?

Setsuna: Asuna-san…

Asuna: Hm?

Negi SFX: *smile*

Konoka: Wa-wa?!

Konoka: What was that? What was that? What was up with Negi’s smile right there? / In that situation, he looked straight at you, Asuna, and smiled! / So Negi’s true love must be you after all! <3 <3
Asuna: Fweh? What?!

Asuna: What are you saying? He wasn’t looking at me! / My eyes are really good! He definitely looked this way, but it was more to the left! He was looking at someone over there! / So isn’t one of them his true love?! / Eva-chan, or Tatsumiya-san, or Chisame-san!
Konoka: Eh? You sure?

Eva: Huh?
Tatsumiya: No, I don’t think so.
Misora: Which means…
Chisame: Bah!

Chisame: Are you an idiot, Kasuga?! Hell no! There’s no freakin’ way he likes me!
Misora(?): Hmm? Is that so? I really thought it was you; you guys seemed really close in the other world, and all.
Chisame: And I said, you’re wrong!!
Konoka: Hey, Chamo-kun, couldn’t you use your powers to figure out whom Negi likes?
Chamo: Oy, oy! Do ya’ really think I’d betray Aniki?

Chamo: And ‘sides, it’d be borin’ if ya’ knew the endin’. <aside: And Kakizaki-nee-chan won’t tell either! >
Konoka: Awww… I wanna know…

Ayaka: That is quite all right! So then, let us set some ground rules! / Taking Negi prisoner, confining him, or otherwise trying to forcefully seduce him is forbidden!
(?): None of us would ever do something like that! / That sounds like something you’d do, Class Rep!
Negi: Umm… Don’t I get a say in this?
(?): Quiet, Negi-kun!
Misora(?): To be honest, the look Negi gave Chisame seemed a little different…
Chisame: Put a lid on it, or I swear I’ll ruin your life!
Konoka: Hey, Chamo-kun, can’t you at least give me a hint?
Chamo: If I do, and it turned out Negi loves Setsuna-san, what’cha gonna do, Konoka?
(?): Wha?!
Konoka(?): Huh? That’d be a problem…
Chamo: Wahaha! That’d be int’restin’, huh?!

[inset]: Five months later
SFX on right: Ahaha
SFX on left: Crowd noises (ditto)

[inset]: The Mahora Middle School Seniors’ Graduation Ceremony / ------------------ is in one week.

Negi: This is the proof of graduation / for class 3-A’s

Negi: Kaguraska Asuna.
Asuna: Thank you!

(note: the text on the certificate is what Negi’s currently reading)
Negi: … The person listed on the right has hereby successfully completed this academy’s middle school curriculum. / Acting Principal Negi Springfield

SFX: Applause

Negi: I’m sorry we had to do it like this…

Asuna: Silly Negi. / Didn’t I say this was fine?! / I hate it when things get depressing; / this is just fine.

Takahata: If only we could delay for another week, / you could have graduated with everyone else…

Takahata: …I’m sorry, Asuna-kun.

Takahata: In the end… we couldn’t spare you this burden.
Asuna: Sen…sei.

Asuna: It’s A-OK, Takahata-sensei! / I’m sure I’ll still have fun in the world a century from now. / And maybe I’ll even get my hands on your great-grandson.

Asuna: And that means you better be sure to get married! / For my sake a hundred years from now! / I won’t let you let Shizuna-sensei get away!
Takahata: What… A-Asuna-kun?

Takahata: But… But I—
Asuna: Oh, no no no. You’re not making any excuses. / I know you’re busy with mopping up the remnants of Cosmo Entelechia,
Takahata: Uh
Asuna: and I know you think you’ve dirtied your hands and stuff, / but as far as Negi and I are concerned, that’s completely false!
Takahata: Hey!

Asuna: Just make sure you get married and raise your kids properly.

Takahata: …OK, fine. / You win.

Takahata: Congratulations on graduating, / Asuna-kun.

Asuna: Sensei…
Ayaka: Asuna-sannnn!

Asuna: Eh? Class Rep?

Ayaka: Thank goodness… you haven’t left…
SFX: Hah hah hah
Ayaka: I could hardly sleep last night…

Asuna: Why… why wouldn’t you be able to…? / Huh?

Ayaka: For goodness sake, I can’t believe people like you! / I’ll forgive you for keeping secrets from me. / But in exchange, you must accompany me right now!!

Asuna: I can’t believe you’re inviting me to something, and not Negi. Has Hell frozen over?
Ayaka: Say what you will; just take this.

Asuna: What are you…?
Ayaka: We’ve come all the way here, and you still haven’t remembered?

Asuna: C’mon, tell me what’s going on!
Ayaka: You really don’t remember?
Asuna: Huh?

Asuna: Ah…

Asuna: Our time capsule…
Ayaka: Do you finally remember?

Asuna: Wow… This takes me back.

Asuna: Ahahaha—what the—why are we all naked? / What else did we put in here?
Ayaka: I want you to take it all with you.

Asuna: Huh?

Ayaka: You… You said it’d be a hundred years, right? / Then no one who currently knows you would still be alive. / So since I… since I can’t go, I want you to take these instead.

Asuna: Eh?

Asuna: Aha… ahaha. Cut it out, Class Rep. / “Since you can’t go”? C’mon. / Why are you making a mountain out of a molehill; it’s not like you!

Ayaka: “A mountain out of a molehill”?! / You’ll be gone for a hundred years! / How could things possibly get any worse than that?! / I know it’s to save so many people, but why do you have to…!

Ayaka: I’m never going to see you again. / Come tomorrow, you’ll be…! / So how can you still be so relaxed?! / Why are you always, always so frivolous… and…!

Asuna: …. / Class Rep, I—

Asuna: Ubuh!

Ayaka: Stupid… / *sniff*… / you stupid…
Asuna: But—but Class Rep, I—I told you, there’s nothing I can do…
Ayaka: I know!

Ayaka: If only… If only we could have spent these last few months having more… / more fun together with everyone, and making more and more precious memories…

Ayaka: With… Without you, I… I…..

Asuna: Please… Please, stop. / If even you act like this, I…

Ayaka: *Sniff*…. I guess even this… isn’t enough to change your mind… is it?
Asuna: No… it’s not.
Ayaka: Or was… was I… never that… that important to you?
Asuna: N…no, of… of course you were.

Asuna: ….Yeah. Negi, and Nagi-san, and Takahata-sensei… and Konoka, and Setsuna-san… / I’ve met so many great people. / But I think meeting you… was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.

Asuna: Thank you…

Asuna: I love you. / You are my best friend.
[inset]: Thank you for all those smile-filled days.
*To Be Continued Next Issue

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